iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus - Which Phone is Better??


  1. JSL Review

    JSL Review4 ヶ月 前

    What's the best flagship of 2019?? iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy Note 10+, or something else??

  2. nina clemson

    nina clemson6 日 前

    loving my iphone 11 with #lumiy lightblade EVERYONE Must have combo!!! #UK #LONDON #NYC

  3. snazia

    snazia6 日 前

    Charles Mallory wrong.

  4. Ag Mg

    Ag Mg23 日 前

    Design Samsung,Performance Iphone Longevity Iphone Software Support Iphone Durability Iphone

  5. iFranco

    iFranco25 日 前

    For adults: Note 10+ For kids: iPhone ......j/k Note 10+ hands down

  6. Paul Henry

    Paul Henry28 日 前

    11 Pro Max

  7. sharo

    sharo8 時間 前

    The screen destroys the Iphon 11 pro max screen i had both phones side by side and the iphone screen is not even close to what the note 10 plus is

  8. Jirayu Adisakdechakul

    Jirayu Adisakdechakul日 前

    iPhone 11 Pro Max is not 64 GB! iPhone 11 Pro Max have 512 GB!!! And iPhone 11 Pro Max can have 2 SIM card! One sim on one side and another sim on another side!!!

  9. Frank Maliszewski

    Frank Maliszewski日 前

    iPhone 11 Pro Max IS THE BEST PHONE

  10. sallie johnson

    sallie johnson2 日 前

    You just helped me make up my mind!! #teamsamsung

  11. Mohammed Yasser

    Mohammed Yasser2 日 前

    This guy literally licked Note 10+ boots!!!

  12. Rahul Pradhan

    Rahul Pradhan2 日 前

    I always prefer to go with Samsung......currently I'm watching this content in Note 10 Lite .....and my request to Samsung please upgrade the Night mode and front facing camera, coz 11 pro is only superior in this method..... And you'll be one of the best device that we can have.....Lastly I'm thinking to upgrade to Note 10 plus when price decrease.....Thank you Love from Darjeeling.....!!!!!

  13. Clan Bear

    Clan Bear3 日 前

    Sorry but note 10 suck Jk i just don’t like the over heating while charging and it software and I have try it before and the iPhone 11 just has better vid and camera and more color to pick it you get the 11 and feel smooth as hell while people just get the note 10 cause of the reflection color

  14. Muhammad yahaya Liman

    Muhammad yahaya Liman3 日 前

    You are just apple fan

  15. Andy Fetzer

    Andy Fetzer3 日 前

    Aura Glow...nuff said

  16. Rob Richards

    Rob Richards4 日 前

    I traded the iphone 11 pro max in and got the note10 plus. I hated the picture qaulity for shows and videos I beleive Samsung note10 plus shines in comparison

  17. JonLondon210

    JonLondon2104 日 前

    I like both phones for different reasons. I've never owned an iPhone but I'm considering it because of what I've heard from friends and family about the longevity of the iPhone. I don't want to spend over a grand for a phone that doesn't last me for at least 5-7 years. I'm not into getting the lastest phone Evey year anymore.

  18. Lord omega 18

    Lord omega 184 日 前

    Indians are rich- they pay double price.

  19. ShuNeughu Shuu

    ShuNeughu Shuu5 日 前

    iPhone needs to adopt icon themes

  20. imLuke

    imLuke13 時間 前

    iPhone needs to adopt some type of personalization apart from changing the wallpaper.

  21. Jonte

    Jonte5 日 前

    the iphone 11 looks old...

  22. M-cat paranormal research

    M-cat paranormal research6 日 前

    I've been a note fan for a while now, note4, note8. And I have no complaints. Phones that are feature rich, large batteries, expandable memory, so, it's note 10 for me. But I have to admit, Apple really stepped it up for the 11 pro

  23. Rahul Gosavi

    Rahul Gosavi6 日 前

    Best phone 2019

  24. jammp p

    jammp p6 日 前

    Most annoying voice ever

  25. Leslie Chisholm

    Leslie Chisholm6 日 前

    Awesome review! Thank you. I seriously love both these phones. However I do like the iPhone better for the camera and the fact that I have an iPad and a Mac and I really appreciate the air drop and sync ability. However, I do love the note as well and I have both but I don’t use the note as much as my iphone.

