Identical Twins Meet Their MINI identical Twins!


  1. Brenda Barnes

    Brenda Barnes39 分 前

    Omg they are so cute!

  2. Valery melgar ramos

    Valery melgar ramos3 時間 前

    this vid is soooo awsome this is my fav vid

  3. emily cruz

    emily cruz5 時間 前

    anyone else notice the outro has the mini Dolan twins in it too or just me?

  4. Emily Villarreal

    Emily Villarreal10 時間 前

    Nobody: 19 year old Grayson: I've never been 20 before

  5. Kali Gilpin

    Kali Gilpin11 時間 前

    they are gonna be little heartbreakers

  6. Niya Rivera

    Niya Rivera15 時間 前

    Grayson will be an amazing dad

  7. Liz van Gellecum

    Liz van Gellecum16 時間 前

    IM IN LOVE .... im too young im top young.......

  8. Tooba Tariq

    Tooba Tariq17 時間 前

    i love grayson and ethan when they try to be daddies

  9. Ashley Gerhard

    Ashley Gerhard18 時間 前

    The graysons: doing their own thing. The ethans: “what else is annoying about the other twin?”

  10. immortalized-0 !

    immortalized-0 !18 時間 前


  11. sam stiehler

    sam stiehler23 時間 前

    might just be the cutest video ever

  12. lovemefeedme

    lovemefeedme日 前

    They're so cute 😂😭💕😩

  13. kailey clark

    kailey clark日 前

    Elija has a creepy stare no offense

  14. Aisha Al-Halabi

    Aisha Al-Halabi日 前


  15. kheyara Hunter

    kheyara Hunter日 前

    I LOVE❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣

  16. Makena B

    Makena B日 前

    Grayson is such a dad.......hahaha

  17. Sdev 08

    Sdev 08日 前


  18. Michaela Johansson

    Michaela Johansson日 前

    "guy's where getting old (19yr)" my 86 yr old grandma laughed her ass off wen she heard that lmao

  19. The Real Game Master

    The Real Game Master日 前


  20. Queen Me

    Queen Me日 前

    Nobody: Not even the Dolan Twins: *wHo'S hErE dUrInG cOrOna TimE?*

  21. Jennifer Watson

    Jennifer Watson日 前

    Anyone else notice that they slowly came out of their shells, it's so cuteeee

  22. leslie ortega

    leslie ortega日 前

    oh my gosh this video was too CUTE😍 mini twins r amazingggg just absolute beans♥️ hope we c more of them in the future!!!!!

  23. Abhinav Avinash

    Abhinav Avinash日 前

    Xavier:”Are you rich?” Grayson:”No” Me: what do you mean???!!!

  24. Donieka Addison

    Donieka Addison日 前

    Ethan and xavier living there best life LOL

  25. Journi McClerin

    Journi McClerin日 前

    Ok look the dolan twins are HOT. The mini Dolan twins are ADORABLE.

  26. Evangeline Knecht

    Evangeline Knecht日 前

    This was legit adorable and probably my favorite video .

  27. 3 G's

    3 G's日 前

    No one: Nobody at all: Elijah: Dangling

  28. Macyxo Murraxo

    Macyxo Murraxo2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a> his face is so concentrated

  29. DanTheMan 05

    DanTheMan 052 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> “Are you guys rich?” Grayson: “no” Me: well damn I must be poor😂 (That was a joke I do not mean to offend those less fortunate)

  30. Ramona Sweetie

    Ramona Sweetie2 日 前

    Grayson- do you like Halloween Xavier- yeah Grayson- a lot? Xavier- well not really.. Gray- oh well I like it a lot so you have to learn how to like it a lot Xavier- okay 🥺😂😍

  31. Adriana Muñoz

    Adriana Muñoz2 日 前


  32. Aisha Humaid Mubarak Obaid Alshamsi

    Aisha Humaid Mubarak Obaid Alshamsi2 日 前

    baby twins: arrive Grayson: DAD MODE ACTIVATED

  33. Jess Boos

    Jess Boos2 日 前

    This is so adorable 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Madison Langstaff

    Madison Langstaff2 日 前

    I died when he said “no Grayson he can’t fit in a birdhouse” and “ u don’t want to risk falling and something happening and then ending up like Greyson” 😂😂💀☠️

  35. ellie Biggs

    ellie Biggs2 日 前

    When Grayson and Xavier were doing the earring thing it made me think what a great dad grayson will be 😩🥺

  36. Forever BTS and TXT

    Forever BTS and TXT2 日 前

    They're so cute uwu

  37. Ella Grace

    Ella Grace2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> "baCk iN thE DaY"

  38. L T M

    L T M2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> Are you guys rich ?😂😂💕

  39. KenyaGill

    KenyaGill2 日 前

    when gray says no to are u rich it makes me feel like my bank account is worth 1 penny

  40. Darlena P

    Darlena P3 日 前

    no one: Elijah & Xavier: *breathes* Ethan & Grayson: "THAT'S LIKE US!!"

