Indiana Pacers vs Boston Celtics - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs


  1. Ximo Pierto

    Ximo Pierto5 日 前

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  2. L OVE

    L OVE5 日 前

    Wow good👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. LiveDict

    LiveDict5 日 前

    Sure thing



    lmk if you need instrumentals

  5. Federico Belloni

    Federico Belloni18 時間 前

    4:20 so good

  6. Saulo Augusto

    Saulo Augusto日 前

    The boss

  7. Tae Klout

    Tae Klout日 前

    travel At 4:35, left is your planted foot, right is the pivot, and he moved both before ball touched the ground. kmon refs ima start applying for yall jobs keep playing

  8. Tae Klout

    Tae Klout日 前

    kmon refs Travel @1:39 , get it together these moments change games

  9. Kyrie Ervin Jay Boribor

    Kyrie Ervin Jay Boribor日 前

    If Oladipo was there this is a different story

  10. Mohammed Alsagheir

    Mohammed Alsagheir2 日 前

    1:44 Traaaaaaaavel 🙃!

  11. Kenneth Adams

    Kenneth Adams2 日 前

    Is it just me or do anyone else notice Hayward never pass the ball to Tatum? He can have 3 men on him and Tatum is wide open, he will not pass it! I think he's jealous of Tatum's recognition on the team!

  12. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 日 前

    Where's the Center? Celtics. Shouldn't he be there for offense and defense?

  13. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 日 前

    That's right, go inside.

  14. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 日 前

    Alright! Good job, Guys.

  15. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 日 前

    Alright! Good job.

  16. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 日 前

    Don't be scared! Take it to the hoop!

  17. Nosy Rosie

    Nosy Rosie2 日 前

    Let's go, Boston!

  18. mansa musa

    mansa musa2 日 前

    All blowouts fuck the NBA

  19. Chrisse Williams

    Chrisse Williams2 日 前

    Watch this 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉 You won't be sorry you'll be of great support:

  20. Alvin Tan

    Alvin Tan2 日 前

    I wonder how the families of the screaming girl handle when she screams at home

  21. Terry Washington

    Terry Washington2 日 前

  22. turtles r good so r sheep

    turtles r good so r sheep2 日 前

    We need Victor back😢😢😢😢

  23. ken gamingYT

    ken gamingYT2 日 前

    Let them dance Kyrie the dancefloor is yours

  24. SportSelectiveSquad

    SportSelectiveSquad2 日 前

    celtic in 4 unless Kyrie did clown again about something. Not talking about flat earth tho :)

  25. Bolo Cabrera

    Bolo Cabrera2 日 前

    Those celtics jersey are lit

  26. Jo KeR*

    Jo KeR*3 日 前


  27. Antonio Ross

    Antonio Ross3 日 前

    Damn Good Game #Pacers #Celtics

  28. Round oF A Pauls

    Round oF A Pauls3 日 前

    This is why some players like taking a game or two of sometimes in the regular season because when they get an serious injury it can cost their team alot in playoffs like Oladipo. I'd rather see Oladipo play in the playoffs vs the regular season

  29. Sam

    Sam3 日 前

    Annoying scream of that woman everytime celtics scores

  30. Mikaela Concepcion

    Mikaela Concepcion3 日 前

    East waste

  31. Choy Chi On

    Choy Chi On3 日 前

    The woman kept screaming at the background, fucking annoying.....

  32. Kill Death 105

    Kill Death 1053 日 前

    commentator about to rap

  33. Niko Balilihan

    Niko Balilihan3 日 前

    Low scoring game

  34. Marquez Chapman

    Marquez Chapman3 日 前

    Watch wen they start losing



    Why does that same girl screaming like that 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Alexie Sunga

    Alexie Sunga3 日 前


  37. Air-Grip Biker

    Air-Grip Biker3 日 前

    74 points.. did they just played 3 quarters? lel

  38. Prince Espolong

    Prince Espolong3 日 前

    7:13 Thanks me later

  39. Egemen Korkmaz

    Egemen Korkmaz3 日 前

    Champion 🍀🍀💖

  40. euroyen420

    euroyen4203 日 前

    really? Who watches ((basketball))

  41. Mike Morada

    Mike Morada3 日 前

    The biggest threat to the Celtics is themselves. There are so much talent in that squad that theyre own struggles are the only reason they are losing games.

