Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Finals


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning5 ヶ月 前

    Check out Link turning into a human-sized ice cream sundae!

  2. Hawk Weaver raccoon gamer

    Hawk Weaver raccoon gamer日 前

    You get so many views

  3. Gluestick Games

    Gluestick Games19 日 前


  4. Maria D'Angelo

    Maria D'Angelo22 日 前

    They have the chocolate strawberry shortcake bars....just not strawberry

  5. Lori Galloway

    Lori Gallowayヶ月 前

    I have been watching this show since I was 4😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  6. Theoddcreeper

    Theoddcreeperヶ月 前

    I relly like your vids they are cool

  7. Gabby Chareunsap

    Gabby Chareunsap日 前

    I feel you Link

  8. Rory Cohen

    Rory Cohen2 日 前

    Strawberry shortcake forever

  9. Sharklops

    Sharklops2 日 前

    It makes me sad that no one seemed to get Link's _Reading Rainbow_ reference.

  10. Ningnong

    Ningnong2 日 前

    We don't have those tacos in Sweden tho.

  11. CK Martini

    CK Martini4 日 前

    Randy: hi daddies. Icecream Guy: ok.

  12. Profit Trump protégé

    Profit Trump protégé4 日 前

    You guys don’t know anything about ice cream apparently

  13. My sister is brutal HELP?

    My sister is brutal HELP?4 日 前

    46 in one second 98 in two seconds hmmmmmmm don't know bout that one

  14. A.D.K

    A.D.K5 日 前

    "Wha issa ona ou'side Josh?" "It's a crumb coating. It's meant to mimic the approximate 200 seeds on the outside of every strawberry" "No it's not" "okay"

  15. eldur hugi einarsson

    eldur hugi einarsson4 日 前

    Thank you for quoting everything liptard

  16. Kevin Lombardo, Jr

    Kevin Lombardo, Jr5 日 前

    came here because I'm eating a strawberry shortcake ice cream rn

  17. Carl Glennerster

    Carl Glennerster7 日 前

    Just wanted to say....46 ice cream sandwiches every second is 92 every 2 second, not 96.

  18. PotatoKAT :3

    PotatoKAT :37 日 前

    "ice cream in this *manner*"

  19. cosmicIllusion1999

    cosmicIllusion19998 日 前

    There’s a chocolate version of the strawberry ice cream Also I have very sensitive teeth but I bite down on ice cream full force.

  20. Catherine Pammenter

    Catherine Pammenter9 日 前

    dude that snow cone is where its at idc

  21. Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin

    Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin9 日 前

    I have never agreed with a ranking more. But question myself for even knowing that.

  22. Jack Steinle

    Jack Steinle10 日 前

    Dang it now I want ice cream really bad

  23. Oliver Davies

    Oliver Davies11 日 前

    No Klondike bar :(

  24. MelancholyMountain12

    MelancholyMountain1213 日 前

    Choco Tocos will always have a special place in my heart ❤️

  25. inside speachless

    inside speachless13 日 前

    Josh is not needed.

  26. John Alonzo

    John Alonzo14 日 前

    King Kone for the win.

  27. Nasser Alromaihi

    Nasser Alromaihi16 日 前


  28. Toyi Omokaiye

    Toyi Omokaiye16 日 前

    petition to get strawberry shortcake’s score changed from 18 to 30. who’s with me? 🥳

  29. Solunetic

    Solunetic19 日 前

    Did anyone pick up on Link saying "I'm a chocolatey man"

  30. Stefan Krstev 2

    Stefan Krstev 219 日 前

    Link: click: away click away Also Link: don't click away don't click away

  31. Ryan Marcum

    Ryan Marcum19 日 前

    The wheel of Mrs. Calloway had me laughing harder than I care to admit.

  32. Gatlin Ottway

    Gatlin Ottway19 日 前

    Turn on captions 8:00 *NUM*

  33. Andrew Converse

    Andrew Converse19 日 前

    I agree with Drumstick 100%...side note being if it was a caramel drumstick it would or should have been a 30

  34. enigma cars

    enigma cars19 日 前

    You guys should try the English ice cream sandwich theres one that is a huge oreo cookie with ice cream in the middle

  35. JF Hackbarth

    JF Hackbarth20 日 前

    Is no one gonna mention that 46×2 isn't 98😂

  36. Frank Sanford

    Frank Sanford21 日 前

    It’s really not fair cause Link hates everything.He probably wears tampons ,lol"

  37. Kayli Burrows

    Kayli Burrows22 日 前

    can you try the chocolate version on the strawberry shortcake think it’s called chocolate eclair

  38. Darius Reidace

    Darius Reidace22 日 前

    "No it's not," "OK," Flawless conflict resolution strategy.

  39. David Kraft

    David Kraft22 日 前

    I've never seen the chocolate chip cookie sandwich before, where I live the only option we have are the oreo ones with the oreo ice cream centers

  40. isidor lundberg

    isidor lundberg23 日 前

    i live in sweden and i can tell you that we dont call it winner taco

  41. Wali Hall

    Wali Hall23 日 前

    No one in Scotland calls ice cream sandwiches “sliders”

  42. STW_banana

    STW_banana24 日 前

    "it's succulent" -Rhett 2019

  43. Alexander Klimek

    Alexander Klimek25 日 前

    choco tacos dont have nuts...

  44. Emily Cooney

    Emily Cooney25 日 前

    The ice cream cookie sandwich is easily the best

  45. Masonopolis

    Masonopolis25 日 前

    46 x 2 ≠ 92! 46 x 2 = 98? ... My kind of math!

  46. Basch152

    Basch15222 日 前

    I immediately came to the comments after hearing thai

  47. Connor Hare

    Connor Hare27 日 前

    snowcones ARE THE BEST