Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show


  1. The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

    The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with8 時間 前

    i dont understand why you ended that as "truly be better should have been "free" lololol cause it aint never been that.

  2. orange70383

    orange7038317 時間 前

    This show is owned by the evil who wants you to serve them.

  3. Pamela Penland

    Pamela Penland19 時間 前

    Imagrants come here to work and pay taxes to help your pocket book .They don't recieve any housing,food stamps, or free medical! They have to taxes for being allowed to work here! Don't you know that? You should have been deducting it in their paychecks The taxes! Everyone get's taxes taken out of their checks...You should know this!?!

  4. Michael Puig

    Michael Puig19 時間 前

    Send her back and send Trump back to Germany, their both illegals

  5. saxamachick

    saxamachick21 時間 前

    You forgot about her "anchor baby" Barron!

  6. Louie Fattorusso

    Louie Fattorusso日 前


  7. Louie Fattorusso

    Louie Fattorusso日 前

    You are a EDIOT!!!! TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. betty davis

    betty davis日 前

    Stupid people never stop

  9. 姥姥王

    姥姥王日 前

    Simply not fair to people like us worked so hard to be part of the social fabric. But Melanie and her parents (they became naturalized citizens last year) got it because of her beauty...

  10. Tony Harris

    Tony Harris日 前

    She acquired an Epstein Visa.

  11. Tony Harris

    Tony Harris日 前

    Melania met Trump at the kit kat club in New York, which is owned by Jeffrey Epstein's pimp Ghislean Maxwell. A match made in heaven. No, at a high-class hoe house.

  12. Shireen Zada

    Shireen Zada日 前

    I’m dying lmaooo

  13. Richard Dastrup

    Richard Dastrup2 日 前

    CNN has a worthless news network. Clueless to real news. Trump tv is for me

  14. LivB

    LivB2 日 前

    Sing it, Trevor!! 🎵Chain migration 🎶

  15. 2 日 前

    Melanie is USA Citizen .And your very ugly of what your saying about her




  17. iJane

    iJane2 日 前


  18. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie2 日 前

    No shady visa history. Models and entertainment industry allows for different work visas! Lived and worked in this industry around the world for 32 years

  19. Reo Ality

    Reo Ality2 日 前

    This is what Manny from modern family will look like when he grows up.

  20. Robyn H

    Robyn H2 日 前

    You guys realize, this guy makes a living off of jokes and mainstream lies right?

  21. Robyn H

    Robyn H2 日 前

    I didn't post anything disrespectful, and you didn't post my message? Why??

  22. Raven Bloodrose

    Raven Bloodrose2 日 前

    Process that Trump's parents were illegal immigrants

  23. Rebecca Valicoff

    Rebecca Valicoff3 日 前


  24. Rebecca Valicoff

    Rebecca Valicoff3 日 前

    Not to mention EVERY WIFE he had was an immigrant and they had children while not a citizen!

  25. Rebecca Valicoff

    Rebecca Valicoff19 時間 前

    @Pamela Penland I stand corrected with one of his wives! He had so many! 🤷

  26. Pamela Penland

    Pamela Penland19 時間 前

    Not true,l hate to say... His second wife was American!She had a daughter with him!take care!

  27. Anita P

    Anita P3 日 前

    I feel better knowing that donald has to hear her voice every fuckin day!😂

  28. Adriana Leal

    Adriana Leal3 日 前

    Make sense. He must deport her because she is elegant And inteligent. He knows she gonna betrayal him and become the President. An illegal Immigrant.

  29. Jabulile Litelu

    Jabulile Litelu3 日 前

    Ay mara Trevor!!! Uncle mang mang??🤣🤣🤣

  30. Delta All log

    Delta All log3 日 前

    unkle mang mang....he lost it for a moment hahahah

  31. Norman Scott

    Norman Scott4 日 前


  32. dan lam

    dan lam4 日 前

    If Melania gets deported, then more then 1/3 American neet to go home too.

  33. Divya Sasidharan

    Divya Sasidharan4 日 前

    I can’t laugh at it as how fucking hard legal immigrants work to make something n work bent over without a voice coz they don’t have much bargain power I see my colleague sleepless, no maternity leave, nobody to bank on.. even when dying sick have to work coz not working will put them out of status, worked years n years n paid tax been so law abiding coz don’t wanna give them a reason to deport. N then u watch ppl here callous, following dreams, taking breaks, figuring themselves out, saying over, depending on drugs n govt aid, having kids getting benefits, can decide to be on roads take advantage of the system.. specially rich ppl. It’s just so painful to see the difference n yet being blamed. Someone rightly commented.. these middle class ppl take the burden of all rich by paying taxes n bilking losses while rich stash their money in foreign get away with loopholes, carry on with their luxurious life when market fall.. govts bail outs r just middle class ppl hard earned money n they won’t get any bail outs

  34. Skin Walker

    Skin Walker4 日 前

    I hate trump but I have no problem with Melania being here. She has more class than most Americans do. Just married the wrong idiot.

  35. sweatpantsprincess

    sweatpantsprincess5 日 前

    This is as compelling as the conspiracy that he's illiterate. I'm convinced!

