Inside Japan's Most Expensive Bullet Train | $750 Seat


  1. Abroad in Japan

    Abroad in Japan3 ヶ月 前

    *IMPORTANT* Hey guys, setting my usual sarcasm aside for once I hope you’re all safe right now. Like a lot of the documentary style videos on this channel, this video was filmed many weeks before its release. We shot this long before the Tokyo lockdown; as I mentioned in last week’s video, for several weeks now I’ve been self isolating in my apartment with a stash of cup noodles, where I’ll be staying for the rest of April (and likely beyond at this point). I considered postponing this video given it’s set outdoors, but I figured anything that provides an escape from the ongoing situation can only be a good thing (especially given how hilarious Ryotaro was in this episode with his love of “different air”). As always, many thanks for watching guys and stay safe. I’ll be back later this week with another video and hit the like button if you enjoyed the show!

  2. ?:?

    ?:?12 日 前

    Abroad in Japan , no pressure, just thinking...this Gran Class experience would be amazing if you could share it with your wife and kids someday!! Your fans would love to see that new chapter in your life! It would make the channel a new refreshing experience!

  3. Cta2006

    Cta200626 日 前

    How do you know when you have reach your destination. Is there an announcement or sign that says wich city you arrive at onboard the train in English ?

  4. Fernando Tobias

    Fernando Tobias26 日 前


  5. The Tyro of Toriyama

    The Tyro of Toriyamaヶ月 前

    This is quite far off-topic and you can call me heartless and nitpicky but I don't like the idea that people in relationships do things such as spending unnecessary loads of hundreds of dollars just to prove love that can't even be showed by currency.. Just imagine draining your bank to sit on a pretty posh train, just so your partner feels sure that you still care for them. I wouldn't be so opposed to these ideas if not for the fact that someone would have you believe that disagreeing to comply means a lack of love for for someone... Just not a fan of some of these traditions that seem like they weren't planned out for the greater good of all involved but so someone can live above their means at the expense of a person who already deserves your full commitment and shouldn't need to renew vows like they're M.O.T on a car or some sorta high tier patreon subscription... really not trynna sound edgy or like I'm meaning to humble brag or speak distastefully but stuff like this is why I and many other youngsters prefer to stay independent and just enjoy random sexual encounters that entail no entitlements or expectations, rather than opening ourselves up to a random load of seemingly useless obligations and superficial kinds of sentiment... I really don't mean to seem salty or like I'm ranting randomly or attacking all ideals but my own and would be interested to hear what people have to say about these parts of western culture and traditions that become less popular as the ages go by

  6. Gigi PIckens

    Gigi PIckensヶ月 前

    i am from china,and have been S.Korea and Japan last year. And i took railway train to many places in China. i love Japanse serves. Welcome Japanese friends come to China to explore the real of China .

  7. I have somethin to say

    I have somethin to say2 時間 前

    The captions (in English) turns the Hayabusa into the Highway Buses...i mean how dope is that

  8. Queen of Stocks

    Queen of Stocks6 時間 前

    I wouldn't be surprised if the grand class seat washes your ass as well

  9. Chee Kain Wong

    Chee Kain Wong12 時間 前

    what's the name of the music you played at 8:50 mins?

  10. radddish

    radddish12 時間 前

    RissottoroSad 😂

  11. Ms So

    Ms So13 時間 前

    I had no idea bullet trains have been around 50 years already. Come on U.S., let's get our sh*t together!

  12. Morgan R.

    Morgan R.17 時間 前

    The $400 Green Class Japan Rail Pass was 100% worth it on my last trip to Japan. I went to 5 different cities in about a week, and all in style.

  13. John Mckillop

    John Mckillop23 時間 前

    11:54 I melted everytime a polite, sweet Japanese girl helped me in Japan. They were always so nice. It's likely just a function of how they do their job but it always made an impression on me.

  14. 銀河ちゃん大好き

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  15. OlSkunGun PS4

    OlSkunGun PS4日 前

    Even proportion of attractive females to males is 1st class in Japans bullet train.

  16. VR VR

    VR VR日 前

    Train Gundam. :) That was cute.

  17. Sanwich 121

    Sanwich 121日 前

    $750? That rings a bell. A *cat’s* bell.

  18. mone Alex

    mone Alex日 前

  19. Greg Pyszczek

    Greg Pyszczek3 日 前

    never seen someone so sad getting off a train

  20. Andrew White

    Andrew White3 日 前

    If you were to make a sticker of Natsuki's face with the words "f*cking hot sauce" I would slap it on the back window of my WRX

  21. Mãn Võ Xuân

    Mãn Võ Xuân3 日 前

    Actually, I loved All 2 floor carriage E4 too.

  22. Mãn Võ Xuân

    Mãn Võ Xuân3 日 前

    Long time development.. Appreciated! but I respect EU culture and we believe to right way to safety point of view always.

  23. Steve Alston

    Steve Alston4 日 前

    I can't believe Japan actually offered to help build this in Australia like lend people with expertise and our dumb as hell Australian government turned them down. Imagine this going from Cairns to Brisbane, it would make so much difference and improve peoples lives.

  24. AusMade

    AusMade5 日 前

    I'd catch a train more than once every 15 years if we had these in Australia.

