Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge


  1. Flaksick

    Flaksick3 時間 前

    Teeqo has the virus 🦠

  2. Riley Gaffney

    Riley Gaffney16 時間 前

    Can I join faze I will do enything

  3. sloths lol

    sloths lol日 前

    bro i like how faze kay is excited that jarvis gets to eat the 🌶

  4. Spekz

    Spekz2 日 前

    Jack is just getting bullied🤣🤣

  5. afroga Rahman

    afroga Rahman2 日 前

    Wtf you cry logo fuck you faze fuck you

  6. Dead-Dreams

    Dead-Dreams2 日 前

    I don't think Jarvis would use a PlayStation control 😂😂☢☢💯💯

  7. Sebastian Seaman

    Sebastian Seaman3 日 前

    I am surprised Jarvis didn't die from the snakes

  8. Dayan Bourque

    Dayan Bourque3 日 前

    you guys should do a part 2

  9. NachoCheese

    NachoCheese3 日 前

    faze I know u do drugs likeeee u should stop

  10. Gabbe and francis 1310

    Gabbe and francis 13104 日 前

    U guys Clickbate so mutch

  11. ToxicPlayzz YT

    ToxicPlayzz YT4 日 前

    Jarvis at 0:05 🤣🤣😂

  12. Landon Kies

    Landon Kies4 日 前

    1:00 teawap got the po on speed dial bro lmfaoooooooooo

  13. XFNH EPIKBanana

    XFNH EPIKBanana4 日 前

    Alternate title : torturing Cizzorz



    We got revenge from cizzor deathrun

  15. Fares 22

    Fares 224 日 前


  16. Sir. Agent Peely

    Sir. Agent Peely5 日 前

    I like kay

  17. TSG KiLLem Twice

    TSG KiLLem Twice5 日 前

    5:28 I loved this part so much🤣 when the family is outside doing there thing and the big brother Tommy goes up to do this lil joke to the big bro Banks for the video🤣Banks is one of the brothers he knows what’s good better than any, he’s been there, he’s done it, he’s still doing it and to see him spray his bro’s back like that was fucking awesome to watch! He even sprayed his puppy Paris🤣 it’s so fun and wholesome🔥 FAZE THE FUCK UP FOR LIFE! I really wish Apple could hurry up and make a Faze Up emoji for us for real.

  18. Luke Bellon

    Luke Bellon5 日 前

    I've at the Carolina Reaper by it self and I was not chugging milk

  19. Cardn1l Yt

    Cardn1l Yt5 日 前

    I was in Teeqos stream

  20. Sean Osandu

    Sean Osandu6 日 前

    Most of the fortnite content is now gone let Jarvis do his thang

  21. Sean Osandu

    Sean Osandu6 日 前

    So he will go to jail for playing a free game

  22. ReversePhysco

    ReversePhysco6 日 前

    Can I get subs I’m tryna hit 100

  23. Marcus Chischilly

    Marcus Chischilly6 日 前

    I like how tommy is where ing the wu tang clan t shirt wu tang clan is my favorite clan

  24. Daniel Figueroa

    Daniel Figueroa6 日 前


  25. Duck Lick

    Duck Lick7 日 前

    That’s what cizzor gets for tourting us with his death runs

  26. Im_Legit

    Im_Legit7 日 前

    Cizzors making all those deathruns backfired hella hard

  27. YT- Itzwoney789

    YT- Itzwoney7897 日 前

    Just admit Jarvis is not banned

  28. Nick Gamer

    Nick Gamer7 日 前

    3:23 is funny

  29. Fox_au ;-;

    Fox_au ;-;8 日 前

    Cizzers: it’s torcher cizzerz for 24 hours. Everybody else: flash backs to the death runs

  30. It’s Johnny

    It’s Johnny8 日 前

    People really want Cizzorz get hurt 😂 😂 😂

  31. av kareem

    av kareem8 日 前

    Wait a min how did they pull fortnite on his pc that means he might be playin

  32. Miguel Rivera

    Miguel Rivera9 日 前

    (Jarvis eat Chili) Jarvis: it’s actually bearable (Chugs gallon of milk)

  33. Mustafa on iPadシ

    Mustafa on iPadシ9 日 前

    Cizzorz got chosen cuz people want revenge for the deathruns

  34. Matin Ahmadi

    Matin Ahmadi9 日 前

    is faze rug out of the faze clan?

  35. Yuepheng Vang

    Yuepheng Vang9 日 前

    Can I join faze

  36. unstoppable nightmarepower4

    unstoppable nightmarepower49 日 前

    Cizzors this is carma

  37. Braylon Forde

    Braylon Forde9 日 前

    No guiic

  38. Galglex

    Galglex9 日 前

    ever since faze jarvis joined faze its all gone to shit

  39. Ne Gala

    Ne Gala9 日 前

    I'm telling epic....

  40. Ben Stott

    Ben Stott9 日 前

    Yo I’m cracked at fortnite hit me up @benstott2804

  41. Firey Jr.

    Firey Jr.10 日 前


  42. Mahbus

    Mahbus10 日 前

    Comically large spoonful

  43. Charter Bowlds

    Charter Bowlds10 日 前

    Why does banks look like post malone

  44. K_G AimMaster

    K_G AimMaster10 日 前

    Cizzorz this is for ur deathruns

  45. Hybrxd_ Electric

    Hybrxd_ Electric11 日 前

    Cizzorz:what did I do to you Frazier Me: all your death run 😂😂

  46. Johnny Tuaoi

    Johnny Tuaoi11 日 前

    Teeqo is a cheater bc he needs he's twitch chat to control him

  47. FaZe Olympic

    FaZe Olympic11 日 前

    Let me know in the comments if I do this again

  48. Freddie Forbes

    Freddie Forbes11 日 前

    Can I get a r I p for cizzor

  49. pgabe23

    pgabe2311 日 前

    Can I have Gfuel and what is that

  50. Dovy YT

    Dovy YT12 日 前


  51. Coop on mobile

    Coop on mobile12 日 前


  52. Coop on mobile

    Coop on mobile12 日 前


  53. quiax dxdicated

    quiax dxdicated12 日 前

    ass blaster is not the worlds hottest hot sauce the one that is is 9 million scovil units

  54. Find Atlantis

    Find Atlantis12 日 前

    3:53 look at that camera angle

  55. Team Atlas

    Team Atlas12 日 前

    Alternative title: Instagram bullying Cizzorz for 24 hours

  56. TMI_Astro

    TMI_Astro12 日 前

    Ciizorz was right when he said “this video is just faze clan torturing cizzorz”

  57. Owen Sarsfield

    Owen Sarsfield12 日 前

    Can I join faze clan

  58. Anthony Fothersgill

    Anthony Fothersgill12 日 前


  59. Anthony Fothersgill

    Anthony Fothersgill12 日 前

    No unless u sub to me and like all my videos and say I’m da best 29 times

  60. aimFREAk768

    aimFREAk76813 日 前

    R.I.P cizzorz

  61. Alvin Chan

    Alvin Chan13 日 前

    Loki Tommy is just vibing in the whole challenge

  62. Trios

    Trios13 日 前

    It’s funny how all of Jarvis content is him getting banned I mean I respect tho lol

  63. Hendrix GG

    Hendrix GG13 日 前

    I feel bad for cizzorz bro 😂😂