Jada Pinkett Talks Involvement With August Alsina During Interview With Will Smith


  1. Dre 3000

    Dre 3000日 前

    Well I think the idea behind Queen Jada, is that she's now "enlightened", and healed. So I wouldn't call her a fraud. A lot of couples divorce, because they concede that they've grown apart. Will & Jada take it as a personal challenge, to never give up on their marriage or each other, no matter what. That's the positive example, that other couples can apply to their relationship.

  2. William Powell

    William Powell日 前

    Will Smith going hate the month of August for the rest of his life.

  3. DE Media Sound

    DE Media Sound日 前

    Jada has a horrible frame, nothing going on there physically, Will is better off playing around with Margo Robbie again. Get rid of this waste of time marriage.

  4. Mary Ruff

    Mary Ruff4 日 前

    But why is everyone so shocked by it? Everyone knows will and Jada are swingers and have an open marriage. Even if they didn't have an open marriage, which they do, they were not together at the time so it really shouldn't matter.

  5. Mary Ruff

    Mary Ruff4 日 前


  6. cxsu u

    cxsu u6 日 前

    How is Jada on red table talking about everyone else’s problems and only cause she got caught is not talking about hers .. dead af

  7. Will Robinson

    Will Robinson6 日 前

    It sad that this all came out. But we must ask ourselves are they playing with us or are they serious? Hollywood loves this kind of stuff it sells papers. It's stuff that movies are made out of. Any thing that is juicy gossip, weird or sexual immoral they love. This may give Will and Jada Smith a bad look right now but it all will past. What people perhaps are not seeing is this. These rumors have been swirling around for about 4 years. Now all of a sudden they are going to tell the truth. Hmmmm. Just like I said it looks bad right now. But we need to ask ourselves this question. Didn't Will and Jada try to help out August Alsina when he was at his lowest point? Yes. Didn't August just come out with a new album? Yes. How do you think this table talk going to effect the sells? How do you think its going to effect August Alsina career going forward? How is it going to help the forgiving Will Smith and his brand? How is it going to help Jada's show and her brand? Folks it looks like to me that someone is about to profit off of someone's pain. It looks like to me that they are still helping August Alsina and themselves. If she really did have an affair she just took a couple of lemons and made lemonade. It looks like “Bad Marriage For Life” just became a hit a the box office.

  8. Melusi Gumbi

    Melusi Gumbi7 日 前

    Ull are silly its a story of 5years ago they are over it

  9. Patrick Sanders

    Patrick Sanders9 日 前

    Cheating is never an answer at all period.

  10. Invisible Shadow

    Invisible Shadow8 日 前

    She didn't cheat

  11. Wyatt Russell

    Wyatt Russell9 日 前

    Charizard is so fucking annoying.

  12. King kev

    King kev11 日 前

    This Is not a big deal She said it 03 And again in 2014 and the It I'm referring to Is the open relationship

  13. Safa Slote

    Safa Slote11 日 前

    “Bad marriage for life!” Aka we settling

  14. Keegan Govender

    Keegan Govender11 日 前

    Cha Tha God.... SPOT ON!!!!!

  15. TruBlacKing 85

    TruBlacKing 8511 日 前

    He is will Smith im leave at that

  16. musique1o1

    musique1o112 日 前

    Let's not be so condescending. Human beings, more often than not, act out of egotistical reasons. Even if at first it's about helping someone, if you're that personality that likes to fix everything and everyone around you in order to ignore your own issues, it's easy to fall for someone who needs help. Additionally, they were separated at the time. Also, wasn't he rumoured to have had an entanglement with Liza Coshy? While I don't agree with their arrangement, it's not my marriage

  17. Lele lovebug

    Lele lovebug12 日 前

    Of course y'all didn't like it y'all are men. Men cant handle when their woman do the same shit they do lol.

  18. Emani W

    Emani W12 日 前

    They took the right caller 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Tiny Taee Hair

    Tiny Taee Hair12 日 前

    Charlomane 😭😭😭 it however u spell it. It’s not that serious. I think they was mocking the “ haters “

  20. Holyvessel34

    Holyvessel3413 日 前

    Good interview.

  21. D'Artagnan 1

    D'Artagnan 113 日 前

    Our Entertainers and Athletes dont care about the hood they flash what they got in our faces with the money we gave them. Elon Musk billionaire: created Tesla cars with white engineers then opened up factories produce the Tesla cars and hired his own people... JAY-Z billionaire : Bought a million dollar watch and posted it on Facebook. See the difference 🤔 With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

  22. bilij pdan

    bilij pdan13 日 前

    Bad marriage for life . Sounds toxic this shouldn’t be for everyone else they could’ve kept it private.

