Introducing the One Percent Fortnite House - (ft. Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, Randumb)


  1. One Percent

    One Percent29 日 前

    100k likes for our first recruit!!!!

  2. Ruben Rivera

    Ruben Rivera5 日 前

    One Percent can I join

  3. Haris Uman

    Haris Uman5 日 前


  4. beanos beanos

    beanos beanos6 日 前

    One Percent make it 300 >:)

  5. Lucas Da Luz

    Lucas Da Luz10 日 前

    I'm faze sway I don't like faze anymore so like... u guys tryna invite me to yo clan

  6. Diefy

    Diefy26 日 前

    me pls

  7. LoserTingWinx Club

    LoserTingWinx Club13 分 前

    wait give your wine to me

  8. Alex LOL LOL

    Alex LOL LOL18 分 前

    It’s crazy seeing this I remember these guys in that small red house its crazy how they all grew together like this I still miss the red house tho the good all days

  9. Flakes. Fn

    Flakes. Fn23 分 前

    Doesn’t anyone think randumb looks like Ross lynch?

  10. Sheepish

    Sheepish57 分 前

    How did nicks get the wall are is it costumes made

  11. Sheepish

    Sheepish57 分 前

    How did nicks get the wall are is it costumes made

  12. Gaming With Noobs

    Gaming With Noobs2 時間 前

    Why does youtube recommend this to me when I'm watching MINECRAFT videos?

  13. guest

    guest2 時間 前

    I am new to this. What is this about?

  14. carrari

    carrari2 時間 前

    who else came from kiwis video of the guy building the one percent house and came to this video to see if it’s accurate

  15. Jørgen Røkke

    Jørgen Røkke2 時間 前

    Where can i fond that ivon art, bro. Its insane?

  16. Retro777_

    Retro777_3 時間 前

    Kiwiz kinda fat

  17. AHMc08

    AHMc083 時間 前

    Why Is the bathroom bigger then half of the bedrooms....?

  18. AHMc08

    AHMc083 時間 前

    Okay then

  19. Jacks Dude

    Jacks Dude4 時間 前

    Where u get the icon wall

  20. Seqwol Gaming

    Seqwol Gaming5 時間 前

    If you guys watch Melt then you know that that looks like Griffin

  21. RUDRA 9211007

    RUDRA 92110075 時間 前

    Bruh 😲 bruh 😲 OMG!! ThE hOUsE iS soOOoOOoooOoOo. CoOl

  22. Mello

    Mello6 時間 前

    house is nuts boys congrats

  23. Faatasiga Ulugia

    Faatasiga Ulugia7 時間 前

    never actually kiwiz like dragon ball

  24. Faatasiga Ulugia

    Faatasiga Ulugia7 時間 前

    Nicks likes anime

  25. Sharky boyy

    Sharky boyy7 時間 前

    Theres like 5 people in this big house

  26. RohxFN

    RohxFN8 時間 前

    Randumb wing is sick! Like 3 times bigger then the other rooms of the boys

  27. Puck Sniper28

    Puck Sniper289 時間 前

    Well else saw kiwis 3:09

  28. ICE HEEE

    ICE HEEE10 時間 前

    Nick looks like sypherpk

  29. Sebastian Sinai

    Sebastian Sinai11 時間 前

    5:43 wen you realize you hate your life

  30. Ralonda Bell

    Ralonda Bell12 時間 前

    1% is the best JPreporter channel

  31. TNC ian

    TNC ian14 時間 前

    At 3:08 you see kiwis i believe it is running in the background

  32. Eisa Gamer

    Eisa Gamer18 時間 前

    This is actually better than the old and new faze house combined

  33. Toucan Tmmr

    Toucan Tmmr21 時間 前

    7:36 I had the same Playstation PGS about a year ago

  34. Jonathan Kingsmen

    Jonathan Kingsmen日 前

    was cool, this is actually insane not gonna lie i wish yall had one person of color tho.



    Guy: this is your only chance to buy your merch Me m: watching this 4 weeks later

  36. Mythal Draco

    Mythal Draco8 時間 前


  37. Lucky Trix

    Lucky Trix日 前

    When razz said this water is pee warm I starting dying

  38. Future__ Alpha

    Future__ Alpha日 前

    6:03 that water is piss worm

  39. Shawn deMilliano

    Shawn deMilliano日 前

    I watched this vid while my phone phone was at 1 PERCENT

  40. Shawn deMilliano

    Shawn deMilliano日 前

    1 percent has been going for 3 to 4 weeks and has almost a million subs while razz has been for a couple years and has 332k subs

  41. Shawn deMilliano

    Shawn deMilliano日 前

    Ghandi is next recruit for 1 percent my words

  42. Eagles Clan

    Eagles Clan日 前

    1% house hidden tallents were u at

  43. Heartlxsse

    Heartlxsse日 前

    What are those led called in formula room




  45. Ryze vertechs

    Ryze vertechs日 前

    Who else is grinding for this team?

  46. DavianDeon

    DavianDeon日 前

    Everybody :waiting how to join Me :waiting for the shoe collection vid XD

  47. Ryan Joyce

    Ryan Joyce2 日 前

    'we can appreciate the privacy of the separate bathrooms, cuz you know, we're all adults' ::Shows off candy and doll collection:: Ok buddy

  48. Santino Espanola

    Santino Espanola2 日 前

    Nice covertable gaming chair👌😂😂

  49. Betty Mendoza

    Betty Mendoza2 日 前

    I have your mirch

  50. Lance Mooney

    Lance Mooney2 日 前

    Thumbed it down. Why does it keep getting recommended?

  51. Qezify

    Qezify2 日 前

    Plot Twist: Video was Made 3 years ago

  52. SKR Cookie

    SKR Cookie2 日 前

    When you watch this it feels like they are showing off but at the beginning they say it’s thanks to us

  53. Michael Horne

    Michael Horne2 日 前

    1% trash skill

  54. Mini Doomslayer

    Mini Doomslayer3 日 前

    This is just a huge flex video

  55. Viperzz 6451

    Viperzz 64513 日 前

    wow i am so proud of you all and your progress in life

  56. Exo Lvtate

    Exo Lvtate3 日 前

    we miss ghandi.....

  57. James Cauley

    James Cauley3 日 前

    I'm starting to feel like gaming as a career has gone a bit too far...

  58. TL_ANONYMOUS 666

    TL_ANONYMOUS 6663 日 前

    Does anyone know any of these youtubers

  59. Bryan Batista

    Bryan Batista3 日 前

    But I have a Hispanic family

  60. Bryan Batista

    Bryan Batista3 日 前

    I wish I was in one percent

  61. Bomberfn

    Bomberfn3 日 前

    Nicks u have 2 pcs an astro a40 probably a ducky 1 2 min final mouse air 58 and a multi mil dollar house for fuck sake

  62. Skuly Survivor

    Skuly Survivor3 日 前


  63. Lumsfer

    Lumsfer3 日 前

    I’m happy for them but I liked the old Red House better, they seemed much happier and it was better with Gandhi 😭

  64. Parker Roe

    Parker Roe3 日 前

    Razz thougj

  65. ENDB2003

    ENDB20034 日 前

    Who the hell are these people???

  66. Azurphii

    Azurphii4 日 前

    yo can i get 2% milk with cookies?