It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad


  1. Klarissa K.

    Klarissa K.9 時間 前

    I recently binge watched all, great movies!

  2. Katie Ellington

    Katie Ellington11 時間 前

    I am fan girling so hard

  3. King Ken The Outcast

    King Ken The Outcast12 時間 前

    Back To The Future, Lord Of The Rings, Ghostbusters, and The Goonies. All my favorite things to watch during quarantine and now I can watch this.

  4. Jenna Smith

    Jenna Smith23 時間 前

    This is the best thing to ever have graced the internet! Thank you so much Josh!!

  5. Jonathan Tabb

    Jonathan Tabb日 前

    Missing Crispin. :(

  6. Nicko Dandy

    Nicko Dandy日 前

    Two words: Great Scott!!!!

  7. Simon ‘Halkyard

    Simon ‘Halkyard日 前

    This is amazing. My favourite movies. Never stopped smiling. Thanks Josh! #Donate

  8. Warson J.A.

    Warson J.A.日 前

    This is heavy! Hahaha. So glad they did this!

  9. Jonathan Ashlin

    Jonathan Ashlin日 前

    Best thing I've ever seen

  10. Qartoffeln1

    Qartoffeln1日 前

    I missed Tom Wilson a.k.a. Biff/Griff/Bufford "Mad Dog" Tannen in this one. That would have topped the cake of an already awesome panel of actors and artists. Lea Thompson, beautiful; she was having so much fun!

  11. Liad Keren

    Liad Keren日 前

    This is the best episode of reunited apart without any question

  12. Danúbio Gm. 9L

    Danúbio Gm. 9L日 前

    Back 4?

  13. Edelplastic

    Edelplastic日 前

    "Space Man from Pluto" 🤣 - It sounds so old fashioned... even in the 80s it sounded like the Title comes from the 50s... - I´m glad that Title not was used.

  14. Phil Hartley Music

    Phil Hartley Music2 日 前

    Thank you so much for these vids Josh , me and my five year old daughter Dixie Love back to the future and ghostbusters , her favourite films and we both loved this trip down memory Road 😀😀

  15. Mha and gacha life

    Mha and gacha life2 日 前

    I just have back to the future 3 in the corner 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Dave

    Dave2 日 前

    Ha that's awesome! I got to meet Lea Thompson at the Silicon Valley Comic Con when they had the 30th anniversary of the movie celebration by bringing them all together. I actually had a huge crush on her after seeing her in Some Kind of Wonderful back when I was a teen, so it was one of the highlights of my life to get to meet her! And she's as sweet and beautiful in person as she is in this video!

  17. Dave

    Dave日 前

    Mha and gacha life yeah, got a picture with her too. Unfortunately didn't really get much time to talk to her (they were just filing people through).

  18. Mha and gacha life

    Mha and gacha life2 日 前


  19. Mha and gacha life

    Mha and gacha life2 日 前

    Dave YOU MET HER

  20. Giemuel Uy

    Giemuel Uy2 日 前

    I was hoping to see Thomas F. Wilson aka Biff aka Griff aka Buford (not Mad Dog) Tannen 😩 And, does he still hate manure? 🤔

  21. taikoJH

    taikoJH2 日 前

    Tom Wilson missing made me sad.

  22. Desiré Yen

    Desiré Yen2 日 前

    Awww this was too short😩 and I wanted to hear Huey Lewis sing his song😭

  23. akgrrl

    akgrrl2 日 前

    No Crispin!!! 😒

  24. freakjob0

    freakjob02 日 前

    Leah Thompson is 59 years old? GTFO, she still looks amazing!

  25. akgrrl

    akgrrl2 日 前

    Trump is the REAL time traveler!!!! WWG1WGA!!!

  26. TheSenpai14

    TheSenpai142 日 前

    DOC !!

  27. Leslie

    Leslie2 日 前

    Such a great trilogy. Wish there was a time machine to go back to 1985.