  23. James Nunez

    James Nunez13 日 前

    When did Jada become a psychologist? Will Smith was looking like he was just being told what happened. The young guy knew what he was doing. No man wants to see or hear about his gf/ wife or whatever with another person.

  24. Jon Do

    Jon Do13 日 前

    It's their life, and not mine, but I think Jada loves Will, but not in the same way that Will loves her. I think Will is the one who was crazily in love with her. It's evident that she is not. I think Will is now trying to hold it together as it is cheaper to do so.

  25. bilij pdan

    bilij pdan13 日 前

    marriage. So sad and such ashame.

  26. Henry Ortiz

    Henry Ortiz14 日 前

    Ouch, 2020 sucks. Relationships aren't easy guys. Learn from there mistakes 😂 people. They celebs but human too, ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PARTNERS HONESTLY.

  27. Rose Contrena

    Rose Contrena14 日 前

    We don't know what Jada has been through with Will sleeping around

  28. Rose Contrena

    Rose Contrena4 日 前

    @Kingsley Asomani Like I said... There is no way of knowing what Jada went through so don't be so quick to put her down. You don't know what lead her to cheat. She admits that she cheated when they broke up. Don't put my girl down for that! www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fthetecheducation.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2020%2F07%2FMAIN-Will-Smith-Margot-Robbie.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fthetecheducation.com%2Fcatch-22-sensual-margot-robbie-or-will-smiths-affair-what-is-actually-trending%2F&tbnid=3TkV1M8EekZ8rM&vet=1&docid=oQ8NWk8NaG6KNM&w=1200&h=900&itg=1&q=will%20smith%20cheating%20on%20jeda&hl=en-US&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim images.app.goo.gl/krajiRywfqRBRVeN6

  29. Kingsley Asomani

    Kingsley Asomani4 日 前

    She who alleges should prove it. You do not have the proof. I can't stand women like you who blame Men for their shitty ways. Any woman who condones the shit Jada did with lame excuses deserves to be single for life. She cheated with her son's friend who was troubled . GTFOH with your rationalisation of what Jada did. If it was the other way round you and women like you would be calling Will all sorts of names

  30. Rose Contrena

    Rose Contrena4 日 前

    @Kingsley Asomani You have absolutely no proof that he DIDN'T cheat! There is a reason that a man's wife is craving attention! ...YOU OWN KNOW ❓ Betta ask somebody!!!

  31. Kingsley Asomani

    Kingsley Asomani4 日 前

    You have NO proof Will cheated . GTFOH trying to defend Jada's actions

  32. sannio komi

    sannio komi14 日 前

    Jheez, Will Smith ain’t got no respect for himself smh

  33. Travis Stoaty

    Travis Stoaty14 日 前

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  34. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj14 日 前

    likes and views...

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    Jamaica Polo Association14 日 前

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  36. vinasu maaj

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  37. Marcus N

    Marcus N14 日 前

    She is yuck

  38. b. hull

    b. hull14 日 前

    DUDE YOU ARE WRONG.. SHE IS A PREDATOR.. she got the boy to her home and got him in bed. Epstein did the same right. Massage Parlor TACTICS on weak minded youth. She is the same and she is sinister.

  39. sannio komi

    sannio komi14 日 前

    Jada: “It was a entanglement” Will: “why did July about august”

  40. mijuo roui

    mijuo roui14 日 前

    Stop trying to “poetically” explain why you CHEATED.

  41. Cipum Comine

    Cipum Comine14 日 前

    Pac would be clowning her dumb ass right now for real.💯✊🏽

  42. .

    .14 日 前

    Jada is a ratchet

  43. erick corona

    erick corona14 日 前

    Yes yes!!!! Tell em the truth

  44. mijuo roui

    mijuo roui14 日 前

    quick to say he's getting her back....smh. They are actors who gave a script. Its all entertainment

  45. Anthony Stowers

    Anthony Stowers14 日 前

    Yall regular people need to wake up thinking a hollyweird marrige is something to admire this what they do they swing and have open marriages

  46. Anthony Stowers

    Anthony Stowers14 日 前

    Will looks hurt 😞😞

  47. Pure777Bliss

    Pure777Bliss14 日 前

    I just watched this interview Here's the link jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-yu4jxawiys8.html with Jada and Will with her saying they broke up within their marriage and got back together (this was 8 years ago; her and August was 4 years ago), that they are in a partnership not a marriage so why did she drag Will on air now to try to make herself look good...girl we see right through your narcissistic ways.

