Is This Box Actually Unbreakable?


  1. Lilly Cannon

    Lilly Cannon2 時間 前

    I just don’t get it

  2. Nyla Grant

    Nyla Grant6 時間 前

    Put it in acetone for a week then work on it again

  3. morgan Bowers

    morgan Bowers6 時間 前

    Well yes but actually no.

  4. Lafayette

    Lafayette13 時間 前

    Why don't they just..... Unscrew it

  5. Koopa Loopa

    Koopa Loopa18 時間 前

    oh my goodness the easiest thing to do is just get kyle😂

  6. Mångø Frúít

    Mångø Frúít21 時間 前

    I kinda liked the song

  7. Jady.Gaming

    Jady.Gaming日 前

    me: uses nuke Box: Nope

  8. Sawyer Rowton

    Sawyer Rowton日 前

    ha ha ha

  9. Abigail Williams

    Abigail Williams日 前

    Don’t try this at home: Me: goes to school play ground

  10. Devin Ferrogine

    Devin Ferrogine日 前

    6:59 Every time he shoots that gun, it just plays the Mac 'Funk' error sound at half speed. (Sound:

  11. CR Flrxz.

    CR Flrxz.日 前

    I would use an RPG

  12. MT

    MT日 前

    People uses hammers these people using guns


    QUEENFANNUMBER1 !!!2 日 前

    Run the box over eith machines

  14. Jagan nathan

    Jagan nathan2 日 前

    Vat 19 : don't try this at home me : who the hell uses a firework charge at home if someone one

  15. Ruby

    Ruby2 日 前

    Bro, I need this, but a phone.

  16. Kakarot

    Kakarot2 日 前

    Joey looks like hes from a mafia gang i searched up his name 6:38

  17. DeltaXpro

    DeltaXpro2 日 前

    You doofs just ruined the money either way it wasn't real but imagine 😑😑😑😑

  18. Joseph Nicodemus

    Joseph Nicodemus3 日 前

    What adout the patato launcher

  19. ScriptX

    ScriptX3 日 前

    Me needs dat glass right now!

  20. Gamers Only

    Gamers Only3 日 前

    Is there a rule saying u can't unscrew the bolts?

  21. HEHE BOI

    HEHE BOI3 日 前

    *video idea : dropping this thing from burj khalifa*

  22. Mustafa Babar

    Mustafa Babar3 日 前

    To be honest it didn't look they were trying

  23. PhoenixTheFox

    PhoenixTheFox5 日 前

    Where can I buy that acid? I need to put it in my sisters cereal

  24. Gaming nerd 217

    Gaming nerd 2175 日 前

    Person: my tv won’t work Vat19: blow it up!

  25. Thoudam. TV

    Thoudam. TV5 日 前

    Try drilling it if u get this next time......I am saying this because I know it not gonna work!

  26. Anida Tatar

    Anida Tatar5 日 前

    why u dont drop thors hamer

  27. Cyan the impostor

    Cyan the impostor5 日 前

    Every other youtuber: Family friendly weapons (tank lol) Vat19: Haha explosive go boom boom

  28. Spicy Avocado

    Spicy Avocado5 日 前

    Nokia be like:

  29. Liam brown

    Liam brown5 日 前

    Put an elephant on it ez gg

  30. strike n set secret toyy

    strike n set secret toyy6 日 前

    The money was damaged you should take it to the bank to give you a new one

  31. coconut sprinkles

    coconut sprinkles6 日 前

    have u tried using gallium on the screws?

  32. Benjamin Meng

    Benjamin Meng6 日 前

    Evrey one ganster till you blow up the box with a box and it is still colosed

  33. Saacid Ibrahim

    Saacid Ibrahim6 日 前

    Real question is how the money is inside of the box ?

  34. jesin urosevic

    jesin urosevic6 日 前

    u can break it but u need flame throver and big hammer

  35. เก้า ชยางกูร

    เก้า ชยางกูร6 日 前

    Drop from 828 meter

  36. kubilusaurus2

    kubilusaurus26 日 前

    Has eny one try dropping the spiky chandelier on it?

