Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show


  1. AORADIO Baby

    AORADIO Baby8 時間 前

    Trevor you are the epitome of an anomaly 🤣😅

  2. Mrs P

    Mrs P16 時間 前

    Seriously...did you know the song called, "the lady is a tramp" was a selectio On their wedding day?

  3. Maria Hluphekile

    Maria Hluphekile日 前

    When he said "Niyangizwa" I died😂😂😂

  4. M.B

    M.B日 前

    Malenia: You have small, girly hands Trump: You're fired!

  5. LegalShield Barbara

    LegalShield Barbara2 日 前

    Melania need to be deported!! She) lied about her immigration status!! She lied!! No education, but lied about her immigration status HB1 or EB1? Melania brought her communist Parents chain migration to United States!!

  6. The JEE aspirant Si

    The JEE aspirant Si2 日 前

    The whole of United States are immigrants from Europe, Africa and Asia. The real inhabitants were Indians who the whites threw out.

  7. Kayla McLaughlin

    Kayla McLaughlin2 日 前

    Probably some kind of stunt to keep her from being arrested tbh

  8. ash

    ash3 日 前

    I think she's going to leave his narcissistic ass as soon as his presidency ends.

  9. hiphop nation

    hiphop nation3 日 前

    🙌🏽😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 wen Trevor spoke Zulu lol

  10. Merryl Streak

    Merryl Streak4 日 前

    Trevor is hilarious! And clever

  11. Cadmar Business Suite

    Cadmar Business Suite4 日 前

    Now that was clever and funny!

  12. Justice Johnson

    Justice Johnson4 日 前

    He would turn on her faster than his FATASS could tell a damn lie !

  13. Kelly Nickols

    Kelly Nickols4 日 前

    Totally Hilarious. That's definitely an alternate way of looking at it.

  14. Diana Lynn

    Diana Lynn4 日 前

    Melania is so dumb. Her "Huzzzzband" keels over, she's stuck with ALL his legal b.s. 🤣🤣 That's how it goes here in the U.S. The IRS is gonna eat you alive🤣🤣 Whaaat? You noah speaka da inglesh?? *Be Best*🤣🤣

  15. Renee Davis

    Renee Davis4 日 前

    Clever, but hysterical angle. This guy is really funny.

  16. joym824

    joym8245 日 前


  17. B k

    B k5 日 前

    this is hilarious 😀😀😀

  18. First Lady

    First Lady5 日 前

    I think you are right...

  19. David Cattin

    David Cattin5 日 前

    Send her back!!!

  20. Dorth Surreal

    Dorth Surreal5 日 前

    Melania Trump is not his wife she doesn't touch him she doesn't smile she just walks beside him and looks like shes in pain that's a hore trust me we got them outside our building here in Texas frankly I know what they act like and I know how they present themselves she's a hore they're not married you ever notice he didn't have any kids with her doesn't want his kids to be bastards and she can sue him for what's a hore I guarantee it

  21. Dorth Surreal

    Dorth Surreal5 日 前

    Trump would throw babies into Garbage compactors to win points. Hes a fucking $lime!!!!

  22. Necessary _Bee

    Necessary _Bee6 日 前

    Well almost anyone. Lol (picture of his dummy son)

  23. Mowgli Mccabe

    Mowgli Mccabe6 日 前

    Just deport her worthless piece of shit..

  24. Samad Yaaghubi

    Samad Yaaghubi7 日 前

    This video is exactly my point

  25. An-Nisa - The Women

    An-Nisa - The Women7 日 前

    Wondering not he is watching this

  26. Cisco Zerratano

    Cisco Zerratano7 日 前

    Give em shit Donald....the media likes it. Trump 2020

  27. mnumzana v

    mnumzana v7 日 前

    Lol siyakuzwa T man

  28. Ashley Moore

    Ashley Moore7 日 前

    This so true 🤣🤣🤣

  29. America America

    America America7 日 前

    Stop with the bashing of our first lady. It doesn't do the country any good and it dishonorable.

  30. Lottie Spence

    Lottie Spence7 日 前

    Lol 😂😂 😂

  31. Six feet at last

    Six feet at last7 日 前

    Let him deport her so that he will follow her overthere.

  32. Florencia Tjiurikouje Kavendjii

    Florencia Tjiurikouje Kavendjii7 日 前


  33. Rocio Flores

    Rocio Flores8 日 前

    He has a bunch of money and you know what they say if you got the cash you can easily fix anything so nothing look suspicious. That man has gotten away with everything I still dont understand how this idiot got presidency. Oh wait I know...

  34. Van Gogh

    Van Gogh8 日 前

    The Einstein visa joke though - gold.

