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  1. Ariana Suliá

    Ariana Suliá時間 前

    “yeah it’s not too modern.” *pulls an iPad off the wall*

  2. For You

    For You時間 前

    Baby, ❤️❤️❤️😍😍love ya💞

  3. Momonosuke Kido

    Momonosuke Kido時間 前

    “ I feel like I’m such a sucker for views” - David

  4. Issy Lissy

    Issy Lissy時間 前

    Soooo cuuttteee

  5. hot and ready to be spilt

    hot and ready to be spilt時間 前

    Im doing an experiment I’m going on the 5 trending videos and seeing which one of my comments gets the most likes

  6. Mai Alharthy

    Mai Alharthy時間 前

    You can tell he’s so uncomfortable being the one in front of the camera lol

  7. Josh Payne

    Josh Payne時間 前

    "LED sign"? It's not LED, dude. I weep for the future...

  8. nicole lauren

    nicole lauren時間 前

    Was notttt expecting that ending 💀

  9. Adriana Segura

    Adriana Segura時間 前

    The Juul Pods in the back😂😂 7:38

  10. Adam Murray

    Adam Murray時間 前

    “I’m a sucker for views” 🤔

  11. Owen Lainez

    Owen Lainez時間 前

    mango juul pod

  12. OnlyOnline2O1O

    OnlyOnline2O1O時間 前

    Shoutout to Zane and Heath for the new light fixture 😂

  13. Inge Peeters

    Inge Peeters時間 前

    i really dont know who this david dobrik is. only came here to see the house thats it. but tell the poor guy he needs to buy i bigger fish tank. who on earth keeps a fish in such a lame bowl that is not bigger than a cup.

  14. Carly Wolosyn

    Carly Wolosyn時間 前

    a millionaire who uses suave

  15. MayGodRockYou

    MayGodRockYou時間 前

    He called it an LED light ffs hahaha

  16. Mary Cook

    Mary Cook時間 前

    MayGodRockYou NEON ! 🐟🍕🎢

  17. Cookie Cutrubes

    Cookie Cutrubes時間 前

    I know I’m not the only one who saw those juul pods @ 7:36

  18. Tanya Parker

    Tanya Parker時間 前

    Fun house💕👍🥰❤️🙏🔥💪🥗👌🌱👑😎👸✌️👩‍🎓

  19. Cooper shaw

    Cooper shaw時間 前

    The one person who still uses suave kids 🤣🤣

  20. Rahma Kargbo

    Rahma Kargbo時間 前

    Did i hear masturbation hardware

  21. Ds Bc

    Ds Bc時間 前

    I have understood Cardi E (like the older sister of Cardi B)

  22. YourLocalBiasWrecker

    YourLocalBiasWrecker時間 前

    “It’s not too modern it’s not too old” Next cut *”so here we have an iPad”*

  23. FameKills

    FameKills時間 前

    ugly and overrated boring house boooo

  24. tøpfallingfobphan atthdisco

    tøpfallingfobphan atthdisco時間 前

    older people watching this are like "who the hell gave this child all this money?"

  25. 80s gal !

    80s gal !時間 前

    So happy for him adorable guy

  26. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord時間 前

    Finally I can rob him😈

  27. juliana DLT

    juliana DLT時間 前

    What about Natalie’s room

  28. Quesadilla_Queen

    Quesadilla_Queen時間 前

    Me realizing how pampered David is for the whole duration of this video.

  29. ParadoxicalInsanity

    ParadoxicalInsanity時間 前

    I don't know who you are

  30. Fabian Silveyra

    Fabian Silveyra時間 前

    “The style of the house is like a house” -David

  31. Most Popular Videos Around

    Most Popular Videos Around時間 前

    So at 3:51 did THAT flame thrower end up on a recent Pawn Stars

  32. hayden king

    hayden king時間 前

    "We dont have fun around here" i legit died😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Matthew Cudal

    Matthew Cudal時間 前

    You guys forgot Natalie's room!

  34. Kimberly Stewart

    Kimberly Stewart時間 前

    I love David as much as he loves Tesla’s

  35. First Name Here

    First Name Here時間 前

    12:35 okay so I guess I have a crush on David dobrik now

  36. Miya Wright

    Miya Wright時間 前

    I need links to the videos he mentioned because somehow I have binged his videos so many times but have managed not to see ANY of those

  37. kryptonite9sunni

    kryptonite9sunni時間 前

    He's so doofy lmao love it

  38. tonari

    tonari時間 前

    He's so sweet

  39. Simon James

    Simon James時間 前

    He's so cute and awkward!

  40. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy時間 前

    You can see my job from Davida backyard

  41. Kara Bohlen

    Kara Bohlen時間 前


  42. JP jay

    JP jay時間 前

    he just killed his bonsai

  43. SoulReaper131

    SoulReaper131時間 前

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    So let me get this straight... "He is going to celebrate the face that he is celibate", (even though he celebrates his celibate homosexuality), meanwhile he fails to speak out against the rampant "immorality" of his entire rant... LMFAO!!!

  45. SYED &uss!in

    SYED &uss!in時間 前

    Camera dude looks in mirror *see 10 people people behind him* Me:ok...

  46. Lexi Taylor

    Lexi Taylor時間 前

    I’m the groundhog

  47. Brooke

    Brooke時間 前

    David has a fridge for the aesthetic

  48. Smuckers T

    Smuckers T時間 前

    This makes want me to get rich

  49. keanuu

    keanuu時間 前

    "I feel like I'm a sucker for views" Jonas brothers: ayo wassup

  50. Ktoś Ważny

    Ktoś Ważny時間 前

    "This is Natalie, she's now my assistant" wait what I thought they were dating

  51. Never_Ending_Studio kkswani

    Never_Ending_Studio kkswani時間 前

    Seriously I literally know who this is?!?

