Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway | Open Door | Architectural Digest


  1. Rahaf Herself

    Rahaf Herself2 時間 前

    house of my dreams

  2. Esha Semwal

    Esha Semwal2 時間 前

    I like Hailey Bieber more than Kendall Jenner in look s and behaviour and all ❤️. Hailey Bieber ❤️ Justin Bieber _ 🔥🔥

  3. Yethie Maroon

    Yethie Maroon3 時間 前

    Her tone sounds like kylie's, just a different voice But the way she talks they're kind of the same

  4. sunnypie2

    sunnypie24 時間 前

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like her mom?

  5. Gottfried Maurer

    Gottfried Maurer8 時間 前

    Ngl that's not what I expected

  6. Fang Gladys

    Fang Gladys9 時間 前

    Any engineer offended by Kendall saying “I am really nerdy"?

  7. Dessy Fee

    Dessy Fee11 時間 前

    Ga sengaja liat ulekan.. oh kendall suka ngulek juga sambil ngeliwet kali ya 😘☺😂

  8. Angel Gb

    Angel Gb12 時間 前

    you should visit nick jonas house next

  9. Hannah Meow

    Hannah Meow13 時間 前

    She's the stoner of the family. And this video/house proves that marijuana is magical!

  10. Lowee De Jesus

    Lowee De Jesus14 時間 前

    I love her style.

  11. alicia

    alicia14 時間 前

    moral of the story- everybody comes to Kendall’s house more than she ever thought they would

  12. hayley

    hayley15 時間 前

    “Glad to hear your a happy girl” oh gosh. Spelled wrong..:( You’re..********...

  13. elle Jay

    elle Jay15 時間 前

    I’ll pass... 😕

  14. Somad Muhammad

    Somad Muhammad16 時間 前

    Hehehe.. Mari ngopi..ngopi..☕☕☕👌😉😊senang berjumpa dengan anda disini..semoga hari-hari anda selalu Happy,sehat,menyenangkan dan bersyukur..👌😉😊 Yeah Rumah yang bagus ,serta juga memiliki Taman,serta Kolam berenang, Ruang Kerja,Bar serta Ruang Dapur yang cukup Luas..dan terlihat sangat Asri dan cukup Nyaman,meskipun Hamba belum melihatnya secara Langsung keseluruhanannya..👌😉😊 Berhubung ini sudah hampir masuk Waktu Subuh (pagi) WIB, Hamba akan istirahat sejenak untuk menikmati secangkir Kopi dengan ditemani Udara yang sangat dingin mencekam merasuk hingga ke dalam tulang..👌😉😊 Dan senang berjumpa dengan anda,salam dari Hamba buat anda semua semoga Hari-hari anda semua selalu happy,sehat, menyenangkan dan bersyukur..👌😉😊 Sampai Jumpa.. Good morning..!! 👌😉😊👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  15. __valer1acasti

    __valer1acasti16 時間 前

    her house is my dream house omfg😔

  16. Arun Sivan

    Arun Sivan17 時間 前


  17. JD

    JD17 時間 前

    Rich get Richer and the poor keeps getting poorer....🤷

  18. Alexandra Smith

    Alexandra Smith18 時間 前

    Beautiful but I absolutely hate this popular trend of having the curtains drag on the floor. It seems like none of these houses can escape it. It looks so bad- like it wasn't made to measure or hung correctly. And they must get filthy. Dragging along edges of walls on the floor all day - imagining how unsanitary it is makes me cringe.

  19. URHO

    URHO19 時間 前

    One time I dreamt that the Kardashian sisters went to my house and Khloe did the dishes. 😂


    VADKESHWARI20 時間 前

    Love the art studio

  21. Vanessa Richard

    Vanessa Richard22 時間 前

    I love her! She’s different from all K! Stunning house for a beautiful lady 😍

  22. Namrata Vasishtha

    Namrata Vasishtha22 時間 前

    Her house is so Portuguese

  23. JM Smith Vlog

    JM Smith Vlog23 時間 前

    I think her house is very cozy to live in. It's so nice I enjoyed the tour more video of Kendall please.

  24. TyRee Henry

    TyRee Henry日 前

    22cm is like a 8 inches lol

  25. Mario Manzanero Tunay Jr

    Mario Manzanero Tunay Jr日 前

    Being a maid of Kendal Jenner is not a job it's a gift!

  26. smoothie greenburg

    smoothie greenburg日 前

    Surprised she is cut from the same cloth as other Kardashians. she is actually delightful compared to the rest of them

  27. Trevor E

    Trevor E日 前


  28. SN TN

    SN TN日 前


  29. Eman 2K

    Eman 2K日 前

    who else here after she said/revealed that she’s the family stoner

  30. thicc peach

    thicc peach8 時間 前

    OMG where and when

  31. Sandy Frank

    Sandy Frank日 前

    beautiful eclectic style

  32. Dulce Perea

    Dulce Perea日 前

    gold tub. what?

