iPhone 11 Unboxing!


  1. iJustine

    iJustine8 ヶ月 前

    Posted a video testing out the Pixel and iPhone 11 night mode! Check it out: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-gLrue6_Dajs.html

  2. Lavinia Freitas

    Lavinia Freitas2 日 前

    Justine is the iPhone 12 already out?

  3. Christopher Beavans

    Christopher Beavans13 日 前

    Pixel and Android are fragmentation mess no thank you!

  4. Charleston Franklin

    Charleston Franklin21 日 前

    iJustine how much money do I have in my bank accounts

  5. Lusy Lexa

    Lusy Lexa25 日 前

    Hey girl :) you are amazing 😍 can you just tell me, does iphone 11 pro have the same performances as 11 pro max?? Is "max" just bigger or bigger and better phone? Tnx 🥰

  6. Lusy Lexa

    Lusy Lexa25 日 前

    Hey girl :) you are amazing 😍 can you just tell me, does iphone 11 pro have the same performances as 11 pro max?? Is "max" just bigger or bigger and better phone? Tnx 🥰

  7. Maddie Griffith

    Maddie Griffith時間 前

    The sun kinda hurt my eyes 😂

  8. Mike MS

    Mike MS日 前

    You’re the best !❤️

  9. Lupita Tena

    Lupita Tena2 日 前

    I've never had a iphone! Can I have one lol I want to try them out! Lol

  10. Jayden Ramos

    Jayden Ramos2 日 前

    sana all poo

  11. Em16

    Em162 日 前

    I feel like the canary yellow colour is way too underrated. Yellow fans where you at? 💛

  12. ver_ grasya

    ver_ grasya2 日 前

    😢nice iPhone 11

  13. Julia Tran

    Julia Tran3 日 前

    Who else is watching on their iPhone 11 Pro Max? not me

  14. Piero Insfrán

    Piero Insfrán3 日 前

    It´s so beautiful Santa Monica 😍

  15. Mubarak Chand

    Mubarak Chand3 日 前

    Love your review 😍

  16. Aamina H

    Aamina H4 日 前

    I bought the 11 one day ago, (27 May 2020) and so far it’s actually amazing. I still need to fully set it up but it’s so good and I’m on it right now, definitely worth it x

  17. Kenrick Ramos

    Kenrick Ramos5 日 前

    Hey Justine! Just a quick question, what do you do after to those phones? Do you give them away? Thank you!

  18. Unmesha Patil

    Unmesha Patil5 日 前

    I m gonna get a new iPhone 11 I can’t decide between white and purple let me know which one should I get


    DARA TOSIN5 日 前

    you're the only person I watch before I purchase a new iPhone !! (here since iPhone 6 looool)

  20. ItsCandy -BTW

    ItsCandy -BTW5 日 前

    She gets 3 iPhone 11 and I get one iPhone XR

  21. Rizin Gaming

    Rizin Gaming6 日 前

    Good video

  22. Julia Borg

    Julia Borg6 日 前

    I love this video I like literally watch it 2 times everyday I love you ijustine

  23. mohanmukundsai sunkara

    mohanmukundsai sunkara7 日 前


  24. André Wirtzbiki

    André Wirtzbiki7 日 前

    I just want the 11 main version. Here in Brasil they are so expensive. 😢

  25. Jessimar Cataggatan

    Jessimar Cataggatan7 日 前

    I wish I have a iPhone

  26. Chiruno

    Chiruno7 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="412">6:52</a> WAIT!! ISNT THAT THE HOUSES FROM THE MEME??😂

  27. aisha onas

    aisha onas7 日 前

    I got the purple 11 and I’ll tell you it’s amazing

  28. Snipzyy

    Snipzyy7 日 前

    Anyone else watching on a iPhone 11 Pro Max?

  29. Zihendrix

    Zihendrix7 日 前

    Everyone’s complaining about having an old iPhone meanwhile i don’t even have an iPhone, just be grateful y’all

  30. Carmen Barrera

    Carmen Barrera8 日 前

    Okay but what does she do with all the phones?

  31. Celestine Anam

    Celestine Anam8 日 前

    Im a silent fan.. I wish i can also have at least one of then phone you feature or a apple airpod 2 gen. Because i cant afford to buy myself an expensive item. Fan here from the Philippines 😘😘😘 keepsafe

  32. kamakaaa _

    kamakaaa _9 日 前

    the only person i trust in trying apple products, she’s very genuine.