  26. Joker

    Joker6 日 前

    In terms of pricing its a easy win in my country you can buy the Note 10 + for 974,00 euros whiles the IPhone Pro Max is about 1400 euros ! . 1400 euros for a god damn phone ...... No thanks .

  27. Shubham

    Shubham6 日 前

    Which Video/ Demo was playing @11:14 Guys?

  28. patrick jackson

    patrick jackson6 日 前

    The iPhone is definitely not “pro” so they need to lose the name. Samsung just has too much bloatware and unnecessary crap for me. I’ll take a pixe 4 xl and 11 max.

  29. Mohib Ullah

    Mohib Ullah7 日 前

    Watching it on my iPhone 11 Pro Max ❤️

  30. D PJ

    D PJ7 日 前

    I love both iPhone and Android phones, however I always find myself back with iPhone. Whenever I have an Android I want iPhone back and whenever I have iPhone I always want an android. Tbh, the only reason I like android is because of customisation (which I can kinda live without) and the range of things you can do with the camera which iPhone for some reason just won't do. Meh

  31. Zigfx Streamer

    Zigfx Streamer7 日 前

    I share my left battery from note10+ to my friend note10+ via wifi

  32. Gabriel T Bradshaw

    Gabriel T Bradshaw7 日 前


  33. Tee M

    Tee M7 日 前

    Great video. Lovely cute baby boy. The following features are the most spend time on: 1. The screen. We spend considerable time on the screen than on the camera. Note has best screen feature. Larger screen, and less "island" on the screen. Just a small 3mm round circle of camera. This allows for more screen. 2. Space: Since these have gone cameras with iPhone doing better and probably taking bigger size videos, it would make sense to have more sense. My previous phone was an A9 2018 and it had 128 gig space plus allowance for an SD Card. Plus Note 10+ can accept easily USB C memory sticks which makes it easy to transfer photos without data costs. 64 gig is a RIP off for the price one is paying. 3. Battery: I could get a bit of power from someone in emergencies. I use the Stylus a lot. It is thinner than my fingers. It can be used for selfies, accuracy in editing pics etc.

  34. BATMAN

    BATMAN8 日 前

    gonna make a switch from my s8 to iphone 11 pro max.

  35. Ross Johnston

    Ross Johnston8 日 前

    I have a iPhone XS Max I was offered a note 10 plus for it someone help me out is it worth it?

  36. Aditya Maurya

    Aditya Maurya10 日 前


  37. Harami Salami

    Harami Salami11 日 前

    Hey where to get the iPhone wallpaper that's dope

  38. Harami Salami

    Harami Salami11 日 前

    I mean the first one

  39. Brandon Kelly

    Brandon Kelly11 日 前

    Watching on my iPhone 11 Pro Max 👌🏽

  40. John Young

    John Young11 日 前

    Note 10 plus I will go with I don't understand why people like iPhones they are so boring.

  41. Ajay Kanth

    Ajay Kanth11 日 前

    Apple sucks 😛😂😂

  42. Aiden Hernandez

    Aiden Hernandez11 日 前

    iPhone 11

  43. sifis flisk

    sifis flisk12 日 前

    Iphone wins overall... but u can’t compare jerk the videos from JPreporter because the native app from iphone JPreporter in limited to 1080p hdr and not 4K

  44. Tim Steuerwald

    Tim Steuerwald12 日 前

    4:54 It is a Samsung Display...

  45. Pavneet Singh

    Pavneet Singh12 日 前

    Watching this on my iPhone 11 Pro Max

  46. the phantom

    the phantom13 日 前

    i cant rock with the hole punch homie

  47. mr krazy

    mr krazy13 日 前

    Yeah we all want iphones because of the brand (runs away)

