Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!


  1. Prince Raj Singh

    Prince Raj Singh40 分 前

    Damn it🤣😂

  2. Prince Raj Singh

    Prince Raj Singh41 分 前

    Fact: Thomas voice is so good for the introduction.. I mean it feels amazing

  3. Gaurav Shokeen

    Gaurav Shokeen時間 前

    When I saw he was asking for food.i don't know why I was feeling shy.

  4. Anym

    Anym日 前

    I'd honestly say "fuck that no"

  5. Hc Rosa

    Hc Rosa2 日 前

    Lol its biu biu😂

  6. dave jones

    dave jones2 日 前

    Thais don't speak English hurm

  7. Willy Engel

    Willy Engel3 日 前

    i have anxiety just watching these let alone doing it

  8. Freedom Vlog - Liberty

    Freedom Vlog - Liberty3 日 前

    Oh! Try No money in the Philippines you’ll be surprise

  9. irondasgr

    irondasgr3 日 前

    This is a proof that it's definitely not at all about being an extrovert or an introvert. It's all about using your mind to combine things around which will lead you to the desired result. For example, TD was smart enough to spot the Callifornian dude by the cap and grab the chance out of him.

  10. irondasgr

    irondasgr3 日 前

    Is it against the rules to seek for exchange help in a restaurant? Like to have them offer you some food in exchange of help that you are eager to provide them with?

  11. Naive Sometimes

    Naive Sometimes4 日 前

    Haha it's nice but next time if you ask local Thailand people then we can see the city culture better

  12. Edwa เอ็ดวาร์

    Edwa เอ็ดวาร์5 日 前

    Why isn't there a thaï person in that video ?

  13. Texowaste

    Texowaste7 日 前

    i come from germany and i really feel introvert in my country. In every coutnry i visited, i felt so open and positive to all the people. I dont know why this is, but maybe because i feel uncomfortable in near of my fellow citizens I really love these: strange country, strange people and if i had the money, i would go travelling so more often.

  14. Rui PTG

    Rui PTG7 日 前

    I hate having to approach people but when I gotta, I feel like I do well. My first time at a 420 event I lost my girlfriend in the crowd and I had to ask someone if they could call her for me (I didn't have a phone at the time). Guy wanted to say no but I told him to hold onto my $400 tablet while I talk to her so he can feel confident that I wouldn't just run off lol

  15. Bekan Bekele

    Bekan Bekele8 日 前

    But dont you think holding a camera helped him? Plus knowing he was going to only stay there for 24 gives you more courage but anyways cool to do this for us introverted guys gives us hope.

  16. Suzanne Ng

    Suzanne Ng8 日 前

    As in introvert, this video gives me so much anxiety

  17. jon ubick

    jon ubick9 日 前

    always start the night by giving your number incase they want to check if you are okay later or if they come across an option for you

  18. jon ubick

    jon ubick9 日 前

    Thailand in particular has a long and fading tradition of giving food or money to young people who would do this as a right of passage

  19. Jay Patel

    Jay Patel9 日 前

    all of that shit happened cause you told them its a challenge and youre holding a camera otherwise you wont evan get a single dollar boii

  20. Vee B.

    Vee B.10 日 前

    I love the concept of breaking out of your comfort zone and accessing a different side of yourself to live life to the fullest, but I also think some of these challenges are very sketchy and could go so wrong (especially the ones that include asking a stranger for a place to stay). I remember reading that story recently about that rapist that stayed around clubs asking if guys needed a ride home and giving them roofied drinks so they would wake up the next morning in his place completely unaware of what had happened. It’s a great world but it’s also terrifying and people have hidden agendas, so it’s good to still have precautions because there are equally as many sick people waiting to capitalize on any weaknesses you have as there are amazing people willing to lend a hand. Be safe out there x

  21. Teresa Amanfu

    Teresa Amanfu10 日 前

    I love Ammar cos he’s so empathetic.

  22. moses lewis

    moses lewis11 日 前

    Does anyone know the song they use at 6:25 ?

  23. LeonTells0

    LeonTells013 日 前

    Why do people go to Hostels in Thailand when Airbnbs are suuuper cheap, you save about $3-$5 per night max sleeping in a hostel

  24. Mary Rose Mendoza

    Mary Rose Mendoza15 日 前

    Do this in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  25. Stephanie !

    Stephanie !16 日 前

    Your friend TD has my uncles first and last name lol.

  26. corona virus

    corona virus17 日 前

    Try this at Bali and you will arrest, we hate tourist with no money...

  27. Quad Threads

    Quad Threads18 日 前

    I'm an introvert too

  28. Tourjaytee

    Tourjaytee19 日 前

    ayeeeeeeee thomas it was awesome filming with you bro! hope you enjoyed that scorpion :)

  29. Raquel D.

    Raquel D.20 日 前

    OMG Thomas LOL, "you're gonna be abandoned in Thailand. ALONE. hahaha" His that Dunkin joke haha Yea TD!

  30. leo ghainder

    leo ghainder20 日 前

    LMAO THE FIRST PLACE HE WENT TO IS KAO SAN ROAD. for those who don't know thats were people go to party and is famous for the amount of international underage students who go there for sex or drugs. TD really knows his priorities

  31. Mr Rivera

    Mr Rivera22 日 前

    I literally did this in Amsterdam lolll but with money of course

  32. Evin Drews

    Evin Drews23 日 前

    TD definitely not having fun

  33. Evin Drews

    Evin Drews23 日 前

    This is like a dance monkey dance thing stealing from the kindness of strangers, and is not realistic and it's just kind of cruel for no reason, and a wakeup on how little value you are without money. People are obviously super uncomfortable when he asks for a place to sleep, I mean at least half the people you meet at hostels are creepy as hell. I'm not sure what you guys wanted to show here, except desperation, but Thailand was not the place to do it.

