"It Looks Like A Fossil From Jurassic Park" | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Sprinklez 2.0

    Sprinklez 2.047 分 前

    its weird how brutally honest but wholesome Gordon can be

  2. harry rooney

    harry rooney時間 前

    Imagine telling Gordon Ramsey that a Caesar salad is supposed to be spicy

  3. it's me blue

    it's me blue3 時間 前

    At 1:02 girls face turns pink at ramsey

  4. anythinganamatoinz

    anythinganamatoinz10 時間 前

    "Were a Mexican-American cuisine." or "-Im the mexican, youre not. Its supposed to be spicy" I might not me Mexican, but coming from a Honduras-Dominican mix whos been to Honduras on multiple ocasoins, not once have i ever seen a grilled salad, and we have mangos and lollipops litteraly covered in spice. But not once, not ever, have I seen a grilled, spicy, lettuce. *On a side note, Not everything we cook and eat is spicy.

  5. jason longsden

    jason longsden18 時間 前

    Imani the waitress is hot as well

  6. Empty Bin

    Empty Bin19 時間 前

    "Why does it have to be spicy?" "Because we're Mexican American cuisine." Uh sure buddy. But last time I check, we don't have spicy grilled lettuce.

  7. k0r1

    k0r121 時間 前

    This man said ceaser saled is supposed to be spicy

  8. Danielle & Charlotte Rivera

    Danielle & Charlotte Rivera日 前

    I don’t recall seeing my mom make any of this crap he claims. My mom has never made a Cesar salad either cause it’s not as Mexican as he thinks it is. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. PrincessPixel12

    PrincessPixel12日 前

    So you're telling me all mexican food is spicy? Um I'm mexican and that is absolutely not true bruhhh

  10. Simon Ginks

    Simon Ginks日 前

    0:01 “It’s a grilled lettuce. Can’t go wrong.”

  11. James Grapes

    James Grapes2 日 前

    Anyone else think the waitress is really pretty

  12. Andrew Vela

    Andrew Vela2 日 前

    Cesar salad isn’t spicy u fucking idiot😂

  13. karina kaplan

    karina kaplan2 日 前

    Chef: '' I'm from Mexico, everything HAS to be spicy." The entire nation of Mexico would like to know your location.

  14. KMS Bismarck

    KMS Bismarck3 日 前

    Ceased salad came from Mexico from a guy who is Italian American so technically it’s a bit Italian as well

  15. Sjors de bruijn

    Sjors de bruijn3 日 前

    Those oysters look delicious

  16. Sjors de bruijn

    Sjors de bruijn3 日 前

    Okay, I gotta grill lettuce myself

  17. Steve Afc17

    Steve Afc173 日 前

    Wow ami is fucking stunning

  18. Trip4man

    Trip4man3 日 前

    Not a particular fan of Gordon but he has some points. I like salmon, a lot, and I've NEVER seen salmon cooked like that!!!! Wtf was that???? M&M's salmon???!? Are u fucking kidding me 'Chef Spicy'? Omg I'm slowly turning into Gordon Ramsay

  19. Bella E

    Bella E3 日 前


  20. shadow

    shadow3 日 前

    my fabraite cwote

  21. Keneth Lapeña

    Keneth Lapeña3 日 前

    That caption tho

  22. Anmol Kumar

    Anmol Kumar3 日 前

    0:32 that's a beautiful laugh

  23. Jim Pickens

    Jim Pickens3 日 前

    Caesar salad is from Mexico? Who cares bitch you grilled a piece of lettuce

  24. Talis Dorman.

    Talis Dorman.3 日 前

    "Caesar Salad is from Mexico.". I doubt.

  25. Chris_sy D

    Chris_sy D3 日 前

    Can we take moment to see the waitresses beauty ☺️

  26. Colin Edwards

    Colin Edwards3 日 前

    ceasar salad is italian

  27. Sasquatch 06

    Sasquatch 063 日 前

    Caesar salads were invented in Mexico but an Italian guy actually made it there sooo,,,,

  28. Fresh 96792

    Fresh 967923 日 前

    Caesar salad is from Italy not mexico

  29. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis4 日 前

    It's roar.

  30. SariaFan93

    SariaFan934 日 前

    Salmon and curry beurre blanc can go together. Salmon and sticky rice can go together. But by mixing them together with strawberries, onions and a lot of spice, Jorge has made his dish over complicated and inedible.

