Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds


  1. ContraPoints

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    Thanks for talking about this

  2. Harry R.

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    It's all about the optics.

  3. Daddy Earth

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    Are you being ironic? If not then this is your worst video ever.

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    Nobodies talking about the mouthfeel because it sounds disgusting.

  5. Random Chance

    Random Chance5 ヶ月 前

    Another POV that older people don't want to consider. People still in school have to face the reality of climate change and the increasingly harsh 'weather events' of their future. They have to decide whether or not to have kids even in the face of growing pressure from some groups that they must procreate. This movie supports the Oh Hell No position as well as the idea that some people really shouldn't have kids.

  6. todd johnson

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    Hedge Ah moan E.

  7. MrQwefty

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    Jeff Wayne's version of War of the Worlds is by far the best invasion fiction I know of.

  8. Orpheus90

    Orpheus9010 日 前

    27:20 - Actually, Lindsay, not quite right. Recall how Ray and the kids spend a harrowing night in the Connecticut house and the house is nearly destroyed because it's in the path of a crashing airliner (presumably brought down by the aliens). The following morning, as Ray tries to herd the kids into the car, Robbie surveys the wreckage and the anger on his face is visceral. Robbie, in fact, does have motivation for "wanting to get back at them." All the same, that Robbie's an annoying dip shit and an asshole - no disputing that.

  9. Archronis

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    "And in the Year of our Lord 2019, I can think of a number of reasons why that might be." Oh, you sweet, summer child...

  10. gmbrusselsprout

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    Hi, I'm from the future. The theme of world-shattering event(s) completely upending Art and the aesthetic, themes and presentation therein due to its life-altering effects has scarcely felt more relevant, which is just dogpiling irony on the fact that this video came out the day before 2020 began. Thank you, Lindsay, for content which is truly timeless.

  11. charles reid

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    Why is it all you lit majors literally think every movie should be transcribed from tvtropes? Im thinking i know where hollywood hack writers all come from

  12. James McGlough

    James McGlough15 日 前

    Personally i always thought the aliens are in it (with the camera snake thing) as a homage / retelling of the 1953 George Pal version (in which the exact same thing happens). Great video, i do wish the ferry scene had a US navy Vessel "Thunderchild" attempting to save the people from the tripods. So disappointed at the cinema in 2005 when that didnt happen!!!

  13. Azazel Black

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    Humans are complex and that its about self survival first then if you can help people then do so.

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    new to your channel and stunned by the quality. Wonderful stuff!

  16. KlutzCopSu

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    Independence Day is a ridiculous idea that somehow America alone saves the whole world (*side eyes recent pandemic*) and I rolled my eyes SO HARD at that when I saw this in the cinema. But you would know going in, it's a Rah-rah America movie anyway. So it wasn't a big surprise. :D As you say, it is dumb as a bag of rocks...and crap. I also love it. Shamelessly watched it so many times even to this day. Argh. Looking forward to more pandemic-inspired movies in our future. Though I would admit, the zombie apocalypse movies did reflect that in a more extreme manner. Hehehe.

  17. john sims

    john sims19 日 前

    Somehow the "virus" "ran" on an alien's system!?!?!? Rightttttttt!

  18. Omar Mawassi

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    5:22 Ahh yes, the alien ship is coded in java

  19. Nom du Clavier

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    ... Was that a metaphor for America needing to let their young men go to war? 'Cause I hope not.

  20. Erik Umali

    Erik Umali21 日 前

    War of the Worlds reminds me of the Korean Zombie-Disaster movie, Train to Busan. Except the latter had a better, more satisfying conclusion to everyone's character arc.

  21. siarnne

    siarnne22 日 前

    I have a soft spot for this film because of the beginning. I get that it fell apart on the character arcs, but must of us do. I mean how many people really have satisfying character arcs? Life works out to be a melange of pride and shame without an Aristotelian convergence of character. We're born shitting our pants. We die shitting our pants. So think of this hokey ending as being replete with unresolved subtext and resentment. Really, all you have to say is they didn't live happily ever after-which after 9/11, no one did.

  22. Lord Colin

    Lord Colin22 日 前

    Will Smith's character from "Independence Day" was not a soldier, he was a marine.

