International Taco Bell Taste Test


  1. Rapha Conrad

    Rapha Conrad27 日 前

    Despite being the incorrect answer, the double bullseye was probably the most epic moment in International Taste Test history 🙌

  2. TheCatWhoAteSushi

    TheCatWhoAteSushi10 日 前

    @S R it

  3. KoreanJunkie336

    KoreanJunkie33612 日 前

    𝐎𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬: ACTUAL FOOD 𝙐𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙨: JUNK FOOD

  4. Janet Kuhn

    Janet Kuhn18 日 前

    @Pepper Crust which ltat is it in?

  5. Tabitha Crouse

    Tabitha Crouse19 日 前

    Hey spoilers

  6. Bryan BD

    Bryan BD21 日 前

    Rapha Conrad yeap

  7. Anna Hakatori

    Anna Hakatori21 時間 前

    hmm.. I've never see taco bell in Indonesia.. nope, i don't think we have em

  8. Ben Bishop

    Ben Bishop日 前

    Aye Iowa where my fellow Iowans at

  9. CeciVizz

    CeciVizz日 前

    The international taste tests are my faves

  10. yendra fantara

    yendra fantara日 前

    there's no taco bell in indonesia,why become an option?

  11. Christian Youngman

    Christian Youngman日 前

    link can be a psychopath sometimes

  12. Doughnut girl 11

    Doughnut girl 11日 前

    Why is he talking about Iowa like that we have all sorts of crazy foods at the Iowa state fair???

  13. Founding Father

    Founding Father2 日 前

    The algorithm? What is that Link?

  14. AHLAM /أحلام

    AHLAM /أحلام3 日 前

    I live in kuwait and i never seen it before

  15. Lizzy Baby

    Lizzy Baby3 日 前

    “Some things are just begging to be dinked” -Link, 2019

  16. TexasCountry1337

    TexasCountry13373 日 前

    Watching this while eating Taco Bell🤙🏻

  17. Of Course Little Boi

    Of Course Little Boi3 日 前


  18. Serjohn

    Serjohn4 日 前

    chaces expression changed drastically after the whoop whoop go back and look

  19. Wes Baker

    Wes Baker5 日 前

    Rhett: “I wanna finish this but we got more rounds” *literally 1 minute later* Also Rhett: “ Ok so this is our last round”

  20. Kanenas54

    Kanenas545 日 前

    I'm disliking it because of the way you both ate the Columbian quesadilla

  21. SuperNinjaCowGoMoo

    SuperNinjaCowGoMoo5 日 前

    Now’s my chance to like bois! I’m doing it!

  22. steffers841

    steffers8415 日 前

    Actually, LINK, you DO have to have a JPreporter account to like....

  23. 1Happypiper

    1Happypiper6 日 前

    I'm obsessed with Rhett's jacket and need to know where it came from. Can anyone help me?

  24. Skylar Meloche

    Skylar Meloche6 日 前

    i’m live in canada and i love taco bell, unfortunately there’s only one in my area, and i’ve never had one of those lol. 🤔🤷‍♀️

  25. Jeremy Bacchus

    Jeremy Bacchus6 日 前

    Link, you have to be logged into an account is order to like or comment. Great videos guys!

  26. DOT 3B

    DOT 3B7 日 前

    Link = yokirero?

  27. Raven Night

    Raven Night7 日 前

    As Rhett's beard grows he looks more and more like a lumberjack lol

  28. Hannah Cottrill Winger

    Hannah Cottrill Winger7 日 前

    Link's reasoning for why he picked Canada for that last one is so accurate.

  29. Collin D

    Collin D7 日 前

    chase button up your shirt pls

  30. jacesaces15

    jacesaces157 日 前

    WOW! compared to another "international taste test" video with a similar amount of views, the experiment worked! this video has 8 TIMES more likes.

  31. chad marz

    chad marz7 日 前

    Why not

  32. Gabb Y

    Gabb Y7 日 前

    I feel so proud that Argentina keeps popping up on the map! :3

  33. Unkown 678

    Unkown 6788 日 前

    2.4 mil 400k likes

  34. iDelete -

    iDelete -9 日 前


  35. Charles Damn

    Charles Damn9 日 前

    4:26 lmfaooo

  36. Devbo Slice

    Devbo Slice10 日 前

    Why no blindfold! You guys should do a blindfold dart review!

  37. Devbo Slice

    Devbo Slice10 日 前

    Trim your beard or eat more cheetos Rhett

  38. krystalwaters47

    krystalwaters4710 日 前

    Where do they get these international foods from?

  39. Kait Malorie

    Kait Malorie10 日 前


  40. Abraham Garcia

    Abraham Garcia10 日 前

    Does anyone know where I can find Rhett's jacket??

  41. Starlah Smith

    Starlah Smith11 日 前


  42. Slagg CS

    Slagg CS11 日 前

    You actually do have to be logged into a JPreporter account to like something.. sorry, not sorry.

  43. Xxnerdgoat aka InkNerdgoat

    Xxnerdgoat aka InkNerdgoat11 日 前


  44. Navaeh Eilish

    Navaeh Eilish11 日 前

    I love Taco Bell ❤️🌯

  45. Felipe niño

    Felipe niño11 日 前

    There is not TacoBellin Colombia!! Where did you get that thing?