I Went To Japan To Make The Most Difficult Omelet


  1. Alex Ho

    Alex Ho4 時間 前

    The Chef actually looks like an anime character

  2. Food world

    Food world5 時間 前


  3. EnsThink Gaming

    EnsThink Gaming6 時間 前

    I really dont want to watch this kind of videos.. It makes me hungry everytime😭😭

  4. Alicia Stallings

    Alicia Stallings6 時間 前

    The fact that this dish is only like 13 dollars in usd still amazes me

  5. Angelina Hu

    Angelina Hu9 時間 前


  6. FF02

    FF0212 時間 前

    he looks like the happiest person ive ever seen!

  7. omgidk lolsksk

    omgidk lolsksk13 時間 前

    This is beatiful.

  8. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez15 時間 前

    these videos are so wholesome wtf

  9. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade19 時間 前

    Me through out the video made flex but okay

  10. noah ruthfold

    noah ruthfold日 前

    this chef is a nice human being, i like that

  11. LoopSkoop Plays

    LoopSkoop Plays日 前

    Is this Yukihira Soma after 40 years?

  12. Umaru Chan

    Umaru Chan日 前

    Wow for the red hat man

  13. DaddyCooks MommyBakes

    DaddyCooks MommyBakes日 前

    really love authentic japanese foods...

  14. 下には下がいる

    下には下がいる日 前

    私は日本人です か?

  15. Reyhan Adhikara

    Reyhan Adhikara日 前

    I can make better than Andrew hhh

  16. Moomooo Loo

    Moomooo Loo日 前


  17. Ria Gavieta

    Ria Gavieta2 日 前

    I love that Chef Motokichi was guiding and encouraging Andrew the whole time. Andrew slowly became more comfortable and his confidence was building up as well!

  18. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato2 日 前

    Wait you work for BuzzFeed right?

  19. Walker Playz

    Walker Playz2 日 前

    When I saw him I thought it was Jackie Chan until I saw his name

  20. Lased Marcus

    Lased Marcus2 日 前

    Gangster gandpa

  21. Redpaper Beatiful

    Redpaper Beatiful2 日 前

    Worrior Chef

  22. Simon S.

    Simon S.2 日 前

    "68/100" Ooohhh, so close!

  23. charlie rain

    charlie rain2 日 前

    It landed so perfectly 😱👏🤤

  24. jusvi jeeana

    jusvi jeeana3 日 前

    I saw this omlet making in cooking mama😁 same to same😅

  25. Supreme Doge

    Supreme Doge3 日 前

    This is the Gordon Ramsay of Japan

  26. Alfredo Lobo

    Alfredo Lobo3 日 前

    I love japanese omelet..and their sauce is different then at my country...

  27. Anisa Manidisha

    Anisa Manidisha3 日 前

    In the ege have a salt🤷‍♂️

  28. Geoff Rowley

    Geoff Rowley3 日 前

    Well... Jacques Pepin did that a hundred years ago (i mean the omelet)

  29. meme meme

    meme meme3 日 前

    onion ring!🤤🤤🤤

  30. Ivan Giardina

    Ivan Giardina4 日 前

    Noi italiani è da secoli che lo diciamo I GESTI SONO INTERNAZIONALI

  31. Firdaus Raithul

    Firdaus Raithul4 日 前

    I've never been so stressed and nervous watching a video. It's like taking an exam watching him learning to cook the eggs.

  32. ThankYou

    ThankYou4 日 前

    You can tell how much passion that guy puts into his work

  33. ThankYou

    ThankYou4 日 前

    Imma tell my kids that was Gordan Ramsay

  34. Faris Najamuddin

    Faris Najamuddin4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="294">4:54</a> satisfying begin here

  35. Sanvi pandey

    Sanvi pandey4 日 前

    I don't know why but, he talks like Jhope from bts, he talks in a really fun way, and I mean the chef of kichi kichi.

