I Went Vegan for 30 Days. Health Results Shocked Me


  1. Decal Tyr

    Decal Tyr日 前

    7:40 partly wrong saturated fats are healthy but the from the specific healthy correct sources only and thats why keto is a thing and it basically clashes with the vegan diet specifically

  2. A Random Person on The Internet

    A Random Person on The Internet日 前

    0:31 haha I love that I can recognise it’s my countries news channel with like 0.2 seconds of it 😂 (Australia btw)

  3. Gaurav

    Gaurav日 前

    What about steroids though? He is vegan but he never said he used roids?

  4. Scott M

    Scott M日 前

    You saved 19 dollars on your phone case? No brah, you wasted $60. You should never have to pay more than 20 for a case (and for a good one too!).

  5. gordon vincent

    gordon vincent日 前

    Check out Dr. Gundry on JPreporter. That man nailed it. Get rid of the leaky gut by getting rid of the lectins in your GI. I lost 30 pounds in a month and a half.

  6. Erin Hardy

    Erin Hardy日 前

    I’m type one diabetic and that guy is preaching bullshit when he’s doesn’t specify which type of diabetes. He isn’t the one getting this bullshit advice online because people don’t understand the difference. I had to go vegan for my stomach issues and it actually made it more difficult to control my diabetes.

  7. yeperzz

    yeperzz日 前

    i watched this eating bacon oof

  8. Peter Meredith

    Peter Meredith2 日 前

    You should watch Dominion

  9. itzChop

    itzChop2 日 前

    Lmfao that 'vegan bodybuilder' is tiny compared to normal bodybuilders, Just goes to show how unhealthy being vegan is.

  10. Camber Hill

    Camber Hill2 日 前

    this is an amazing film. great job

  11. Karel Šafařík

    Karel Šafařík2 日 前

    Popular trend, nutritionist and "saviours of planet": "You'll be heathly only if you became vegan or at least vegetarian" Meanwhile people on keto diet: * *choking at laugh* * - for me IIFYM is best but from "diets" definitely low carb or keto :D

  12. Lisa Jacobs

    Lisa Jacobs2 日 前

    I'm curious what he was eating before (SAD?) and if he had "vegan" foods like french fries and Beer in his 30 days. I get super-sluggish on a Vegan diet because of all the carbs/sugar, but if you're eating Cheetos and Chocolate every day, veggies will make you feel better. Hmmm ... it's a puzzle ....

  13. David

    David2 日 前

    Veganism isn't a diet. It's an ethical stance. You can't go vegan for 30 days, he went plant based for 30 days. You're either ethical or not.

  14. DEErockP87

    DEErockP872 日 前

    of course she has to say he is a phenomenon - no he's not this is quite common going plant based. she also had to say his HDL dropped. As long as your LDL drops significantly which it will and did you don't need to worry about having high HDL. stick to being vegan. all course mortality risks decrease and its a selfless diet.

  15. Neil Evans

    Neil Evans3 日 前

    hmmm, testosterone increased, thyroid improved, T4 increased, protein synthesis increase and...wait for it.... increased red blood cells! By any chance did the guy in the video start a cycle towards the end of his challenge? Maybe he got more than vegan advice from the professional bodybuilder who features in the video

  16. Retro Hi-Def

    Retro Hi-Def3 日 前

    dude treated himself to a rack of ribs and a double bacon cheeseburger.

  17. Tomas Gallimore

    Tomas Gallimore3 日 前

    I gave up sugar for the first 40 days of 2020!!

  18. Wahyu Nur Setiaji

    Wahyu Nur Setiaji3 日 前

    Not going full vegan but since I have this acid reflux, I'm gonna reduce meat on my menu a lot.

  19. Imke

    Imke3 日 前

    I am vegan but in order to get 100-130 gr of protein a day i have to focus every single meal around protein. i eat 400 gr of tofu every day and that's "just" 48gr of protein. I also try to eat a lot of spinach and broccoli, nuts and seeds and also vegan skyr. but at the end of the day, there aren't many calories left for carbs and starchy vegetables, which i really miss

  20. Michael Seraph

    Michael Seraph3 日 前

    Check out Brian Turner on YT, he's a vegan bodybuilder with great recipies!

