Impeachment: Trump Has Officially Gone Off the Deep End | Full Frontal on TBS


  1. Michael Kelleher

    Michael Kelleher9 日 前

    If only you were funny . you would have higher

  2. garry henson

    garry henson15 日 前

    Trump 2020

  3. Berry Parker

    Berry Parker17 日 前


  4. TheDeathwalker86

    TheDeathwalker8619 日 前

    So biden never actually did what these people are claiming trump did ?even though he released the full transcript and phone call. It reveals no quid pro quo it's just like the Mueller report. A nothing burger

  5. TheDeathwalker86

    TheDeathwalker8619 日 前

    Keep deleating comments you hiparcrit commies

  6. TheDeathwalker86

    TheDeathwalker8619 日 前

    Samantha bee is obnoxiously un funny and a real propagandist liar

  7. TheDeathwalker86

    TheDeathwalker8619 日 前

    I have never laughed because samantha bee said anything

  8. Smokytopia

    Smokytopia25 日 前

    ...cupcakes shaped like vaginas....MMmmmmm.....

  9. AnimusFlux

    AnimusFlux26 日 前

    In the future when the elders tell stories about this time the children won’t believe them. ‘Great Grandpa, that didnt happen!’

  10. Mel The Mom

    Mel The Mom29 日 前

    "that's not allowed, either"

  11. California Girl

    California Girlヶ月 前

    Biden should withdraw from the race and take care of his coke head son

  12. Allan Koivu

    Allan Koivuヶ月 前

    Remember that kid who ate paste in grade school.......Trump supporter

  13. Ameha K

    Ameha Kヶ月 前

    Trump's stupidity hurts

  14. Kwisatz

    Kwisatzヶ月 前

    And yea, LARD TRUMP 🧛‍♀️🦇hath proclaimed: 🚫🍑🚫🍑🚫🍑; no 💩😩!

  15. Harry Conover

    Harry Conoverヶ月 前

    Bidens son was on the board at the oil company yet knew nothing this is stealing follow that !

  16. G W

    G Wヶ月 前

    My favourite Canadian, on friendly loan to America - You're welcome!

  17. Rochelle Eskue

    Rochelle Eskueヶ月 前

    You know what I think? I think, besides Trump making all his employees sign non-disclosure waivers, he probably has them investigated too. He probably scooped some dirt up on Barr and that's why Barr's been a spineless, weak man. Trump doesn't know how to play by the rules, and Rudy has probably done worse.

  18. Chance Jaxson

    Chance Jaxsonヶ月 前

    so trump wanted a moat filled with sharks that have laser beams attached to their heads?

  19. Solovino Juntoseva

    Solovino Juntosevaヶ月 前

    Please, never ever use Melania as prop for imprisonment. She knows exactly what she is doing and she is just as corrupt and disgusting as #electoralpresident

  20. wildmercuryfilms

    wildmercuryfilmsヶ月 前

    Because you’re hearing the story filtered through idiots. Joe Biden’s son has repeatedly been in trouble. Joe wanted the best for his son, so he lined him up with a job making $50,000 per month in the Ukraine. Joe Biden was Vice President at the time, and was the White House contact to the Ukraine.

  21. Olivia Moore

    Olivia Mooreヶ月 前

    Time to get rid of them all, by Amy and all means

  22. Felicia Gardner

    Felicia Gardnerヶ月 前

    Jesus he was only making $50,000? Seems cheap for a national criminal.

  23. B.T.

    B.T.ヶ月 前

    Is Pocahontas the best they have, now Biden has proved to be corrupt?

  24. Zuma Zuma

    Zuma Zuma29 日 前

    She was also the best before that

  25. Cherie Cullum

    Cherie Cullumヶ月 前

    tRUMP is as dumb as a box of rocks

  26. Crusty Cobs

    Crusty Cobsヶ月 前

    Love it, accurate reporting for a change

  27. ssssssssss

    ssssssssssヶ月 前

    Bee, Elliot, Rockwell, L.Jackson,... The Sams have it!

