Is This Box Actually Unbreakable?


  1. 《J U W E N - K I M 》

    《J U W E N - K I M 》日 前

    hydraulic press or *LaVa!*

  2. NetEyes

    NetEyes日 前


  3. NetEyes

    NetEyes日 前


  4. Miguele Joaquin Mercado

    Miguele Joaquin Mercado日 前

    The answer to breaking it is by a pike on the hammer

  5. Totalpro

    Totalpro日 前

    “You can’t break the box with a hammer” The hacksmiths am I a joke to you?

  6. Gandhi.bish76 000

    Gandhi.bish76 000日 前

    Can't you just use heat? Get some thermite and melt the bolts.

  7. Kimberly Walker

    Kimberly Walker日 前


  8. Omega Steve

    Omega Steve日 前


  9. Met Product33061

    Met Product33061日 前

    Throw a 16 pound bowling ball on it

  10. The Anonymous Person

    The Anonymous Person日 前

    Unbreakable box: Im unbreakable Bedrock: *Am i a joke to you?*

  11. TehS Gath

    TehS Gath日 前

    they should try a powerful water pressure cutter

  12. Nini1016 L

    Nini1016 L日 前

    Lizzy and carter was the tank


    BLUEMLG日 前

    I'm just dustin off

  14. Johnson Oun

    Johnson Oun日 前

    Unlike others, you were the only smart enough people to actually think about explosives. Other wanted the money, but you wanted the accomplishment, now that's proper thinking.

  15. Abi Rosenfield

    Abi Rosenfield日 前

    The Dangie bros did it and broke 2 of them

  16. I have No name to name myself

    I have No name to name myself日 前


  17. Kate Carmichael

    Kate Carmichael日 前

    Acid,press, liquid nitrogen, on doing the screws that would all work

  18. Unreal Apex

    Unreal Apex日 前

    shoot it with the tank

  19. Adelarosar Gaming

    Adelarosar Gaming日 前

    You should had tried open sesame

  20. Prime Brick

    Prime Brick日 前

    This is basically what the beginning of the vid said: This is Vat19 and we have an almost unlimited supply of everything you wish you had and we use it to do what ever we want lol lol lol lol lol

  21. Elias Santiago

    Elias Santiago日 前

    Run it over with an airplane

  22. William Guan

    William Guan日 前

    ??? does this count as the destruction of currency???

  23. William Guan

    William Guan日 前

    wait. nevermind its not real currency

  24. Sergent_Jacques

    Sergent_Jacques日 前

    People tried to crush it with a tank... ...what about shooting on it with the tank ?

  25. Johnathan Evelyn

    Johnathan Evelyn日 前

    But now all the money is gone so there was no point 🥴🥴💔

  26. Johnathan Evelyn

    Johnathan Evelyn2 日 前

    Just in screw the metal things out side of the box and open it🤦🥴😂😂😂😂😂

  27. The B in LGBTQ

    The B in LGBTQ2 日 前

    Yall are so dumb. Just unbolt the screws

  28. Hotdogman

    Hotdogman2 日 前

    My phone glass should be like this

  29. galindojuan1

    galindojuan12 日 前

    Why didn’t you guys use a Diamond blade saw blade

  30. Andrea Clements

    Andrea Clements2 日 前

    I swear the near by houses or work places hate u

  31. Marisa C

    Marisa C2 日 前

    God this seems like such a cool job

  32. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic2 日 前


  33. A helpless Potato

    A helpless Potato2 日 前

    Why didnt they try unbolting the bolts..?

  34. Myra Tiangson

    Myra Tiangson2 日 前

    drop it from the kàrmàn line lets see what happens

  35. Kiwi uwu

    Kiwi uwu2 日 前

    How did the brick break

  36. Kiwi uwu

    Kiwi uwu2 日 前

    But why didnt the glass break

  37. Kiwi uwu

    Kiwi uwu2 日 前

    The force of it falling on the glass

  38. Twas

    Twas2 日 前

    They should have used that glass for the cybertruck

  39. Kiwi uwu

    Kiwi uwu2 日 前

    Wgat happens when u die

  40. Kiwi uwu

    Kiwi uwu2 日 前

    They shouldve used a chainsaw if that saw thingy worked a little

  41. Kiwi uwu

    Kiwi uwu2 日 前


  42. LutfilFromThe KubzScouts

    LutfilFromThe KubzScouts2 日 前

    How does danny not use those head gear that his fruend usedbi kinda forgot his name oof

  43. ѕнιкυяσ

    ѕнιкυяσ2 日 前

    If i become a part of the military. I’d use this instead of kevlar vests.

  44. NevNev

    NevNev2 日 前

    Recommendation: drop it on a spike.

  45. NevNev

    NevNev2 日 前

    From maybe 100 feet?

  46. Mr. Incognito

    Mr. Incognito2 日 前

    Dangie Bros did it first try 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

  47. Wei Ping Ng

    Wei Ping Ng2 日 前

    How did u get the name vat19

  48. Linh

    Linh2 日 前

    put my search history in there after i die

  49. Mi’wan Carter

    Mi’wan Carter2 日 前

    Should have used the gaint dart cannon they had from awhile back

  50. Genaro 4764

    Genaro 47642 日 前

    Why not an rpg or hydraulic press

  51. Briana Monterroso

    Briana Monterroso2 日 前

    Any kids watching?

  52. tin tin nuñez

    tin tin nuñez2 日 前

    shoot it with a 50 caliber sniper rifle

  53. Leann Morales

    Leann Morales2 日 前

    They sould have gotten a Hispanic/Mexican mom

  54. Jamie Aubrey

    Jamie Aubrey2 日 前

    Aren't banks legally binded to accept the cash even if it is partly destroyed ?

  55. Brenons channel

    Brenons channel2 日 前

    This might make it through the atmosphere...

  56. Chicken Man Man

    Chicken Man Man2 日 前

    This is easy..... drop a Nokia from three and half inches off the ground and break it instantly.

  57. Venancio Silva

    Venancio Silva2 日 前

    Literally a drill bit

  58. Chris Gentry

    Chris Gentry2 日 前

    o-o wow

  59. Resolute Cub

    Resolute Cub2 日 前

    So like spanners are just wild

  60. Yeah I’m Otaku

    Yeah I’m Otaku2 日 前

    Y'all are saying hydraulic press. Ever heard of a saw, or a drill?

  61. Jordan Frink

    Jordan Frink2 日 前

    try taking out the bults

  62. McUtter11

    McUtter112 日 前

    Step one remove bolts with water cooled cutter

  63. Willbob22

    Willbob222 日 前

    Has no one thought of using a jackhammer or?

  64. cody Bigelow

    cody Bigelow2 日 前

    9:28 easter egg hunting be like

  65. Jake Akers

    Jake Akers2 日 前

    homeslice did not just say that the longer barrel equaled more speed

  66. Ivy Panda

    Ivy Panda2 日 前

    9:27 Easter egg hunt

  67. FlyHighGaming

    FlyHighGaming2 日 前

    Use a diamond nothing is stronger