  21. Jєsµs яτz

    Jєsµs яτz3 日 前

    Go Vegan!!

  22. Fish Newmarch

    Fish Newmarch3 日 前

    Great video. I hope you do a follow up in a couple of months, including blood tests to see the difference from when you ate animals products, when you went vegan and then ate a diet that's mostly plant based but includes some animal products "every now and again". As the nutritionist said, the second blood test results shows a plant based diet is optimal for you. But as another pointed out, YOU need to find what works for you. So the best way to test that is to do a third blood test after including a small amount of animal products. I'd be very interested in the results. Well done on all your effert so far.

  23. rhea o

    rhea o3 日 前

    Great video! Watch Dominion if you think a vegan diet is restrictive!

  24. Aaron Smith

    Aaron Smith3 日 前

    I could be worng but his day 4 burrito looked like a flour tortilla. Which i believe are usually made with lard? Could be wrong though. It may be a vegan tortilla just curious.

  25. Caleb Mason

    Caleb Mason3 日 前

    Ummm and no recipe for the “Taco Bell” deliciousness you guys had?! Hook it up! 😁Thanks for the info and video! Nicole-Michigan

  26. Ned Rogonte

    Ned Rogonte3 日 前

    I'm eating meat as I'm watching this...

  27. uFap

    uFap3 日 前

    Even if you don't want to go vegan you should consider lowering your meat/dairy intake

  28. Marianne Germain

    Marianne Germain3 日 前

    Eating the burrito "Justin Bieber's style, baby." 😂

  29. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson3 日 前

    a vegan diet will almost always make someone feel better at first because it forced them to get rid of all the Crap out of their diet. reason carnivore diets are having the same results. The fact is that a vegan diet without supplements is impossible and same with a carnivore. Its almost like our bodies crave a little of it all lol

  30. dongxipunata

    dongxipunata3 日 前

    Today I come back to this video after my own first 30 days. My new years resolution this year was to eat "as vegan/(plant based) as possible". Started the year with a ovo-lacto vegetarian diet but then this video came out and I have been fully plant based ever since and plan to keep this going. I learned so much during the past 30 days; about healthy protein sources, the ethics behind a vegan diet, how we can help slow down climate change and much much more. I have been a big meat eater until this year started and was honestly surprised how easy it was for me to make the switch. Originally I wanted to be more conscious of the food that I eat because I have a lot of weight to lose. I am down my first 25 lbs and feel healthier than at any point in the last 2 years. We have the technology! Going vegan in 2020 and onwards seems only logical to me. Thank you, for inspiring me time and time again.

  31. Q WWG1WGA

    Q WWG1WGA3 日 前

    Well done sir!

  32. Corinna J

    Corinna J3 日 前

    Looking for information for a healthier diet. Any book/movie/article recommendations?

  33. OpticalGhost

    OpticalGhost3 日 前

    Honestly here is the thing is that so many people are afraid to be vegan because they do not want to be "that person". Get over it. Going vegan or vegetarian is so great for your health. The reason that a lot of celebs look so young is because of veganism not because of surgeries (of course I know many have surgeries). Vegans have been shown to be healthier, happier and have longer lives.

  34. lennibert

    lennibert4 日 前

    As a physician I have never heard of any patient needing 6 bypasses. It's just not a thing and the statement makes the dude loose all his credibility.

  35. LotsOfS

    LotsOfS4 日 前

    How many of these health benefits come from eating mindfully in general, and how many are actually because of the veganism? How many benefits come from adding the vegan foods to your meals, as opposed to removing animal products?

  36. Dr. Apollo

    Dr. Apollo4 日 前

    Him: 30 days NO MEAT CHALLENGE! Me: *laughs in great lent*

  37. Cafuneric

    Cafuneric4 日 前

    hey! whats the name of the vegan weird kebab on minute 8:40 or so?

  38. karen robey

    karen robey4 日 前

    Not vegan, but plant base. Not trend, but ethical stance. I hoped in the end you would come to understand the difference and choose to become vegan, not just for health, but more consciously & passionately for the animals and environment. Vegan for life!

