It Finally Happened | OT 20


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect2 ヶ月 前

    New OT episode EVERY MONDAY in December!! 🚨🔥🤩

  2. Dark Oof

    Dark Oof22 時間 前

    i had my volume ALL THE WAY UP when you started. (rip my ears)

  3. MrWacko _

    MrWacko _13 日 前

    You never reloaded potato

  4. Cruz Art

    Cruz Art28 日 前

    @tarnpreet singh sahi öööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööö

  5. grayden greenberg

    grayden greenbergヶ月 前

    How many views can I get on my vid???

  6. Andrew Pearce

    Andrew Pearceヶ月 前

    They were amazing!!!!!!!

  7. Bryan Vazquez

    Bryan Vazquez3 時間 前

    DuDe the people that won money don’t look happy they look like they don’t care😂😂😂🤣🤣

  8. Serena Hunjan

    Serena Hunjan4 時間 前

    Where do all the audience tracks come from?!

  9. Asa Amanj

    Asa Amanj12 時間 前

    I hate you tyler I hate you so much

  10. Cadence Nicole

    Cadence Nicole15 時間 前

    They are so ungrateful for throwing that chair like that. Someone spent their time on that, they will never get that time back.They put in their hard-work and effort to that chair. On top of that they laughed when it broke. Obviously it’s gonna break when you throw it off of a high balcony. And to top it all off, they still gave the item a red. Disgusting.

  11. Karly O'Guinn

    Karly O'Guinn16 時間 前

    Who’s is in the back of gars truck 25:00

  12. Ree Kid

    Ree Kid16 時間 前

    They should ad own a cat back

  13. Sticc Angle

    Sticc Angle17 時間 前

    Happy birthday Ted

  14. Sheena Arthur

    Sheena Arthur18 時間 前

    This is the weirdest wheel unfortunate that I have ever seen

  15. Phyllia Comeaux

    Phyllia Comeaux19 時間 前

    Happy birthday Ned

  16. Neil Breneman

    Neil Breneman19 時間 前

    I love this one


    UGOTREKT21 時間 前


  18. Scythe

    Scythe21 時間 前

    15:16 Ps1 hagrid

  19. Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy日 前

    How’s the cat goin Gar

  20. Alek Rose

    Alek Rose日 前

    The wife always tries to ruin it

  21. Kvideos

    Kvideos日 前

    Corn hole trick shots

  22. Nick Oubre

    Nick Oubre日 前

    We request cat updates

  23. Cooper Schornhorst

    Cooper Schornhorst日 前

    Love u guys can u do school trickshots

  24. Blueslash Leader

    Blueslash Leader日 前

    10:45 evil laugh

  25. Raajas Mulye

    Raajas Mulye日 前

    Any cat lovers here?😻😻

  26. Josh Hashmi

    Josh Hashmi日 前

    14:50.I thought that he was n the chair

  27. Koala

    Koala日 前

    (every like on this comment is a Happy Birthday for Tyler/Ned)



    Finally they spinner it onto the own the cat

  29. Artsy Slime!

    Artsy Slime!日 前

    Love tiger lily! So cute! I think u should have gotten Timmy’s f the name

  30. Stevenbugatti7

    Stevenbugatti7日 前

    Own a cat is not a punishment

  31. Christie Tracy Prentice

    Christie Tracy Prentice日 前

    I feel sooo bad for that persons chair

  32. Peyton Caldwell

    Peyton Caldwell日 前


  33. Jackson Fauber

    Jackson Fauber日 前

    Hey guys please go sub to Game Formation

  34. Cooper Guiton135

    Cooper Guiton135日 前

    Ned is so funny that I didn’t know he had a birthday

  35. Emma Oliver

    Emma Oliver日 前

    Tyler: woh hey welcome to overtime 20 here we go 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Brason Stecik

    Brason Stecik日 前

    I like turtles 🐢

  37. sara james

    sara james日 前

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  38. nate brown

    nate brown2 日 前

    Wins $100,000 and $50,000... their face 😐😕

  39. FlareMaster141

    FlareMaster1412 日 前

    The unnatural stove regretfully suffer because poet prudently rock afore a bright drug. polite, earthy computer

  40. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken2 日 前

    I don't get it why is owning a cat a bad thing

  41. Walter Delgado

    Walter Delgado2 日 前

    Timmy 😭 f in the chat f

  42. Scap

    Scap2 日 前


  43. Syed-Mohammad Karim

    Syed-Mohammad Karim2 日 前

    FINNALY SOMEONE OWNS A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jett Morgan

    Jett Morgan2 日 前

    I feel so bad for the son and father that made that chair 😢😢

  45. Andrew Zilla

    Andrew Zilla2 日 前

    Why do they even think owning a cat is a punishment?

