In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf (Official Video)


  1. Unstoppable

    Unstoppable10 時間 前

    If Lady Gaga was hot and had good taste in music

  2. Sonia N Villafañe

    Sonia N Villafañe10 時間 前


  3. Little Regina

    Little Regina12 時間 前

    This babe got a lot in her. The world need people like this. U ROCK GIRL!

  4. Cerys Chaderton-Fears

    Cerys Chaderton-Fears16 時間 前

    I swear it sounds like she says Peppa when she sayspig pig (as in peppa pig). Can't unhear it!

  5. Leesa Hebert

    Leesa Hebert日 前

    Everytime I watch this video I want to go to a haunted house!

  6. Mike Only

    Mike Only2 日 前

    I was looking for She Wolf- Shakira!!! WoW! Maria Brink is so hot!! Good band!

  7. jeffrey rex

    jeffrey rex2 日 前

    this shit is bad ass!! I want to be in a crowd at one of their shows! Up close and tearing it up!!

  8. Наталья Германова

    Наталья Германова2 日 前


  9. KaletheQuick

    KaletheQuick3 日 前

    My body is sending me mixed messages here.

  10. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson4 日 前

    If you had a choice between Satan and Jesus Christ who would you choose? If you had a choice between heaven or Hell what would you choose? If you had a choice between believing your an evolved monkey or created in the holy image of God which would you choose?

  11. Ryleigh Sponsler

    Ryleigh Sponsler2 日 前

    Mike Johnson well if this was anime question I would choose devils because I like it dark but in reality I think I would choose Jesus Christ

  12. realhet2

    realhet24 日 前

    Fuck you I won't do what they toucha :D

  13. Connor Fineran

    Connor Fineran4 日 前

    This video is the pinnacle of "I'm scare-roused."

  14. Xharia

    Xharia4 日 前

    ahh <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="250">4:10</a> i legit can never make this past this without getting a small concussion from the head banging xD fkn love this song!

  15. Mikayla Funck

    Mikayla Funck4 日 前

    Holy Shit I love this

  16. Declan Connolly

    Declan Connolly5 日 前

    Love the song but I would appreciate a seizure warning

  17. Cali Baby

    Cali Baby5 日 前

    I can’t really hear what she’s saying oh well

  18. Peter Juhl

    Peter Juhl6 日 前

    The sound of Rammstein Deutchland..

  19. Jesse Baskiewicz

    Jesse Baskiewicz6 日 前

    She’s like rob zombies sister...I’m scared and turned on.

  20. Tabogglen Reel

    Tabogglen Reel6 日 前

    Anyone home jamming to tunes during “corona virus quarantine 2020”

  21. ZeitgeisterOm

    ZeitgeisterOm11 時間 前

    @moving away plz get well we need you in this

  22. moving away

    moving away日 前

    Yes, recovering from it actually.

  23. Icilala Tiana

    Icilala Tiana日 前

    Yes!!! I thought i was the only one who watch this video in 2020

  24. Drawing Is fun

    Drawing Is fun2 日 前

    Y E S H

  25. Brandon Tegtmeier

    Brandon Tegtmeier3 日 前

    Tabogglen Reel lmao yup

  26. latched wolf

    latched wolf6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a> the way she delivered those lines sent chills down my spine...

  27. bob bobo

    bob bobo6 日 前

    Derivative and fake edgy. Yawn.

  28. Máté Szigetvári

    Máté Szigetvári6 日 前

    Its rare when i get goosebumps from a woman singing metal but seriously <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> WTF dude its fucking insane i love you lady !!!

  29. Maverickdx1

    Maverickdx17 日 前

    Somehow I understand horror porn now.

  30. Devin Baxter

    Devin Baxter7 日 前

    Her screams are amazing!

  31. Adam Ch

    Adam Ch7 日 前

    The Wolf Amoung Us. Big Bad Wolf. Bigby

  32. Edgardo Franco

    Edgardo Franco8 日 前

    Fuck shes hot this vid is hot af kinky and this is porn music.

  33. Steve Thompson

    Steve Thompson8 日 前

    Awesome song!!

  34. Rick Rox

    Rick Rox9 日 前

    This may be the greatest song and video ever!!! No joke bitches!!!

  35. Jesse Richards

    Jesse Richards9 日 前

    It would be awsome if they made another ginger snaps movie with this song in it & even a guest apearance of this band

  36. x

    x9 日 前

    This is like Lady Gaga, just better.

  37. karter kannibal

    karter kannibal4 日 前

    its nothing like lady gaga-

  38. Ray K

    Ray K5 日 前

    much, much better !!!

  39. Liam Viljoen

    Liam Viljoen9 日 前

    Fucking cool

  40. Mitchell Culp

    Mitchell Culp10 日 前

    Maria Brink doesn't scream, her pores bleed decibal levels.

  41. Jamie Melton

    Jamie Melton10 日 前

    God damnit, this song hits.

  42. Quinn Dubrasky

    Quinn Dubrasky10 日 前

    My song, mine.