  35. Marline Harris

    Marline Harris8 日 前

    Smdh🤦he still having a bitch fit I see this nigga made at everybody else but himself

  36. I can't seem to delete this channel.

    I can't seem to delete this channel.8 日 前

    That's what happens when a man gets tired of his wife. He is just going public with his displeasure. Not really funny though. I wish I never married anyone because this kind of stuff is real. The result of dissatisfied husbands is lots of divorces. Husbands are like temporary. Wish I knew this before I wouldn't of had any of their children either because they like to kidnap their off spring so they don't owe child support. I am glad I only had 2 children. I know this is supposed to be a joke but this is how husbands act once they have had enough of you.

  37. Julius

    Julius7 日 前

    In America

  38. Lady Lady

    Lady Lady10 日 前

    Uncle Mang mang! Yoh!!!

  39. Marilyn Malone

    Marilyn Malone10 日 前

    Don't worry about Melania a President can always pardon!! You people are so silly and Liars!

  40. Albert Vidal

    Albert Vidal10 日 前

    What did this gold digger found on Donald tramp

  41. Erika Garcia

    Erika Garcia10 日 前

    #dontdeportmelania !!

  42. _elixir _

    _elixir _10 日 前

    I just love the way he switches to Trump mode🤣🤣

  43. Sarah Matos Pachano

    Sarah Matos Pachano11 日 前

    Chain migration right here 🙋🏽‍♀️ ass hole

  44. Felicia  Docgrand

    Felicia Docgrand11 日 前

    I agree with Trump on I know back in the seventies that was getting away with that shitt I saw on the news that a latino man about 15 people as his children and didn't have no kids and then had a fake address he didn't even live where he said he lived

  45. maudlyn isaac

    maudlyn isaac11 日 前

    that must of backfire on them because the people who toil and built this country are treated Harshly. They hate what they like.mmmmm

  46. Adam Casko

    Adam Casko11 日 前

    I sure hope they remember me

  47. Sandra Clark

    Sandra Clark11 日 前

    Melania don't get a pass by me. She was just as bad as trump jumping on President Obama about his birth certificate. Now Melania mom and dad US citizens. Look at it this way trump and his possey are tyranns. America on the Titanic and Americans that mean all but the super rich and big corporate big shots will sink with it. That mean all you altright altwhite that thought he would look out for you. The big plan he won't!!!

  48. dineo wendy

    dineo wendy11 日 前

    Uncle mang mang.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ba utlwile ko gae 🤣🤣🤣

  49. زهرة حياتي

    زهرة حياتي11 日 前

    # dont deport Milania

  50. Julie Vargas

    Julie Vargas11 日 前

    Trumps dumb family!!

  51. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter11 日 前

    Who would fuck around on Melania

  52. Ben de Nysschen

    Ben de Nysschen12 日 前

    sure we are distant family ??? another mother

  53. Rochelle Fernandes

    Rochelle Fernandes12 日 前

    @TrevorNoah - it’s not about his wife, I think it’s about his mother. If you look up his childhood history, his mother was an immigrant and his father didn’t sponsor her for citizenship for more than 17 years of their doubt to retain power and control over her. I theorize that Donald observed his father getting away with this abuse and internalized enacting and reenacting this in his own life. Classic Freudian repetition-compulsion

  54. bill Johnson

    bill Johnson12 日 前

    Hey trevor...your wearing your "i just crapped my panties, any of them know" look again...

  55. Bernard Wilson

    Bernard Wilson12 日 前

    Just when you think dumb s*** Democratic media can't get any stupider they do

  56. Jake Bustillos

    Jake Bustillos12 日 前

    Wait who’s the guy at 4:23

  57. Dimitris Orestis

    Dimitris Orestis12 日 前

    Boy,this guy is smart,one day he might try to manipulate the masses so they can stay stupid.

  58. Thuli Dlamini

    Thuli Dlamini12 日 前

    Kodwa Trevor 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣Uncle mang mang?😲😂😂😂 Hai No! I wanna visit you in America and crash on your couch since you didn't mention aunt man mang, it means I'm gonna be that aunt mang mang😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead!

  59. Thi Thanh Dai TRAN

    Thi Thanh Dai TRAN12 日 前

    Melania doesn't have any leadership, neither KingDom nor Democracy ! We are just spending time day by day wher e her dog came from because it can not do it by it own !

  60. Dareal CandyJ

    Dareal CandyJ13 日 前

    She is the spy😶

  61. Margaret Neanover

    Margaret Neanover13 日 前

    He sounds like a whining they can

  62. Margaret Neanover

    Margaret Neanover13 日 前

    So distant immigrant control, hell no...get out