iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!


  1. Atin Singhal

    Atin Singhal8 時間 前

    That wallpaper tho (*_*)


    LEXPIX9 時間 前

    USB-C would have been a no brainer for this "Pro" upgrade.

  3. Cassia

    Cassia10 時間 前

    If only it wasn't so goddam heavy it would be the most appealing phone of the year (and I'm an android ho)

  4. jasper carasco

    jasper carasco12 時間 前

    I know why Apple skip the 9 and went with the X. That is, to make them seem like they are advance in the marketing or advertising aspect e.g. 2016 = samsung galaxy s7, iphone 6s .2019 = samsung s10+ , iphone 11pro

  5. Mohnish Gopi

    Mohnish Gopi12 時間 前

    Stop being biased u like apple and trying to hate pixel

  6. Martin Florinov

    Martin Florinov14 時間 前

    what about Sony xperia 1 ? it does good pics. and videos !

  7. Eeshdeep Singh

    Eeshdeep Singh14 時間 前

    dude is that tech review tuesday intro??

  8. Steve Mano

    Steve Mano15 時間 前

    Ok, so it’s a win.

  9. Shibby120

    Shibby12018 時間 前

    Dang nevermind this video made me not want an iPhone anymore lol

  10. Shibby120

    Shibby12018 時間 前

    What makes you say that the bionic chip is going to be more important at the end of the phone's life?

  11. Shibby120

    Shibby12018 時間 前

    I love the finish on these phones. And I'm not even an Apple guy. They are matte and they are satin and the cameras are built with such precision. It clearly is a high-end product.

  12. udx

    udx20 時間 前

    Imagine paying $1000 for a phone with 4 GB of RAM...

  13. Delan Edwin

    Delan Edwin日 前


  14. Doudymac

    Doudymac日 前

    Best smartphone camera by far... And then... Pixel 4 comes out. 😁

  15. Naveen

    Naveen日 前

    My iphone Xr got lost. :( I don't know what to go for?

  16. Amit Verma

    Amit Verma日 前

    Anyone after Pixel 4 launch .. 😅

  17. Sebastian Pretorius

    Sebastian Pretorius日 前

    Intro- I miss 368

  18. vivek msa

    vivek msa日 前

    Marques kindly let us know about the iphone 11 displays are getting easily scratched. Kindly confirm ur review on this matter on priority

  19. Rahul Radhakrishnan

    Rahul Radhakrishnan日 前

    0:12 wait the logo is ticking like a clock

  20. Alvin li

    Alvin li日 前

    Well don’t you think that 90hz is enough for mobile devices? 120hz on iPhone 12...I just simply don’t want the battery life same as the X

  21. Revanth Kaja

    Revanth Kaja日 前

    can u PLEASE make a vid on ubeam, aira and future wireless tech for electronics

  22. Jason The Creato2

    Jason The Creato2日 前

    Anyone else upgrading from the iPhone 1 to the 11 Pro?

  23. François Sio Arnaud

    François Sio Arnaud日 前

    These intro are craaaaaaaazyyyyyy !!

  24. Aroder

    Aroder2 日 前

    i'm waiting for a camera which comes with a phone on it

  25. l Pxrks l

    l Pxrks l2 日 前

    The phone feels so good in my hands!

  26. Wicked Constantine

    Wicked Constantine2 日 前

    Same old same old, couldnt they just change the design a bit, like remove the notch please Apple get with the program and justify your prices

  27. hydro px

    hydro px2 日 前

    Iphone,ISO suck. with android you can multi screen. multi task (you can watch YT and answer a TEXt or whatever else you want to do)....if you ever had a friend say they have bad signal, its because they have an iPhone. all the things you need an apple watch to do ie. heart monitor, health monitor, are all on the android phone, there is no finger print reader. did i mention that no matter who you have as an IP or cellphone provider i promise you , with an Iphone you will have bad signal nothing to do with your carrier, its the Iphone.

  28. WAi SAi

    WAi SAi2 日 前

    I like one-handed build but also love it big screen while playing the game. So just comment to me which phone should I buy 11pro/11 pro max?

