INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS CONTROL OUR LIVES FOR 24 HOURS (ended up 667 miles away from home!!)


  1. KealyHD

    KealyHD年 前

    Was so crazy meeting you guys in Dublin! Gotta get myself over to LA and do a trip like that myself 🙌🏽 Welcome back anytime 😄

  2. Jackie Bandosa

    Jackie Bandosa25 日 前

    Yes Theory and freaking cool

  3. Jackie Bandosa

    Jackie Bandosa25 日 前

    Yes Theory your sexy

  4. ducksy

    ducksyヶ月 前

    know shit my name is Ben Kealy and I live in Dublin.

  5. jc_ gamerFY1

    jc_ gamerFY19 ヶ月 前

    Absolute lad

  6. Dumb bitch

    Dumb bitch11 ヶ月 前

    KealyHD I live there :0

  7. אליאל שיטרית

    אליאל שיטרית2 日 前

    Go to isrel

  8. Rosanna Bustillos

    Rosanna Bustillos4 日 前

    The only website that does the job for me and gives me instagram free followers is SMM EMPIRE - But, I tried many other websites however none of those work like SMM EMPIRE haha

  9. Al Spider-Man Horford

    Al Spider-Man Horford5 日 前

    You Guys are so positive that it’s actually annoying

  10. Al Spider-Man Horford

    Al Spider-Man Horford5 日 前

    You guys are so cringeworthy from the positivity

  11. Stella Alcos

    Stella Alcos8 日 前


  12. Louis Litt

    Louis Litt9 日 前

    667 щщс

  13. Sass ಠ益ಠ

    Sass ಠ益ಠ9 日 前

    Next time post a poll- “Should I poop or not?”

  14. Jessica

    Jessica10 日 前

    Wonderful! I am getting around 6000 F0LL0WS extremely fast from === *FLASHFOLLOWS. COM*

  15. Cesar Beltran

    Cesar Beltran11 日 前

    The girl who hosted you is seriously so beautiful lol

  16. Yashwant Chaudhari

    Yashwant Chaudhari15 日 前

    I would have known her before.

  17. Jeneque Pinnock

    Jeneque Pinnock15 日 前

    What in the Bandersnatch is this! Too good!😂👏🏽

  18. Brendan Mulgrew

    Brendan Mulgrew16 日 前

    I love yes theory so much and maybe next time come to Northern Ireland and we can host you


    MOTAV8 FILMS16 日 前

    i would love to do something like this if yuor in los angeles contact me

  20. Nikhil Hazari

    Nikhil Hazari16 日 前

    these people enjoy life

  21. ais krim

    ais krim17 日 前

    Longer video please 🙏🙏😭

  22. Mosquite

    Mosquite17 日 前

    I watch these videos and say "I'm going to start living like this", but then I remember that I don't have money... FK......!

  23. gacha love

    gacha love17 日 前

    I'm from Dublin aka Ireland

  24. Haddadi Aziz

    Haddadi Aziz18 日 前

    06:13 looks like the dog on simpson.

  25. Jewelia Konkol

    Jewelia Konkol23 日 前

    It makes me sad that if they were girls they probably could have gotten really hurt.

  26. Loophole

    Loophole23 日 前

    Now you don’t know why this got one like.

  27. Vania Wibisono

    Vania Wibisono23 日 前

    Come to indonesia. We’ll host you!

  28. Nolan Heath

    Nolan Heath24 日 前

    Lol ryanair

  29. Jalicia Babylon

    Jalicia Babylon24 日 前

    3:09 i wonder if he ever got that high five

  30. Michael Turner

    Michael Turner24 日 前

    Dublin? Where's all the junkies slingin pollen hash in the airport carpark 😂

  31. MissEliJ

    MissEliJ24 日 前

    I wish I had a friend to do this with 😭

  32. Grant Davis

    Grant Davis24 日 前

    Whaaaat I’ve jumped where they jumped!!

  33. Maddie Burnison

    Maddie Burnison24 日 前

    Bruh this is just bomb bomb bomb

  34. Naggachaittanyapg 198

    Naggachaittanyapg 19825 日 前

    I want to see you guys in INDIA. I am living in BANGALORE. Please try once guys. It'll become your crazy experience ever in life. INDIA is whole different country than any other in the world.

  35. Shaya Firth

    Shaya Firth25 日 前

    Please to Tokyo!!

  36. Hi Ye

    Hi Ye25 日 前

    Seriously underrated channel... Keep it up guys you’re the best!

  37. xxxgameboyxxx boygamexxx

    xxxgameboyxxx boygamexxx26 日 前

    Next video: Making you guys choose where I will go [NORTH|SOUTH] (KOREA)

  38. sarah

    sarah26 日 前

    wow life looks so fun as a man lol

  39. Lebrond Jame

    Lebrond Jame24 日 前

    It is

  40. Hi I’m SHREK

    Hi I’m SHREK26 日 前

    Rayn air tho

  41. Rommel Dagnaos

    Rommel Dagnaos27 日 前

    irish people are beautiful and generously hospitality 😇

  42. Mr. NotSoCreative

    Mr. NotSoCreative27 日 前

    Why was this only 8 minutes? These videos should be 30 minute to an hour long

  43. Mat

    Mat27 日 前

    Go to Croatia

  44. Squid Animations

    Squid Animations28 日 前


  45. Karl Holst Sørensen

    Karl Holst Sørensen28 日 前

    Plz go to Denmark

  46. Galaxy Gamers

    Galaxy Gamers28 日 前