  36. Andrew Waltz

    Andrew Waltz5 日 前

    Every body knows she's was in it for money hot young women don't go after old men for love

  37. Nicholas Rourke

    Nicholas Rourke5 日 前

    I use to dislike u alot, I don't hate anyone, but I disliked u alot. now I'm a fan as trump has gone full on evil guy. I use to support him. I can't tho when he just does evil every day,it's funny. Noah do u know when trump told reporters that ppl told him that he helped them find god. No joke that was me that told him,but he left out the part of he helped me find God cause of how evil he is. He just used part of my message no joke

  38. staminapromos

    staminapromos5 日 前

    I don't know why anyone would want to leave lovely Slovenia to go to shithole USA?

  39. Sandie Hiti

    Sandie Hiti5 日 前

    tee hee hee

  40. Ray

    Ray5 日 前

    This family is a joke, what losers and hypocrites



    You're just another black phaggot Noah. Bet you hate the fact he's going to be re-elected don't you 😂😂😂

  42. zahra yari

    zahra yari5 日 前


  43. Keith Sparling

    Keith Sparling5 日 前

    Are you trying to build your career off Trump's fame. Go back to where you came from...

  44. Miki Gilmore

    Miki Gilmore3 日 前


  45. Sheila Phillip

    Sheila Phillip5 日 前

    th it s is really good. waw! .

  46. Dr K.

    Dr K.5 日 前

    Well... Chain migrants huh... Goodbye Barron

  47. Dr K.

    Dr K.5 日 前

    Sure, she didn't have any speeches from Mrs Michelle Obama to use

  48. Tammie Dennis

    Tammie Dennis5 日 前

    This was hilarious but ive been saying it all along

  49. Brenda Marosit

    Brenda Marosit5 日 前

    The law doesn't apply to conman Trump and family where is the justice Melania never attended University of Slovenia like she said because there is no University there !!! And he was obsessed with obama not being legally born in USA!!! So unfair 😔

  50. Eva Wambui

    Eva Wambui3 日 前

    well the best that people of good standing can do is to go higher(mitchell). sometimes keeping quiet does just that.. Obama's integrity is justified by his silence. well i think..

  51. Kidd Salish

    Kidd Salish6 日 前

    MGTOW/RED PILL , ever heard about it ? I'm sure Donald Trump has . The CEO of JPreporter is a hard core feminists that wants all male babies killed at birth and she is trying her best to keep MGTOW and Red Pill content creators from being viewed by men who are looking for answers to female Fu*kery and how to deal with females so they don't end up with a false case or #METOO to the point they no longer have a job and everyone they've ever known no longer wants to know them .

  52. Debbie Dewberry

    Debbie Dewberry6 日 前

    But wouldn't that be a scandalous headline "Trump deports his own Wife" Front page news.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Farty McGee

    Farty McGee6 日 前

    Don Donis doing all of this nonsense to dump Melanoma Bc he recently discovered that she is no longer a 13 y/o girl; illegal -sexually and in terms of immigration- and be can’t get hard anymore Bc he won’t be getting away with anything anymore and, therefore, is unable to cum because he is yelling, “you’re a sad baby and I am a sick puppy!!!” Poor Don Don. Sad story for a sick puppy.

  54. Farty McGee

    Farty McGee6 日 前

    Let’s be really real here. Melanoma Trump is definitely everybody’s favorite Trump, except for, MAYBE, Tiffany. And, only maybe Tiff Bc Donald Dumps hates her, which makes us all love her that much more. Melanoma, if she is actually the most popular, it’s because of two things: her being hot, and hot AF when she was younger, or because they view her like a battered wife. In reality, Melanoma is named Melanoma Bc she is an unwanted, dangerous growth. She doesn’t appear powerful, but she is able to be powerful Bc she can knock of Don Don if he doesn’t give her close attention!

  55. Othello

    Othello6 日 前

    Wasn't Melania a mail order bride? Just pack her up and ship her back to Slovenia.

  56. Michael Loong

    Michael Loong6 日 前


  57. Ng Pao

    Ng Pao6 日 前

    Dear Liberals and Democrats, keep laughing! You will get more jokes to laugh about after 2020....🤣

  58. vanessa

    vanessa6 日 前


  59. MrDarren5012

    MrDarren50126 日 前

    This opinion makes you an idiot

  60. Danielle Braiding

    Danielle Braiding6 日 前

    Of course Trump is trying to deport Melania because she pukes when he attempts to fuck her.

  61. Luis Chacon

    Luis Chacon6 日 前

    Melania is a transgender. Fin..

  62. Tony Parks

    Tony Parks6 日 前

  63. Penguine Sandra

    Penguine Sandra7 日 前

    Hahaha Maybe the kids need to be separated and put in cages while the courts decide if they go to Slovenia as well hopefully DT goes along too

  64. Suzi Ann Camp

    Suzi Ann Camp7 日 前

    Nothing but a troublemaker this man. Stirs up trouble every time he talks. The Bible talks about troublemakers.

  65. shane jones

    shane jones5 日 前

    your dog is cute. The end.