Im actually having... FUN? In MINECRAFT (hacked) - Part 2


  1. Qt Zy

    Qt Zy5 時間 前

    Pewds: I’m a veteran and I have pro tip for growing stuff quickly Also pewds: It’s called Bone meat!

  2. Meinard Jorda

    Meinard Jorda5 時間 前


  3. Secret Diary of a Foodie

    Secret Diary of a Foodie9 時間 前

    Me: Watches this ironically, having no interest in gaming Me: Gets invested, starts sweating when the lamb gets out of the pen, considers getting the game 😂

  4. hshwj yeet

    hshwj yeet9 時間 前

    Whats the sound he hear

  5. Holly Gadd

    Holly Gadd11 時間 前

    it's bone meal

  6. rsmry.ix

    rsmry.ix18 時間 前

    15:57 you’re welcome

  7. Muaazo Palaazo

    Muaazo Palaazo20 時間 前

    Can you please let me know what is your seed is

  8. Салих Валиулин

    Салих Валиулин20 時間 前

    Тут есть русские?

  9. Dr Astagapar

    Dr Astagapar日 前

    Fix ur FOV

  10. S.L G

    S.L G日 前

    That is a mineshaft not people before you came

  11. Joel Torres

    Joel Torres日 前

    But i was born in the desame day when minecraft was born

  12. Enerel Tsolmonbayar

    Enerel Tsolmonbayar日 前

    Me: Horse likes carrots Pewdiepie: NO THEY LIKES WHEAT

  13. teodor Gaming

    teodor Gaming日 前


  14. teodor Gaming

    teodor Gaming日 前


  15. Helen Grindell

    Helen Grindell日 前

    Sheep cows llamas eat weat pigs bunnys eat carrots chickens eat seeds foxes sat berries

  16. brent hansen

    brent hansen日 前

    How old are you

  17. Evan Shave

    Evan Shave日 前

    Idk what my life has become. I’m watching a grown man play a game meant for kids pls halp meeeee



    That game has amazing graphics...

  19. Swag Joe

    Swag Joe日 前

    What a fool, picking up beetroot not knowing it will change his fate. I bow, council of beetroot

  20. cool King

    cool King日 前

    Felix: i played minecraft before you were born. Me: ok boomer.

  21. Kenan Ellks

    Kenan Ellks日 前

    i adore that as this series progresses you can physically see Felix begin to enjoy the game

  22. nathi

    nathi日 前

    I lost it when he was like THEY MADE A BABY!!

  23. Default Yanny

    Default Yanny2 日 前

    * 19 year olds

  24. K DR

    K DR2 日 前

    I’m Minecraft veteran:) How to make shield in Minecraft :(

  25. Димон Юрмашев

    Димон Юрмашев2 日 前

    Welcome to Rassia

  26. GaMeRGuY 1638

    GaMeRGuY 16382 日 前

    2:40 , he said he pro, he ain't right now

  27. lauren elizabeth

    lauren elizabeth2 日 前

    im rewatching this series for the 7th time uwu

  28. lauren elizabeth

    lauren elizabeth2 日 前

    if you read these comments i just want to say you’re the sexiest man alive lets smash jk haha jk again i love you

  29. Dana Dinovic

    Dana Dinovic2 日 前

    PewDiePi is cooool

  30. Dana Dinovic

    Dana Dinovic2 日 前

    Im its the serbia

  31. Kani Kurşun

    Kani Kurşun2 日 前

    Man what are u doing sheep dude 18:24

  32. Julie Molina

    Julie Molina3 日 前

    Pewdiepie: I will kill a child 9 Year Olds: =0

  33. Joel Pearson

    Joel Pearson3 日 前

    Who knew that these videos made as a joke would turn into a whole series

  34. Michal Kočiš

    Michal Kočiš3 日 前

    Pewds. Minecraft was created in year 2009 and i was born in year 2009

  35. brother_overbee

    brother_overbee3 日 前

    i’m jealous of how good felix’s house looks while i’m still living in a literal box😂😂

  36. RJ L27

    RJ L273 日 前

    19 year olders are the bes

  37. Aliyah Phelps

    Aliyah Phelps3 日 前

    Guys can you help? I’m wanting to build this house but idk how he did it help

  38. Alexzisis Gaming

    Alexzisis Gaming3 日 前

    Says bonemeat I’m affended

  39. koloman444

    koloman4443 日 前

    you dont evan now what is a villiger

  40. The Gacha Master

    The Gacha Master3 日 前


  41. Cole Secrest

    Cole Secrest3 日 前

    Damn this is good old days when his Minecraft series was good