  33. High Flame Gaming

    High Flame Gaming9 日 前

    Got an iPhone 11 Pro max 256GB space gray, and iPhone 11 green 64GB, iPad Pro 12.9 inch 1TB space gray, iPad Mini 5 Gold 64GB, MacBook pro max, MacBook air max, imac 27 inch max, iMac pro max. All my tech set-up

  34. lo juvieworld

    lo juvieworld9 日 前

    I find that 𝐢𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝟏𝟏.𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 is probably the most reliable iphone giveaway site around

  35. David

    David9 日 前

    I discovered you on Linus tech tips and just loved you. Your amazing success is no doubt due to your great personality. Your just fun to watch and your videos are so well done.

  36. Rob Muckian

    Rob Muckian9 日 前

    I was also sad, I got the project red iPhone 11 and it didn't come with red stickers lol

  37. Giselle flores

    Giselle flores10 日 前

    I just got the iPhone 11. Finally upgraded from the 7 plus. So many doubts about changing it I got it in red. I love it so far. Still learning about it fixing my phone. Getting used to the no button thing will take a while. Love watching you’re videos. To see what’s new. Watched you’re videos 3 times before deciding to change it.

  38. 乇madッ

    乇madッ11 日 前

    I don't know why I realised that you are so happy in your life just by this video. I really like that😊 not like my life it's just trash😔

  39. bleep

    bleep11 日 前

    Do people hate Samsung?

  40. Amy Diego

    Amy Diego11 日 前

    Don’t worry I would also over react but I wouldn’t it just be my reaction



    Hylo wat song is that in background music light while explaining about iPhone 11

  42. Joanna Namirimu

    Joanna Namirimu12 日 前

    I would love to have an iPhone 11 pro max too. Please can I have one Justine?

  43. Yassine Kaissi

    Yassine Kaissi12 日 前

    if I had them I would do 3 unboxing videos + 3 review videos haha more views u know!

  44. Remma Camberlane

    Remma Camberlane12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="412">6:52</a> is it just me or has anyone else seen those houses as a meme??!!

  45. Mel

    Mel13 日 前

    whenever you see her getting so excited about the same phone you have, you feel lowkey special that you got that phone

  46. Lupita Rosales

    Lupita Rosales13 日 前

    How do you do a light painting?

  47. Christopher Beavans

    Christopher Beavans13 日 前

    Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max back in February! Love it no need to upgrade this year!

  48. vrund shah

    vrund shah13 日 前

    I do used iPhone XS gold and iPhone 11 both at my daily driver

  49. Prince Pinlac B. William Pinlac

    Prince Pinlac B. William Pinlac14 日 前


  50. Sonny Jr

    Sonny Jr14 日 前

    I need a iPhone because I have a tablet

  51. Xiaowei Jia

    Xiaowei Jia15 日 前

    I don't even have an apple product and she just has to get every new apple product

  52. Annette Opoku

    Annette Opoku15 日 前

    Great video!!! I enjoyed watching this!

  53. Averi asmr

    Averi asmr15 日 前

    You could literally make a iPhone 11 commercial 😂

  54. nate elan chu

    nate elan chu16 日 前

    i love iPhone 11

  55. Avan Maguire

    Avan Maguire16 日 前

    The fact she has positive energy in every single video is what makes all her videos fun and energetic

  56. Ashan Ranawake

    Ashan Ranawake17 日 前


  57. Paul Pratheeban

    Paul Pratheeban17 日 前


  58. Eutimia Belleza

    Eutimia Belleza17 日 前

    My list Iphone x (using right now) Gonna get: Iphone 11 and 11 pro max.. Totally love it!

  59. Purple Squad

    Purple Squad17 日 前

    This is How many people WHO loved apple products 👇🏻

  60. iTechGeek

    iTechGeek4 日 前

    6 lol

  61. CND - Snipez

    CND - Snipez17 日 前

    Me casually watching with an iPhone 6

  62. Galaxy Gachas

    Galaxy Gachas17 日 前

    Justine says Pantene like Panteen I say it like panten I’m British lol

  63. Alexander Io Flynn

    Alexander Io Flynn18 日 前

    Hey, iJustine! This COVID-19 pandemic, I became a fan of your unboxing videos. Especially when I am researching about iPhone SE 2, I saw your video and I saw on how you effectively demonstrated and introduced iPhone SE 2 to everyone even in the comfort of your home. I know it sounds awkward and insane but can I ask for your iPhone SE 2 and just give it to me as a gift😭. I am a graduating high school student and I just want to have a new phone and my dream phone brand is Apple. Knowing that Apple phones are bloody expensive, I am eyeing for iPhone SE 2 but it is still pricey for me. So can you just give your iPhone SE 2 as your gift to me since you're flooded by the latest Apple products. I hope you can read this😭 But if you can't give it to me, it is okay tho. I'll still watch your unboxing videos and I pray for your safety this time of pandemic. Love you and God bless!

