I Went Vegan for 30 Days. Health Results Shocked Me


  1. Adam

    Adam8 時間 前

    Now he needs to try being Freegan Vegan!

  2. 2 Crazy Vegans

    2 Crazy Vegans11 時間 前

    Luv the video! Matt, just add some more Walnuts and Olive oil (organic of course) to your diet to increase your HDL.

  3. AnasMations

    AnasMations17 時間 前

    animals are made to be eaten

  4. blanckieification

    blanckieification日 前

    Me: A plant based lifestyle is extremely healthy, less infections.... Most people: laugh. In these coronatimes I feel safer. The saying goes "The one who laughs last, laughs best".

  5. Ukri1

    Ukri1日 前

    A lot of people say it changed their life? But in what ways? You feel more energy or greater mood, body feeling? Would it be something for eberyone who usually eats meat daily?

  6. ShuddleBuppitz

    ShuddleBuppitz日 前

    Larabar FTW

  7. Tom Rauhe

    Tom Rauhe日 前

    More iron.... ORLY... what a surprise. Whereever these cows get all their iron from... no idea, right...

  8. Raccoon

    Raccoon日 前

    *vegan diet is easy as can be, just cut out animal products - how hard is that... health benefits are very much off the charts*

  9. Hollie Jennifer Parry

    Hollie Jennifer Parry2 日 前

    I ate an optimal plant-based diet, monitored by professionals - but stopping being vegan was the best thing I ever did for my health.

  10. jessica piper

    jessica piper2 日 前

    Hollie Jennifer Parry can you explain why you stopped?

  11. Nate Richey

    Nate Richey2 日 前

    Carnivore Diet. Try it 30 days. Get back to me.

  12. Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy Rogers2 日 前

    It’s really not that hard m8

  13. Steve Healthy

    Steve Healthy3 日 前

    You once were a vegone, now you will be gone.

  14. Catherine Bugden

    Catherine Bugden3 日 前

    My room mate is vegatarian. I love thinking of new ideas for vegetarian meals. It’s fun

  15. tom belcher

    tom belcher3 日 前

    😆😂😂😂 " properly raised animal positives." No one wants to die and there's no nice way to kill someone who doesn't want to die. Ignorance is not bliss.

  16. Shelly Singh

    Shelly Singh3 日 前

    it's normal to think about food constantly when first transitioning to a vegan diet but that goes away as it becomes more habitual and you figure out what you like eating and what you don't. I'm 2 and half years into being vegan and I don't have to plan or worry about food unless i'm hungry or meal prepping.

  17. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear3 日 前

    Im not vegan im plant based...i still eat olive oil and honey ...

  18. Joonha Shcal

    Joonha Shcal4 日 前

    I did keto for 6 weeks and then quarantine happened. I lived off of ramen for a week after that. Now, slowly starting back into keto, still under quarantine. Though doing OMAD now, because my dishwasher died and I'm lazy and not doing my workout anyway.

  19. Collin merp

    Collin merp4 日 前

    Right off the bat I have to say it’s not a trend..... that’s all



    vegan smoothie jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-9ZJYchq0GiU.html

  21. Inaki Legorburu

    Inaki Legorburu4 日 前

    Matt, time to go carnivore for 30 days 😉

  22. Inaki Legorburu

    Inaki Legorburu4 日 前

    "Unbiased and credible sources?" I have not given up the search yet...

  23. track0137

    track01374 日 前

    This is more propaganda for vegan. Show me a vegan lion and perhaps I'll change. People should eat what makes them happy.

  24. Elephant Seal

    Elephant Seal2 日 前

    Lions are meant to eat meat and don’t get nutrients from plants. Also I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about making us happy. It’s about a healthier, cruelty free, more sustainable diet.

  25. Dr. Joy

    Dr. Joy5 日 前

    French Fries and Beer are also VEGAN!

  26. Colleen collins

    Colleen collins5 日 前

    "It's very restrictive." is what you said towards the end of the video. Honestly it's not restrictive because the variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds is way higher then the handful of common meat, dairy and eggs that people eat. Restrictive is not the right word. Challenging works better because at first it is a challenge to understand how to shift to plant based vegan, but once you know how to do it, it becomes second nature. I'm glad you tried it for 30 days. Hopefully you are still doing it for your health, the planet and the animals.

