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    Yes Theory jjjjjjjjhjjhjjj

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    Yes Theory! I know Houston! He is a amazing guy who has inspired my school to be kind and thoughtful. His mom grew up in South China Maine. She also went to my school! My school is China Middle School! CMS!!! 🔴⚪️

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    Yes Theory ! Do it to me

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    Yes Theory I

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    I smiled the whole video☺☺

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    I havent been smiling like this for a long time, watching a video!

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    yes theory your the best

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    Update on them?

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    I need a date like that 💔

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    What's the outro music?

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    Please help me with this. My parents are needing me to date an Indian girl who's Hindu. Please help me Yes Theory

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    Jess Alexandra Beautyヶ月 前

    This was so great!!!! I loved how they got along so well, I think the spontaneity and light heartedness really worked to their benefit!

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    Sammy is FINE!

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    I'd love to see some follow-ups on these dates you set people up on.

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    awwwe ☺☺💕💕💕💕💕😍

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    Any updates??

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    After binging yes theory what I've learned is their budget. 10% equipment 20% travel costs 10% giveaways 60% helicopter flights in LA

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    What was #1?

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    love the Bobby Dukes inpression hahaha

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    Suomi prkl!

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    anyone noticed the kenyan flag arm band on the lady's arm? Proud to be kenyan.

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    what a great concept, the vibes thou so amazying

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    11:40 I see my country Indonesia

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    when r u guys going to indonesia?

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    the accessibility that you guys have to do anything when it pops in your head is real ✔✔✔✔🔥👌🏽

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    isn’t that McKenzie Luskey at 6:42 ?

  32. Liliana Hetherman

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    You guys should invite like 20 people from different countries to all fly out to cali and stay in an air bnb together and go sightseeing and do crazy stuff. that'd be one of the sickest videos ever!!!

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    wow haha


    JK NANWANI3 ヶ月 前

    what about indiA?

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    4:02 Okeh...

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    Kenyan blaclet I see

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    but they didnt go to mexico

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    when are you guys coming to India?

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    Come to India 🇮🇳

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    we all agree that Thomas looks like Ryan Gosling right?

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    Update on them now?

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    you guys gotta make follow up videos for all blind dates or any dates

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    What is the update on them today?

  46. TheCkiser

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    You should do the same concept but with a married couple!

  47. callie hilton

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    Part 2?????

  48. Ian Cameron

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    Soooo....did they go to Mexico?

  49. Hannah Stevenson

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    Okay but what was the other second date idea??

  50. Tristan Kremer

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    What was option two

  51. Kim Jansen

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    I wonder if they ever became a thing

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    What was in envelope eins

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    I want to have a Yes Theory life 😍

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    What happened to them

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    When’s the second date supposed to happen ?!

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    dating; anything for you honey married; you don't control my life

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    Come to Perú lysmmm

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    I lost it when he started crawling 🤣🤣

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    “Speak Finnish” *Speaks german and gibberish*

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    So, did they hit it off or what? Updates!

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    So What Ended Up Happening With These 2???? the world wants to KNOW???

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    Best blind date yet!

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    omg :D