IZ*ONE(아이즈원) - Violeta(비올레타) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190414


  1. Keith Lund

    Keith Lund日 前

    IZ*ONE is one of the most adorable groups in K-Pop. 😊

  2. Otilia Maria

    Otilia Maria日 前

    Wow!I've never seen iz*one but I love we there outfit!!and there voice!!can somene tell me there fandom?!?

  3. Maria Susana Mamani Flores

    Maria Susana Mamani Flores日 前

    Me encanta Hitomi ❤️ listo ese es todo el comentario

  4. тoмaтo s

    тoмaтo s3 日 前

    Nobody is talking about Yena's beauty!

  5. 「 Jacqueline 」

    「 Jacqueline 」3 日 前

    The girls were amazing as usual but can we take the time to appreciate their stylist/s who have killed it with the outfits for every stage performances? 🙌🏻

  6. うさばぁば

    うさばぁば4 日 前


  7. ayj

    ayj4 日 前

    Yujin ❤️

  8. ももちゃん

    ももちゃん4 日 前


  9. Arthur Kuo

    Arthur Kuo4 日 前

    Amazing how the girls shine even on a medium outfit day... :P Wondering what starship’s strategy will be in 2 years seeing how they basically got the next hyeri and the next seolhyun/goo hara... just keep the group small and no fillers please :P

  10. Eevee _

    Eevee _4 日 前


  11. Abby Joy

    Abby Joy4 日 前

    Omg chaeyeon's HAIR!!

  12. Lol lol

    Lol lol4 日 前

    Chaeyeon, honey you can take my soul😍🐙

  13. Henning Gu

    Henning Gu4 日 前

    I can't say anything new about them. Just that they're AWESOME AF!

  14. 詹友欽

    詹友欽4 日 前


  15. とりきいろい

    とりきいろい4 日 前


  16. Sool_Lu

    Sool_Lu4 日 前

    Their makeup is so beautiful today

  17. mori mari

    mori mari4 日 前

    1:13 ✨2:03🌸0:12🌷🌸🌷🌸🌷🌸🌷🌸0:37✨SAKURA✨

  18. ja. ak

    ja. ak4 日 前

    finally hearing their live Voices

  19. M Cgb

    M Cgb4 日 前

    hyewon has the best outfit.. yet again! love it

  20. Nikita Potapov

    Nikita Potapov4 日 前

    Yujin'wink( •̣̣̣̣̣̥́௰•̣̣̣̣̣̥̀ )

  21. Val Amador

    Val Amador5 日 前


  22. FrSumaya

    FrSumaya5 日 前

    i saw that wink AHN YUJIN 1:46

  23. ZeeZ

    ZeeZ5 日 前


  24. Pika Chu

    Pika Chu5 日 前

    Want to see sakura to have a longhair without ponytail...

  25. Bernadith Gabisan

    Bernadith Gabisan4 日 前

    Thats also my opinion...even if its only extension...but dont tie her hair

  26. Camae Buenaflor

    Camae Buenaflor5 日 前

    once i a life time you can see lee chaeyeon in ponytail

  27. -ˏˋ cydnee ˎˊ-

    -ˏˋ cydnee ˎˊ-5 日 前

    beautiful girls, beautiful stage, beautiful song!!! my gay heart is gay and happy

  28. Karen Rore

    Karen Rore5 日 前


  29. FleetingDreams

    FleetingDreams5 日 前

    0:46 woah yena's voice sounds so good there

  30. Gloria ovo

    Gloria ovo5 日 前

    The designer made many outfits with this design😂 yellow, purple and now pink.😂

  31. Fatima A

    Fatima A5 日 前

    Can we talk about main rapper YENA singing the same part as main vocal YURI what a multitalented queen. ❤️❤️❤️

  32. nayara lovegot7

    nayara lovegot75 日 前

    I Love so much IZ*ONE

  33. Jo Yuri

    Jo Yuri5 日 前

    Jo Yuri my perfect IDOL ❤🇫🇷

  34. Sean Lee

    Sean Lee5 日 前

    I love the outfits a lot!!! Chaeyeon’s Ponytail is so fitting!!! Hitomi’s off shoulder dress is so nice!!! Minju’s half/half outfit looks really pretty!!! I love everything about this stage and this song!!!

