In This Moment - "The Fighter" [Official Video]


  1. Daniel Vandergraft

    Daniel Vandergraft5 時間 前

    Wow not only are you a fantastic singer. You are beautiful.

  2. Icilala Tiana

    Icilala Tiana18 時間 前

    😐😐 for hater: stop hating her!! Or will hate you guys😠😒

  3. graveyard baby brinkfangirl

    graveyard baby brinkfangirl日 前

    10 months ago I ran for the 8th time from a 7 year abusive relationship. I lost everything to get away. No matter what I've faced they always make it better. Hearing her voice is so soothing and touches on bitter notes to help me heal. I was at my lowest point when I found ITM.

  4. jenna thesingingdraghagdiva

    jenna thesingingdraghagdiva2 日 前

    This woman is incredible!!! Such passion, and talent. This band is epic in every way!

  5. wwserega

    wwserega2 日 前


  6. Allie Puckett

    Allie Puckett2 日 前

    Bro I just figured out this band and I’m already falling in love

  7. Moley Mole

    Moley Mole3 日 前

    Maria, with beautiful songs like this you are helping me get over my past trauma and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Ariella Váczy

    Ariella Váczy3 日 前

    like an angel

  9. senseless_silence

    senseless_silence4 日 前

    damn, this made me cry

  10. Наталія Наталія

    Наталія Наталія5 日 前

    For my broken heart.....

  11. Padla Eskobar

    Padla Eskobar7 日 前

    Ох Маня, что ты со мной делаешь...

  12. David Black

    David Black8 日 前

    Maria is beautiful and so damn talented

  13. Erezaiha Adhair

    Erezaiha Adhair9 日 前

    She literally made me cry with her amazing voice

  14. Miranda Lewis

    Miranda Lewis9 日 前

    i just found out about this band she is one badass singer ... I love her music ...

  15. Christopher Butchart

    Christopher Butchart9 日 前

    waiting for a Maria Brink/Lady Gaga collab.

  16. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn10 日 前

    I have shivers all over my body this song speaks to me

  17. Cindy Deleon

    Cindy Deleon10 日 前

    I'm feeling those words.. #inmysoul

  18. PunkieTheGreat

    PunkieTheGreat12 日 前

    This is to my son's father. Who i should have ran from when i had the chance. But i didnt. I stayed. And the emotional disconnection, the manipulation, the lies, and im still here. Even when i wanted to die .

  19. PunkieTheGreat

    PunkieTheGreat12 日 前

    jesus fuck her voice brings a human to tears

  20. Jaaron Green

    Jaaron Green13 日 前

    She looks like a female Marilyn Manson. I absolutely love it!!!!

  21. Chrysalis *

    Chrysalis *12 日 前

    ...and sings like an black winged fallen ANGEL... 🖤

  22. Davide

    Davide13 日 前

    I am italian, we have quarantine for the coronavirus, this song gives strength and hope. Everything will be ok .. Because we're survivors. Yes, we are fighters. In Italy, in Europe, in the world.

  23. Davide

    Davide5 日 前

    @Jane Schilling Thanks you .. stay strong and positive you too!! With your big family!! ❤️

  24. Jane Schilling

    Jane Schilling7 日 前

    @Davide Im in a hot bed zone as well NY; caring 4 three sons & 90 yr old Dad. I pray 4 ur country, so many in the web of deceit. STAND STRONG BY THOSE U LOVE...not all of humanity is discompassionate 💜💪🌹

  25. Davide

    Davide9 日 前

    @Melissa Howell-Kelly Thank you very much!! ❤️

  26. Melissa Howell-Kelly

    Melissa Howell-Kelly10 日 前

    @Davide Sending lots of blessings, prayers, healing power and peace from the USA. 💖 🙏 💪

  27. Chrysalis *

    Chrysalis *12 日 前

    Ti auguro il meglio! 💖 (From Germany.) We´re all here fighting against the same shit - like the whole world right now. :/ We ARE all Fighters! Stay safe everyone!