  27. Lyandru Tambunan

    Lyandru Tambunan5 日 前

    I went straight to the comment section to see the overproud vegan talking about themselves 😒

  28. s0ph

    s0ph5 日 前

    In my opinion, plant-based eating is most certainly the way to go, but it is very hard to maintain. You can get protein from legumes and other foods, so I don't find veganism to be bad at all protein-wise. I think the goal is to put the effort in to eat less meat, particularly red meat. I eat mostly plants, but when i do eat meat its no more than 3 times a week, and its chicken, turkey, or fish. Of course it's not ideal, but it's a major step towards the ideal. My dad ate red meat almost every day, and he passed away from cancer and his health was pretty bad. I think plant-based eating could have certainly helped. If you look at the world's blue zones, you'll also find its mostly vegetables they're eating.

  29. Manipur Home cook

    Manipur Home cook5 日 前

    So proud of you guys...

  30. David C

    David C5 日 前

    What’s scary this guy is eating meat before he started with low iron shows how poor his diet is because you need eat a lot of fruits and vegetables just to get all the nutrition you need.

  31. Nick-o- las

    Nick-o- las6 日 前

    NOT HAPPY NEW YEAR! -2789 the last message said from earth

  32. Vanessa

    Vanessa6 日 前

    I love crab legs, oysters, a medium steak, cows milk too much. I’m lactose intolerant and still can’t stop drinking cow milk. I hate coconut milk and almond milk. Have tried each for over a year each 😵. Forced myself, expecting my palate to get use to it to no avail.

  33. Joonha Shcal

    Joonha Shcal4 日 前

    Yeah, there's nothing like milk. I can't drink milk on my diet (not vegan) and I just don't bother with alternatives. Coconut milk is wonderful for cooking though. Hemp milk's fine though. I wouldn't call it milk but just as a beverage it's kinda nice. Can't consume that one either though.

  34. ZombielandPB

    ZombielandPB6 日 前

    Ive been vegan since I was born. I was given soy milk at birth and i've never felt better since I was drinking soy as a newborn. Now I have oat milk to ad to my diet. Flaxseed oil is soo soo good. My B12 levels are perfect. LDL, blood work all perfect on a 100% soy diet. Thank you for speeding the word on being vegan. It is the most healthiest way to eat.

  35. Yeetus Deletus

    Yeetus Deletus日 前

    ZombielandPB also the most definite way of getting people to hate you

  36. Shravan Manohar

    Shravan Manohar6 日 前

    Feel better than ever after 1 year of going vegan.

  37. Zaid Ali

    Zaid Ali6 日 前

    Vegan forever

  38. Mgg6 y

    Mgg6 y7 日 前

    Me on NNN

  39. Kate O

    Kate O7 日 前

    A plant-based diet is the only way...if you care about the planet, the animals and world hunger instead of only nutrition. And per those who have read ALL the research, a plant-based diet is superior to one which includes animal products, anyway...if you can be healthy without paying someone to torture and murder animals, why would you not choose that? There is no way to "properly" raise animals for food; some methods are simply more sadistic than others. It's so "extreme" not to torture and murder animals? If there is no one size fits all diet for us, that would make us the only species in that predicament. What works for me is for people not to be destroying the environment, contributing to world hunger, exploiting sentient beings and ultimately causing pandemics such as we are experiencing right now. Can we all please grow up, wake up, smarten up and go vegan?

  40. Bryanth29

    Bryanth297 日 前

    If you're looking for documentaries to help get a better understanding of vegan diet and lifestyle, check out "Forks Over Knives", "Cowspiracy", "What The Health", and "The Game Changers" on Netflix. For free documentaries, you can also check out "What About Protein", "PlantPure Nation", "The Invisible Vegan", "Planeat", "Food Choices", "Eating You Alive", "Chow Down", and "The End of Meat" on Tubi. You can also watch "Vegucated" and "Processed People" on JPreporter.