  34. Lukas Lang

    Lukas Lang25 日 前

    okey so two things I think you should consider. first this is more like a begging thing than abandoned. It basicly jsut feels like you guys are trying to get around through begging rather than understand and figuring out. I think it would be a lot more fun if you dropped someone in an area where they had to find their way back completely without asking for help from anyone, just trying to understand the signs and get to the right place and take the right transport based entirely on your own skill at navigating and guessing. Then you have to eat all your meals with atleast 1 other person that you find along the way, so while you are trying to get back and need to get breakfast you have to find someone to have breakfast with. While eating these meals you may ask or talk about anything except the challenge you are currently doing and predetermined questions such as where a certain area is or how to get there etc, etc. it simply has to be casual conversation, so you will have to come up with clever questions to find information such as where do you live or where are you going and so on to evetually figure out where you are and how to get back. but you still have your own money. Secondly all the generousity here was from the tourists which I understand as I think it was his only chance but I also think it kind of destroyes the purpose of the challenge.

  35. vSz0r

    vSz0r26 日 前

    Simon Wilson approves this

  36. Darshil Thakore

    Darshil Thakore26 日 前

    Am I the only one who noticed that he hardly interact with any locals?

  37. catherine donoghue

    catherine donoghue26 日 前

    Bless his heart,

  38. jmsolano0516

    jmsolano051628 日 前

    11:42 "you've got a problem" oooof


    MANG TOMI PHヶ月 前

    I thinks it's easy to talk people when your white or westerners but if your asian I don't think so 😔

  40. Roque Centeno

    Roque Centenoヶ月 前

    I dont think this guy is an introvert..just by the way he can talk in front of a camera

  41. Pedro Le

    Pedro Leヶ月 前


  42. Timothy Wong

    Timothy Wongヶ月 前

    I love Tiddy's adventures lolololol

  43. hic•Rhodus•hic•salta

    hic•Rhodus•hic•saltaヶ月 前

    That's awkward, I would feel sooo uncomfortable

  44. BeardedMcCartney

    BeardedMcCartneyヶ月 前

    Toddy should ask LOCAL first

  45. Jan Dude

    Jan Dudeヶ月 前

    nah im shyer than that

  46. enchainedtreasures

    enchainedtreasuresヶ月 前

    When you're in your mid-thirties in Thailand and no longer can justify hostels, but instead stay at a hotel with a free FULL breakfast and rooftop pool for under $40 USD right around Khaosan rd... you realize you are no longer the target tourist demographic.

  47. enchainedtreasures

    enchainedtreasuresヶ月 前

    One thing's Bangkok...most tourists in Asia go to Thailand. The Thais there speak it for the most part because of the tourist service industry. He's not taking tuk-tuks or cabs so at least can't get ripped off.

  48. Annimon

    Annimonヶ月 前

    Honestly, even watching this video makes me anxious lmao I appreciate the message that anyone could theoretically do this but tbh I'd probably get so anxious after a while that I'd just hide somewhere and cry hahhahaha

  49. Mabel Gerónimo

    Mabel Gerónimoヶ月 前

    Do the challenge with a girl!!! Invite one of your girlfriends

  50. Steven Roberts

    Steven Robertsヶ月 前

    That girl at the end totally wanted Thomas!

  51. Beata

    Beataヶ月 前

    i'm an introvert and i know that with my english i would definitely die:DDD

  52. Wassim Miloudi

    Wassim Miloudiヶ月 前

    Why does every guy from sweden looks like pewdipie

  53. Grace Evans

    Grace Evansヶ月 前

    Lol was ammar walking down the hotel hallway in his underwear at the end?

  54. アリスAlilom

    アリスAlilomヶ月 前

    the thing is that you should try to approach thai people, even tho they can't speak english they're really kind and generous and always exited and open to help you without expecting anything in return. I can tell this because I'm living with a thai family in a small city in Thailand right now and thai people surprise me every day with their kindness and they enthusiasm. Definitely love thai people and their beautiful culture

  55. Shulamit Cohen

    Shulamit Cohenヶ月 前

    mans name is titty

  56. M.N.

    M.N.ヶ月 前

    Hi Thomas, My buddy and me will travel to Prague this March after finishing our exams. We are both rather introverts than extroverts so this video has inspired us to Seek Discomfort on this trip. We do have limited time and budget but are confident to try it out. If Yes Theory or any of ya'll Commenters have an idea what we could/should do in Prague to challenge ourself, write a comment and let us know. This will be the first time for us to do something like that but thats were everybody starts right? I i genuinely enjoy all your videos and since I came across your channel I am interested to give it a try. By Chance I found out that my buddy is also watching your videos so I asked him and he just had to say YES. Please give us some Ideas on what to do!

  57. Jian Memis

    Jian Memisヶ月 前

    As an Asian introvert, I can say *most* of Asia's countries are extroverted

  58. angel blue

    angel blueヶ月 前

    Day is easy, try a week

  59. Robert Ale

    Robert Aleヶ月 前

    I'm an introvert myself, never left the country in my life, 29 years old, from Romania. I had recently received a boost in myself by going in japan with a friend(he's the same as me). I didn't believe i can do things. It's exhausting to establish a way to discuss with people, always there's a fear of being rejected, but i somehow managed to have a 9 days trip by ourselves, going through almost all kyoto, a little on osaka and awaji. Congrats to your introvert for doing all the challenges, he got 3 meals...i would've got none probably, i would've only walk by myself in the city and wait for the next day probably in a park or in a train station. Not sure i can say yes to your challenge, hope i can say yes later. Bye!

  60. saealeonard

    saealeonardヶ月 前

    Bet you can’t get someone with social anxiety to try doing this