  52. ravennrose1

    ravennrose1時間 前

    nobody: David: Natalia my assistant

  53. Vlenissツ

    Vlenissツ時間 前

    Up and coming youtuber check me out.

  54. Jacklyn Tomei

    Jacklyn Tomei時間 前


  55. Starlight’s Sunshine

    Starlight’s Sunshine時間 前

    Time to get a Tesla

  56. ThreeRhino Boy

    ThreeRhino Boy時間 前

    Oh here’s my flame thrower

  57. Billy Jor

    Billy Jor時間 前

    this is great

  58. Akash Bhade

    Akash Bhade時間 前

    The style of a house is like a house.. 😂

  59. What Ever

    What Ever時間 前

    *Playing Angry birds while his assistant ties his shoes* ...... I will just leave it at that 💀

  60. Jayson O'Hara

    Jayson O'Hara時間 前

    What a mess - I couldn't even get through the whole video

  61. Ana Novak

    Ana Novak時間 前

    David, please take better care of that fish...

  62. Rafa Velas

    Rafa Velas時間 前

    I can already see people doxing David because of the Comcast building

  63. gin fork

    gin fork時間 前

    ok WTF, thats a neon sign. This man is big dumm and its making this video hard to watch.

  64. Scylla G.

    Scylla G.時間 前

    Where is the liza painting in David's room?

  65. A J

    A J時間 前

    Why didn’t they show Natalie’s room with its awesome paradise wall art?!

  66. Never_Ending_Studio kkswani

    Never_Ending_Studio kkswani時間 前

    Who are you?

  67. Madeline Jaksha

    Madeline Jaksha時間 前

    today I found out that this adult man is in fact a 3 year old

  68. gin fork

    gin fork時間 前

    Ok loser, learn how to die your damn shoes. smfh

  69. James? Who?

    James? Who?時間 前

    7:36 do I see a juul pod🤔

  70. Dav Films

    Dav Films時間 前

    @ wach this if you have a soul

  71. Raya mushiking hoop

    Raya mushiking hoop時間 前

    The ex-girlfriend and their first kiss spot part broke mah haert.

  72. Juan

    Juan時間 前

    Hey is this a re-upload, cause I think I watched this like a month ago

  73. lay k

    lay k時間 前

    No one: David: I broke the hammer

  74. Ethan Cohen

    Ethan Cohen時間 前

    ive never watched this guy, but this made me like him so much.

  75. Ashley Godinez

    Ashley Godinez時間 前

    David’s so cute I love this video

  76. Valkyriedebbs

    Valkyriedebbs時間 前

    "I knew they'd ran into you" well daaaamn!😌👏👏👏

  77. Maybelle Maybelle

    Maybelle Maybelle時間 前

    Ughhh Daviddddd❤️❤️❤️

  78. Grace Gilbertson

    Grace Gilbertson時間 前

    David: It's not too modern Also David: Has an iPad on the wall just for Angry Birds

  79. Eleni Loo

    Eleni Loo時間 前

    My hero 🦸‍♂️

  80. gayforchapman

    gayforchapman時間 前


  81. Carol

    Carol時間 前

    2.5 million dollar house and a Tesla that is his baby plus a Ferrari podcast: *doesn’t want to pay 100$ for valet* ^ me if i get rich

  82. saru hote

    saru hote時間 前

    birds of sri lanka

  83. Imacat_lumpieYT

    Imacat_lumpieYT時間 前


  84. Loganatorexit

    Loganatorexit時間 前

    Lmao David hiding the Tesla broken window by rolling it down

  85. pary16

    pary162 時間 前

    He looks like he's always almost drooling but he never does

  86. Alexis Rico

    Alexis Rico2 時間 前

    Did u know David had an Xbox 7:34

  87. King

    King2 時間 前

    Poor Nathalie lol

  88. Molly Schlarmann

    Molly Schlarmann2 時間 前

    I feel like this is the life/ interview that my 12 brother would have if you threw like 10 million dollars at him 😂

  89. Harsh

    Harsh2 時間 前

    His house is never this clean.

  90. Kei

    Kei2 時間 前

    This man is so quirky but funny.

  91. Murray Bennett • 28 years ago

    Murray Bennett • 28 years ago2 時間 前

    “The style of the house is that its a house” -David

  92. oKay Editzs

    oKay Editzs2 時間 前

    Imagine being able to say Kendall Jenner gave you a fish

  93. Gabe Schmitz

    Gabe Schmitz2 時間 前

    David juul???


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  95. Alejandro Tinajero

    Alejandro Tinajero2 時間 前

    david listens to lana? and radio? TASTE

  96. Anna Fagin

    Anna Fagin2 時間 前

    7:36 when youre rich enough to afford mango

  97. YP2016

    YP20162 時間 前

    8:55 you’ve got to be kidding me 😂😂😂

  98. Vane Cruz

    Vane Cruz2 時間 前

    The mf cutest 😂❤️

  99. Spyro's Adventures

    Spyro's Adventures2 時間 前

    Why do you have an assistant to tie your shoes

  100. 창작요리소 create food lab

    창작요리소 create food lab2 時間 前

    영상 좋아요~

  101. Dong King

    Dong King2 時間 前