Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Finals


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morningヶ月 前

    Check out Link turning into a human-sized ice cream sundae!

  2. •cRaZy CaT•

    •cRaZy CaT•日 前

    Mile Smith sorry but BURNNNNNN

  3. B T

    B T3 日 前

    Adella /it's

  4. B T

    B T3 日 前

    Good Mythical Creature

  5. B T

    B T3 日 前

    I am going into real real estate tomorrow

  6. B T

    B T3 日 前

    Good Mythical More

  7. Jaxon Mace

    Jaxon Mace時間 前

    Who else loves the SpongeBob (demon) popsicle

  8. iampatmac

    iampatmac3 時間 前

    Wait a second how did you find payphones ? I thought those were extinct lol.

  9. Woods Feigan

    Woods Feigan15 時間 前

    3:03 46×2=92 not 96

  10. Hamtha NOORDEEN

    Hamtha NOORDEEN16 時間 前

    CC - Confetti Coating !!!!

  11. [PK] Soda!

    [PK] Soda!20 時間 前

    snow cone was my favorite

  12. Purple Face

    Purple Face21 時間 前

    It cracked me up that on this channel 46+46=98 just like my favorite equation f=cm3

  13. Aaron Pau

    Aaron Pau日 前

    I haven't been with GMM for a while, so what happened to Chase? (Josh is great tho)

  14. Manta Ci

    Manta Ci日 前

    so nobody noticed that he said 46 ice cream sandwiches are eating in one second in America and then said its 98 every two seconds?????

  15. Natalie Ann

    Natalie Ann日 前

    Yes, because 46x2=98

  16. Linnéa Thunberg

    Linnéa Thunberg日 前

    Ice cream sandwich ia my fav😍

  17. Mason Rey

    Mason Rey2 日 前

    6:09 *we do?*

  18. Isabell DeSimone

    Isabell DeSimone2 日 前


  19. Susannah Stout

    Susannah Stout2 日 前

    I'm a strawberry shortcake, fudgsicle, dreamsicle kind of a girl.

  20. fUn

    fUn3 日 前

    3:07 waiiit a minute 46x2 doesn’t equal 98

  21. Juneillia Lauren Reyes

    Juneillia Lauren Reyes3 日 前

    I'm disappointment they didnt do the cookies and cream blizzard ice cream cup

  22. Neville Longbottom

    Neville Longbottom3 日 前


  23. hyperactive gam3s

    hyperactive gam3s3 日 前

    The choco taco has a crispy shell if you eat it fresh

  24. randomlikings

    randomlikings3 日 前

    Strawberry Shortcake gets a 10 from me. Other faves: Snow Cones (when served RIGHT and not rock hard like these ones) and Fudgesicles

  25. master blaster

    master blaster4 日 前

    that is not a snowcone, at least not the one that i get

  26. Jimmy Lennox

    Jimmy Lennox4 日 前

    There is a chocolate version of the Strawberry Shortcake.

  27. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning4 日 前


  28. Daniel Doctrow

    Daniel Doctrow4 日 前


  29. Pizz4tr0nionle4der

    Pizz4tr0nionle4der4 日 前

    Mhhhh so you like popsicles I got a hole freezer full of popsicles

  30. Grumby

    Grumby4 日 前

    The raw nuts

  31. Greta Gantenbein

    Greta Gantenbein4 日 前

    The snowcone is good if u get a cup and a spoon, i have a lot of memories of me and my friends at camp j hamering at it with plastic spoons.

  32. rentmimi777

    rentmimi7774 日 前

    Snow cones were great for those of us who are allergic to dairy

  33. aaron anstett

    aaron anstett5 日 前

    7 53 that's what she said

  34. Cookie Cat

    Cookie Cat5 日 前

    The Chipwitch is superior

  35. gene ralph

    gene ralph5 日 前

    bro who els cant stand them not finishing the ice creams

  36. Protag_MC Gaming

    Protag_MC Gaming5 日 前

    The Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Turn Them Into Zombies?... Huh That's Weird.

  37. Bella Greene

    Bella Greene5 日 前

    If u sprinkle salt on a regular ice cream sandwitch it tastes so good!!! Weird food combo but okay

  38. Ruby McNeil

    Ruby McNeil6 日 前

    Like here if you stan strawberry shortcake! (Like me) 👇🏻

  39. J Wohl

    J Wohl6 日 前

    Drumstick > chaco taco

  40. Dexter Letterman

    Dexter Letterman7 日 前

    3:08 Its 92 not 98

  41. Noah Manos

    Noah Manos7 日 前

    I feel your pain Link....

  42. Wunderful

    Wunderful7 日 前

    Gosh my teeth hurt watching the snow cones

  43. Gabriel -iPhone

    Gabriel -iPhone8 日 前

    If this was an English ice cream truck u would have to have put: magnums,huba bubas, flakes, cornetos,slushes

  44. tammynwes

    tammynwes8 日 前

    You’re not supposed to bite the sno-cone immediately. Just sayin’.

  45. Cheesethe Koala

    Cheesethe Koala8 日 前

    Man, I never liked the slider, it was too sweet for me, FOR ME and I have the biggest sweet tooth, I eat sugar cubes plain! I got sick eating an entire slider because my stomach wasn’t happy about the sugar...!