  31. Gaafdovjun Gaming

    Gaafdovjun Gaming4 日 前

    Bruh what is the "DONOTWATCH.MMM

  32. F W

    F W4 日 前

    The waitress is super friendly and kind hope she gets a good job

  33. Mikha Catalan

    Mikha Catalan4 日 前

    It's grilled lettuce can't go wrong *It was wrong the moment you decided to put a whole lettuce in the griller*

  34. M. Narrator

    M. Narrator4 日 前

    Ok ok as a Mexican Hearing everything *HAS* to be spicy Is the most stereotypical thing I have heard

  35. Assassin

    Assassin日 前

    I like my jalapeños and pico de Gallo spicy but I don't like my milk, Ice cream, soda, cake, carrots, bell peppers,or my lettuce spicy..... :/

  36. N9 MadPrince

    N9 MadPrince4 日 前

    Ayo the sever is a baddie😍😏

  37. Phantom Plays

    Phantom Plays4 日 前

    On behalf of owning 10 birds I can confirm that the bottom of the bird cage does indeed resemble that piece of salmon

  38. MyKeyVengeance13

    MyKeyVengeance135 日 前

    With all the nasty ass fridges Gordon went through a hot plate ain’t nothing

  39. Roger Abernathy

    Roger Abernathy5 日 前

    where do these "chefs" come from

  40. Nadia Todorovski

    Nadia Todorovski5 日 前

    that’s bitch just took the whole lettuce and grilled it and said here yah go your salad

  41. blessed peas

    blessed peas5 日 前

    i couldn't even understand what was in these dishes, and then i realised, it was the sheer lunacy of the ingredient combinations that my brain was just subconsciously filtering out

  42. Xblackwindhowls

    Xblackwindhowls5 日 前

    I want Gordon to criticize the public school system next

  43. Xblackwindhowls

    Xblackwindhowls5 日 前

    Imagine being this dudes wife and your cooking Your ass is grass

  44. Ben

    Ben5 日 前

    "Caesar Salad is from Mexico" What an utter fuckwit

  45. Gods Fall

    Gods Fall5 日 前

    Ptss its not from mexico and hes not mexican

  46. Doncroft1

    Doncroft15 日 前

    Waitress is super cute!

  47. Susie

    Susie5 日 前

    Gordon just made an unintentional comedy show for the customers

  48. K M

    K M5 日 前

    that waitress has got a fantastic set for doing the old motorboarding.BBBBRRRRRRRR

  49. rye

    rye6 日 前

    "Im the Mexican here, you're not." thats not even remotely okay and valid? if you didnt grow up around that type of food, and perfect it, then it doesnt matter. i could be asian, and make the best mexican food youve ever eaten. like sheesh.

  50. Steve Ross

    Steve Ross6 日 前

    Heavy spice or seasoning is normally used to cover up the taste of bad meat or to give flavour to bland meat. Good meat well cooked needs NO SPICE OR SEASONING.

  51. Faro Hran

    Faro Hran6 日 前

    Yo that server is beautiful

  52. Asian Sauce

    Asian Sauce6 日 前

    Caesar salad made by Mexicans even though it was after Julius Caesar which was a Roman emperor which is in Italy... okay

  53. Laxora NZ

    Laxora NZ6 日 前

    I just wanted to say, I saw the thumbnail, and thought I was looking at some disaster of a cake with some weird-ass looking rainbow sprinkles on top...and then I actually looked at it and realized it was meant to be some kind of meat with spice on it, what the actual fuck.

  54. Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse6 日 前

    Witch episode is this?

  55. niko Bellic

    niko Bellic6 日 前

    she is cute 1:50

  56. Dirty Nut

    Dirty Nut6 日 前

    The waitress is gorgeous !

  57. sum body

    sum body7 日 前

    That waitress Ami was so cute.

  58. clueless gAmEr Boii

    clueless gAmEr Boii7 日 前

    Legend says it. That Gordon spends 1/2 a day looking for insults and comebacks 😂

  59. R.J. Holt

    R.J. Holt7 日 前


  60. bsdkflh

    bsdkflh7 日 前

    Hmm, I don't know if anybody follows Bon Appetit, but Molly's Caesar salad also has grill charred romaine lettuce, and it also has the stem intact.

  61. tnlaw2004

    tnlaw20048 日 前

    Ami is fucking HOT