  46. sean dunleavy

    sean dunleavy2 日 前

    When Ned was doing his dance did you noticed that his wig came off Crazy If you did not see it watch it again

  47. Vestrat productions

    Vestrat productions2 日 前

    Let’s see how many people are watching in 2022

  48. Lee Felczak

    Lee Felczak3 日 前

    Garett is looking a bit older these days haha

  49. Derek Feath

    Derek Feath3 日 前

    How do you dislike any dude perfect vid?? Like how?

  50. Buboligy Inc

    Buboligy Inc3 日 前

    At 25:15 did anyone else notice someone sitting in the back right of garrets car just ducking

  51. Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    Evalyn Kirkpatrick3 日 前

    The unsuitable whip regionally bump because fan specially correct failing a harmonious rutabaga. gorgeous, distinct hygienic

  52. Vansh

    Vansh3 日 前

    I want money because i want to come in america and want to meet with you 😕😕😕

  53. Josh Cash

    Josh Cash3 日 前

    Gareet lul

  54. James Coughlan

    James Coughlan3 日 前

    best lesson ever.

  55. max quinn lesmana

    max quinn lesmana3 日 前

    Happy birthday ned

  56. Jaden Shehata

    Jaden Shehata3 日 前

    I like chicken nuggets


    JAS ARORA3 日 前

    Happy birthday Tyler

  58. Asa KIttay

    Asa KIttay3 日 前

    wtf? Why aren't they wearing masks at the shelter?

  59. Andrew Zilla

    Andrew Zilla3 日 前

    I like tortles

  60. Aaron Bennett

    Aaron Bennett3 日 前

    no one: tyler: READY THE TURTLES

  61. Oliver's TV Channel

    Oliver's TV Channel3 日 前

    Well............………that intro woke me up.

  62. Probite Among us

    Probite Among us4 日 前

    0:03 he scared me

  63. Paul Douris

    Paul Douris4 日 前

    Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon repent it’s the best decision you’ll ever make

  64. Chase Nasato

    Chase Nasato4 日 前

    Where did you get the turtles my sister wants one for her birthday

  65. wooshif gay

    wooshif gay4 日 前

    imagine not knowing ty

  66. Ryker Zagyva

    Ryker Zagyva4 日 前


  67. Yes Man

    Yes Man4 日 前


  68. jordan kendall

    jordan kendall4 日 前

    OT ideas: volunteer to spin and gain immunity for 3 episodes instead of the dudes, the hat includes all the editors, Panda, and Ned Forrester

  69. karson camp

    karson camp4 日 前


  70. Kyle Scavone

    Kyle Scavone4 日 前

    9:19 Garret goes thuglife

  71. Ferdinand mapanao

    Ferdinand mapanao5 日 前

    they laughed when the chair got obliterated

  72. Ferdinand mapanao

    Ferdinand mapanao5 日 前

    a question to the dudes where can you find a wooden chair the can survive a fall like that

  73. Karen Loots

    Karen Loots5 日 前

    Happy birthday ned how are you.

  74. Alek Wright

    Alek Wright5 日 前


  75. Jesse Salazar IV

    Jesse Salazar IV5 日 前

    0:41 when mom brings you chocolate milk

  76. William Armstrong

    William Armstrong5 日 前

    Some how they made watching turtles race entertaining

  77. Dee Mcintyre

    Dee Mcintyre5 日 前

    Ok ok, Cody is a nice guy, but when it comes to cool not cool, he has to red everything just to keep it a cool item. Instead of super cool.

  78. Emphatic Jam

    Emphatic Jam5 日 前

    It’s better than Tyler blackmailing people.