  46. Cheesethe Koala

    Cheesethe Koala8 日 前

    Love sandy creams :,)

  47. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat8498 日 前

    My favorite IS the strawberry shortcake!

  48. Parker the Hufflepuff

    Parker the Hufflepuff8 日 前

    This is how I rate them(in my opinion) 1. Drumstick 2. Choco taco 3. Fudgesicle 4. Ice cream sandwich 5 . Cookie ice cream sandwich 6. Strawberry cheesecake 7. Creamsicle 8. SpongeBob square pants 9. Bop pop 10. Snowcone

  49. Joshua Hunnicutt

    Joshua Hunnicutt8 日 前

    92 every 2 seconds Josh

  50. Timelord 271

    Timelord 2718 日 前

    I was hurt with the choco taco score

  51. jjodoin05

    jjodoin058 日 前

    She can call me Daddy

  52. Anthony Rystsov

    Anthony Rystsov9 日 前

    where my choco taco reps at

  53. Jess_K

    Jess_K9 日 前

    the chocolate chip cookie sandwich is my shiiii

  54. Brianna Espinoza

    Brianna Espinoza9 日 前

    iTs sO suCculEnt

  55. MRBOOOYA MrGamer

    MRBOOOYA MrGamer9 日 前

    It's not a taco shell xD

  56. TheChacoTaco Coasters

    TheChacoTaco Coasters9 日 前

    shoulve picked me

  57. Becca K.

    Becca K.9 日 前

    At my elementary school, every Friday they would serve ice cream that was the same brand of the strawberry shortcake ice cream. I have no idea what it was called, but it tasted like chocolate and childhood!!

  58. Just a Random Gamer

    Just a Random Gamer9 日 前

    In lakeside there is a shop that is basically a stationary ice cream truck, but there are so many more varieties to choose from.

  59. Trevor Shingler

    Trevor Shingler9 日 前

    Chaco Taco!!!!

  60. Aperture Gaming

    Aperture Gaming9 日 前

    I don't think that the Snow Cone is meant to be consumed in the way you guys did. You're supposed to lick it before you bite it.

  61. Logan Daso

    Logan Daso9 日 前

    I'm allergic to nuts

  62. Whats Updog

    Whats Updog9 日 前

    the shortcake the best

  63. Makenna McKamey

    Makenna McKamey9 日 前

    Who else has the same problem as Link? With the biting into the ice cream?

  64. Nathan Payton

    Nathan Payton9 日 前

    The Choco Taco is my favorite. I agree with you about the chewy shell, but every once in a while you get a taco that is like a drumstick. And it's just purely magical. So it's purely mythical.

  65. Josefa Untalan

    Josefa Untalan9 日 前

    Shocked y'all have never had the strawberry shortcake one. That's my favorite 💛

  66. dollofvoodoo

    dollofvoodoo9 日 前

    I always got the snow cone because it lasted the longest and you had a gumball in the end.

  67. krartan

    krartan10 日 前

    "Free gumball inside!" No it's not, you have to pay for it. Otherwise Mr. Ice Cream Truck Man I would like every gumball from all your snow cones.

  68. Suzy Rose Blossom

    Suzy Rose Blossom10 日 前

    Where can I get snow cones it's literally impossible

  69. Emma Fooshee

    Emma Fooshee10 日 前

    Those strawberry shortcake ones are the best thing ever produced u can’t change my mind, (the chocolate ones are better but wtevr)

  70. sk8catatonik

    sk8catatonik10 日 前

    I need more Josh in my life!. #hilariousssss

  71. Marcus Tomlins

    Marcus Tomlins10 日 前


  72. ʜᴀɴᴢō

    ʜᴀɴᴢō10 日 前

    I never had the taco one lol,

  73. Balasar Windstriker

    Balasar Windstriker11 日 前

    man i haven't watched since 2012

  74. Kate McLewis

    Kate McLewis11 日 前

    and all we get to eat ... is ice cream sandwiches! who gets the reference?

  75. Steinbros Stein

    Steinbros Stein11 日 前

    Why you hating on the snow cone

  76. viola mammola

    viola mammola11 日 前

    Links shirt👌👌💯💯💯

  77. Loudsquirrel 249

    Loudsquirrel 24911 日 前

    How could you forget how good ice cream sandwiches are you made a whole ice cream sandwich song years ago

  78. Isabella Jackson

    Isabella Jackson11 日 前

    The strawberry shortcake is my favorite!!!

  79. Mister Cool Pineapple

    Mister Cool Pineapple11 日 前


  80. Ryan Shea

    Ryan Shea11 日 前

    Who else only watched bc of josh?

  81. samurai7dkong

    samurai7dkong11 日 前

    My cousin and I would walk down the block to get ourselves a strawberry shortcake whenever I was over

  82. MrCooj92

    MrCooj9211 日 前

    They're gone man it's over haha

  83. No subscribers

    No subscribers11 日 前

    How do you give the spongebob a lower score???

  84. Miguel Torres

    Miguel Torres11 日 前

    Anyone know where I can buy links button-up shirt?

  85. Piper Kolacinski

    Piper Kolacinski12 日 前

    We called the strawberry shortcake bars strawberry scooter bars

  86. American Patriot

    American Patriot12 日 前

    Strawberry shortcake is my childhood. Noone badmouth it.

  87. Numnum Gaming

    Numnum Gaming12 日 前

    thats rice crisps not nuts