  43. Melted Butter

    Melted Butter10 日 前

    Saw these guys with disturbed a few months ago amazing and she shakes her but the same in real life lol

  44. Sue Rose

    Sue Rose10 日 前

    Amazing :)

  45. Kind

    Kind11 日 前

    RATM? Hi there

  46. Mr Pylak

    Mr Pylak11 日 前

    I was in the moment, but then the moment passed...

  47. Rickardo Ramchand

    Rickardo Ramchand11 日 前

    what's most hot as well? Tatiana at RESURRECTION FEST full show in that sexy outfit.

  48. Roxanne Mcmeekan

    Roxanne Mcmeekan11 日 前

    Paint on fingers... gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  49. Exodus Eddie

    Exodus Eddie12 日 前

    Is this song about Fenrir?

  50. justin cary

    justin cary12 日 前

    this is like a combination of the worst parts of nu-metal, rap, and pop all mixed together. its absolutely god-awful.

  51. Kelly Scott

    Kelly Scott13 日 前

    A mix between Manson and Gaga, with a pinch of Lords of Acid...

  52. Hazel Greene

    Hazel Greene13 日 前

    The world needs a feature length In This Moment film. WHO'S WITH ME?? 🤘🤘

  53. Rick Rox

    Rick Rox10 日 前

    I am sis!

  54. meow

    meow14 日 前


  55. Mark Bagge

    Mark Bagge15 日 前

    Love you

  56. Mark Bagge

    Mark Bagge15 日 前


  57. B.D.

    B.D.15 日 前

    She BADD!

  58. Lum

    Lum15 日 前

    Alternate Doom eternal soundtrack.

  59. Rick Rox

    Rick Rox16 日 前

    This is probably their Best song ever so far! So kick azz, creative, original, innovative, and progressive. Have heard nothing as great as this!!! And what a damn super video---powwwww!!!

  60. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez17 日 前

    Angel Elvin

  61. CMDR Wraithe

    CMDR Wraithe17 日 前

    Fucking HAWT!!!

  62. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO18 日 前

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  63. Matt Warner

    Matt Warner18 日 前

    In this moment, I just lost a moment watching this.

  64. Kris Chillinsky

    Kris Chillinsky18 日 前

    this band is the shit!

  65. ian keith

    ian keith20 日 前

    Falco, Rock me Amadeus. I like both, good stuff.

  66. meow

    meow20 日 前


  67. GingerSnap

    GingerSnap20 日 前





  69. legalize homicide

    legalize homicide21 日 前

    Loved it

  70. eric dietz

    eric dietz21 日 前

    I have a friend from high school who had almost the exact same body type as the lead singer. I emailed her a link to the video and I was like "your clone is in a band" and she laughed her ass off. Very similar except for their faces.

  71. eric dietz

    eric dietz15 日 前

    The only woman alive i want to pull the plug when it's time for me to die. :)

  72. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja22 日 前

    You are awesome Maria. I can tell your tragedies in life are real and so is your music but you are a survivor. I would be honored to meet you. You have a great personality and do not let anyone shame you for who you are. Im just the dark version of Jesus and Noah. Blessed be

  73. BiTheWay Yes

    BiTheWay Yes22 日 前

    👌♡🎧 🎼🎸 🖤🤘🖤🤘🖤🤘

  74. EVPointMaster

    EVPointMaster23 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> nice pig squeal

  75. Disknee Channel

    Disknee Channel24 日 前

    JPreporter says I can’t have notifications on because this content is “made for kids” what about this video says it’s for kids? Lmfao

  76. Den R

    Den R24 日 前

    Если бы я снимал клип, он бы выглядел именно так ! Супер.

  77. Alex Wilhelmi

    Alex Wilhelmi24 日 前

    Her hotness scale punches a hole in the ozone layer

  78. Jean Muniz

    Jean Muniz24 日 前


  79. yo yo

    yo yo25 日 前

    That moment when this song came on randomly on spotify, then the breakdown hits and you just make that disgusted face...but in a good way. Damn

  80. Sandra Gschwendtner

    Sandra Gschwendtner25 日 前

    omg i freaking fucking love her :O

  81. Pharah RocketQueen

    Pharah RocketQueen25 日 前

    why do i understand Peppa wenn they sing PEPPA PIG WTF

  82. The Deadpool Who Chuckles.

    The Deadpool Who Chuckles.26 日 前

    Ive never been so frightened and aroused at the same time. Well since the Queen from Aliens anyway.

  83. John Shadwick

    John Shadwick26 日 前

    I never thought a woman screaming "PIG" would be soo fucking hot!!

  84. Frédérique Louise Madeleine D

    Frédérique Louise Madeleine D26 日 前

    Waow She Wolf de Shakira qui tournerait au sur J’adore Quelle puissance 🖤




  86. Calling Japan

    Calling Japan27 日 前

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  87. Dani Kalifornia

    Dani Kalifornia27 日 前

    They threw Daniel into the den,so.

  88. Jeanette Clinton

    Jeanette Clinton27 日 前

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  89. kelly moyers

    kelly moyers27 日 前

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  90. kelly moyers

    kelly moyers27 日 前

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