  23. SoulReaverDan

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    “Americans were largely disconnected from any kind of real social unrest” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *sobs in 2020*

  24. Sam Fish

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    I kinda wonder what the long term impact of covid will be on film, outside of stuff like disny plus threatening theaters.

  25. Shane's Book Corner

    Shane's Book Corner24 日 前

    Me: Cool, gonna watch a video about two fun stupid movies! Lindsay: The Franco-Prussian war was a... Me, deflated: DAMN IT, *LEARNING*

  26. Richard Jackson

    Richard Jackson24 日 前

    It's weird, being aware of the whole Mandela Affect 'welcome to erph' thing, to hear Will Smith clearly enunciate the 'th' sound in 'Earth' - probably more clearly and precisely than most people would in their everyday speech - over and over again as you show the clip repeatedly. It's so far from being mispronounced it'd be laughable if we didn't know the reason why so many people 'remember' it that way.

  27. Jack Hall

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    Makes me wonder what post-covid movies will be like

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    Yeah, war of the worlds aliens don’t want to come here now.

  29. VaultBoy 1413

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    Alien means foreigner

  30. 20firebird

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    i'd beg to differ that there's no horror in Independence Day, personally... even if i do understand the appeal.

  31. Harry R.

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    Nice remake of that Nostalgia Chick episode. Also both creaters are racist.

  32. Richard Jackson

    Richard Jackson28 日 前

    To what extent was the original version of this video the genesis of Axiom's End, or perhaps the outlet for it when you initially trunked it? 'With that in mind, we're going to compare invasion narratives from two wildly different cultures: America in the 1990's and America in 2005' sounds like a scrapped pitch for that novel (to my ears, now that I've read it).

  33. Geoff Wilde

    Geoff Wilde29 日 前

    Question to everyone: Where do you think we go from here? Do you think sci-fi/distaster movies have changed in the past 10 years? Has the 9/11 aspect changed. Do they have a different meaning? Do you think future films will be inspired by our current COVID situation or not. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  34. Geoff Wilde

    Geoff Wilde29 日 前

    The 'man v man whilst aliens attack us' aspect is still here to this day, fighting over TP, thinking we as individuals know best and act on our own accordance whilst ignoring government guidelines that are more protective for us.

  35. wizzzer1337

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    Lindsay, if you ever make a video after 2030, I really wish you would do something about this bizzaro year we live in currently, 2020...

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    Rank 1950's War of the Worlds , Impendence day 1 .....This War of the Worlds is there w Independence day 2 & the Day the Earth Stood Still remake..( Sorry Keanu )

  37. Xavier Jones

    Xavier Jonesヶ月 前

    Thank YOU SOOOO MUch for This! And I love the Invasion narrative breakdown too as well, Thank You... :)

  38. DJHBombHerman

    DJHBombHermanヶ月 前

    Robbie is the worst

  39. Warhammered

    Warhammeredヶ月 前

    My take on the alien invasion narrative is. It cannot be done correctly in the modern day. For in order to have aliens capable of defeating us, they must first be invincible to nuclear weapons. A feat which defies all logic, considering the raw energy released from such an explosion. This just makes aliens in any modern story a cliché and a tad bit boring. In the original HG Wells novel, the tripods aren't at all invincible. The army does manage to kill one in a town, and the Thunderchild destroys 2. The martians also seem to be taken aback during these encounters. They drag the dead tripod (from the artillery in the town battle) back to their camp to analyse the damage, to then reassess their understanding of our capabilities. From then on, they flood every forest and hedgerow with black smoke to sniff out any soldiers who might be hiding in ambush. The third tripod to survive the encounter when the Thunderchild defends the refugee boats actually RETREATS to the shore. They don't beat us because of pure cheese. they beat us with cunning, logic and superior weapons and by causing a complete panic in densely populated areas (like London). That, to me, makes them more believable and terrifying.

  40. Warhammered

    Warhammeredヶ月 前

    One thing I find incredible about the book by HG Wells, is the fact the Martian's main weapon is a heat ray which incinerates everything and burns people alive. They have a secondary artillery weapon comprised of "black smoke" which poisons every living thing it touches. a few years later and when are we doing to each other in the trenches? Yep, setting each other on fire with flame throwers, launching artillery and covering fields with poison gas. Pretty creepy when you think about it.

