Into the Unknown


  1. Ah egao

    Ah egao時間 前

    i think "show yourself" is better

  2. Rigby 98462

    Rigby 984625 時間 前

    Who knew that the people in Arendelle are heavy sleepers

  3. N K

    N K21 時間 前


  4. Sarada Uchiha

    Sarada Uchiha21 時間 前

    Into the unknown is my favorite song from the movie.

  5. Miumiu 3.0黃麗傾

    Miumiu 3.0黃麗傾23 時間 前


  6. Junaid Ellam

    Junaid Ellam日 前

    Humans like exploring so :/

  7. Hallow Rewind

    Hallow Rewind日 前


  8. Findwenda

    Findwenda日 前

    Who else here is a soprano and does the Siren call all day

  9. Paige Pendleton

    Paige Pendleton日 前

    Healy cose into the unknown

  10. Maithe Yende

    Maithe Yende2 日 前

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  11. Vanessa Brown

    Vanessa Brown3 日 前

    Me: INTO THE UN voice: no.

  12. Omar El Masri

    Omar El Masri3 日 前

    I can’t get the off key version out of my head

  13. Carli Wallace

    Carli Wallace3 日 前

    The best part 1:08

  14. StarWars Catz

    StarWars Catz3 日 前

    Me: Having the best dream of my life My alarm clock: RIIINNNNGGG WAKE UP RIIIIIIINGGG Me: I can hear you, but I won't.

  15. Elvin Sanchez

    Elvin Sanchez3 日 前

    i’ve been trying to do an impression of the ah ah ah ah part but my voice gets a little pitchy

  16. Miranda Green

    Miranda Green4 日 前

    I love how Elsa sings that she won't go into the unknown at the beginning and then says at the end of the song "how do I follow you into the unknown?"😂😂 Like you changed your mind that quick in a span of like 3 mintues



    When your a bass and you try to sing this

  18. Korri, Animation Bodyguard

    Korri, Animation Bodyguard4 日 前

    "Moooooooom, the queen is singing again "

  19. quite please

    quite please4 日 前

    1:12 your welcome

  20. Gloomy dark

    Gloomy dark5 日 前

    Elsa: "INTO TO THE UNKOWN INTO THE UNKOOOOOWWWNNN" Villagers of arendel:"God why r u singing a musical this late at night"



    I love this song so much!!!

  22. Syafina Firdha

    Syafina Firdha5 日 前

    I.m. elsa

  23. Claudia Valdizon

    Claudia Valdizon6 日 前

    2:27 is the best part

  24. TOB

    TOB6 日 前

    Everyone after the movie be like: {whale noises}

  25. Cracker Jack

    Cracker Jack6 日 前

    why that background look like some bounty paper towels

  26. JH K

    JH K7 日 前

    *whenever I need to wake up and leave my bed at 8:00am*

  27. Cimento

    Cimento7 日 前

    One of the best parts of the song is when Elsa starts singing like "The Voice" and "The Voice" responds! And it's right after the part where Elsa admits that she wants to journey into the "unknown".

  28. Kayla De La Mare

    Kayla De La Mare7 日 前

    A little girl 4 years old knows this by heart I'm learning to sing with her 👧 love ❤😘 counts

  29. cierra

    cierra7 日 前

    my only question is why Disney and the composer thought that “Dies Irae” literal notes of DEATH would be fitting for this particular Siren call.

  30. Mario Girgenti

    Mario Girgenti7 日 前

    Then there's me That haven't watched the film yet

  31. Audrina's world

    Audrina's world7 日 前

    Hi I'm new here I don't know this song I was born in Vietnam so I don't know you talking about bye

  32. Pink heart uno Reverse card

    Pink heart uno Reverse card8 日 前

    Uno reverse card

  33. sly kid

    sly kid9 日 前

    Amazing 👏👏👏🤧🤧

  34. Unbreakable.jayln !

    Unbreakable.jayln !9 日 前


  35. Devanni Lantina

    Devanni Lantina9 日 前

    Has anyone else noticed that Jack Frost is in this scene when she's singing?