  28. Gregg Hernandez

    Gregg Hernandezヶ月 前

    So now it all makes sense when Trump says "Make America great AGAIN," He is actually talking about going back....way back to the dark ages when there were moats around castles with spikes sticking out of them, when the peasants could be hung or tortured for merely speaking ill of their King, and shooting your perceived enemy without any thought about it all. Welcome to Trump's America folks.

  29. Xrey

    Xreyヶ月 前

    I don’t understand why most Americans are not more outrage, there should be a huge protest for impeachment and jail.

  30. wildmercuryfilms

    wildmercuryfilmsヶ月 前

    Xrey Because you’re hearing the story filtered through idiots. Joe Biden’s son has repeatedly been in trouble. Joe wanted the best for his son, so he lined him up with a job making $50,000 per month in the Ukraine. Joe Biden was Vice President at the time, and was the White House contact to the Ukraine.

  31. DrMossydog

    DrMossydogヶ月 前

    "Poisoneist" .... Did, ahh, he didn't really say "poisoniest"? Right, right .... tRump...

  32. Brian B.

    Brian B.ヶ月 前

    I LOVE YOU SAMANTHA,. I Never miss a show of yours. SAMANTHA. YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND...........

  33. southrnlyfe

    southrnlyfeヶ月 前

    You can tell Bee has a mental illness by how spastic her movements are. Someone should get her help instead of making a comedy show about her.

  34. Zuma Zuma

    Zuma Zuma29 日 前

    Wow, you can tell by looking at a video? Could I get your contacts to send you pics for diagnosis if there's like suspicious irritation on my junk, or a birthmark changes color?

  35. wildmercuryfilms

    wildmercuryfilmsヶ月 前

    southrnlyfe I couldn’t agree more. It’s very cruel that a network has done this to this innocent, mentally incapacitated woman.

  36. danyl barbour

    danyl barbourヶ月 前


  37. James Hauk

    James Haukヶ月 前

    I'm not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat I am a realist I go for truth not hearsay 😁 and the evidence indicates beyond a shadow of a doubt that you Democrats live in a fantasy bubble and reality has left y'all far behind

  38. sd31263

    sd3126323 日 前

    You're a Republican, dood.

  39. Janine Grey

    Janine Greyヶ月 前

    This is not about impeachment of a president, this is about a group of Republicans determined to hold onto the political power they have achieved in Washington. President Reagan was in advanced Alzheimer's Disease (for those that recognized the decline) while still in office. These Republicans (and foreign powers) are USING this old man, Donald Trump. He is dumb, impulsive, mentally delusional but carefully managed by Fox News and other enablers. I think Republicans are CRUEL!

  40. ꧁Cat G꧂

    ꧁Cat G꧂ヶ月 前

    What an embarrassment America has become.

  41. Sena Kandy

    Sena Kandyヶ月 前

    Typically, Third world dictator politics has now started / reached USA .... God help USA.

  42. markkens9

    markkens9ヶ月 前

    Dark humor has lost due to low IQ.

  43. Robert Wellington

    Robert Wellingtonヶ月 前

    Lasers? Sharks with lasers anyone?

  44. Kim Bradbury

    Kim Bradburyヶ月 前

    Very fake news!!

  45. Darrell Powell

    Darrell Powellヶ月 前

    All that will happen is that the HoR will impeach him BUT the HotS will find him not guilty, therefore Trump will energies his base with Democrat witch hunt chatter until 2020 election day. Then Y'all better vote for Warren to be 1st female POTUS.

  46. Mark S

    Mark Sヶ月 前

    No the deep state and dems

  47. garry henson

    garry hensonヶ月 前

    Trump 2020 you losers

  48. Covfefe

    Covfefeヶ月 前

    These are serious and dangerous times and "phoney" people are making jokes. Weak minded people see all this corruption as normal because it's all just a joke. Thumbs down.

  49. Neil Dickson

    Neil Dicksonヶ月 前

    This Biden crab is completely made up and total deflection. Everyone knows that, yet these idiots can't stop peddling it. Mexico is the new Berlin of the 60's. That didn't last and neither will this. Wrong is wrong no matter the timeframe.

  50. The AJ

    The AJヶ月 前

    If Israel can get away with shooting protesters in the head (Which they did), I don't see why the US can't shoot migrants too...