  28. Roy Vincent del Valle

    Roy Vincent del Valle2 日 前

    Thank you Josh!

  29. Roy Vincent del Valle

    Roy Vincent del Valle2 日 前

    Is Lea Thompson a vampire? Wow!

  30. mmarialexx

    mmarialexx3 日 前

    Start at 2:20

  31. Special Ed yaay

    Special Ed yaay3 日 前

    I just needed to hear George's laugh just once

  32. Sam Ortiz

    Sam Ortiz3 日 前

    Wish Thomas F Wilson (Biff) was there. Got super emotional watching this.. BTTF is such a huge part of my childhood

  33. Michael TG

    Michael TG3 日 前

    Jesus, gives us faith, hope, and love. Amen

  34. Michael TG

    Michael TG3 日 前

    Makes me wanna go back and love VHS tapes again....!!!!!!!😃🔥✝ Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

  35. Hawk L

    Hawk L3 日 前

    Great Scott this was Heavy lol

  36. Ash Streak

    Ash Streak3 日 前

    Woohooooo!!!!! 🤘🏻

  37. Tabz LFC

    Tabz LFC3 日 前

    The 1k dislikes are from people who are fans of Biff

  38. Julian Dawe

    Julian Dawe3 日 前

    Funny , I just posted my rendition of the DeLorean scene with Doc Brown and Marty - Animated with a slight change , and I came across this video - keep up the good work! Back to the future will forever be one of my all time favorites.

  39. arc46

    arc463 日 前

    Holy sh*t this was so good I'm in tears. ♥

  40. Andrew Brannen

    Andrew Brannen3 日 前

    Why the heck not have Biff? (Thomas Wilson)

  41. PRdeSO

    PRdeSO3 日 前

    Lea Thompson still is so beautiful 35 years after

  42. POE

    POE3 日 前

    日本人の20代です! 今日初めてバックトゥザフューチャーを3まで見ました! 英語が聞き取れないけど、キャストやスタッフの皆様と同じ時代を生きていることを嬉しく思いました!

  43. J Powers

    J Powers3 日 前

    This was truly AMAZING, thanks for bringing me "BACK to the Future". Love the Power of love song Sooooo Amazing..Thanks... The cast all looked wonderful!

  44. Biagio Cozza

    Biagio Cozza4 日 前

    Awesome, loved it extremely very very much, Awesome.

  45. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net4 日 前

    Lea thompson has always been a doll, but she really doesnt look her age. Foxy lady! ^~^

  46. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net4 日 前

    @ 3:30 that look like the man himself...O.O IN trouble now BOYO!!! :P

  47. Ray Chamberlain

    Ray Chamberlain4 日 前

    Who else can watch these movies over and over again and still enjoy them every time.

  48. Charlie FB

    Charlie FB4 日 前

    and the first jennifer ?!!! we love her

  49. MODELO TIME!!!!!!!!

    MODELO TIME!!!!!!!!4 日 前

    I Wish biff was there

  50. VampyrX1381

    VampyrX13814 日 前

    Oh god why am I only just realising that Trevor from GTA IS Christopher LLoyd! 3:38 .. (Yeah didnt see the ref film)

  51. Ryan Weatherbee

    Ryan Weatherbee4 日 前

    🍕o( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ

  52. zmast333

    zmast3334 日 前

    Oh man! How did I miss this? Brilliant!

  53. J Knorr

    J Knorr4 日 前

    JOSH!!!! This was the best of all of the series. THANK YOU my friend!

  54. Tom Maertz

    Tom Maertz5 日 前

    Damn you Josh, now I have to watch all these movies you are doing again!

  55. Bellatuppy

    Bellatuppy5 日 前

    Still my favorite 80's movie ever!! Can't even count how many times I've watched it.