  41. Korben Dallas

    Korben Dallasヶ月 前

    Excellent piece of invasion literature: Riddle of the Sands, by Erskine Childers. Highly popular back in the day, and still a very good read.

  42. David McConville

    David McConvilleヶ月 前

    I think the reason why more people are forgiving of the film now is because Americans buy and large didn't get a resolution to the "War on Terrorism." Like the film's unresolved themes, it petered out in the collective conscious. It's still happening, but people are more concerned with domestic problems.

  43. Hugo Falcon

    Hugo Falconヶ月 前

    I was 16 years old when Independence Day came out. I think I watched that movie 10 or 12 times and I still try to watch it every fourth of July. As for War of the Worlds once was enough.

  44. wooloosus

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    10:53 If someone blew up congress today I would react in the exact same way as this old woman

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  46. Godspeedhero

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    Me: *clicks on video about two Sci-Fi movies* Lindsay Ellis: "The Franco-Prussian war..." Me: "Oh... Oh God!"

  47. burm68

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    "It as dumb as a bag of rocks and one of my favorite movies"... I can say that about this and most of my favorite movies!

  48. SwozzleSticks

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    It's as dumb as a bag of rocks. Me: >:( It's also one of my favorite movies Me: >:)

  49. EENewton

    EENewtonヶ月 前

    "So, are humans monsters or aren't they?" *looks around at unmasked assholes surrounded by masked people trying to hold society together* "Yes."

  50. Jesse Colton

    Jesse Coltonヶ月 前

    "IS IT THE TERRORISTS??" - Olive, Axioms End

  51. Eyes of the Cervino

    Eyes of the Cervinoヶ月 前

    Just trying to visualize a three-legged thing walking naturally makes me irrationally angry.

  52. a35362

    a35362ヶ月 前

    21:08 Why couldn't you show the people in WotW sometimes panicking and out for themselves and sometimes banding together against the enemy? I found that completely believable, especially as the hours tick by and people have seen so much death and destruction. If we're gonna get out of this, we have to work together!

  53. Redleg 137

    Redleg 137ヶ月 前

    Are humans monsters or aren't they? Yes.

  54. Redleg 137

    Redleg 137ヶ月 前

    I saw War of the Worlds on a night with really cool and impressive thunder storms. It was the best way to watch it.

  55. CatfishB1

    CatfishB1ヶ月 前

    Original WAR OF THE WORLDS 1953, Original tHE dAY tHE eARTH sTOOD sTILL 1951 Great Cold War paranoia ..

  56. Daddy Earth

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    heehee. you said Dor king.

  57. Pascal Costanza

    Pascal Costanzaヶ月 前

    Excellent video. However, I believe that War of the Worlds is the superior movie exactly because it just peters out. People don’t have complete story arcs in real life, and I believe that’s what Steven Spielberg wanted to show. Keep in mind that this is the same director who also made Schindler’s List. Every movie with a “heroic” resolution at the end is ultimately a call for fascism, in a sense. I believe Spielberg deliberately wanted to avoid anything that would go in that direction. I think this is a brilliant choice. (IMHO, YMMV, and all that. ;)

  58. William Alarie

    William Alarieヶ月 前

    there is nothing fucking better than the background music that goes on in every single one of these videos AND WORKS IN EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THESE VIDEOS

  59. villanjo

    villanjoヶ月 前

    I am stopping to write this and you may make this point next but I wanted to write it down before It escapes me: Robbie not leaving and being part of the basement section could have worked for his character development, he would have obviously sided with crazy guy right away but then slowly realized that he was in fact crazy when basement guy puts all of their lives at risk. Then watching his father have to kill basement guy to protect his family would have shown him what being a man truly was, not aimlessly going out to join an army but protecting his family while learning that his father truly loves them to the point that he murders a guy to keep them safe. That feels way more satisfying than what we got.

  60. 4thbalanceofpower

    4thbalanceofpowerヶ月 前

    Clap talking is never ok. So basic.