  48. Anthony Pittman

    Anthony Pittman14 日 前

    Wait til the truth come out about Jay and Bee

  49. G B

    G B14 日 前

    I'm a very flawed individual who's made many mistakes but I'm known to have a good heart and do the right thing when it comes to people as best I can. I'm also a believer and follower of Christ that is completely disappointed in the world we live in. We live in an extremely fallen world where almost nothing seems sacred anymore and that includes marriage. So sad and such ashame.

  50. Jason H

    Jason H15 日 前

    *Yo, Id pay to see a rap battle with Will Smith vs 50 cent.* Will got some pent up anger, he might start cussing and body 50.

  51. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy15 日 前

    Jheez, Will Smith ain’t got no respect for himself smh

  52. Kell X

    Kell X15 日 前


  53. Robert Scott

    Robert Scott15 日 前

    Breakfast club is running out of healthy content to stay successful so they go decide to interfere with a successful black relationship.... you give a platform to a home wrecker for likes and views...

  54. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue15 日 前

    Jada: “It was a entanglement” Will: “why did July about august”

  55. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy15 日 前

    Don't try to act like you guys know their relationship! First of all: nobody is perfect and that's life, you live and learn. And about what she said about she did it to feel good that's

  56. Ylva Bjarnson

    Ylva Bjarnson15 日 前

    Jada an adulterer

  57. 24K InfO

    24K InfO15 日 前

    Not only that. As a woman, when she kept saying that she hadn't felt good in years, if I was Will, I would feel some type of way. Because living in a house that you can't afford without my money, should make you feel good. At least. I bet his ex wife feels great! Will buys her everything. But that's probably why Jada cheating in the first place. She's always around.

  58. Kill Monger

    Kill Monger15 日 前

    She layed hands on August and heeled him. LOL

  59. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue15 日 前

    Jada: “It was a entanglement” Will: “why did July about august”

  60. Tiffany Hayes

    Tiffany Hayes15 日 前

    I wonder what Will other baby momma is saying ummmhmm I told his ass not to leave me for that tramp see told you so should’ve stayed with me 😂

  61. Barry Ms Stewart

    Barry Ms Stewart15 日 前

    Smh. So what. People cheat and forgive their spouses. August wasn't innocent. He caught feelings. Now he's the victim? And Will's the victim! Please. 😄 When its the opposite everyone blames the women for catching them. Who can judge their relationships and how they respond to how they deal with it? Most of our grandparents made the same vows and stayed in bad marriages. They are people and they didn't owe anyone an explanation but they gave it. Will has done things too but didn't air out his dirty laundry but was quick to say he's getting her back....smh. They are actors who gave a script. Its all entertainment

  62. Brenda D

    Brenda D15 日 前

    They have an open marriage. So technically they both had an affair throughout the marriage. Will is just saving face. one of her partners came out and spoke out so to save his career they come to the red table.




  64. Imooye Gabriel Ohiolebo

    Imooye Gabriel Ohiolebo16 日 前

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  65. Real Moves with Tami

    Real Moves with Tami16 日 前

    What message is that, that makes me look at the smiths different smh Jada bugging this young man was hurting and in need of help and you do this, even consenting it wasn’t cool

  66. Real Moves with Tami

    Real Moves with Tami16 日 前


  67. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj15 日 前

    Smh they took this too seriously

  68. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj16 日 前

    Why Jada out here lying talking about helping somebody. She was helping herself and got entangled with the D.

  69. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj15 日 前

    up and everybody see ya August situation but it's funny how history repeats itself in a lot of people don't like when the tables are turned in history repeats itself

  70. Okx Jeanty

    Okx Jeanty16 日 前

    That's cold truth right there

  71. M G

    M G16 日 前

    I dont even have to watch the video to get an idea of what's going on just from the comments alone I'm guessing she cheated. Sad. I use to look up to her so much & admired them as a couple. I felt they were the last real loving faithful couple in Hollyweird. I watched her red table talk & all her inspo videos & for what?? She's no better than all the people out there she talks down about. Smdh.

  72. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj16 日 前

    issues if you can. No marriage is perfect.

  73. Keisha Nicole

    Keisha Nicole16 日 前


  74. J Young

    J Young16 日 前

    Okay but... for Aug to bring this up after they had a beautiful RTT episode on Fathers day makes him a Horshack... plus very bad timing... If you think she is acting like she has it together... you dont watch the show. Bad marriage for life is perfect because it's just that... You have two people w/a family and established careers. It means no matter how bad it gets, they are in it for life... Inside joke. Your reading too much into it.

  75. nl ramos

    nl ramos16 日 前

    Don't try to act like you guys know their relationship! First of all: nobody is perfect and that's life, you live and learn. And about what she said about she did it to feel good that's her analysing after the fact, it's like she did it in the moment with that in mind and she even said that she was broken at that time. So cut her some slack. Nobody is perfect and she never claimed to be.