  29. Tharun Kallati

    Tharun Kallati2 日 前


  30. Anay Pradhan

    Anay Pradhan2 日 前

    6:40 his devices look like an entire twitter feed

  31. Andrew Wells

    Andrew Wells2 日 前

    Apple made great strides with battery and camera with this update, but if you are a visually oriented person who uses a phone as a primary camera, dealing with the outdated display design with those three year old bezels and the horrendous notch, and no ability to mask it as in Android means you have to deal with an unacceptable design failure every time you unlock your phone... and if you are a visual person that will just ruin your day over time... as much as I wanted to return to iPhones with this generation I just can't because of that issue... as Mr Jobs said when he introduced the Retina display "after all, what do you want to be looking at all day?"... even if you have the longest lasting battery and best camera, you still have to confront that design failure on a constant basis, which you are then sanctioning with your purchase... and no one who really understands design and function and the meaning of both in the context of this company would do that... hopefully they get it right with the next one?

  32. Trei Silich

    Trei Silich2 日 前

    The 11pro has finger print proof glass and from what I have seen, the glass has only broken from 11ft above being dropped onto the Pro Max.

  33. Xavier Hayes

    Xavier Hayes2 日 前

    Very nice introduction

  34. Владимир пушкин

    Владимир пушкин2 日 前

    Imagine how much better the 3 cameras would look if they didn't have that stupid box outline around them

  35. Ohh Yeah

    Ohh Yeah3 日 前

    I'm just happy the cams are great I'm not tryna be one of those guys that so spoiled lol notch or no notch...the notch lets me know I actually have a phone

  36. Todd Samson

    Todd Samson3 日 前

    I hate the unoriginality companies have, they just slap "pro" on shit and thinks its cool.

  37. Kausar Atif

    Kausar Atif3 日 前

    Give your previous iphone to me. Please

  38. Prodigy Developer

    Prodigy Developer3 日 前

    Love the intro music 🎵

  39. Michael Maldonado

    Michael Maldonado3 日 前

    Great job! Nice review!!

  40. Jason Striation

    Jason Striation3 日 前

    What a stupid over-engineered phone. Get back to basics🥔

  41. Mark S

    Mark S3 日 前

    Sorry, thr only product from apple i respect is the iPad

  42. kshitij singh

    kshitij singh3 日 前

    Hey MKBHD, my friend us trying to get me a new 11 pro 256 gb but he is saying there is a shortage of phones in the USA is that true

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    Hits 20193 日 前

    wallpaper link

  44. Vlad Leyson

    Vlad Leyson3 日 前

    Sana all

  45. Aiden&Andrews Adventure

    Aiden&Andrews Adventure3 日 前

    Does anyone know how to record using front and back cameras at the same time🤔

  46. Mathieu Clement

    Mathieu Clement4 日 前

    3:19 so cool you can see the infrared lights blinking in the "notch"!

  47. Gáspár Szabó

    Gáspár Szabó4 日 前


  48. david ducovny

    david ducovny4 日 前

    3D touch on iphone x/xs is 3 times faster then iphone 11 pro haptic touch, apple is going backwards ... don't belive it ? ...compare it!

  49. Ankit Mishra

    Ankit Mishra4 日 前

    Fact is no phone can beat this beast...... .. In terms of money

  50. Lee Shelton

    Lee Shelton4 日 前

    Once I buy an iPhone I plan to use it for about 2-3 years. I just got the 11 and so far so good. I’m gonna have it for years.

  51. Steve Mano

    Steve Mano4 日 前

    Lee Shelton but Apple wants customers to upgrade every year. They will hate you. Lol

  52. Manndoodle

    Manndoodle4 日 前

    I’m watching a review of the phone I’m using to watch the review 😑

  53. Halcyon

    Halcyon4 日 前


  54. ScoRpio S

    ScoRpio S4 日 前

    Steve jobS took apple with him when he died.... All are paid to give good ReviewS....

  55. Tim K

    Tim K5 日 前

    Where did you get that wallpaper from ? Please share.

  56. Browsing Channel

    Browsing Channel5 日 前

    Buy this phone if you can afford it. Fantastic in every single way.

  57. Tonya Tobias

    Tonya Tobias5 日 前

    LOVE the Spike Lee moves with the camera!!😍😍😍😍😍👊🏽😎

  58. Goran Klintenheim

    Goran Klintenheim5 日 前

    Does anyone know where to find the wallpaper?

  59. Mohammed Shakeel

    Mohammed Shakeel5 日 前

    Hi, i want to know what do you do with the electronic gadgets after its review and all that? If you dont use it can you give me!!

  60. Phantom Pilot

    Phantom Pilot5 日 前

    You dont have to really try, you just need to play pokemon GO...

  61. Ramkumar Rajaraman

    Ramkumar Rajaraman5 日 前