  79. RC Clips

    RC Clips5 日 前

    Wow I just unsubscribed when u saw them drop the chair

  80. Aaron Larson

    Aaron Larson6 日 前

    She didn’t know ty’s name. “The fellow in the gray shirt”. Lol

  81. Jake Winch

    Jake Winch15 時間 前

    She heard there was money so she did it

  82. cquick 3

    cquick 316 時間 前


  83. Matthew Schlappe Gaming

    Matthew Schlappe Gaming6 日 前

    i like penguins

  84. Smakka Man

    Smakka Man6 日 前


  85. Fika Jui

    Fika Jui6 日 前

    The amazing ton conservatively thank because letter contextually collect before a ready server. purring, bad texture

  86. lazy tnt

    lazy tnt6 日 前

    What is the drone that was in the corn mase

  87. Knox Williams

    Knox Williams6 日 前

    Happy birthday Ned

  88. Harper Restrick

    Harper Restrick6 日 前

    When ty was playing the guitar Cody was being so funny hahaha😂

  89. Harper Restrick

    Harper Restrick6 日 前

    Every day

  90. Harper Restrick

    Harper Restrick6 日 前

    So I might watch this video

  91. Harper Restrick

    Harper Restrick6 日 前

    I LOVE Cats

  92. Alissa Evans

    Alissa Evans5 日 前

    Why did you comment three times

  93. Vishnu vrokzz

    Vishnu vrokzz7 日 前

    The fellow 's name with grey shirt 😂

  94. CraftyGamer

    CraftyGamer7 日 前

    Uhhh did they seriously not wear masks

  95. Alissa Evans

    Alissa Evans5 日 前

    What do you mean

  96. Extra Weird

    Extra Weird7 日 前

    I just realized that dr peppers initials are Dp🤔

  97. Pizza Heart

    Pizza Heart7 日 前

    Even though in the original video you'll planned a drop test inorder to check strength of the chair. The person who made the chair probably deducted lot of time and effort, looking at it itself proves time and effort that went in. The video could have easily done without that drop test. As a person who's also involved in creative works. This is just sad.

  98. Ali Baba

    Ali Baba7 日 前

    Cat is so cute

  99. Just My Opinion

    Just My Opinion7 日 前

    You guys need to vote cool not cool with your heart. Cody should have to vote first every time

  100. Jackie Minor

    Jackie Minor7 日 前

    You should have kept the chair

  101. Dina Fuselier

    Dina Fuselier7 日 前

    I'm was sooooooo excited when I saw overtime 20 I was waiting a long time for this

  102. MJ Jacks

    MJ Jacks7 日 前

    I got a stereotypes idea: Amusement park stereotypes: •the scaredy cat •the coaster enthusiast •the coaster Karen •the lazy ride operator •make it tighter Timmy •the hands up guy •the screamer •mr.excuses •the rage monster(after waiting in line for 4 hours and the ride closes down due to a maulfunction) •the tall tales teller •the line ditcher •the merch man •the perfect ride photo •the fainter •the skip the line pass holder •the freak out until the last moment guy •the Again! Again! Guy •the gullible game player •the spends tons of money at a theme park for no reason Not my idea but Copy and paste so they see it

  103. Harut Gkrigkorian

    Harut Gkrigkorian7 日 前

    I SWEAR I fell off my chair and hit head in a sharp place and dropped my phone and now I have a CONCUSSION... Thanks a lot

  104. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha7 日 前

    Be honest who got scared of ty in the beginning of the vid

  105. rapter alarm

    rapter alarm7 日 前

    Cody's face while ty playing the guitar not being mean but that was pretty funny when I first saw it, again not trying to be rude or mean

  106. Psycho Snake

    Psycho Snake7 日 前

    Happy birthday Ned!

  107. DIPSTIX

    DIPSTIX8 日 前

    Ty can dance



    Whoever created the "own a cat" he or she is my hero

  109. يزن العنزي

    يزن العنزي8 日 前

    ليه مايحطون ترجمه عربيه💔

  110. BillyMelte Daniels

    BillyMelte Daniels8 日 前

    Merry last Christmas, forgot to look at this one!👍🏼