  41. Braceface. Keana

    Braceface. Keana3 日 前

    Grayson was the cuter in back then now 😬 Ethan is

  42. Renata Mariano

    Renata Mariano3 日 前

    Make a part 2

  43. Txmia_la

    Txmia_la3 日 前

    The outro was sooo cute with the minis there!

  44. Abbey Haydon

    Abbey Haydon3 日 前

    Grayson “ he’s like a little me” 🥺😭

  45. Ludmila

    Ludmila3 日 前

    “Sleep through the pain” meeeeee

  46. Eylül Dora Tekeli

    Eylül Dora Tekeli3 日 前

    Xavier and Elijah? Their mom loved vampire books.

  47. Lisa Jackson

    Lisa Jackson4 日 前

    11111111111 11111111111 11111111111 11111111111 11 111111111111

  48. Samuel José-McGregor Santos

    Samuel José-McGregor Santos4 日 前

    Gray claims to be taller...Google says Ethan is 1.80 M and Grayson is also 1.8 M

  49. Izzy Playz

    Izzy Playz4 日 前

    They would be some pretty good father's ngll

  50. Ebiny King

    Ebiny King4 日 前

    grayson is so good wi kids😂🥺

  51. harlynn k

    harlynn k4 日 前

    Why aren't they hot like y'all

  52. Azalea Cochran

    Azalea Cochran4 日 前


  53. Veronique Modeste

    Veronique Modeste4 日 前

    They look so cuteee

  54. Matilyn grace 😘

    Matilyn grace 😘4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="298">4:58</a> why did they do that

  55. Moonlight Gacha

    Moonlight Gacha5 日 前

    Those kids got a one in a lifetime chance

  56. Moonlight Gacha

    Moonlight Gacha5 日 前

    They had to much fun doing this lol 😂

  57. joe mama

    joe mama5 日 前

    omg i wish i went to preschool with them

  58. Airrplane

    Airrplane5 日 前

    grayson is so good with kids😭

  59. Wisdom Ogedengbe

    Wisdom Ogedengbe5 日 前

    Why was this so perfect 👌🏾😅

  60. uncultured swine

    uncultured swine5 日 前

    the minis are so adorable omfg

  61. Amalie Saccoccio

    Amalie Saccoccio5 日 前

    If Elijah and Xavier don't actually take over the channel, I'm deleting JPreporter.

  62. O'nyese Eliapo

    O'nyese Eliapo5 日 前

    this reminds me of mini jake paul....-

  63. Jasmin Xx

    Jasmin Xx5 日 前

    This shows how good they will be as dads! 🥰🥰🥰

  64. charlotte catherine

    charlotte catherine5 日 前

    They are soooo cute

  65. MadzyStr

    MadzyStr5 日 前

    nobody talking about the effort put into editing the outro for just these lil bbs

  66. rubyyy

    rubyyy5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1390">23:10</a> that literally looks identical to graysons smile i-

  67. Katherine Corona

    Katherine Corona4 日 前

    omg it does 🥺

  68. Alyssa Crowley

    Alyssa Crowley5 日 前

    Ok but there gonna be really cute when they older just saying ....🥱

  69. LucaETN

    LucaETN5 日 前

    There so cute!

  70. Cass Retz

    Cass Retz5 日 前

    Xeivier should've warn the chain on like Ethan (i think that's how I spell Xeivier

  71. Cass Retz

    Cass Retz5 日 前

    So cute!!!!❤️

  72. MyLy&Ny vlogs

    MyLy&Ny vlogs5 日 前

    Awww when they were fighting on the couch they really acted like the Dolan twins

  73. Bri M

    Bri M6 日 前

    Grayson is such a dad I love it

  74. Bri M

    Bri M6 日 前

    4 cutest boys in the world

  75. Brute Star

    Brute Star6 日 前

    The kid knows dirty stuff “dangling”

  76. Gloria Panda

    Gloria Panda6 日 前

    LMAO Mini Ethan can ride a skateboard better then me 😭😂😂😂

  77. s t e v i e . r i d l e y

    s t e v i e . r i d l e y6 日 前

    This is the cutest shit I have ever seen

  78. Jorie Hope

    Jorie Hope6 日 前

    wow imma twin and im younger and taller and eat more wow i should join the squad!

  79. Gaby Evert

    Gaby Evert6 日 前

    Omg I love this sooo much!!!

  80. Alpha Owl Weeb

    Alpha Owl Weeb6 日 前

    Just like mini Jake Paul

  81. Taylor London

    Taylor London6 日 前

    Congratulations, now I want kids. I hope you’re proud of yourselves