  33. Elle P.

    Elle P.日 前

    Kendall is glowing here. I love this whole look.

  34. Louise Bodin

    Louise Bodin日 前

    Im a pai ter too!!! *

  35. Slim J

    Slim J日 前

    she has about 15pairs of Leather Pants

  36. Louise Bodin

    Louise Bodin日 前


  37. Louise Bodin

    Louise Bodin日 前


  38. Tomorrow is Today

    Tomorrow is Today日 前

    She's honestly the only pretty Kardashian. The rest are just plain-looking really, with lots of makeup and most likely surgery. Not saying this Kardashian didn't get any surgery. And she looks younger than Kylie too.

  39. Aditi S

    Aditi S日 前

    I don’t really like Kendall but damn her house is amazing! Like her taste is sooo good.

  40. dorothy valery

    dorothy valery日 前

    She Has EVERYTHING! Loving And Supportive Family! She Is GORGEOUS! She Has A Beautiful Body! She Is Smart Kind And Lovely! She Is Young, Famous And Wealthy! She Is An Amazing Model! Highest Paid Model Of Her Generation! She Has Great Style And Was Named: Fashion Icon Of The Decade! She Dated HARRY STYLES And Still Good Friend With HARRY STYLES! I Understand Those Who Might Be JEALOUS! But To Me-- You Are A Symbol Of Pure Luck And PERFECTION!LOVE ALWAYS @kendalljenner

  41. Sloane DeRothschild

    Sloane DeRothschild日 前

    FANTASTIC!!! I love how your family does really good beautiful homes

  42. Sheneka Henry

    Sheneka Henry日 前

    Its giving me boho chic vibes, love it.

  43. Brittni Johnson

    Brittni Johnson日 前

    Her house is by far my favorite So cozy and perfect peaceful home. Obsessed!

  44. MSF

    MSF日 前

    God, when is my turn

  45. S B

    S B2 日 前

    When i saw that beautiful marble counter above those marvelous green cabinets 🤤

  46. Darko Horvat

    Darko Horvat2 日 前

    All the houses are perfectly clean, does anyone live in them.

  47. The Forest Lover

    The Forest Lover2 日 前

    More of a french house i love it

  48. iamnidiyaa

    iamnidiyaa2 日 前

    Type of home and place I wnt

  49. Mich Quetulio

    Mich Quetulio2 日 前

    I keep coming back to this video cuz i just love her house

  50. Leon Anderson

    Leon Anderson2 日 前

    What does she do? Apart from taking advantage of what she’s been spoon fed?

  51. Leon Anderson

    Leon Anderson2 日 前

    She’s seriously horizontally stacking them records

  52. Saranghaezz

    Saranghaezz2 日 前

    Honestly, I think she has the best taste of all the KarJenners

  53. Nikhil Mahajan

    Nikhil Mahajan2 日 前

    Best celebrity house ❤️cozy and warm

  54. ashley nicole

    ashley nicole2 日 前


  55. ashley nicole

    ashley nicole2 日 前

    i wanna be one of her nerdy friends ;_;

  56. Vikas Samal

    Vikas Samal2 日 前

    Just here to stare Kendall and listen to whatever rubbish she says😍coz i love that voice

  57. Debora Yovita

    Debora Yovita2 日 前

    The most humbe and unique Kardashian ❤️

  58. 333 MUSIC LLC

    333 MUSIC LLC2 日 前

    I actually like this style and design.

  59. karen lynne whitmarsh

    karen lynne whitmarsh2 日 前

    I want her glam room, fitting room, and closet. ❤

  60. Paul Golke

    Paul Golke2 日 前

    Nobody: Kendal Jenner: aNd LiKe I sAiD i LiVe In L.a!

  61. Mega Ayie

    Mega Ayie2 日 前

    Her house is feels very home especially her kitchen. It's so beautiful

  62. John Brocato

    John Brocato2 日 前

    Fun fact the stone sink left the house

  63. Rihana Atherley

    Rihana Atherley2 日 前

    Am i the only person who finds her interior design horrid?

  64. MJ

    MJ2 日 前

    I stopped 5 seconds in at the point she said "I renovated." I really very much doubt she did.

  65. Linda Do

    Linda Do2 日 前

    the only one in the nuthouse clan I can tolerate and like. she's so down to earth and the most mature. hope she stays that way.