  48. Dağcı Komando

    Dağcı Komando14 日 前

    İphone of course

  49. A G

    A G14 日 前

    Went from galaxy note10+ to iphone 11pro max. Never going to go back. The difference in performance, camera quality and battery is significant Sources: Battery: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dsz5QQy8V4s.html Performance: www.google.com.ph/amp/s/www.gearstoday.com/comparision/apple-a13-bionic-vs-snapdragon-855-plus/ Camera quality: www.techradar.com/news/best-cameraphone Mkbhd, linus techtips Display: www.displaymate.com/iPhone_11Pro_ShootOut_1P.htm Battery: the iphone 11promax screen on time 11hrs, standby 16 hrs, total= 27hrs The note10+ screen on time 9hrs, standby 16hrs, total time=25hrs Idk about you, but I’d rather take that extra 2hrs of battery life than a “slightly” better display quality. Performance: opening and closing apps= animation speeds are faster in note10 but sheer power and when you’re actually doing work like editing videos, exporting, etc pushing processing power, the a13 is ridiculously faster than the note10. Idk about you, but i would choose overall processing power for intensive tasks than faster opening and closing apps. Camera quality: no argument here. The best tech youtubers have spoken. Tech reviews saidnit as well. Also, no matter how good the camera of my note10 is, as soon as I post a vid on instagram/snapchat or social media accounts, it looks like it was taken from a cheap 2012 android phone. I hate that my fave apps aren’t fully optimized for my note10. Lastly, display: Basically the note 10 is just darker and more contrasty. But idk about you. But I actually want to see my phone screen when I’m out in the sun. especially when I’m shooting videos on a beach trip. 1200 nits in the iphone11pro max is super bright. Add that to the battery life. Idc how “slightly” better my note10 is in display. It doesn’t matter if I cannot even see it during day time and dies faster than my ip11.

  50. Black Dollars

    Black Dollars14 日 前

    Samsumg been better than 🍎 for the last 5yrs

  51. Ryan Montoya

    Ryan Montoya14 日 前

    If it weren’t for the terrible finger print scanner on the note, I would have stuck with it. But, I moved over to the pro max and I am impressed. Both phones are legit!

  52. mondieu

    mondieu14 日 前

    Samsung vote here.

  53. mondieu

    mondieu14 日 前

    iPhone vote here.

  54. Poetic Mess

    Poetic Mess14 日 前

    I own the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and I got the Android 10 update a week ago. Aside from the hardware aspect, my Galaxy Note 9 feels like a brand new phone software wise. The Android 10 update was a game changer.

  55. Kabir Singh

    Kabir Singh14 日 前

    Samsung is much better

  56. Chase A

    Chase A14 日 前

    So he doesn’t even answer the question and asks us to. Worst 12:54 of my day

  57. Lee

    Lee15 日 前

    I’ll take whatever phone that will work well with my AirPods and Apple Watch.

  58. Yejoon Yang

    Yejoon Yang15 日 前

    Any Typical iSheep: Samsung is so trash they took 1440p out of the galaxy Note 10 Me: iPhone Xr, iPhone 11 Any Typical iSheep: Well you know it liquid retina so it's good because its liquid retina and uses rgb pixel format instead of that penta thing whatever you call it on you're thing and it's not 720, its 828... (More B.S. for like 15 min)

  59. Ivan Arco

    Ivan Arco15 日 前

    They are both great phones, although i am an Apple Fanboy i have got to admit that the Note 10 looks more sexy

  60. Mansoor almansoori

    Mansoor almansoori15 日 前

    In fact I love the both

  61. Justly Baking

    Justly Baking15 日 前

    For me i think it's iPhone 11 max pro Because it does everything excellent 👌 Future proof because it doesn't really lag like Android


    B.J SOUND BEATS15 日 前

    Samsung is the best note 10 plus

  63. Elwood 11

    Elwood 1116 日 前

    I was an apple addict, after the iPhone 4s I switched to the note 2 and never looked back, love my note 10+

  64. enine2007

    enine200716 日 前

    I've been using the note series since the note 5. And to be honest the s pen comes in super handy especially to write down reminders. Yeah you can type it down like in your calendar but it seems faster to whip out he pen and take a look at all your notes all together

  65. Darkapple Apple

    Darkapple Apple16 日 前

    Android is just famous in youtube but in real life iphone wins hehe

  66. SouthboundTP

    SouthboundTP17 日 前

    Should've covered the differences between both operating systems and updates🤔

  67. Scott O

    Scott O17 日 前

    Love the note 10 plus more.....but...no iMessage - and I have the Apple Watch/earbud pros / Apple Music.