  35. Winx fanmadeix

    Winx fanmadeix5 日 前

    I heard Wonyoung had a test yesterday. I hope she did well on it. With IZONE Chu and promotions happening, I'm not sure she had enough time to study.

  36. Mohammed Burhan Ahmed

    Mohammed Burhan Ahmed5 日 前

    Sakura Miyawaki will always be number 1 and centre to me.

  37. Amy Estrada

    Amy Estrada5 日 前

    They look like secretaries

  38. maleina dahilig

    maleina dahilig5 日 前

    YURI YURI YURI ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  39. maleina dahilig

    maleina dahilig5 日 前

    JO YURI 💗💗💗

  40. maleina dahilig

    maleina dahilig5 日 前

    Yuri is so beautiful

  41. Jiajia Su

    Jiajia Su5 日 前

    Wonyoung Welcome Back!!

  42. jisooswaterbottle

    jisooswaterbottle5 日 前

    I love Jo Yuri.

  43. Dayana Salcedo

    Dayana Salcedo5 日 前

    Babies were all smiles today 😄😍 and they found the camara a lot ☺️❤️

  44. Bernadith Gabisan

    Bernadith Gabisan4 日 前

    This group is good to find where the camera is...

  45. Mon Jihoon

    Mon Jihoon5 日 前

    Chaeyeon's pony tail just make my heart flutter😂So beautiful today and it suits her, I can see my baby better😂😌💋

  46. minjoo ash

    minjoo ash5 日 前

    *Jo Yuri is the most beautiful person in the world*

  47. 사과귤

    사과귤5 日 前

    오늘 의상 너무 예쁘다ㅠ

  48. Kpop21_ Jc

    Kpop21_ Jc5 日 前

    Hitomi is getting more beautiful everyday😍 Izone = visuals for days

  49. Diana Nguyen

    Diana Nguyen5 日 前

    Omg I love these outfits ❤️ they look so pretty

  50. merve danacı.

    merve danacı.5 日 前

    chaeyeon s outfit hair = 🔥

  51. Big miss steak Mama

    Big miss steak Mama5 日 前

    Ok but Yenas Voice, I stan💜💜

  52. Klisty 61

    Klisty 615 日 前

    Wonyoung ❤️

  53. 교주쌈무

    교주쌈무5 日 前

    채원이 포니테일 지구뿌신다 진짜 ㅜㅜ



    today IZ*ONE's whole package are so good especially eunbi and nako

  55. CioX - MegaZ

    CioX - MegaZ5 日 前

    So beautiful Eunbi my baby 💓💓🌹

  56. Mohcine Zidiac

    Mohcine Zidiac5 日 前

    Minguri is coming!! like you said Minju, you really did comeback this time pretty amazing >< the more you show yourself... the more people will fall into your charms, so no going back now ^^

  57. Bowyy Boo

    Bowyy Boo5 日 前

    ❤️ Kwon Enubi ❤️

  58. Annie

    Annie5 日 前

    omg wonyoung so pretty 2:23

  59. Annie

    Annie5 日 前

    The ponytail works better for Chaeyeon since she's into dramatic hairflips

  60. Alonso uwu

    Alonso uwu5 日 前

    Minju's bangs will be missed ㅠㅠ

  61. Annie

    Annie5 日 前

    Stylist always dresses eunbi like it's the 40's

  62. vitória

    vitória5 日 前

    i love the styling for this stage they look so pretty and their stage presence is amazing 🔥

  63. Paola Piscis

    Paola Piscis5 日 前

    Really like you comback

  64. Momo

    Momo5 日 前

    sakura spotting the camera at 2:05 😍

  65. ronlie rayton

    ronlie rayton5 日 前

    wonyoung my ❤️ HEART✨IZ - violeta 🌷

  66. Sam Sunwoo

    Sam Sunwoo5 日 前

    칼군무 작렬!!! The perfect synchronization!

