Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!


  1. Loner

    Loner日 前

    I would rather steal something than asking for it 😂😂

  2. Bri Ght

    Bri Ght2 日 前

    aw he's so cuteeee

  3. Fatima Henniche

    Fatima Henniche2 日 前

    can you guys do one with perry????

  4. Jose Ayala

    Jose Ayala3 日 前

    Shit stupid

  5. WalkingForChange

    WalkingForChange4 日 前

    That fake yawn made me yawn Hahahah love you all keep posting and spreading positivity. One love peace!

  6. Henrico Smara

    Henrico Smara5 日 前

    That’s the most extrovert introvert!

  7. TheVaultdweller

    TheVaultdweller6 日 前

    Yeah the thing is, its always easy to be kind to stangers. But how about that annoying guy you see on a daily basis?

  8. Kriss

    Kriss7 日 前

    I will be willing to sleep on the sidewalk

  9. dennis soh

    dennis soh8 日 前

    try asking the locals next time, thai people are super friendly.

  10. Madison Dennis

    Madison Dennis8 日 前

    This video is beyond inspiring!

  11. Animal123 45

    Animal123 458 日 前

    You should try it in the Netherlands. Lol 😝

  12. Alan Tan

    Alan Tan9 日 前

    Such an awesome adventure. ♡♡♡

  13. AnonymousUser35

    AnonymousUser359 日 前

    okay, but what about social anxiety?

  14. Ericka Alena Castillo

    Ericka Alena Castillo10 日 前

    I think I have a crush on TD.

  15. C H O N K E R

    C H O N K E R11 日 前

    This video was amazing but I giggled when they said Tiddy

  16. GOTTshua

    GOTTshua15 日 前

    introverts are great solo travelers. easy to have an adventure simply wandering and being aware of the beauty of existence while people watching and enjoying architecture.

  17. Light y

    Light y16 日 前


  18. Yoana 1234

    Yoana 123416 日 前

    I love that

  19. Aaryaman Singh

    Aaryaman Singh17 日 前

    Try india

  20. Ronnee Lucero

    Ronnee Lucero17 日 前

    Visit Philippines please

  21. Cheyenne Brooke

    Cheyenne Brooke20 日 前

    I couldn’t even talk to one person. I would sit next to a wall and play with a thread on my shirt with no food and water until I get picked up. Maybe I would find a place to pee but I would go straight back.

  22. Victoria Parmelee

    Victoria Parmelee23 日 前

    I had a panic attack watching this

  23. DavidSriracha

    DavidSriracha24 日 前

    Very nice 👍

  24. Orhan Dinçer

    Orhan Dinçer27 日 前

    One big victory for Introverts.

  25. Om ar

    Om ar29 日 前

    Hostels are quite cheap in bangkok. He should have just asked for money and with about 7-8 dollars he would have been able to pay for his stay. Loved the editing.

  26. My dick is small, but

    My dick is small, butヶ月 前

    Yet I’m too scared to get my lashes done because I’ll have to talk to someone for 2 hours

  27. メロンパン

    メロンパンヶ月 前

    Being an introvert sounds easy. They should try having someone with selective mutism.

  28. メロンパン

    メロンパンヶ月 前

    Being able to talk to anyone and get exhausted would be so nice.

  29. HKZy AKA

    HKZy AKAヶ月 前

    u should had asking for help from thai ppl just one or 2 times n see how thing ll be diff lol

  30. vikingbags

    vikingbagsヶ月 前

    Girl: "Do good things to people and good things are coming to you." 👍

  31. Marielle Pfann

    Marielle Pfannヶ月 前

    I went to the exazct tepel you went to



    Play video games with Mark Zuckerberg

  33. bjoorne13

    bjoorne13ヶ月 前

    Well thats an extremely extrovert introvert.. 😅

  34. Asyraf Eats

    Asyraf Eatsヶ月 前

    Do Canada

  35. Katrina Blackwood

    Katrina Blackwoodヶ月 前

    Thank you from introverts global 😂

  36. Keith Serphis

    Keith Serphisヶ月 前

    I would survive anywhere!! Without money!! It's just how uh speak to ppl! And uh should have a personality

  37. Omkar Gharat

    Omkar Gharatヶ月 前

    She gives you her bottle to drink water and u just dump your mouth in it not cool bro.

  38. Joe Garcia

    Joe Garciaヶ月 前

    plus the older fella could have said it a bit more respectful without saying then you have a problem I hope he loses his stuff and get stuck in Thailand for good jerk and they wonder why they hate Americans

  39. Joe Garcia

    Joe Garciaヶ月 前

    the guy at the end, in the end, did not want to give you a high five so you edit it out hahaha that was rude on his part im hoping I'm wrong but that's what i saw

  40. Martin Schmidt

    Martin Schmidtヶ月 前

    i have met introverts... this is not one ...

  41. Divjot Singh

    Divjot Singhヶ月 前

    People binge watch netflix, I binge watch Yes Theory

  42. nathan vaughan

    nathan vaughanヶ月 前

    wow so fffing fake! Great content if it was just natural!...

  43. The Absolute truth

    The Absolute truthヶ月 前

    Do this in India

  44. Gar Tsang

    Gar Tsangヶ月 前

    “It’s been a wild night” nearly kidnapped off the sidewalk

  45. junvarc

    junvarcヶ月 前

    This has been my favorite episode of all time! Tiddy, you're my hero

  46. Max Gandolfo

    Max Gandolfoヶ月 前

    Me:*gotta go to Bangkok in two weeks for a month* Parents:”You will get killed or arrested” Me:*watch this video* Me:”Naaahh”

  47. ArtipOpz

    ArtipOpzヶ月 前

    I would look for a parkbench and settled at it whHah

  48. I I

    I Iヶ月 前



    ANI-GAMESヶ月 前

    this guy should be in more videos!!!

  50. Dalmas Otieno

    Dalmas Otienoヶ月 前

    did you lick the breakfast plate??

  51. Mohamed Ahsan

    Mohamed Ahsanヶ月 前

    Hi Yes T, why don't you come to Sweden and go skiing with me and you pay for everything!!!

  52. Ricois

    Ricoisヶ月 前

    Québec represent!

  53. de verdad de nada

    de verdad de nadaヶ月 前

    The reactions TG get from people are exactly the same I get, that sad look of pity on their face lol

  54. Anna Maria Barbi

    Anna Maria Barbiヶ月 前

    I love TD. So cute and so relatable

  55. Blenks87

    Blenks87ヶ月 前

    He was asking the wrong people. Thai people are some of the kindest and most generous people you could wish to meet.

  56. Korbin Griffin

    Korbin Griffinヶ月 前

    Ehh he’s not really that introverted.

  57. Isha Is Bored

    Isha Is Boredヶ月 前

    “Meet titt-“

  58. Saiful Nadzmi

    Saiful Nadzmiヶ月 前

    Throughout watching the video, i feel so sorry for him cuz i’m an introvert too. I know how felt

  59. Ratty ArTy Chinta

    Ratty ArTy Chintaヶ月 前

    Wonder if any of the people who help TD will comment on here

  60. Sarah

    Sarahヶ月 前

    Yes theory: *gets sponsored* Also yes theory: *doesn't use any money*

  61. ekon lumi

    ekon lumiヶ月 前

    To be real, he got this opportunity to sleep because some people knew of the challenge. Some of us viewers succeeding an abandoned college in 24 hrs is slim to not.