Im actually having... FUN? In MINECRAFT (hacked) - Part 2


  1. Thexalchemists

    Thexalchemists2 分 前

    21:00 GAYYYY!!!!! Lol XD I'm not sorry

  2. Cute Dare

    Cute Dare4 分 前


  3. Snr. Froggy Mooopew

    Snr. Froggy Mooopew14 分 前

    15:57 “AHH! LIBERALS!!!”

  4. space nerd

    space nerd49 分 前

    14:34 when he said "i'm fish" i felt that if you know you know


    MIXTURE53 分 前

    That's truly clever that pretend you don't know how to play. make me like a genius XDD

  6. HearingNinja

    HearingNinja58 分 前


  7. Susan Czechowski

    Susan Czechowski時間 前

    There was good at 13:50

  8. Humbug 1000

    Humbug 1000時間 前

    bone meat lol

  9. emma

    emma時間 前


  10. That_1girl 28

    That_1girl 282 時間 前

    Felix: 1:08 (screams) I LOVE U Marzia probably be like: 🧐🤨ಠ_ಠ Episode 1 Felix: dude do I look like I am rich or something😑 Litterly next episode Felix: WAT?!?! 33 frickin iron dude I am rich as... balls

  11. shift

    shift2 時間 前

    The baby sheep, It is possible that was water sheep. Before Joergen, Sven, and others, Pewds first friend is baby water sheep.

  12. Ash Cinis

    Ash Cinis2 時間 前

    Can you imagine if minecraft rules were in real life? Nightshift workers be gearing up for battle everytime they leave the house

  13. Sophie

    Sophie2 時間 前

    a video full of questionable decisions

  14. Marangelis Castillo

    Marangelis Castillo2 時間 前

    19:45 this is funny given the fact that it actually happened

  15. Chelsie Chuc

    Chelsie Chuc2 時間 前

    Plant the egg

  16. sammie Wilson

    sammie Wilson2 時間 前

    I sleep with my wheat

  17. Leon Pascal Bendlin

    Leon Pascal Bendlin2 時間 前

    wth how did he shear the sheep With wheat

  18. Natalia Rosas

    Natalia Rosas2 時間 前

    Nobody: Minecraft: turtles aM i RiGhT¿

  19. K1Dflash02

    K1Dflash022 時間 前

    I just realized that the baby sheep @8:24 is the original water sheep/jeb_

  20. papryczka 11

    papryczka 113 時間 前

    R.I.P his house eps 1-20

  21. Spence Meyer

    Spence Meyer3 時間 前

    Literally every time I play Minecraft as soon as the zombie or creeper or skeleton comes screams for like three hours

  22. That Film Guy

    That Film Guy3 時間 前

    Lets be honest this has to be the best Minecraft lets of all time

  23. Nora Derthick

    Nora Derthick3 時間 前

    why does he remind me of Sophie Turner....?

  24. Starhero1234

    Starhero12344 時間 前

    He allows water sheep sleep with him :D 8:30

  25. Óðinn Geirdal Jónsson

    Óðinn Geirdal Jónsson4 時間 前

    Literally nobody: Pewdiepie:lets make a hoe

  26. George Diamond

    George Diamond4 時間 前

    6:15 Water Sheep , the first contact.

  27. Alberto Gervacio

    Alberto Gervacio4 時間 前


  28. SantyVictor1819

    SantyVictor18194 時間 前

    5:25 Why don't u want weed

  29. Misfortune Follows

    Misfortune Follows4 時間 前

    Pewds: I been playing before you were born 1 min later Also Pewd: I lost my house again

  30. Kylie Shomlea

    Kylie Shomlea5 時間 前

    Give the horses apples

  31. Dżyst Zajenc

    Dżyst Zajenc5 時間 前

    "Notch will come back from his grave" Notch is already alive 😂

  32. TSM_BlaZe YT

    TSM_BlaZe YT5 時間 前

    Bone meat lol

  33. TSM_BlaZe YT

    TSM_BlaZe YT5 時間 前

    Bone meat lol

  34. pokii_stix _

    pokii_stix _5 時間 前

    *F E R M*

  35. MicahsMicah

    MicahsMicah5 時間 前

    felix btw that second spooky sound was a mine cart moving in a cave probably below your home

  36. RandomVids

    RandomVids5 時間 前

    6:38 *so that was a fucking lie*

  37. __ starkiller

    __ starkiller5 時間 前

    Any one hear that at 9:50

  38. A Stick

    A Stick5 時間 前

    ,,Maybe we can plant the eggs.",,To make a farm you need a hoe"

  39. cory lines

    cory lines6 時間 前

    GAMING WEEK BITCHES More like gaming till im 87 week BITCHES

  40. KA8

    KA86 時間 前

    *chaotic good*

  41. Block SLS

    Block SLS6 時間 前

    Minecraft didn’t exist before I was born I was born in 2005 Minecraft came out in 2009

  42. pastel melody

    pastel melody6 時間 前

    Nobody: Felix: *Tries to claw Kitty with TNT*

  43. Bob Cratchit

    Bob Cratchit6 時間 前

    Lol I swear itd be hard to find someone who doesn’t know about bone meal

  44. the one you used to know

    the one you used to know6 時間 前

    plant the eggs omg

  45. robin's egg blue egg blue

    robin's egg blue egg blue6 時間 前

    Mabe we can plant the eggs

  46. red raptor

    red raptor6 時間 前

    hoe's 2:14

  47. Meldin Alemic

    Meldin Alemic6 時間 前

    Nobody: Felix: B O N E M E A T

  48. Moses Hayes

    Moses Hayes6 時間 前

    Yo apple boi

  49. The GingeCat

    The GingeCat6 時間 前

    13:49 Felix: I don’t have time for children Also Felix: my whole demographic are 9 year olds

  50. RandomRacsa

    RandomRacsa6 時間 前

    Second episode, Felix has found a mine shaft lmao