1. Smosh Pit

    Smosh Pit4 ヶ月 前

    OH MAN. I guess all I have left to say is please show Pam all your love and support for making it through that roller coaster of emotions. She's @pamelahorton13 on Twitter and Instagram. -Ian (aka clown of the century)

  2. Where_are Theavocodos?

    Where_are Theavocodos?11 日 前

    Can you and Pam get back together

  3. Samuel MacLaggan

    Samuel MacLaggan16 日 前

    That's real smooth. I don't buy the slip up though. I'm not sure anyone in that room does, unless this was staged in the first place.

  4. Maia M.

    Maia M.ヶ月 前

    You dun did a GOOF

  5. Cesar Gonz

    Cesar Gonzヶ月 前

    Damian knows what's up :/ Ian: There needs to be more retribution Damian: OH YEAH! And telling Ian he was wrong so he could change his version and crying afterwards, he's too good. In the end, like he said, she Won by far.

  6. 18th Century Buff

    18th Century Buff4 時間 前

    Man I wish my ex hanged out with me

  7. Sharkmanax 190

    Sharkmanax 19010 時間 前

    Shane's laugh tho

  8. Flavorful French Foodie

    Flavorful French Foodie13 時間 前

    Every single thing that was said was just against Ian. Like and Comment if you shamed and laughed at most everything. 🤔😮😂

  9. Melika jahedpari

    Melika jahedpari13 時間 前

    9:21 this made me sad and then from 9:09 when I replayed it I laughed so hard

  10. Bush Camper Brawl stars

    Bush Camper Brawl stars22 時間 前


  11. Jamileth Pena

    Jamileth Pena日 前

    I love how she’s so adorable about this

  12. pizza man9000

    pizza man9000日 前

    What if Ian actually cheated on her but after seeing everyone's reaction played it off like he forgot how to play 😂😂😂

  13. Sophia Coslett

    Sophia Coslett日 前

    Not a couple..huh? Seem like they are still goodgoooh

  14. harper222

    harper222日 前

    Yo. Pam is hot af.

  15. marcelo Milon

    marcelo Milon日 前

    Ian just messed up so badly everyone else feels Pam's pain through her eyes HOLY FAK

  16. Lee Hitashi

    Lee Hitashi2 日 前


  17. Shaun N

    Shaun N2 日 前

    WAIT WHAT!? PAMELA AND IAN?! When,,,, how? Who knew about this?

  18. by falisha

    by falisha2 日 前

    This is just for jokes btw: Ian:I went on a date with a new pam Me: that's a lie you could never date a new girl noone likes you

  19. Eli Cline

    Eli Cline3 日 前

    My heart sank for her😕

  20. Jamie Griffin

    Jamie Griffin3 日 前

    god bless Shayne for going out of his way to try and lighten that awful mood, like honestly you can see the hurt in Pam's eyes its actually painful

  21. Orion wolf

    Orion wolf3 日 前


  22. BaconDragon

    BaconDragon4 日 前


  23. joshua Skywalker

    joshua Skywalker5 日 前

    The cringe is real

  24. Víkingur Ómar Þórisson

    Víkingur Ómar Þórisson5 日 前

    i once had 2 lies and 1 truth

  25. Grant Schmechel

    Grant Schmechel5 日 前

    Pam is a good bean and didn't deserve this

  26. jimmy neutron

    jimmy neutron5 日 前


  27. thomholio

    thomholio6 日 前

    This is the funniest thing I've seen all week. Ian's face when he realized he messed up was amazing.

  28. MyRandomAwesomeness

    MyRandomAwesomeness6 日 前

    9:17 Damien got so defensive, he was pretty much like "NO GOD ! PLEASE NO ! NOOOOOOOO" in a Michael Scott voice 🤣🤣

  29. Poskana

    Poskana6 日 前

    7:37 I legit knew that! From previous videos 😂

  30. Love is what is

    Love is what is6 日 前

    I came from the podcast in October..

  31. Alexander Chavez

    Alexander Chavez6 日 前

    This is a train wreck and I can’t stop watching like I have watched this over and over now what is wrong with me?????

  32. Alexander Chavez

    Alexander Chavez6 日 前

    Me going to look at Pam’s channel after this and seeing that she was really involved with the ProJared stuff and everybody hates her now lol

  33. Alexander Chavez

    Alexander Chavez4 日 前

    zoeyl4d93 interesting topic as well. No problemo

  34. zoeyl4d93

    zoeyl4d934 日 前

    @Alexander Chavez yeah i just found out there is a video about projared stuff.. Right now im watching when smosh beating defy media. Thanks👍

  35. Alexander Chavez

    Alexander Chavez4 日 前

    zoeyl4d93 long and difficult to explain. It’s worth looking up yourself but pretty much this guy and his wife separated the wife spread lies about him but everyone believed them and Pam was one of them she made an oopsie

  36. zoeyl4d93

    zoeyl4d934 日 前

    What with the issue with projared thing?