  64. Bumblina

    Bumblina18 日 前

    My brother has a cat named Link! 😂

  65. Bumblina

    Bumblina18 日 前

    Everyone is annoyed that they don’t have the iPhone 11 😆 I don’t have a phone but I don’t really mind, I’m not aloud to so no point in asking lol

  66. Shaina Salo

    Shaina Salo19 日 前

    The Iphones' camera pixels gets high quality pictures😍 tho I never used one so I'm hoping someone is going to buy for me❤️

  67. Jaqueline Lara

    Jaqueline Lara19 日 前

    I honestly wish i can have dat iphone 11 😒

  68. sia_sepet 95

    sia_sepet 9519 日 前

    wait. was that the memes houses

  69. Bellatrix Lestrange

    Bellatrix Lestrange20 日 前

    iPhone 11 gang

  70. Emma Wilkins

    Emma Wilkins20 日 前

    Okay but how do you afford all of these? And I wonder which phone she uses regularly as hers?

  71. Fremec Medic

    Fremec Medic21 日 前

    Who’s here at quarantine

  72. Atomic Maniac

    Atomic Maniac22 日 前

    I wished I had an iPhone

  73. Pedd Pattinson

    Pedd Pattinson22 日 前

    wow! iphone, hope i experience the 11pro iphone soon! 😘

  74. Savanna Edmonston

    Savanna Edmonston23 日 前

    Apples had a lot of issues with there actual product yet there so stupid that there like (OH WE SHOULD MAKE THE CAMERA BETTER WVEN THOUGH EVERYTHING ELSE NEEDS MORE WORK) so dumb

  75. Pat Fuss

    Pat Fuss23 日 前

    It feels like literally nobody got the regular sized 11 pro, they either got the 11 or 11 pro max

  76. Crystal MummyChiae

    Crystal MummyChiae24 日 前

    Haven't you noticed An apple a year makes ur money dissapear

  77. Ishaq Naveed Hussain

    Ishaq Naveed Hussain24 日 前

    Imagine if she was your mum and you would get every new IPhone

  78. Stuff Squad

    Stuff Squad24 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> Why does it say "Subscribed" before you click it, shouldn't it be "Subscribe"?

  79. Guntha Rohith Kumar

    Guntha Rohith Kumar25 日 前

    Ossum actually it's great to see ur video but one thing I just loved ur video from these I phones of 11 series tq tq tq

  80. Lusy Lexa

    Lusy Lexa25 日 前

    Hey girl :) you are amazing 😍 can you just tell me, does iphone 11 pro have the same performances as 11 pro max?? Is "max" just bigger or bigger and better phone? Tnx 🥰

  81. Ronald Zartiga

    Ronald Zartiga25 日 前

    Hi mam can you give me one of ur iphone?. Thats my dream phone eversince..i never had an iphone in my entire life. Im still using keypad phone😥..i dont have money to buy that.i hope you grant my wish..tnx in advance..godbless🙏🙏🙏.hoping🙏🙏❤

  82. Marlon Lopez

    Marlon Lopez25 日 前

    It's funny that I'm just for watching only, HAHA. I'm a huge fan of apple as well this channel but never have one single iphone. It's okay. Haha I'm planning to buy my iphone 5s this year just a second hand iphone only... i can't afford brand new haha anyways is anybody outhere can give me one, juat in case you're not using it anymore. I'm here. 😉👋

  83. Liza C

    Liza C26 日 前

    I've watched Ijustine's videos since I was a little kid fan girling over apple. Like, Toby Turner and Ijustine together time. That's 9 years ago. And I can still say I sit down and watch her videos enjoying them just the same

  84. F U R Y

    F U R Y26 日 前

    I dont have a good phone i want a one i really want it😢😭😢

  85. yen land yen land

    yen land yen land26 日 前


  86. OH MY MY MY

    OH MY MY MY27 日 前

    What’s the song she used?