  37. Rosario sisters

    Rosario sisters7 日 前

    cam you unscrews the screpwpps

  38. Aiden Flynn

    Aiden Flynn7 日 前

    If use a drill

  39. Aiden Flynn

    Aiden Flynn7 日 前

    It will take time but the plastic will come off slowly

  40. Bobcat 26

    Bobcat 267 日 前

    Just shoot it with a 50 cal

  41. MrPewds

    MrPewds7 日 前

    Nokia 3310: pathetic

  42. Overused Cookie

    Overused Cookie8 日 前

    They said don’t do this at home.. *BUT THEY DIDN’T SAY DON’T DO THIS AT TRUMP’S HOUSE-*

  43. Aximefrxxk

    Aximefrxxk7 日 前


  44. Lizeth Patino

    Lizeth Patino8 日 前

    Melt it with fier and then swish it

  45. Bella Jane

    Bella Jane8 日 前

    Or just undo the bolts

  46. Caden Huey

    Caden Huey8 日 前

    Step 1: Call the US or Russia Step 2: nuke.

  47. Ana Dai

    Ana Dai8 日 前

    . Lololo

  48. Sandid Zaman

    Sandid Zaman8 日 前

    The funniest part 3:07

  49. Thunderstorm

    Thunderstorm8 日 前

    Me when i die in fortnite 3:11

  50. Random 4400

    Random 44009 日 前

    Get a drill and a jigsaw and your in it in seconds I'm a genius like always lol

  51. Erica Li

    Erica Li9 日 前

    The money it’s ruined even though it fake

  52. Chase Smith

    Chase Smith9 日 前

    wtf how does he break the stone block with his hands

  53. Nuutti Tenlen

    Nuutti Tenlen9 日 前

    Try an rpg

  54. Boiszy Boiszy

    Boiszy Boiszy10 日 前

    damn you can turn into a gang

  55. Boiszy Boiszy

    Boiszy Boiszy10 日 前

    woah thats cool

  56. shhoting Gamer

    shhoting Gamer10 日 前

    4:31 I thought they were gonna burn the money

  57. Arvind Atwal

    Arvind Atwal10 日 前

    Why didn't everyone do this saw it

  58. PTB BLOB

    PTB BLOB10 日 前

    Danny said don’t try it at home, like justdustin is gonna come to our house with 10k and say break it

  59. Bangtanismeh life

    Bangtanismeh life10 日 前

    When you blew it up i was like:"light it up like dynamite!!"

  60. Pranav Parashar

    Pranav Parashar11 日 前

    Just give it to how to basic

  61. Ethan Dave Doma

    Ethan Dave Doma11 日 前

    did you guys know that the dangie bros destroyed it with a plastic bat

  62. Vasudha Pappu

    Vasudha Pappu11 日 前

    Maybe blowtorches

  63. Balázs Bulcsú Tóth

    Balázs Bulcsú Tóth11 日 前

    The box has patheticli easily breaked that brick (sorry i cant speak english good :( )


    BEAST RAMEN11 日 前

    Who all like vat 19 like and subscribe my channel

  65. Qurat

    Qurat11 日 前

    At last minute U are suppose to break into the money so u could have it Now when destroyed well good luck

  66. TK

    TK11 日 前

    IT saids do try this at home when I have chinese caption...

  67. Hamodi Lifebanana boat

    Hamodi Lifebanana boat12 日 前

    How about an rpg

  68. Hamodi Lifebanana boat

    Hamodi Lifebanana boat12 日 前



    SK GRAPHICS12 日 前

    Just give me a Chainsaw or dicloromethane or sulfuric acid it will take only 30-40 seconds or Ramset XT540 instead

  70. pvp snyder

    pvp snyder12 日 前

    Vat19 use: explosive,handgun and long range gun Other JPreporterr: welp boys it’s time to up our game

  71. Kaaf Choudhri

    Kaaf Choudhri12 日 前

    The question is this box made???

