Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!


  1. random guy on YouTube

    random guy on YouTube22 分 前

    quite rage!!!!!!

  2. Brooklyn UwU

    Brooklyn UwU22 分 前


  3. Ladder10team1NFFD58 teamcap

    Ladder10team1NFFD58 teamcap22 分 前

    I wish I could eat that whole giant meatball

  4. Alexa Hernandez

    Alexa Hernandez22 分 前

    Not sure if you ever gonna read this but I have to say it anyways, Wow! Thank you for donating to NAMI! I work for the NAMI OC, where Disneyland basically is in SoCal area :) from our local office ,thank you for the donation and spreading awareness of mental health :3

  5. Egg with 20000 subscribers

    Egg with 20000 subscribers22 分 前

    Petition for Felix to play Minecraft with Keanu Reeves 👇

  6. The Lego kid

    The Lego kid22 分 前

    Minecraft is coming back

  7. Pow Getrekt

    Pow Getrekt23 分 前

    23:00 = cancer af. Especially if you saw the live stream.

  8. PUG_VLOGS 2006

    PUG_VLOGS 200623 分 前

    Punch fired to put it out

  9. Hans Garcia

    Hans Garcia23 分 前

    I'm so shocked that jack black is playing with pewds

  10. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell23 分 前

    How do he change his avatar background and xp bar?



    Dam..... how more shsjsjbxbdjdjsnsxhjdjs can pewdiepie get??

  12. Nick Vk

    Nick Vk23 分 前

    Jack black: burns trying to fix the mess he created. Minecraft text: jablinski felt the cancer of fortnite.

  13. Egg with 20000 subscribers

    Egg with 20000 subscribers23 分 前

    If Pewds kills the Ender Dragon, we all have to download Tuber Simulator

  14. MegaVoltz

    MegaVoltz23 分 前

    pewdiepie #1 on trending? what universe is this?

  15. al1_nenjA_69

    al1_nenjA_6923 分 前

    Scare Pewdiepie Season 2 at 100 mil!!!! Like so JPreporter will see!

  16. tan hong xiang

    tan hong xiang23 分 前

    You should just let @loltyler1 to grief your base

  17. Zytrex Smokez

    Zytrex Smokez23 分 前

    Rip OG Tree 2019 - 2019

  18. WatermelonJelly

    WatermelonJelly23 分 前

    Anyone else notice that Felix dropped his armor and stuff and it now despawned

  19. Robert Colburn

    Robert Colburn23 分 前

    ahhh him continually placing that sticky piston wrong triggered me so much lol

  20. Javiera Toledo

    Javiera Toledo23 分 前

    The house for two Feiges.

  21. Rain Wong

    Rain Wong23 分 前

    He's so bad

  22. Jesus Marcial

    Jesus Marcial23 分 前


  23. Nina Klek

    Nina Klek23 分 前


  24. novo jers

    novo jers23 分 前

    meme review pweds huhu

  25. Peace Maker

    Peace Maker23 分 前

    i absolutely love this fam

  26. ButterTheHobo

    ButterTheHobo23 分 前

    You must be getting paid lots of money to use DLive instead of Twitch

  27. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark24 分 前

    Omg #1 on trending 👏👏👏

  28. FamilyofBrazell X

    FamilyofBrazell X24 分 前

    Why, Jack lol almost like this was conveniently contenplated. Suddenly had a bbq to attend, with Felix looking betrayed in the end Either way was funny as he'll lol

  29. turtlenuggetz

    turtlenuggetz24 分 前

    my favorite part was jack black referencing a million movies and felix having no idea what any of them were

  30. omartron

    omartron24 分 前

    William Painter bro you may have just won me over with that ad :L



    Alguien habla español

  32. Ordinary Enjoyment

    Ordinary Enjoyment24 分 前

    Felix y didnt you put out the fire when it started lol

  33. Adithya Rock

    Adithya Rock24 分 前

    Sorry house you were like a father to me.

  34. YonkAy 1

    YonkAy 124 分 前

    Notch is Swedish, right?

  35. my animal world

    my animal world24 分 前

    Best calab ever

  36. johnulrick games

    johnulrick games24 分 前

    Did you save the server did you did you!!

  37. Crafted Carter

    Crafted Carter24 分 前

    Put ikea bird next to your jukebox and play a song, for an amazing surprise ;)

  38. vsuase campbellhere

    vsuase campbellhere24 分 前

    Felix and Jack black should start up a Minecraft server 😂 I would play that 24/7

  39. Nirrmal Kumar

    Nirrmal Kumar24 分 前


  40. Saul Ramos

    Saul Ramos24 分 前

    Starting to hate these tik tok ads

  41. Gina Jennings

    Gina Jennings24 分 前

    mY cHaNnEl iS lIt (Acting like Weston)

  42. Kyle Palaganas

    Kyle Palaganas24 分 前

    You guys remember cinnamontoastken? Well this is him now. *F E E L O L D Y E T?*

  43. DestPestoDud

    DestPestoDud24 分 前

    WhAtTtT! Trending, this must mean scare pewdiepie s2

  44. griffie liedtke

    griffie liedtke24 分 前


  45. Michealblook YT

    Michealblook YT24 分 前

    NOO I I hope Sven wasn't in the House But The JOERGEN SITE AND THE WATER SHEEP SITE NOOO

  46. 75hz

    75hz24 分 前

    What satisfies me about this video is the fact that pewds actually had a texture pack 👏👏👏👏👏

  47. DuaAsif Arts

    DuaAsif Arts24 分 前

    play hypixel with Marzia!! !! !! !! !!

  48. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man24 分 前

    Watersheep Merch like so he can see

  49. Theyodawg

    Theyodawg25 分 前

    22:43 Joergen 2 got roasted. So did Pewds fathering skills

  50. Keri Diablo / DevilSide

    Keri Diablo / DevilSide25 分 前

    This. Is. A. Spoiler. For. Next. Episode