  37. Ellie Fuller

    Ellie Fuller7 日 前

    Okay but I only found out who Pamela was through Markiplier but once I started looking through her Instagram posts and watching some videos she was in them I started really liking her. I still hadn't known she had ever dated Ian, but I though she was really nice and funny. So after seeing this I was so pissed off I thought he actually cheated on her. But like if he had Mark would definitely beat the shit outta him 😂

  38. Bassie Boy

    Bassie Boy7 日 前

    Did anyone else notice he said not knowing his moms birthday was the lie...? Aka he knew damn well he cheated and had to cover it. This isn’t getting talked about enough.

  39. Samid

    Samid7 日 前

    We request an episode involving Old Panflute Man

  40. Achal Mehra

    Achal Mehra8 日 前

    Pam should have changed the lie at the end to - I slept with Anthony.

  41. Theresa Mejia

    Theresa Mejia8 日 前

    Ian: I cheated on you Damien, Courtney, and Shane: *yeets without hesitation*

  42. Cahuilla Wolf

    Cahuilla Wolf8 日 前

    I’m sorry but when Ian sprayed her I laughed and clapped I’m such a scum bag

  43. Michael Randol

    Michael Randol8 日 前

    How are they so close and ex partners?! I don’t know anyone who has a good relationship as even friends with their ex.

  44. richardreynoso91

    richardreynoso919 日 前

    Man i felt bad and pam is gorgeous

  45. AGW

    AGW9 日 前

    7:41 is what we are here for

  46. Logan Roter

    Logan Roter9 日 前

    9:07 pam started crying. Omgggg

  47. Isabella Sears

    Isabella Sears10 日 前

    Like this if creamy peanut butter is the best.

  48. Isabella Sears

    Isabella Sears10 日 前

    Courtney's a mood.

  49. magaly jerez

    magaly jerez10 日 前

    Ian: I cheated on you Everyone else: *Ight imma head out*

  50. magaly jerez

    magaly jerez10 日 前

    I lost it when he shot her

  51. Samina Tahir

    Samina Tahir10 日 前

    Don't ever, don't ever play this game again. You have no idea how painful this can be... I felt her pain. I did :'(

  52. Big brain Moment

    Big brain Moment11 日 前

    I didn’t ask to cry this episode smosh.

  53. Cheryl t Howard

    Cheryl t Howard11 日 前

    Why Ian's ex ? Smoshhhh

  54. Tyd

    Tyd11 日 前

    Did anyone else watch the cheating bit over and over?

  55. Z marchal

    Z marchal11 日 前

    Ha for like a good 3 sec she thought he cheated on here while getting sprayed with water.

  56. Klie Kl

    Klie Kl11 日 前

    Who else is from Malaysia 🇲🇾 either than me

  57. Cesar Garza

    Cesar Garza12 日 前


  58. Erinxox

    Erinxox12 日 前

    But its Ian's EX GIRLFRIEND, so basically they don't love each other, but way does she cry that he cheated on her even tho they ain't a couple? someone please explain

  59. spoiler boy

    spoiler boy10 日 前

    She probably thought he cheated on her when they were together

  60. SAD BAD

    SAD BAD12 日 前

    I just got so shocked when Ian sprayed Pam it’s the chested one

  61. Epic Gamer With 10K Sub

    Epic Gamer With 10K Sub12 日 前

    Felix and marzia are like Pam and Ian because Felix and Ian has the same personally and marzia and Pam But Marzia and Felix Haven't broke up and they got married.

  62. John John antioquia

    John John antioquia13 日 前

    Bro i hated ian for a second there

  63. hawk james

    hawk james13 日 前

    oh my god that girls face when she thought he cheated on her broke my heart. that "i'm not playing anymore, i'm so hurt" face. god damn it ian.

  64. Qwerty Foot

    Qwerty Foot13 日 前


  65. Dino Boi

    Dino Boi13 日 前

    10:24 they should be saying Shayne

  66. Oscar #101

    Oscar #10113 日 前

    Ian: I don’t know my mums birthday. OG’s: You also don’t know your mums real name. ☠️📕

  67. spoiler boy

    spoiler boy10 日 前

    Only real OG's remember the death note video

  68. Zom Zom's Rom Com

    Zom Zom's Rom Com13 日 前

    I think my heart actually stopped after Ian's mess up.

  69. Gamergirl 129

    Gamergirl 12914 日 前

    My heart sank when he made that mistake. Poor Pam!

  70. Raptor Seven

    Raptor Seven14 日 前

    Hook up back with him or her I can’t tell if ian is a lady sense she said lady’s first

  71. Enderious Official

    Enderious Official14 日 前

    Hold up, Pamela and Ian were a thing?