  51. Jerry Lynch

    Jerry Lynchヶ月 前

  52. Frepa Gioerne

    Frepa Gioerneヶ月 前

    I hear desperation in Samantha Bee's voice. She knows that she can't afford another Trump win in 2020 - that would do in her show and she'll have to move back to Canada

  53. Daniel Marsala

    Daniel Marsalaヶ月 前

    Withhold taxes

  54. zomaarwat9

    zomaarwat9ヶ月 前

    What a country, what a god-awful country.

  55. Sanity In A Sea Of Madness

    Sanity In A Sea Of Madnessヶ月 前

    Yes. Drumpf is a scary embarrassment, but the CoT (formerly referred to as the GOP) are what's really hurting this country. They refuse to hold their orange messiah to any reasonable standard of appropriate, legal or constitutional behavior. For the record, I would happily vote a moderate conservative/Republican if the CoT would let one rise to the surface - but they wont; anyone to the right of the fence who doesn't fully support everything Drumpf does is labeled a RINO> Anyhoo, I just wanted to reiterate that the so-called "Republicans" in congress are this country's real problem. I hate the idea of any one party obtaining a super-majority, but this country needs to learn to recognize that being loyal to a party over the welfare of the country or its founding documents is unAmerican.

  56. Dave Wiik

    Dave Wiikヶ月 前

    If I ever became president I want you as vice pres. Interested?

  57. Anne George

    Anne Georgeヶ月 前

    Barr is a criminal, what is wrong with him? Was he promised alot of money? Does someone have dirt on him?

  58. Sage Oldmann

    Sage Oldmannヶ月 前

    Most Americans aren’t smart enough to see the issues. This is why an education is important people!!

  59. METerrell

    METerrellヶ月 前

    Problem is so many conservatives are paranoid about their kids being "indoctrinated" at schools, so they do that themselves at home.

  60. parkerbohnn

    parkerbohnnヶ月 前

    Bring back the frontal lobotomy for Trump's deranged followers. I put the followers of Charlie Manson in higher esteem.

  61. Wilson laing laing

    Wilson laing laingヶ月 前

    Trump is the epedimy of hypocrisy.

  62. Donovan

    Donovanヶ月 前

    *Trump:* A self-Imagined, selfless, brave and a courageous war hero, a *Superior Military strategist* who "knows more than the Generals", *deserving of a great military parade* where he can receive the *Stolen Valor* he so desperately desires & deserves. He no doubt would be on the front line of his desired Civil War. And remember, he said he didn't need a gun to be courageous.

  63. Donovan

    Donovanヶ月 前

    Meanwhile, the Trump kids, *The Greedy Evil Triplets + Jar-head* are raking in hundreds of millions. {Barron & Tiffany Trump are probably the only decent Trumps} (Jarheads: No disrespect to the Marines intended. You have my utmost support, respect, gratitude, appreciation & admiration)

  64. Donovan

    Donovanヶ月 前

    Spikes, a moat, snakes & alligators. Yet surprisingly no boiling oil, crossbows or trebuchets. Maybe he can buy "The Great Wall of China" from China and have it shipped here. /s

  65. hawk wiley

    hawk wileyヶ月 前

    They find it hard to believe that people conduct business ethically, "there must be something illegal here!!.

  66. hizzouse kakashi

    hizzouse kakashiヶ月 前

    To be fair not everyone agrees what Hunter Biden did was really ok, not saying it's illegal but it's the same thing about not using the office for personal profit, even if it's to your family, Hunter had no experience in the field and no personal connections to the company, they just got him on payroll because his last name is Biden and his dad was VP, something that SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED, we need to get the personal profit OUT of politics so the people fighting for these positions are because they ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM and not just because they can shill out for bank.

  67. hizzouse kakashi

    hizzouse kakashi23 日 前

    @sd31263 yes of course 100%! They have absolutely no valid reason to have their positions.

  68. sd31263

    sd3126323 日 前

    Then I will assume you'd be good with getting the Trump kids and Kushner out of the White House and away from the administration, or does your disdain for nepotism only apply to Democrats?