  72. Adrian Rusu

    Adrian Rusu13 日 前

    Me:Ugh I hate ads*skips ad* Also me:*Watches an add that is 10 minutes long*

  73. Emma Benekeraite

    Emma Benekeraite13 日 前

    Just put lava on it. It will help😁

  74. nya zae i I

    nya zae i I13 日 前

    Put it in a bath of acetone

  75. Miracle

    Miracle13 日 前

    I want to test it with hydraulic press

  76. Sreehari CS

    Sreehari CS13 日 前

    Just drop a Nokia 3310 on it.Problem solved

  77. Senaiah

    Senaiah14 日 前

    The Vat19 crew could easily kill us with their guns, explosives and chemicals they always have. I’m just taking notes

  78. Zuraini Ali

    Zuraini Ali14 日 前

    This should have been Used in wars

  79. Fatboi 101

    Fatboi 10114 日 前

    What ever the music that is played after the explosion I wish they linked it bc I really like it and if anyone knows the name of the song please tell me

  80. Maya Safar

    Maya Safar14 日 前

    U CAN CRASH JT WHIT THE CAR or do u have one

  81. YomerzzTowerzz

    YomerzzTowerzz14 日 前

    sup cesaro

  82. Denia Biñalon

    Denia Biñalon14 日 前

    Or.. they could have just used acetone... Tannerite.... And fire... Then start to use the hammer... Little bit of sawing there.... Just one point in the glass...... A single point.. not.. everywhere..

  83. Yanyan Peralta

    Yanyan Peralta15 日 前

    cant you just unscrew it

  84. Cali Wunder

    Cali Wunder15 日 前

    You need to heat the glass up a lot and then drill it

  85. Feisty Phoenix

    Feisty Phoenix15 日 前

    Oh few it’s not real money, I had a heart attack

  86. Feisty Phoenix

    Feisty Phoenix15 日 前

    The brick broke it didn’t exsplode fire didn’t melt it it didn’t it didn’t break when it fall off the roof the gun almost did something but barley... this is crazy

  87. Owen Kang

    Owen Kang15 日 前

    Try using a real bomb or just use a nuclear

  88. BzyPlayz

    BzyPlayz16 日 前

    Guava juice broke it using fire so some part pf ot melts then just break the rest with a hammer

  89. Anisha Kumari

    Anisha Kumari16 日 前

    I can break it

  90. SoleChimera

    SoleChimera16 日 前

    People: Man this box is unbreakable! Lava: Hold my beer.

  91. Tatertot Playz

    Tatertot Playz17 日 前

    Put a screw driver in reverse and unscrew the screws lol

  92. Christian Jake Hilario

    Christian Jake Hilario17 日 前

    No one Nokia: PATHETIC

  93. Leon the Lost lizard

    Leon the Lost lizard17 日 前


  94. megan bordios

    megan bordios18 日 前

    This is what they should use for banks but make it more stronger.

  95. Blue

    Blue18 日 前

    Maybe they could have kept going at the sides instead of Continuously going at the front and back

  96. Kerim Duzgun

    Kerim Duzgun18 日 前

    the tac tic is to burn the glass a lot and then hitting it with a hammer

  97. abdeali alibhai

    abdeali alibhai18 日 前

    50bmg would definitely break it

  98. Cora Dotson

    Cora Dotson19 日 前

    It wouldve been rly challenging if u used ONLY VAT19 products! Maybe next time if u do sumthin similar can u do that? :) if people agree ofc

  99. Jack Affeldt

    Jack Affeldt19 日 前

    A 13mm socket

  100. cielo notte

    cielo notte19 日 前

    Has anybody ever used acid on it? Edit: I mean like really strong stuff

  101. Gameinations

    Gameinations19 日 前

    Can vat19 cause a terrorist act if they say it was “curiously awesome”

  102. Gameinations

    Gameinations19 日 前

    3:14 the school nurse when my arm falls off