  61. Jerrod Tibor

    Jerrod Tiborヶ月 前

    The whole point to the Robbie character is that he doesn't become a man. That's not at all what it's about. Throughout the movie, Robbie shows his father nothing but hostility. You could extrapolate reasons for this, but the idea of a teenage boy angry at his absentee father is pretty cliche'. The scene isn't about Robbie but Ray. He's giving in to the idea that he's not a legitimate authority figure in Robbie's life, that he really doesn't have the right to hold Robbie back. He's letting go, acknowledging his failure & feeling the loss that is a consequence of years of bad choices. Of course Robbie returns in the end, because he's not a man. He's an angry boy who had to give being a man a shot, in order to learn that he's not ready. It's a confirmation that Robbie also has to give in to the idea that he isn't being fair to his dad. Returning is acknowledging his failure. It IS the closure; it's a side plot so no more information is needed. It's a Spielberg thing. Of COURSE Robbie is going to come back, whole & mostly unharmed, and of COURSE that's the real point. Family is the center of everything. Because Spielberg.

  62. Joyce Shiver

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  63. LordEvan5

    LordEvan5ヶ月 前

    I saw Independence Day in the Theaters first day it came out people cheered when the White House exploded

  64. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Floresヶ月 前

    Mariachi music in the background 😂

  65. Sapient Pearwood

    Sapient Pearwoodヶ月 前

    I'm not sure if I loved edge of tomorrow for iterative storytelling, subversion of consequences, "prestige media" sorts of reasons; or just cuz of explosions, cool exosuits, and super hot badass female lead characters. Tho, Lindsey's unabashed praise of dumb as rocks indepence day does suggest that even if it is option B, that wouldn't be the worst reason to love a movie. Independence day was a great movie, even tho it wasn't a particularly nuanced or complex movie.

  66. Cashagon

    Cashagonヶ月 前

    I enjoyed this video and deconstruction of both plots. What works and what doesn't. However, there is one thing I need to point out. Autonomous robotic organisms, or transformers, are not robots. Robots are non sentient machines, while transformers are alive.

  67. TheReal_ist

    TheReal_istヶ月 前

    how can a human be that white but not be albino....

  68. AshTalksAboutStuff

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    My JPreporter suggestions: Oh? Oh you LIKE this video? That means you want it at the top of your suggestions ALWAYS no matter what video you’re watching, so if you forget, it’ll auto play? You want Lindsay Ellis? YOU GET LINDSAY ELLIS. FOREVER.

  69. hiro takayama

    hiro takayamaヶ月 前

    Id argue its the circumstance and perception of power as to why we're driven by selfish survival versus cohesion. People are animals when they have perceived power, as in when they are not physically captured. They still have their freedom and the physical means to confront and dominate their fellow man. Then when they are captured and face certain death, then is when they band together against an unbeatable foe.

  70. Mary Kristen Johnson

    Mary Kristen Johnsonヶ月 前

    Watching this after reading AE makes me realize how much foreshadowing is in it. So much fergie related foreshadowing.

  71. Steven L Tierney

    Steven L Tierneyヶ月 前

    ....."War of the Worlds" is scary because it's from a families point of view....

  72. Buttons n Rubbish

    Buttons n Rubbishヶ月 前

    Watching this post- Axiom's End makes a looot more sense :p

  73. Tymbus

    Tymbusヶ月 前

    Independence Day is so stupid I could feel my brain cells dying while I watched it in the Cinema. I was actually embarrassed at having gone to see it. On the other hand, while I agree with your criticism, War of The Worlds was a reasonably goos adaptation of the source material and the George Pal movie. But HG Wells's narrative has its problems. Spielberg's film just pulls the aliens. death from germs out of the hat-there needed to be more foreshadowing of the invasion as an evolutionary struggle. Sure, he could have improved on the family drama, but actually ending on that would risk being bathetic.

  74. Carl

    Carl2 ヶ月 前

    it's so sad it's true that crisis turns humans more primal don't believe me . there's a video of people fighting for toilet paper

  75. Michael Woodard

    Michael Woodard2 ヶ月 前

    That depressing documentary Hypernormalization has a montage of those late nineties disaster movies segueing into 911.