  42. Jennifer Lipata

    Jennifer Lipata4 日 前

    Go celtics. Go kyrie :)

  43. Dwayne Nunez

    Dwayne Nunez4 日 前

    Pacers trynna go fishing early?

  44. Thegame Gas

    Thegame Gas4 日 前

    Didnt get notification till now smh

  45. Michael Peng

    Michael Peng4 日 前

    OMG Look at Rozier's def...

  46. Nicole Rivera

    Nicole Rivera4 日 前

    Good job celtics!

  47. Niinz Tomz

    Niinz Tomz4 日 前

    Putanginang AD yan 2mins tapos walang skip. GAGO KA CREAMSILK!?

  48. Detroit48202

    Detroit482024 日 前

    That lady is annoying

  49. ac calz

    ac calz4 日 前

    Boston is still dangerous

  50. AreLL Lio

    AreLL Lio4 日 前


  51. Dervis isaac Marcano

    Dervis isaac Marcano4 日 前

    Jajajjajj indiana no ajuantooo

  52. Tee Garner

    Tee Garner4 日 前

    Celtics are a very dangerous team when they get hot and the pacers are not ready for this match up

  53. Christopher Reilly

    Christopher Reilly4 日 前

    Someone move that bitch away from the mic area next home game thanks

  54. Ojore Jaaj

    Ojore Jaaj4 日 前

    Good move by Irving?. 1:40

  55. KN1GH7IM3

    KN1GH7IM34 日 前

    That's my Uncle!!! Uncle Drew!

  56. Emilyn Maglantay

    Emilyn Maglantay4 日 前

    9:42 look at those robots

  57. Jacob Horlacher

    Jacob Horlacher4 日 前

    WHO THE HECK IS THAT LADY SCREAMING EVERYTIME THE CELTICS SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to shoot my laptop!

  58. AppleJellyFortnite

    AppleJellyFortnite4 日 前

    1st half scared me

  59. your moms house 33

    your moms house 334 日 前


  60. Justin Garcia

    Justin Garcia4 日 前

    Joseph crosses Irving 5:13

  61. {Purple Sapphire}

    {Purple Sapphire}4 日 前


  62. Jaskarn Singh 606s

    Jaskarn Singh 606s4 日 前

    Yes defense 💪🏽more competitiveness 🤟🏽

  63. Angel Mcio Beltran

    Angel Mcio Beltran4 日 前

    4:09, 22 points and Kyrie scored within the shooting zone, the score increased 3 points

  64. Gair Manlisis

    Gair Manlisis4 日 前

    Playoffs Mode is Commingg❤👑

  65. J Bailey

    J Bailey4 日 前

    If that bitch don't stop screaming

  66. John david Fernandez

    John david Fernandez4 日 前

    Go boston 11 irving my idol ..

  67. the one

    the one4 日 前

    I always knew morris is a ball hog everytime he touches the ball he looking to shoot. Boston have too many scorers already.. should trade him for a capable defender that can spot up shoots 3.

  68. Edoardo Cecconi

    Edoardo Cecconi4 日 前


  69. Kai Jackson

    Kai Jackson4 日 前

    C’s would’ve lost if Oladipo played

  70. The Rebel One

    The Rebel One4 日 前

    🍀 Let's Go!

  71. All in Cavs

    All in Cavs4 日 前


  72. Jerald Rendon

    Jerald Rendon4 日 前

    Guys pa subscribe nmn po .subscribe ko din kayo salamat

  73. wayne asher

    wayne asher4 日 前

    Either one of these teams will get CRUSHED by the Warriors...NO COMP.