  41. Thirumalesh D

    Thirumalesh D7 日 前

    Nutritionist explains.... In the end... Matt: I just want all green there. 😂😂😂😂

  42. Christopher DuFour

    Christopher DuFour7 日 前

    Most are fack

  43. Christopher DuFour

    Christopher DuFour7 日 前

    No virguns

  44. Horny Cat

    Horny Cat7 日 前

    Watchin this video while eating a yogourt...

  45. MsSkeya

    MsSkeya7 日 前

    After 365 days travelling and working remotely in 2019, we took a challenge of going Vegan for a 360 days this year. I had never been Vegeterian nor Vegan before. Almost 3 months and I feel more energized with less sleep, can exercise longer, and, surprisingly, not missing a meat at all.🤔😎

  46. Defult

    Defult8 日 前

    Vegan and vegetarian are completely two different things. Vegan are anything that are produced by animals including milk, eggs, and cheese.

  47. JustDoIt

    JustDoIt8 日 前

    I've been a vegetarian for 18 years now, I started eating eggs two years ago to increase my protein and energy levels. I didn't see any difference. I think when you are veg, you know that you are cutting out on protein so you make extra effort to check your food. Non-vegetarians just rely on meat to give them all their energy, so vegans can end up healthier than non-veg for sure.

  48. Miranda Cecily

    Miranda Cecily8 日 前

    when veganism is referred to as a "diet" I cringe.. it is so much more.

  49. Catherine Bugden

    Catherine Bugden3 日 前

    Miranda Cecily I like to think of diet as more of what you eat and not in the traditional sense of a losing weight program

  50. salt salad

    salt salad3 日 前

    yeah guys are not ok xd

  51. Help im on tik tok too much

    Help im on tik tok too much6 日 前

    plant based is a diet. vegan is a mindset/lifestyle adaption

  52. ashis dhungel

    ashis dhungel9 日 前

    Yes theory: 30-day vegan diet me: iv been doing this from the day I was born

  53. Joonha Shcal

    Joonha Shcal4 日 前


  54. Aya Madrid

    Aya Madrid9 日 前

    74th videos. since I found this channel five days ago

  55. ody Astro

    ody Astro10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> he used milk😂

  56. Pastel Slime

    Pastel Slime9 日 前

    ody Astro almond milk, I think...

  57. voiceless glottal fricative

    voiceless glottal fricative10 日 前

    Max is right. You don't need to have a vegan diet to be healthy, if you don't buy extremely processed food you'll be relatively healthier. Animal products don't cause an unhealthy diet, just processed stuff, especially with a lot of additives.

  58. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats10 日 前

    yeah if i was to do it I'd go matt's approach. cuz sometimes I just need me some taco bell man

  59. Big Blumi

    Big Blumi10 日 前

    Why was there no mention of the ethical benefits of veganism?

  60. Jack B./Vulcan Beatz

    Jack B./Vulcan Beatz10 日 前

    I didn’t even know about this video, but I did the exact same thing lol. I was vegan for all of January.

  61. Wapiti

    Wapiti10 日 前

    Plant based is a diet, veganism is a statement against animal abuse #govegan

  62. Ankur Vashishtha

    Ankur Vashishtha11 日 前

    I am lactose intolerant, So forced vegan from vegetarian. I miss dairy.

  63. Ankur Vashishtha

    Ankur Vashishtha11 日 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">00:53</a> Seriously the graph touched 100 ?

  64. Rich Amar

    Rich Amar11 日 前

    Veganism can be a good thing but it is not a good source for high amounts of protein unlike meats....A lack of proteins can leave you to tend to eat more foods that’s why I man not a vegan.

  65. roastbroast

    roastbroast11 日 前

    Coroa ruined every new year resolution

  66. HoopRole

    HoopRole11 日 前

    Wanna know how to tell someone is a vegan? They'll tell you 😂😂

  67. 4 minute crafts

    4 minute crafts12 日 前

    In India, every year we have traditional month called Shravan where all hindus go vegan for that month.