  25. 黒岩頼介

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  26. Ben A. E

    Ben A. E6 日 前

    Complementary 50 cents crap with a 750 dollars trip? Sold!

  27. sunflower 21

    sunflower 216 日 前

    You two are like Batman and Robin. Who is the Batman, who is the Robin? It doesn't matter😄 you're both funny and charming. Thumbs up❤

  28. Ryanell Diero

    Ryanell Diero6 日 前

    Ryotoro is a funny guy i like to watch him in many of your videos, new subscriber here!

  29. the running man

    the running man6 日 前

    The reason why I want to go to Japan next year is to ride one of these bullet trains

  30. Carl-Johan Hellstrom

    Carl-Johan Hellstrom7 日 前

    "Bento for free" Probably in the fee of 750 bucks.

  31. ayumi

    ayumi7 日 前

    Running since 1964 - Not a single injury. In Sweden we smack in to tanks (yes) and trucks every other year its more exciting like that. That is if the train is running at all, there might be leafs on the rail road.

  32. DiggingForFacts

    DiggingForFacts7 日 前

    Now I seriously wonder if gobbling Risottoro's plums is worth it to ride the Shinkansen

  33. Soseiki Haragatatsu

    Soseiki Haragatatsu7 日 前

    This bullet train is only for rich people or has a money to spend it

  34. The Flaming Land Walrus

    The Flaming Land Walrus7 日 前

    It’s a train named after a halo armor

  35. The Flaming Land Walrus

    The Flaming Land Walrus7 日 前

    It hayabusa it’s just not whatcha used ta it’s hayabusa it’s just too cool for you

  36. king of killer

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  37. Max Dahguy

    Max Dahguy9 日 前

    Your fancy clothes make you look like an undertaker

  38. 西村正記

    西村正記9 日 前

    2019年に、はやぶさのグランクラスに乗りました。 実際、国際線のビジネスクラスのような心地いい環境で、旅行を楽しみたい人にはお勧めです。

  39. enigma

    enigma9 日 前

    Hardly anyone wearing masks? Good luck Japan.

  40. しょーき

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  41. Brandon Creighton

    Brandon Creighton9 日 前

    mmm bullet train seckssss.....

  42. Jay

    Jay10 日 前

    "GranClass" sounds like a euphemism for a retirement home.

  43. adaydreamhd

    adaydreamhd10 日 前

    i dont get it, is the payback off camera, or the apology,? or are they just businesspartners. however. nice professional style in making content, ty so so much for not opening with hey guys.

  44. 中野二乃

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  45. Tim Cent

    Tim Cent11 日 前

    The topic is great. The nonsense commentary is drowned out by background music. Overall the viewing experience is poor. Thumbs down from me.

  46. Red parade

    Red parade11 日 前

    I now know how to control a train build a train and make a train thanks to you

  47. ちょこてつふーてん

    ちょこてつふーてん11 日 前

    Let's be a little quieter. It is annoying to other customers

  48. Sebastiaan Schoemaker

    Sebastiaan Schoemaker12 日 前

    just found this channel, love the content. Really wants to make me visit Japan :o

  49. Sky Rocket

    Sky Rocket12 日 前

    "the air is different" Of course, the air between the peasant's air & royal's air is different

  50. あまあま

    あまあま12 日 前

    5:40 狐うどんうまい

  51. DarknessGaming

    DarknessGaming12 日 前

    11:20 😄 he is very funny and has good spirits ✌❤

  52. nime kun

    nime kun13 日 前

    Consider making a twitch channel for live vlogs dude, it would be very interesting and we would really like it

  53. ops70

    ops7013 日 前

    Wonderful! Thanks!

  54. Pavlos Tagalidis

    Pavlos Tagalidis13 日 前

    very british

  55. F gintaku

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  56. LibertarianSamurai 自由の志士

    LibertarianSamurai 自由の志士14 日 前

    Brits invented trains, the Japanese perfected it.

  57. 【ΤΗΞ ΙηΣ】 ΑζΤΞΚδ

    【ΤΗΞ ΙηΣ】 ΑζΤΞΚδ14 日 前

    Meh. Not as good as the Chinese trains, the seats on those go fully flat. Also way cheaper, a 10 hr journey costs 2000rmb or about 300 dollars

  58. 中山武史

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  59. mark p

    mark p14 日 前

    Domo world!!!!

  60. mark p

    mark p14 日 前

    Sour plum is the very best!

  61. BrooklynBound4

    BrooklynBound414 日 前

    That was a great video! I liked how excited @ Fukushima. Pass on the plums.

  62. Sean

    Sean15 日 前

    What’s stopping people from just going to Grand Class please don’t tell me it’s just people respecting the trains because that would be just to much for my western brain to handle

  63. Sledge Table

    Sledge Table15 日 前

    0:01 anime opening 11:25 anime ending

  64. Sledge Table

    Sledge Table15 日 前

    11:21 top 10 saddest moments in anime

  65. Sledge Table

    Sledge Table15 日 前

    3:32 he's a man of culture i see.

  66. Fox de Leon

    Fox de Leon16 日 前

    You get a sour plum sweet, guaranteed! Even if you don't want it, guaranteed!