If Escape The Night Wen’t Right


  1. Awesome Escape

    Awesome Escapeヶ月 前

    Should I Make a part 2????

  2. ETNLE

    ETNLE12 日 前


  3. LorcanPlaysGames

    LorcanPlaysGames16 日 前

    Thanks 😊

  4. LorcanPlaysGames

    LorcanPlaysGames16 日 前

    Can I make a video about this Ill give credit

  5. LorcanPlaysGames

    LorcanPlaysGames26 日 前


  6. Awesome Escape

    Awesome Escape28 日 前

    Indiana Joey OMG THANK YOU ❤️

  7. PaulPlayz

    PaulPlayz2 日 前

    Season 3 if they left before joey got there they woulda all lived

  8. ETN Darling

    ETN Darling10 日 前

    I would die for a season with Tana brought back like wth-

  9. lowkey aesthic

    lowkey aesthic15 日 前

    Ima say a fact about joey he sucks at challenges

  10. Xero 6

    Xero 615 日 前

    Bruh if Joey would’ve been FAIR and took a “TEAM” vote they probably would’ve brought back Tana and colleens slow self should’ve said Nikita CHEATED since she was revived smh 💀

  11. PaulPlayz

    PaulPlayz2 日 前

    i mean she WAS the most helpful but ok yall want tana cuz she did like 5 things

  12. Xero 6

    Xero 613 日 前

    Monseiur Pickle lmao

  13. Monseiur Pickle

    Monseiur Pickle13 日 前

    Yeah, and literally out of all the dead guests, he brings back Colleen of all people.

  14. Melaena Campbell

    Melaena Campbell18 日 前

    The simple soultion Don't except the invite

  15. Melaena Campbell

    Melaena Campbell18 日 前

    @Awesome Escape truu

  16. Awesome Escape

    Awesome Escape18 日 前

    Melaena Campbell Exactly

  17. Mark Andrewplayzzz

    Mark Andrewplayzzz20 日 前

    twisted and dark fate tana should have never drank the cursed drink and should have told the group that she helped the group of joey do the backwards word reading thingy 😢😢😢😢😢my queen tana died

  18. Anna Zimmerle

    Anna Zimmerle21 日 前

    Manny LOST PERIOD! Safiya deserves life!

  19. Awesome Escape

    Awesome Escape21 日 前

    Anna Zimmerle period

  20. Tristan Marcelin

    Tristan Marcelin25 日 前

    Has anyone else realise the titles?!?!

  21. Bitchy Bianca

    Bitchy Bianca26 日 前

    The producers thought Sierra was going to survive the challenge so they had to come up with a way to have her die

  22. PaulPlayz

    PaulPlayz2 日 前

    so they rigged her death?

  23. Bram IJdema

    Bram IJdema4 日 前

    Awesome Escape where?

  24. Bram IJdema

    Bram IJdema4 日 前

    Bitchy Bianca Where did you see this?

  25. k & b

    k & b10 日 前

    Oh god

  26. Awesome Escape

    Awesome Escape26 日 前

    Bitchy Bianca omg I saw that

  27. Jsh ._.

    Jsh ._.26 日 前

    Dark and twisted bull sht i love that one lmao

  28. PaulPlayz

    PaulPlayz2 日 前

    @Toxixity_ Reality carried? nah bretman and colleen carried. tana just helped but not as much as them aka the deserving survivors yall just salty cuz she did like 7 things and died cuz of gabbie being slow which i agree was unfair but colleen was rightfully revived

  29. Toxixity_ Reality

    Toxixity_ Reality18 日 前

    Jsh ._. tana carried this season she saved them from dying in th backwards words challenge NEARLY FINISHED HER DEATH CHALLENGE WHERE GABBIE WAS LITERALLY USELESS, yet still died SMH, then joey was selfish and revived colleen so he could kill rosanna quite frankly it should have been dark and twisted bull shit

  30. Awesome Escape

    Awesome Escape26 日 前

    Joshua Purugganan cause I love Colleen but it should have been Queen Tana 👑

  31. Indiana Official

    Indiana Official28 日 前

    The Maze of Cheating. 💀

  32. Indiana Official

    Indiana Official28 日 前

    Dark Magic and Twisted Bullshit. lmaoo,

  33. AnalyzingAoi

    AnalyzingAoiヶ月 前

    You forgot something on season 2, IF THE LET TANA HELPED SHE WOULDNT HAVE DIED. PERIODT

  34. Rheneas Chu

    Rheneas Chuヶ月 前

    S4 Ep 2 if the team chose Tim over Tana then Justine would’ve won the challenge lol

  35. dat hoE

    dat hoEヶ月 前

    i legit thougHt thIs was an episode when i was scrolling on my recommendation

  36. Tristan Beira

    Tristan Beiraヶ月 前

    S3 Ep 8 If Joey didn't tell Ro to talk to the witches, Manny would've died

  37. Night_danny

    Night_danny14 日 前

    Well manny< ro just my opinion

  38. lowkey aesthic

    lowkey aesthic15 日 前


  39. Doctor Why

    Doctor Why20 日 前

    Both of ro deaths were caused by Joey

  40. Jason Wright

    Jason Wrightヶ月 前

    It should’ve been Alex winning both seasons period.

  41. PaulPlayz

    PaulPlayz2 日 前

    @Jason Wright im agreeing with trent he literally shoulda died multiple times season 4. Against destorm, against colleen, against bretman if joey didnt freaking go in for him. colleen and bretman stole nothing from him

  42. Jason Wright

    Jason Wrightヶ月 前

    Trent Hensley Ik he was better in s2 but in this season he was still fucking good

  43. Trent Hensley

    Trent Hensleyヶ月 前

    @Jason Wright I actually believe he should have won season 2. also, what did he do they took the credit for? and btw, the first two challenges he was in, his fate was in the hands of other people, and by pure dumb luck he won both of them. Season 4 was not his strong suite, 2 was.

  44. Jason Wright

    Jason Wrightヶ月 前

    Trent Hensley and if we are being honest he didn’t deserve to be in both times. The first time his challenge was the hardest one while everyone else had easy ones like Bret’s was easy joeys was kinda hard and destorm was way to easy. Tyne second time he put his life on the fucking line to save the team and then they backstab him. Ik he said to do to vote him but still

  45. Jason Wright

    Jason Wrightヶ月 前

    Trent Hensley well if you actually look closely he did a lot of the work and Colleen and bretman took it from him so

  46. Alex 03

    Alex 03ヶ月 前

    2:05 For this i gona say it Joey don't say to her to go to talk white the witches she wasn't curse so she don't die

  47. jak and his stupid videos

    jak and his stupid videosヶ月 前

    I agree with the tana part lmao