Jack in the Box - meme animation


  1. Angel Slaughter

    Angel Slaughter14 時間 前

    I only came because of Luz and pink diamond

  2. Lazy • gurl

    Lazy • gurl4 日 前

    OMG?! I Know all those people and new sub

  3. Jason

    Jason5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> vivi my fav from mystery skulls

  4. DarkOwO

    DarkOwO6 日 前

    Whoa! That is amazing! You didn't pick your original meme?

  5. gacha mari chan

    gacha mari chan6 日 前

    I love this so much I subscribe to you ❤❤❤💖💖💖

  6. Антон Жилинский

    Антон Жилинский6 日 前

    ДДЛК Моника

  7. 「mochaxmilk_ 595

    「mochaxmilk_ 5957 日 前

    **passing on the box of depression**

  8. victor

    victor8 日 前

    I can't believe that you put my girlfriend in a gift box

  9. • b e r r y c h i i •

    • b e r r y c h i i •13 日 前

    *nEzUkO cHaaAaAaaAn*

  10. Candy

    Candy13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> CHARLIE!? WTF

  11. rwby fnaf creepy pasta lover

    rwby fnaf creepy pasta lover14 日 前

    Charlie from hazbin hotel *^*

  12. Candy

    Candy13 日 前


  13. Yellow Guy

    Yellow Guy14 日 前

    Pink diamond comes out of the jack in the box and gets stabbed.

  14. Janay Clark

    Janay Clark17 日 前

    Who always came for *just Monika?*

  15. Piano Life

    Piano Life18 日 前

    I came for monika, marionette, and pink diamond

  16. Geraldine Linette

    Geraldine Linette19 日 前


  17. endertale ender

    endertale ender20 日 前

    Who else screamed in joy when sue was on the screen me then ok

  18. Disthecord

    Disthecordヶ月 前

    Bowsette lmao

  19. Kawaii Softie Cinnamon roll

    Kawaii Softie Cinnamon rollヶ月 前


  20. annqxo

    annqxoヶ月 前

    * jack in the box * Does this look like fami-

  21. Wolfy Diamond

    Wolfy Diamondヶ月 前

    Can't belive you know that anime! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">00:25</a>

  22. Lil Dj Foxy

    Lil Dj Foxyヶ月 前

    Its mmd not animation.

  23. RandomFandom123

    RandomFandom123ヶ月 前

    Oh my gosh someone else who remembers Mystery Skulls

  24. Pedrinho Chan :3

    Pedrinho Chan :3ヶ月 前

    *Just Pink Diamond* *Just Marinette* *Just* #-2)@=@!$-Møňïkä-_2)6

  25. Dharma sugarpot

    Dharma sugarpotヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> phos what are you doing here? I thought you got turned into lapis and then got broken up

  26. Pyrope Brillant

    Pyrope Brillant6 日 前

    ça va,tranquille les spoils ?

  27. Wolfy Diamond

    Wolfy Diamondヶ月 前

    Me too :^

  28. Miraculous world Network

    Miraculous world Networkヶ月 前


  29. Farisha Iziady

    Farisha Iziadyヶ月 前

    *saw pink diamond* INSTANT CLICK

  30. Giselle Cantillo

    Giselle Cantilloヶ月 前

    Charlie,Monika,Nezuko 😍😍😍😍

  31. Jeniffer Hernandez Rodriguez

    Jeniffer Hernandez Rodriguezヶ月 前

    Happy birthday to you

  32. uwumix

    uwumixヶ月 前

    hi yes uwu

  33. Kamila Torres

    Kamila Torresヶ月 前

    Charlie is my favorite character 🤩

  34. Doctor Plaga

    Doctor Plagaヶ月 前

    What the heel is that x3

  35. Monika

    Monikaヶ月 前

    Very nice animation thanks for including me~

  36. Peridot

    Peridotヶ月 前

    *[Nice meme UwU]*

  37. N_ Nemix

    N_ Nemixヶ月 前


  38. Mateo Ortiz

    Mateo Ortizヶ月 前

    I love it❤️💖👍🎶

  39. Paw Wolf

    Paw Wolfヶ月 前

    When you're in all the fandoms: I see so many wife's

  40. Maridiamond Fleur

    Maridiamond Fleurヶ月 前


  41. ʟᴀɢᴀᴛɪᴛᴀᴜᴡᴜ ꨄ

    ʟᴀɢᴀᴛɪᴛᴀᴜᴡᴜ ꨄヶ月 前

    The background reminds me to trans flag

  42. Vickroy G

    Vickroy Gヶ月 前

    I love it 🎁 💝 The did need A LITTLE BIT OF 💚M O N I K A💚

  43. Monika

    Monikaヶ月 前


  44. ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒMorgiana the white heartedƹ̴ӂ̴ʒ

    ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒMorgiana the white heartedƹ̴ӂ̴ʒヶ月 前

    Few of my favorite characters here Great 💟💞💌💝

  45. July Baby

    July Babyヶ月 前


  46. Dharma sugarpot

    Dharma sugarpotヶ月 前

    @Wolfy Diamond ???