  66. DadliLady

    DadliLady2 日 前

    A touch of warmth, a touch of glam, and a touch of playfulness. Love the design. Totally suits her.

  67. H

    H2 日 前

    her home is so homey. its rich looking without being intimidating

  68. P S

    P S2 日 前

    Hannah montana room😂😂🤣

  69. Maalika Kazia

    Maalika Kazia2 日 前


  70. taekook magicshop

    taekook magicshop2 日 前

    I love her she's so down to earth and her house looks insane i love it

  71. Jade Burks

    Jade Burks2 日 前

    750,000 for a light 🤭🙈

  72. conishkee

    conishkee2 日 前

    09-15-20: While the house is absolutely gorgeous, I am not a fan of the stone sink which appears to be lopsided.

  73. Molly Rist

    Molly Rist2 日 前

    Love this

  74. momohatsana

    momohatsana2 日 前

    I love the idea of her paint room and her tea stand in her bedroom. I suck at painting but I love painting. One day I hope to have my own painting room. And I too love tea!!!

  75. momohatsana

    momohatsana2 日 前

    I love her taste!!!

  76. Sun Dance

    Sun Dance2 日 前

    If i was this rich i would honestly probably just have a hut out in a beautiful forest. Shoot I'd even settle for a double wide mobile home. How much could two lovers need?

  77. Cindy Richard

    Cindy Richard2 日 前

    This home is gorgeous and cozy❤

  78. Abee Abee

    Abee Abee2 日 前

    the vibe in her kitchen is SO REFRESHING!

  79. crazzi-j north

    crazzi-j north3 日 前

    She’s a lot more down to earth than the other family members she lives for comfort clearly and I like how everything has a little backstory

  80. Aaron Edwards

    Aaron Edwards3 日 前

    As much as I don't like the show KUWTK I do have to say that Kendall seems like a really chill person. I couldn't imagine growing up with all that craziness and turning out normal. Good for her.

  81. ɜ:

    ɜ:3 日 前

    Why are you a stoner Kendall

  82. Joe Luis

    Joe Luis3 日 前

    Shes with her friends a lot

  83. DenimAndLeather

    DenimAndLeather3 日 前

    Her home matches her perfectly. She has to be one the most beautiful people on earth!

  84. stanateezcowards _

    stanateezcowards _3 日 前

    I love how her house isn’t just a massive mansion. It’s very spacious but, in a way where it is still cozy and makes it feel like home.

  85. bthmcrlvr

    bthmcrlvr3 日 前

    if this doesn't prove how different she is from her sisters idk what does, she's got major middle child syndrome without being the middle child haha. love how different she is tho

  86. Anntuhaneth Mena

    Anntuhaneth Mena2 日 前

    She has more in common with her brothers, she is a Jenner after all.

  87. just some guy without a moustache

    just some guy without a moustache3 日 前

    Yes you can, believe in yourself!

  88. Ad Den

    Ad Den3 日 前

    so gorgeous, and thats a nice house.. those awful dislikes are jealous again!

  89. dani.89

    dani.893 日 前

    when i saw that chair in the office behind the desk i knew she didn't use it lol

  90. Velocity Girl

    Velocity Girl3 日 前

    YOUR in the neon art wall sign is spelled wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️

  91. Velocity Girl

    Velocity Girl3 日 前

    I love her house and for once Kendall has so much to say and she says it with authority and passion! This is the opposite of Gigi Hadid’s recent unveiling of her NYC place. Bravo!

  92. domdom doma

    domdom doma3 日 前

    Beer aea, tea area ... what's next! Water area! Lol

  93. Valentin

    Valentin3 日 前

    How can you not fall in love with her?! Perfection doesn't exist? Well...

  94. Donyelle Hill

    Donyelle Hill3 日 前


  95. Twisted Gemini Tv

    Twisted Gemini Tv3 日 前

    Is it me or does everyone in the kardashian/Jenner family have the same backyard?

  96. Mama & Bubba!

    Mama & Bubba!3 日 前

    They scare me how perfect they have to be

  97. Madeline Miles

    Madeline Miles3 日 前

    super upset the sign in her bedroom uses the wrong "your/you're"

  98. abbey hodge

    abbey hodge4 日 前

    shes so beautiful

  99. Aryan Malhotra

    Aryan Malhotra4 日 前


  100. Edgar Cross

    Edgar Cross4 日 前

    Ok, but who would put that message in a wall?

  101. God's Child

    God's Child4 日 前

    Best house tour!❤

  102. focused

    focused4 日 前

    Thats the best kitchen design ive ever seen

  103. Xime Figueroa

    Xime Figueroa4 日 前

    Check out my new cover, “the one that got away”, by Katy Perry Home you like It!!!