  28. William Moore

    William Moore15 日 前

    I love Maria Brink I would die a happy man to to see her in in concert.🙏🤘😍

  29. Sheila Strange

    Sheila Strange16 日 前

    Beautiful performance! You really make the point of pain real. Your are so awesome.



    I really think it is her best song

  31. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez17 日 前

    Asi es mi esposa actual la amo por eso Noemi I love you

  32. John Hargis

    John Hargis17 日 前

    The coronavirus brought me here

  33. VDarkmourn

    VDarkmourn18 日 前

    Is it only me, or would this fit really welll in a new Bond Movie?

  34. Chris Hale

    Chris Hale18 日 前

    I dont like the people that gave her a thumbs down she is the Goddess of rock and you are noting compared to her

  35. eric dietz

    eric dietz19 日 前

    I love her other songs but this one is special, and my favorite.

  36. Janice Burns

    Janice Burns日 前

    Give legacy a listen

  37. Essi Eklund

    Essi Eklund20 日 前

    I will not hide my face I will not fall from grace

  38. Александр Александр

    Александр Александр20 日 前


  39. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja22 日 前

    Maria. You are an angel. You do not deserve hell like I do. Blessed be sister

  40. Randy Allen

    Randy Allen23 日 前

    A lot of pain here!!

  41. corrina matten

    corrina matten23 日 前

    Cannot tell you how many times this song has saved me.

  42. Jayden Whites

    Jayden Whites24 日 前

    see you in hell

  43. Jean Muniz

    Jean Muniz24 日 前

    2020 🖤💋

  44. bianca oliveira

    bianca oliveira27 日 前

    Maria I Love you. You're my inspiration for life The woman that make me be more of myself You make me stronger

  45. fusionaut23

    fusionaut2327 日 前

    She is a vocal artist extraordinaire. So expressive, passionate and creative. Wow!

  46. Vit Gra

    Vit Gra29 日 前


  47. S G

    S Gヶ月 前

    Best female song ever ! i love you !

  48. ReadyTooSnap

    ReadyTooSnapヶ月 前

    need you to make me a sandwich

  49. Andy Mask

    Andy Maskヶ月 前


  50. RavenBlackheart

    RavenBlackheartヶ月 前

    This song is currently saving me...

  51. Travis Brink

    Travis Brinkヶ月 前

    Bow! BOW TO HER!

  52. vocalg1

    vocalg1ヶ月 前

    I would love to see her and Lady Gaga do an album together, I think they will sound really good, Great song.

  53. Christian Polak

    Christian Polakヶ月 前

    Best Song in 2020 for me. Love her voice.

  54. Katherine Shelley

    Katherine Shelleyヶ月 前

    right like what part if I am helping You don't they understand

  55. Jennifer Beaudry

    Jennifer Beaudryヶ月 前

    I am a fighter a survivor I will fall and rise up every time... !! Maria I love this song !!

  56. raven cardinal

    raven cardinalヶ月 前

    i like your tattos beli eve*

  57. raven cardinal

    raven cardinalヶ月 前

    you have a beauful soul what did they used to say? they look like they may have been changed the way the b done can be wrong some how i like that more evoltion of the self i know im never going to get a answer because your im pettery sure your recopany owns the page

  58. Şeref Çalışkan

    Şeref Çalışkanヶ月 前

    Nefis gerçekten....

  59. Lina Spe

    Lina Speヶ月 前

    This song is so fcking important. Btw maria is a freaking goddess. Thanks for this and all you've done, a true icon.

  60. MonteZumA [Alt][ToLD]

    MonteZumA [Alt][ToLD]ヶ月 前

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  61. Michelle Lewis

    Michelle Lewisヶ月 前

    I don't need anyone to save me caz I'm a server and as a server I'll walk through the fire and feel no pain I'll only feel alive

  62. Pirates In Black

    Pirates In Blackヶ月 前

    What a song!!! Touching! And a great voice, too.

  63. ТД Лемерс

    ТД Лемерсヶ月 前

    Татухи идиотские все портят. Нахрена их лепить и портить тело?