  68. Wassily Chevelenko

    Wassily Chevelenko12 日 前

    What I am asking myself: Ok, so you take out animal products and replace them with lots of other great stuff. That last part improves your blood values. But what if you would 1) eat all the produce you eat when eating vegan but 2) also eat animal products? What would this do with your health? Because it seems this is most of the time the outcome of these kinds of dives into veganism. I understand that if I replace meat with tomato, there will be tomato in my blood instead of meat. But what happens if I keep both? Is it taking out the animal products which make you healthier or... adding more healthy stuff to your diet in general? :)

  69. Zaid Ali

    Zaid Ali6 日 前

    You can eat all white rice diet and be healthier than eating any meat and eggs

  70. Wapiti

    Wapiti10 日 前

    Veganism is about ending animal abuse and unnecessary suffering.

  71. Dunzzy gaming Dunzzy gaming

    Dunzzy gaming Dunzzy gaming12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a>

  72. Enten_LP

    Enten_LP12 日 前

    He eat the Borito like Justin Biber

  73. Food Around Ed

    Food Around Ed13 日 前

    Please please please watch watchdominion.com It's so much more important to go vegan for the animals than your health. You eating animas and animal products takes the lives of others. Please educate yourself properly Great video but health is not at the forefront for veganism

  74. Food Around Ed

    Food Around Ed13 日 前

    Coming from a vegan for 10+ years

  75. Simon Suys élève

    Simon Suys élève13 日 前

    This is like the opposite of that movie “supersize me”

  76. PH

    PH13 日 前

    Did your thyroid hormone increase or decrease? I am hyperthyroid and I am looking to cure this through plant base. Thank you for your time and help.

  77. PH

    PH13 日 前

    What are the nutrients that vegans are deficient in? Meat eaters deficient in?

  78. D Libby

    D Libby13 日 前

    The proof is in the blood.

  79. manuc

    manuc14 日 前

    I thought we were getting past this vegan bullshit.

  80. Kashyap Karthik

    Kashyap Karthik14 日 前

    Well this year's gone great bois

  81. wunderhase

    wunderhase14 日 前

    No one should trust someone who looks like the death, to eat like him. Low Fat seems not a solution.

  82. Lets Get Fluffy

    Lets Get Fluffy8 日 前

    Low fat is not a solution. Fat is important, and saturated fat is not bad.

  83. Mana Mana

    Mana Mana14 日 前

    wait, he really didn’t know what a thyroid is?

  84. who

    who14 日 前

    bro you Egyptian?

  85. Amitabha Buddha ! sing for Simon Cowell !

    Amitabha Buddha ! sing for Simon Cowell !14 日 前


  86. Rysuci

    Rysuci15 日 前

    not true. i’m not scared of fruits potatoes or rice

  87. Armen Fisniku

    Armen Fisniku15 日 前

    Did u know that plants send a plazmatic scream when we crush blend or cut them.Yes theyre alive and thy scream when they get hurt too ssssooo

  88. Pazdan

    Pazdan15 日 前

    watching this while eating chicken

  89. brettartie

    brettartie15 日 前

    vegan for the animals and the planet, health is a byproduct from being vegan ( or more accurately whole foods plant-based )

  90. Taoso Aivao

    Taoso Aivao15 日 前

    This is really helpful to people who want to start a diet like this or want to.

  91. Elena-Sophie Gräser

    Elena-Sophie Gräser15 日 前

    This guy who did research because of his sick mom... I get what he is saying. And even if you can live healthy consuming moderate amounts of animal products, we need to remember one thing: Whether they are ethically sourced or not, we are exploiting animals. Chickens are shredded alive for eggs, calves are separated from their moms at birth for milk, and animals who have the same desire to live as we do, have their throats slit for their flesh. No matter if free range, ethical or whatever else there is. So if we can thrive of a plant based diet, that is better for the environment and doesn't harm any other beings, why wouldn't we choose that option? Even if cracking an egg is simply faster than making scrambled tofu, those few minutes are not worth anyones life. We need to look at this from the victims perspective. If we were the ones being exploited, we would want the same... It's 2020, no one has to die for a good burger.

  92. Martha Julian

    Martha Julian15 日 前

    Who is that lady doctor at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="842">14:02</a>? I've seen her on other videos.

  93. Tobey

    Tobey15 日 前

    How about you go carnivore next ? would love to see a comparison !