  76. Xeramin Kelvorax

    Xeramin Kelvorax2 ヶ月 前

    I mean part of the whole thing in the War of the Worlds book is that despite the huge terrifying presence of their war machines, the Martians are...kind of pathetic looking. They can't even stand up in our gravity

  77. LordMeowMeow

    LordMeowMeow2 ヶ月 前

    i was watching bits of the video, but dammit you did a hell of a job i'm starting from the beginning and watching the whole thing. Now i'm also subbed

  78. Tom Kord

    Tom Kord2 ヶ月 前

    "welcome to erf"

  79. John Shepard

    John Shepard2 ヶ月 前

    @11:08 he shaved, thats a character arc right there

  80. jlovebirch

    jlovebirch2 ヶ月 前

    Was astonished to see a micro-clip of ContraPoints pop up for no particular reason. Great essay -- would love to see her take on horror movies.

  81. kevin buja

    kevin buja2 ヶ月 前

    The one good thing I liked about the 2005 “War of The Worlds” was Gene Barry at the end.

  82. silverchicken

    silverchicken2 ヶ月 前

    YOU are my audible.c0m

  83. Canadian Dee

    Canadian Dee2 ヶ月 前

    The biggest anxiety Independence Day had was whether the dog would make it. That scene apparently received the first ovation at the premiere. “BOOMER!!!”

  84. Rusty

    Rusty2 ヶ月 前

    I feel like a good way to fix Robbie's character arc is to not have him leave, but to have been present when meeting Tim Robbins character. Robbie obviously would be all for joining up to fight the aliens, but once he realizes that it would put his sister in danger he matures and both listens to his dad and teaches him how to properly treat Rachel. This could also be the catalyst that helps Rachel be more independent, having more constructive support instead of all the older members of her family infighting. Robbie being present adds other layers of uncertainty and stress in dealing with Tim Robbins: who will Robbie help, could there be a hostage situation with one of the kids, and how well can the family hide when the aliens arrive at the house are among the questions that could have been examined that could have changed the time of the later parts of the movie.

  85. Johnny Johnny

    Johnny Johnny2 ヶ月 前

    Tripods were way cooler than anything in Independence Day

  86. tommy fred

    tommy fred2 ヶ月 前

    fun fact woking is surrey has a tripod in the highstreets. its based on the ones from the BBC tv show from back in the day

  87. artman2oo3

    artman2oo32 ヶ月 前

    This was a great video, very intelligent analysis and comparison of both movies. You’d be good teaching film theory classes. One technical criticism: why is the light on your face so freakin bright? Isn’t it hurting your eyes? Or is it not as bright as it seems?

  88. V!AR-ViRA

    V!AR-ViRA2 ヶ月 前

    22:00 Possibly I am wrong, but from my point of view: if there is a message about humanity. You say: it is not clear whether humans are monsters or not? Well, if we consider the situation and the moment, I think the movie tries to say that: being on the streets: humans are monsters to each other, capable of any atrocity for their own convenience... while: being in the belly of the whale (in this case captive within the common enemy that threatens to kill them) humans are capable of putting aside their differences (even if briefly) to work as a team and save themselves. I don't know... that's how I saw it the first time I saw this movie. I love your videos and your analysis always makes me think. Thanks for that!

  89. debaronAZK

    debaronAZK2 ヶ月 前

    "Robbie doesn't grow as a character" does he have to though? In the last 15 years my personality has progressed, regressed and completely changed so many times I've lost count and left me unsure if I've even grown at all. learning from mistakes and growing your character doesn't seem to be a guarantee in the real world. obviously, the WotW is a scifi movie and not the real world, but it does seem to be going for a more gritty, realistic tone...

  90. Morgoth from Angband

    Morgoth from Angband2 ヶ月 前

    In my opinion the ID aliens still make more sense than the WotW aliens.