  64. BULAS But

    BULAS Butヶ月 前

    Красивую женщину нечего не портит

  65. Mike K

    Mike Kヶ月 前

    Life is a Battle field be strong (GET) healthy in mind and body. Smile at the person in the mirror a friend not an enemy. ;^)

  66. Игорь игоревич

    Игорь игоревичヶ月 前

    Бляяяяя как она мне эта Машка нравится!! Столько у нее шарма просто через край ))!!

  67. BULAS But

    BULAS Butヶ月 前

    А поет как красиво, да и сама красавица 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Savage Dog

    Savage Dogヶ月 前

    Oscar winning performance

  69. Jinnah Khan

    Jinnah Khanヶ月 前

    keep your self a live ask others or me but it you haft too know how you stank on street /you would stall go there as a prostuet too dinner were you still gave up all in rain.bargen with eacher who next ..faroner ..

  70. Delphine Saez

    Delphine Saezヶ月 前

    "I will not hide my face" then proceed to hide her face in her hands ...

  71. Mirosław J.

    Mirosław J.ヶ月 前

    You make a great music and.... You so pretty , Greetings from Poland !!!




  73. Vincenzo Abate

    Vincenzo Abateヶ月 前

    Grandissimo pezzo, lei poi è sublime sia come voce che come interpretazione. Applausi.

  74. Randy Allen

    Randy Allenヶ月 前

    JUST DAMM!!!

  75. Tai Ruckus

    Tai Ruckusヶ月 前

    watching once again and again 2/6/2020

  76. rosa arteaga

    rosa arteagaヶ月 前

    sarah Isabel. misss you ' always keep my hearth... steven is lie... 9 month 4 his lis mooouth..and Eleonor... ya goin pay...sick woman? this song... haras

  77. Daniel Vandergraft

    Daniel Vandergraftヶ月 前

    Maria. I think I'm in love with you.....I'm atleast in love with your voice. Great singing. Dan

  78. vagg ser

    vagg serヶ月 前

    Riot should hire them to make a song for the next world finals :P

  79. Tim Dunne

    Tim Dunneヶ月 前


  80. Gerard Jones

    Gerard Jonesヶ月 前

    I wonder if she knows how stupid she looks. She looks so stupid I can't hear the song.

  81. Gerard Jones

    Gerard Jonesヶ月 前

    @XANNY Jay try reality.

  82. XANNY Jay

    XANNY Jayヶ月 前

    what the hell is wrong with you?

  83. E Mail

    E Mailヶ月 前

    after seeing the vice thing, makes sense, igloos lad!

  84. Mlle Viicky

    Mlle Viickyヶ月 前


  85. Deborah Victoria Edwards

    Deborah Victoria Edwardsヶ月 前

    Greetings from THE BRIDE OF CHRIST 🌟✝️✨ The FORGOTTEN DAUGHTER MOON ☪️ Truth be told as the story does unfold... Angels Saints Warriors of God sing the stories so Sweetly.. Love and Light 💖🙏🔥 Cheers 🤳 Bee 🐝⚖️💜🏴🏳️

  86. BatmassEvE E.N.D

    BatmassEvE E.N.Dヶ月 前

    Чья то изнасилованная женушкп

  87. jericho frank

    jericho frankヶ月 前

    Goddess heair😍

  88. Mimo

    Mimoヶ月 前

    Were the nails always painted red, or did a mandela effect happen

  89. Zayn Hysell

    Zayn Hysellヶ月 前

    This hits different when your going through a rough part of life

  90. Dim Lop

    Dim Lopヶ月 前

    Жесть как цепляет. Мозг за дверью.👍

  91. Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmer

    Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmerヶ月 前

    Not to jump conclusions, but something must've happened to her when she was younger because you can really hear the pain in her voice.

  92. Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmer

    Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmerヶ月 前

    @RavenBlackheart I read on Wikipedia that her dad left her at a young age, she got pregnant at 14 and helped her mom overcome drug addiction. With as sad as that is, I'm willing to bet those are just bullet points.

  93. RavenBlackheart

    RavenBlackheartヶ月 前

    Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmer look up Maria Brink’s (the singer) story. Get tissues

  94. Jason Moore

    Jason Mooreヶ月 前