  56. Sara Rose

    Sara Rose5 日 前

    Due to this episode I will subscribe XD

  57. surewin

    surewin5 日 前

    So many goosebumps while hearing them recite their lines again

  58. Ian Cai Mercer

    Ian Cai Mercer5 日 前

    josh, you are having way too much fun! Insanely jealous! kudos for this!

  59. delbroox

    delbroox6 日 前

    I love this so much! And How good is Michale J Fox with each line?!!

  60. john jacobs jingleheimer schimt

    john jacobs jingleheimer schimt6 日 前


  61. Sir Frederick

    Sir Frederick6 日 前

    Time to watch the Trilogy right now, don't need roads, it's on my computer

  62. 1999 suzuki grand vitara

    1999 suzuki grand vitara6 日 前

    When Christopher Lloyd dies the world ends, so we got like another 70 years.

  63. Jim Cahill

    Jim Cahill6 日 前

    I can't believe you pulled all these actors - so cool! Brought me back.


    BOL8NIGHT6 日 前

    gracias por producir este corto documental de estas grandes celebridades actores productores músicos cantantes y todos aquellos que estuvieron apoyando detrás de cámaras gente anónima que en aquel tiempo realizaron estas obras maestras de la cinematografía y que tuvimos de primera mano de conocer con su trabajo y que hoy recordamos, con mucho cariño que dios los bendiga serán recordados en el Futuro.

  65. Алексей Занин

    Алексей Занин7 日 前

    Thank you from Russia! You make me happy more than ever in my life for the last 10 years in my life!

  66. SNN

    SNN7 日 前

    Why no biff




  68. Tom Butler producer businessman

    Tom Butler producer businessman7 日 前

    The vegan solarman tom b is a Ugge Back to the future fan! One of my favorite movies! Please donate to the Michael J fox foundation! And at least cut back on the consumption of animals... your body will love you, and the animals too!

  69. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson7 日 前

    Legends....thats all i gotta say...pure Legends

  70. Anai Lucatero

    Anai Lucatero7 日 前

    (╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )

  71. Jose Magsajo

    Jose Magsajo7 日 前

    Back To The Future is the best Trilogy ever... I'm going 60 and still watching it from Time 2 Time as Time allows me. Great Team, Great Job!!!

  72. Rogerio Mendes

    Rogerio Mendes7 日 前

    You are and were fantastic! Inspired so many generations!

  73. Dana Hoxie

    Dana Hoxie7 日 前

    JJ Abrams?! OMG I did not expect to see one of my favorite directors here.

  74. Lucas Mossman

    Lucas Mossman7 日 前

    Michael J. Fox has one of the most heartwarming smiles. It feels so good to see him doing well.

  75. Brad Capello

    Brad Capello7 日 前

    Awesome video! Thank you Josh Gad for helping me relive my childhood. Tom Wilson would have been a great addition though. He is SO funny!

  76. Ryan Dunn

    Ryan Dunn7 日 前

    This made my day! So rad! Thank you all!

  77. Lil Chris Cirullo

    Lil Chris Cirullo7 日 前

    What a nice treat at the end. Thinking this is easily the best of the series..... far. :)

  78. Michael TA

    Michael TA7 日 前

    Where's Biff?

  79. Sporking News Podcast

    Sporking News Podcast7 日 前

    Michael J Fox is a gem!

  80. cpk1994

    cpk19947 日 前

    I urge people to check out Christopher Lloyd's appearance on NCIS from earlier this year. It was a powerhouse performance by an absolute legend.

  81. Deborah Seraydarian Soderholm

    Deborah Seraydarian Soderholm7 日 前

    I was floating, too Josh! So many great guests and such a fun musical surprise at the end. But where was Biff (Thomas Wilson)?! He played the villain and multiple characters. What’s he doing now?

  82. Lex

    Lex7 日 前

    Hmm.. I wonder why Crispin Glover didn't join. 🤔😜

  83. Marc Hall

    Marc Hall8 日 前

    The goofy fan boy thing is played out. It was cringe when nerdist did it...this just sux