  74. Shunji

    Shunji4 日 前

    Lit cases but I don't own an iPhone hahahaha sad

  75. Radical03 Airald

    Radical03 Airald4 日 前

    People now complaining about low-scoring game. Sad

  76. Brandon Asbury

    Brandon Asbury4 日 前

    Boston won't make it out the second round LMAO playing against a Victorless team so Its not saying nothing

  77. Kyrie11 Irving

    Kyrie11 Irving4 日 前

    Brandon Asbury What team are you rooting for? Just want to know

  78. Radical03 Airald

    Radical03 Airald4 日 前

    Brandon Asbury We/You don’t hold the future. I know bucks is a better team but i believe on my team to make an upset.

  79. Brandon Asbury

    Brandon Asbury4 日 前

    +xidar0004 Boston still isn't making it out the second round LMAO

  80. xidar0004

    xidar00044 日 前

    Brandon Asbury We are less kyrie, hayward and theis last year. Gonna play through crticism man. That’s insult for other teammates of Oladipo. They played well and still maintain a good record without their best player. You cannot disrespect them like that

  81. Andrew Corvera

    Andrew Corvera4 日 前

    Lebron leaving East made him a good person. At least he gave these bum teams a chance to compete in Finals.

  82. Lawrence Kin

    Lawrence Kin4 日 前

    I'd want to see a Boston vs Golden State NBA Finals to make it more interesting and exciting.

  83. Danilo Sagarang

    Danilo Sagarang4 日 前

    Atlast, we can see the full force of the celtics in the playoffs. This team's gonna be lit.

  84. Jansénio Graça

    Jansénio Graça4 日 前


  85. deon yang

    deon yang4 日 前

    Please ban that screaming bitch.

  86. 007VitaminD

    007VitaminD4 日 前

    Someone tell that Bish to STFU.

  87. Rygma

    Rygma4 日 前

    Damn we need oladipo

  88. XtremezAntonio 1

    XtremezAntonio 14 日 前

    Victor olacousins where u at boi dey need u

  89. Bob OG

    Bob OG4 日 前

    Dude Kyrie is filthy

  90. Davion Jones

    Davion Jones4 日 前

    Celtics had a lot of good points out there

  91. Russel Westbrook4ever

    Russel Westbrook4ever4 日 前

    kyrie is insane

  92. Adean Meee

    Adean Meee4 日 前

    when you play 2k with your homies in 6 minutes game time mode

  93. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving4 日 前

    I did my best.

  94. caffiene macaroni

    caffiene macaroni4 日 前

    84 points aint going to beat the bucks and the warriors , its too late to fix this celtics offense, you dont see the signature brad stevens offense kyrie horford and hayward needs to play like the big 3 for them to advance i dont see this team beating the bucks in a 7 game

  95. JC Rudinas

    JC Rudinas4 日 前

    This comentator reminds me of nba2k9 or 10 i guess

  96. Asiong Ting Armecin

    Asiong Ting Armecin4 日 前

    Boston for champion lets go



    Fuck all haters in this game whats the problem in that lowest scoring??the important is the BOSTON CELTICS won!shit all the haters and bashers of kyrie.

  98. D T

    D T5 日 前

    Indiana is G league

  99. Bong Ladrica

    Bong Ladrica5 日 前


  100. Tsvetan Bliznakov

    Tsvetan Bliznakov5 日 前

    that chick screaming for D more consistently than boston's regular season games

  101. Thành kon

    Thành kon5 日 前

    oi hay qua

  102. Tsvetan Bliznakov

    Tsvetan Bliznakov5 日 前

    there was some chick losing it after every boston's basket LMAO even after the final horn :D :D

  103. Carl Dumaplin

    Carl Dumaplin5 日 前

    1:44 lifting???

  104. Cortex Bantam X

    Cortex Bantam X5 日 前

    Marcus Morris was so important this game, veteran knows how to takeover when his team is struggling

  105. Ndarungitse Tresor

    Ndarungitse Tresor5 日 前

    Celtics fans are the most loyal this league has ever got.

  106. Frank Pagel

    Frank Pagel5 日 前

    The score of 74-84 reminds me of the 90's when the teams played defense.