  39. student hamzeh abuzaid

    student hamzeh abuzaid4 日 前

    Eating junk food while watching LOL

  40. analyn anagaran

    analyn anagaran4 日 前

    Imagine you can't eat any greens

  41. Omar Reyes

    Omar Reyes4 日 前

    Yo bro it aint easy when your working 3 jobs with a family of 3 little one bro i need that meet to keep me strong 💪 so no bro bot for everyone

  42. ashish ranjan

    ashish ranjan4 日 前

    Try indian food... 1. 4 chapatis in breakfast, vegetable,1 cup pulse 2. A plate of Rice and 1 bowl pulse and vegetables for tastes 3. 4-5 ROTI in the dinner with vegetable for taste 4. A glass of milk ( in foreign cows are provided blood for more milk but in India it's not, because in a week we guys do fasting {on the name of GOD, IN WHICH WE HAVE TO BE AWAY FROM FLESH} 2 to 3 times) Note: pulse are rich in protein also try soya-beans or any veg rich in protein but not on daily basis because too much protein is also not good for the body. I bet this is the best food for any one body and always be away from fast food... You can have fast food one to two times in a week not as your food just take these things casual and YOUR BODY WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY 🙏

  43. DWNtoERTH

    DWNtoERTH4 日 前

    Cholesterol is a sham

  44. DWNtoERTH

    DWNtoERTH4 日 前

    Test fluctuates. Yet that chick didn’t mention that

  45. DWNtoERTH

    DWNtoERTH4 日 前

    What about all the ex-vegans that has to eat meat again due to health reasons

  46. EnGage With Nature

    EnGage With Nature3 日 前

    There far more ex meat eaters that had to eat only vegetables for health reasons.

  47. DWNtoERTH

    DWNtoERTH4 日 前

    That doctor is fake

  48. Vital Vibes

    Vital Vibes4 日 前

    23 years ago I switched to a plant-based diet for spiritual and ethical reasons. The fact that I am 48 now and healthy are a super bonus. I think vegan diets get a bad rep sometimes because people do it without learning about whole food nutrition and they get sick. I have heard many stories of this. The book, Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford was invaluable to me when I started out. Hope you stick with it, Matt!

  49. FlatEarth Alaska

    FlatEarth Alaska4 日 前

    you dont need animals at all

  50. Jell 1

    Jell 14 日 前

    Why did those lab results take a week? and what are those phlebotomy chairs?? haha. Extra

  51. Maegan Bercovici

    Maegan Bercovici4 日 前

    My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan JPreporter channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  52. Mantas

    Mantas3 日 前


  53. Jackson Grech

    Jackson Grech4 日 前

    good on you for taking this on. just gotta say though, james willks is definitely not a pioneer for veganism. he’s relatively new to the movement. same goes for his documentary, relatively new. there are so many other vegan advocates and films that are so much more inspiring

  54. Paul Brown

    Paul Brown4 日 前

    My new years resolution to take up smoking, drink more, eat more junk food and quit the gym is so far moving along excellently.

  55. Paul Brown

    Paul Brown4 日 前

    I'm not angry enough to be a vegan.

  56. Mike Airborne

    Mike Airborne4 日 前

    Vegan for women is fine, they don’t need testosterone like men do...

  57. Bothered Woman

    Bothered Woman3 日 前


  58. Bothered Woman

    Bothered Woman3 日 前

    Um, testosterone is apparently improved as studies state.

  59. Jay Ment

    Jay Ment4 日 前

    Meanwhile I'm here...watching this video and eating pizza + chocolate kisses

  60. Janella Moala Langi

    Janella Moala Langi5 日 前

    body builder with an ego, yup.

  61. TheHighGiant

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  62. Saransh Bhardwaj

    Saransh Bhardwaj5 日 前

    We indians are vegan by birth .

  63. Eden Leave

    Eden Leave5 日 前

    A diet primarily vegan is for sure best, but there are vitamins and minerals NOT in any plants in a way that the body can use. These VEGAN pushers probably are highly supplementing, with NO long-term studies to see the results of use that.

  64. Pradeep Parmar

    Pradeep Parmar5 日 前

    I am not vegan but vegetarian

  65. Dr. S. Choudhury

    Dr. S. Choudhury5 日 前

    OK I have a question for all those recently turned vegans- Don't u guys miss meat, dairy products, honey or chocolates or desserts with eggs and dairy products?! How do you deal with the cravings???