  91. Marlo Detorres

    Marlo Detorres2 ヶ月 前

    Hey Lindsey, I recently heard that there was a completely different script for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men tell no Tales, and that numerous changes were made including insertion of Carina and Henry. But what I really want to know is can you do a video in depth as to why Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men tell no Tales wasn't as big of a hit as the previous movies? I really liked your video about the Curse of the Black Pearl. I know one of the main contributing factors it's a fact that both Johnny Depp and his character just aren't the same as even in the 4th movie right before the 5th, and Jack was more of a mr. Magoo then a Captain Jack Sparrow. But there was so much stuff I can pick a part about the fifth movie that was just completely off, like the continuity within its own runtime, and its relationship with the continuity of the rest of the franchise, along with the writing and the set up and pay off of character growth that didn't seem right here.

  92. DougtheDonkeyTV

    DougtheDonkeyTV2 ヶ月 前

    What pisses me off about the war of the worlds aliens is that I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be completely different in the novel. I think they’re this sort of telepathic octopus type thing, not just the boring, average “human except long arms and big eyes”

  93. Conner Nielsen

    Conner Nielsen2 ヶ月 前

    Could you imagine if instead of playing the clip of Bill Clinton playing the saxophone (which was great as is, btw) she played the clip of Bill Pullman playing the saxophone from Lost Highway?

  94. Ebonscape

    Ebonscape2 ヶ月 前

    The reason the characters in War of the Worlds fail is because of the Tom Cruise effect. He often make movies about HIM, to the detriment of the other characters.

  95. c 01788

    c 017882 ヶ月 前

    Dumb 👏 as 👏 rocks 👏 😂😂😂

  96. Joseph Schultz

    Joseph Schultz2 ヶ月 前

    I really wish Tom Cruise wasn't such an asshole. He's quite an actor and it never seems like he's half-assing it. I'd like to, well, _like_ him, but... ugh.

  97. Gwynbleidd66

    Gwynbleidd662 ヶ月 前

    Well, the design of the aliens in War of the Worlds, while being a callback to Independence Day, is on its own quite ingenious really. They're tripods, the same as their mechs. It's based on the notion that we as humans have a tendency to design mechs in sci-fi to be human-like, so the aliens in here designed theirs to be them-like.

  98. wawona221

    wawona2212 ヶ月 前

    wonderful as always! Thank you Elisa!

  99. MissMegaLoathe

    MissMegaLoathe2 ヶ月 前

    Anyone else waiting on Axiom's End and watching this to see if there's any... hints?

  100. Ivy Edgington-Rice

    Ivy Edgington-Rice2 ヶ月 前

    Yes. I'm hunting.

  101. ZerqTM

    ZerqTM2 ヶ月 前

    also what i dont get about war of the world is why humans did not start dying to alien plagues... i mean if our can kill them then the opposity should be just as valid :p

  102. ZerqTM

    ZerqTM2 ヶ月 前

    if indepedance day happend today donald would be happy... people would finally let him build that wall...

  103. Insert Channel name

    Insert Channel name2 ヶ月 前

    Isn’t Robbie a power ranger?

  104. CirianAlani

    CirianAlani2 ヶ月 前

    No, he's a robot.

  105. InsomniacPostman

    InsomniacPostman2 ヶ月 前

    What is the film at 35:05 with the spaceships hanging in the darkness being highlighted by lightening?

  106. Matt Homan

    Matt Homan2 ヶ月 前

    Aaron Paul always seems play characters that are not the smartest fish in the underwear drawer

  107. Dexter Legaspi

    Dexter Legaspi2 ヶ月 前

    i'm not sure i agree that the difference between the 2 interpretations of alien invasions is a result of what the cultural and political atmosphere of their respective decades. i mean, of course there is some influence, but it's not as big as one might think. to put it simply: isn't it possible that the differences was mostly due to: a. the movies are were just made for different set of audiences (with one more accessible than the other), and b. the amount of talent invested in the cast, screenplay and direction of the film...i mean for crying out loud one of the movies is by Spielberg...i also don't quite understand why the bar is set so much differently between these two films.

  108. AssortedBits

    AssortedBits2 ヶ月 前

    Something which bothered me in the War of the Worlds movie was the tripod getting destroyed by hand grenades. This might be a modern adaption of "HMS Thunder Child" in the books, but overall it killed the idea that humans were generally incapable of fighting back due to being outgunned.

  109. April Richards

    April Richards2 ヶ月 前

    There is a musical version of War of the Worlds. I think it came the 1970s.