  67. MlkyHobs : BTS Texting Stories

    MlkyHobs : BTS Texting Stories5 日 前

    Their outfits 😍

  68. Melodu

    Melodu5 日 前

    Awh, missed you Wonyoung! 💕

  69. Shanice Higgins

    Shanice Higgins5 日 前

    The camerawork is absolutely incredible. Everyone is getting their time perfectly, they're following all the cameras watching them. I'm honestly amazed. We need this cameraman for all performances.

  70. Luke Navarro

    Luke Navarro5 日 前

    This also suits with WJSN. Just sayin hihihihihii IZ*ONE fighting!

  71. Moon Sky

    Moon Sky5 日 前

    I couldn't stop looking at Yujin. And that wink 1:47 , I think I'm in love. Besides, her hair has grown so much, I can't even believe it ❤️

  72. k-poplover563

    k-poplover5635 日 前

    the cameraman loves wonyoung!

  73. Kangchan 05

    Kangchan 055 日 前

    Minju please wear the same dress like Hyewon and Sakura OMGG 😍💕

  74. chichichi7710

    chichichi77105 日 前


  75. Skuukzky is my Bae *•*

    Skuukzky is my Bae *•*5 日 前

    Kangchan 😍💜💜💜

  76. inoismylife

    inoismylife5 日 前


  77. jenbaby13

    jenbaby135 日 前

    my baby yujin looking beautiful as always❤️

  78. Valeria Pinzón

    Valeria Pinzón5 日 前

    Sakura, my queen❤️

  79. Kpop Wonderland

    Kpop Wonderland5 日 前

    I love Chaeyeon in ponytail

  80. 이한잔

    이한잔5 日 前

    I'm waiting for the time when chaeyeon can be a solo !!!

  81. Pau Gamboa

    Pau Gamboa5 日 前

    Wow can we appreciate the stylist for a moment. Like imagine dressing 12 girls and all look amazing.

  82. Allison Kookie

    Allison Kookie5 日 前

    Yuri!!!! ♥✨♥✨♥✨♥✨

  83. lily n.

    lily n.5 日 前


  84. Roses are Rosie

    Roses are Rosie5 日 前

    I subbed the video I hope it gets accepted

  85. stan yehana

    stan yehana5 日 前

    que roupas lindas minha gente

  86. kchi3350

    kchi33505 日 前

    Chaewon beautiful 😍

  87. kchi3350

    kchi33505 日 前

    Chaewon beautiful 😍

  88. aira hino

    aira hino5 日 前


  89. Anthony Douglas

    Anthony Douglas5 日 前

    Why do I have the feeling that it got slowed down?

  90. kchi3350

    kchi33505 日 前

    Chaewon 😍

  91. kchi3350

    kchi33505 日 前

    Chaewon 😍

  92. wan92yuri

    wan92yuri5 日 前

    Was hoping another absent of wonyoung😂😂😂 bcz i wanna see more of others center stage ...

  93. Edwin 隊列 Cuna

    Edwin 隊列 Cuna5 日 前

    With stunning hands gestures and legs synchronization together with singing marvel makes this music video: Awesome!!!!!

  94. ACLT511

    ACLT5115 日 前

    Lee Chaeyeon looks so so pretty👑💓💎

  95. Shottis

    Shottis5 日 前

    all their songs sounds the same.

  96. keysboba

    keysboba5 日 前

    *breathes* *37362682 izone live stages*

  97. 羊羊

    羊羊5 日 前

    Miss u Wonyoung😍😍 BTW, Nako is cute!

  98. 陳致晏

    陳致晏5 日 前

    Wonyoung welcome back!!

  99. Eline Wong

    Eline Wong5 日 前

    Chaeyeon so beautiful

  100. Katya Georgieva

    Katya Georgieva5 日 前


  101. みみみかん

    みみみかん5 日 前


  102. Olivia Rivera

    Olivia Rivera5 日 前

    Minju just keeps getting prettier everyday ✨