  36. Devanni Lantina

    Devanni Lantina9 日 前

    @JᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOS丅 got em 😂😂😂

  37. JᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOS丅

    JᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOS丅9 日 前

    you talking bout me

  38. Sonia Mah

    Sonia Mah10 日 前

    Into The Unknown

  39. GamerGacha Girl

    GamerGacha Girl10 日 前

    When you aren’t a singer but you try and you almost get it right

  40. JᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOS丅

    JᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOS丅9 日 前

    @Annoymous prankster look who's talking!!

  41. Annoymous prankster

    Annoymous prankster9 日 前

    and fuck you

  42. illegal loli

    illegal loli10 日 前

    Elsa singing at like 3 am - *INTO THE UNKNOOOOOOWN* Everybody else sleeping in Arendale - *BITCH STFU WERE TRYNA SLEEP*

  43. Emmit Hannon

    Emmit Hannon10 日 前

    2:35 to 3:15 is what I think is the best part of the song

  44. Darius Sale

    Darius Sale10 日 前




    Right now I am in the unknown in this Frozen 2 madness what the hell!

  46. Nia_ idk

    Nia_ idk12 日 前

    I thot I wasn't going to like frozen 2 , but when I heard the song play in the movies, I was like wow, that's nice

  47. Ana :v valentina

    Ana :v valentina12 日 前


  48. James T.J

    James T.J12 日 前

    Parents are not gonna complain about their kids singing let it go....they gonna complain about their teens singing into the Unknown 🤣🤣

  49. Попутчик в презентациях

    Попутчик в презентациях12 日 前

    Русские??? ВЫ ЗДЕСЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kiertpreet Johal

    Kiertpreet Johal13 日 前

    I love FROZEN 2

  51. SheWolf Warrior

    SheWolf Warrior13 日 前

    This scene was AWESOME in the movie theater!!!!

  52. María Victoria Carril

    María Victoria Carril13 日 前

    *_stray kids flashbacks_*

  53. Dayvion Carter

    Dayvion Carter13 日 前

    Which one is better? Idina Menzel version or Panic! AT The Disco version

  54. Anna Kate Shukes

    Anna Kate Shukes14 日 前

    I love this song so much!!!!!!

  55. Tracy turnblad hairspray 101

    Tracy turnblad hairspray 10114 日 前

    This reminds me of defying gravity ........ oh wait 😂

  56. Nikol Ert

    Nikol Ert14 日 前

    Ok can i say something? Its pretty clear that 4 spirits exist in the Disney universe. we can see clearly the spirit of the air in Pocahontas, we also see it in Frozen 2 movie. We also see the spirit of the ocean in both Moana and Frozen 2. Could grandma - tree from Pocahontas be the spirit of the earth? Or at least a creature that is very close and related to the earth spirit? and im wondering does the spirits made apperences in other disney movies ? And if yes what other connections am i missing? It is also clear that some people in disney movies are and can get closer to magic and the spirits and that doesnt mean they can control magic themeselves. Like moana and her grandma with the spirit of ocean, pocahontas and iduna with the spirit of air, elsa who is a spirit herself. And propably Mulan which many speculate that she is the spirit of great dragon herself!

  57. Landon

    Landon14 日 前

    How come nobody can hear her singing throughout the kingdom? More of her magic? Oh, wait, all Disney movies do that.

  58. Alex

    Alex16 日 前

    This song gives me goosebumps

  59. Trap Noob

    Trap Noob16 日 前

    I like how the comments have a bunch of bad words in it

  60. Jon Goltz

    Jon Goltz16 日 前

    Elsa: "What do you want?" AURORA: "ADVENTUREEEEEEE!!!" Elsa: "No, please, NOT AGAIN!!"

  61. RB

    RB16 日 前

    Se vc n shippou a Elsa com a Honey Mary, vc viu o filme errado pq pqp melhor casal assexual

  62. SenseiiZen *

    SenseiiZen *16 日 前

    ive never watched frozen 2.

  63. Just a Gay Child

    Just a Gay Child16 日 前

    Elsa do be hitting that high note just like how my dad hits me,

  64. TheRealMFGTV

    TheRealMFGTV16 日 前

    nobody can sing like Idina Menzel