  47. Wolfy Diamond

    Wolfy Diamondヶ月 前

    @Dharma sugarpot yo! so kol ja kow? Dat phos so kutt

  48. Dharma sugarpot

    Dharma sugarpotヶ月 前


  49. Chase Griffin

    Chase Griffinヶ月 前

    😳..........😑......................... I..... II............... I LOVE IT ❤️👍💛✊✌️👍👍👍💛😃😁😇

  50. Stargazer 97

    Stargazer 97ヶ月 前

    That's a fusion between Rose and pink

  51. Twoeliz

    Twoelizヶ月 前

    This is actually pretty cool

  52. Sweetie la Niña Zorro

    Sweetie la Niña Zorroヶ月 前

    Too many boxes!! 🤪😵

  53. ShadowWeb 01

    ShadowWeb 01ヶ月 前


  54. kawaiiplayz kula diamond yes block 13 no

    kawaiiplayz kula diamond yes block 13 noヶ月 前

    So cute!!!!

  55. Temu Temacular

    Temu Temacularヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> PHOSPHOPHILITE AAAAAAGHH SEASON 2!!!!

  56. Seif_ Hosni

    Seif_ Hosniヶ月 前


  57. 召使

    召使ヶ月 前

    @Wolfy Diamond *_"somebody" (like you)_*_ has internet and you can search any manga and just read It, _*_you know?_*_ ._

  58. Wolfy Diamond

    Wolfy Diamondヶ月 前

    @召使 somebody (like me) can't buy a manga you know?

  59. 召使

    召使ヶ月 前

    Read the manga omg

  60. Wolfy Diamond

    Wolfy Diamondヶ月 前


  61. Yesenia Meyo

    Yesenia Meyoヶ月 前

    Nezuko and Froppy omg👏👏👏👏👏👏

  62. Creator-Gemsonas

    Creator-Gemsonasヶ月 前


  63. Erin Larkin

    Erin Larkinヶ月 前

    This looks fantastic!! Surprised when Monika came up and didn't delete anyone 😂!

  64. Monika

    Monikaヶ月 前

    It's never too late ahaha~

  65. ღAnjhali- kawaiiღ

    ღAnjhali- kawaiiღヶ月 前


  66. The Flash

    The Flashヶ月 前


  67. Fabio cardoso da luz

    Fabio cardoso da luzヶ月 前

    Gostei de tudo e de todos os personagens deste vídeo mas quem mais me chamou a atenção foi DIAMANTE ROSA 💎💗

  68. Omicron D Starsinger

    Omicron D Starsingerヶ月 前

    This was deranged. Why do I absurdly like this!?

  69. CMMMD

    CMMMDヶ月 前

    Sooooo cute! 😍💖

  70. yandere kittycat

    yandere kittycatヶ月 前


  71. รquiɗɗy ɱc ɑppʆɛรɑucɛ

    รquiɗɗy ɱc ɑppʆɛรɑucɛヶ月 前

    Why pink diamond type thicc tho... 🤣🤣

  72. Noor Hawre

    Noor Hawreヶ月 前

    NOICE!To be honest ik u worked very hard,good work!pink diamond,Charlie,Vivi,Marinette,Monika,Nezuko and Houseki no Junk Blue diamond Als pin me pwease!

  73. lolbomb gamerpants

    lolbomb gamerpantsヶ月 前


  74. Gerardo Lareu

    Gerardo Lareuヶ月 前

    Who else just came because of monika and pink diamond?

  75. Isa pg

    Isa pg3 日 前

    @Monika ITS YOU

  76. Isa pg

    Isa pg6 日 前

    Gerardo Lareu ME

  77. Wolfy Diamond

    Wolfy Diamond12 日 前

    me AND marinette :>

  78. Zara Zay Zay Zay

    Zara Zay Zay Zay14 日 前

    Hiss hiss Sis that’s kind of rude

  79. Sky Twinkle #Ofc

    Sky Twinkle #Ofc16 日 前

    by Luz and marinette too

  80. Mei Rose

    Mei Roseヶ月 前

    h e l l o