  36. IsaaxTeddy

    IsaaxTeddy4 日 前

    As a malaysian i would probably substitute the demi glaze with thick curry, add shrimp, calamari rings, cockles and some beef fillet, and garnishes with tomato and cucumber

  37. Sandeep Paniken

    Sandeep Paniken4 日 前

    Excellent chef Motokichi🚩😊🙏👌😋

  38. Pingu Pingu

    Pingu Pingu4 日 前

    Rie: Out of 100 how would you rate yourself? Andrew:68 so close to perfection



    You Can Tell From The Chef's Face Andrew Was Annoying Him Like Really Hard

  40. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez4 日 前

    That egg was just vibing in the pan while adam was flipping it

  41. After Golden

    After Golden4 日 前

    Oh i saw the same thing on travel thirsty

  42. Andre Santos

    Andre Santos4 日 前

    "MaKe It SiNg" (Ilnyckyj, 2018)

  43. Serj Reina

    Serj Reina5 日 前

    The amount of respect that Andrew is showing Chef Motokichi really shows. Mad props to you brother

  44. ma mohsin

    ma mohsin5 日 前

    If your want to shake that pan as he is doing....So first try to shake your hand as fast as possible while jerking 😂😂😂

  45. Picsolve

    Picsolve5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a> Chef was not impressed LOOOL

  46. Ed abad

    Ed abad5 日 前

    Who else is ANDREW buzzfeed MARATHON'ing during quarantine

  47. Quinn John Yasaña

    Quinn John Yasaña5 日 前

    The translator is cute 😍

  48. hamburger

    hamburger5 日 前

    Rie: hes a nice guy. Chef: f*ck.

  49. yimyang jmr

    yimyang jmr5 日 前

    How is the sauce made 🤔🤔

  50. Rey Gaharu

    Rey Gaharu5 日 前

    What’s in the demi glaze?

  51. Edison DeLaCruz

    Edison DeLaCruz5 日 前

    Fun fact: If you watch tasty at night the percentage of you getting a midnight snack increase to 99.872998227298729872979200000018981

  52. Enterrobin05 -Stuff

    Enterrobin05 -Stuff5 日 前

    I bet Gordon Ramsay can make this

  53. Apip kalipah

    Apip kalipah5 日 前


  54. Tu connais déjà

    Tu connais déjà5 日 前

    Andrew kinda reminds me of Jerry Smith, you know from Rick And Morty.

  55. Lee Ern

    Lee Ern5 日 前

    Is it just me or is rie have the best of both worlds

  56. AlexPlayz

    AlexPlayz6 日 前

    Why didint he say 69..

  57. Juvaria Ansari

    Juvaria Ansari6 日 前

    Is that rie from tasty

  58. What's In The Name

    What's In The Name6 日 前

    I am hungry wish I could eat it

  59. Tovi Chishi

    Tovi Chishi6 日 前

    I really like that Japanese Chef. He cooks so classy. Really loved his attitude and way of dressing too❤️

  60. yac yac

    yac yac6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> 💋 Master piece

  61. Alpha Male Shit

    Alpha Male Shit6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> thought captain save a hoe by E-40 was going to play

  62. Joel Ryan

    Joel Ryan6 日 前

    I just ate and said I was done eating. Now I'm hungry again!!!

  63. Marshmallow Bby

    Marshmallow Bby7 日 前

    -points as dropped pan- "****" hes great man also the plop when Andrew was flipping it

  64. Tian Tian

    Tian Tian7 日 前

    Chef Motokichi Yukimira is so humourous! Legendary omurice this is. gah

  65. Tian Tian

    Tian Tian7 日 前

    haha the legendary "make-it-sing!" which turned out to be "mixing"

  66. Diego Calabria

    Diego Calabria7 日 前

    I´ve gotta meet this guy, he´s so awesome !

  67. The Forgotten One

    The Forgotten One7 日 前

    Yes , your not the only one watching in quarantine. :)

  68. Rengga Arianto

    Rengga Arianto7 日 前

    Zero attitude

  69. Darsh Sheth

    Darsh Sheth7 日 前

    i lost it at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="843">14:03</a>. crazyyy!!!

  70. Lisa Yuen

    Lisa Yuen7 日 前


  71. Lisa Yuen

    Lisa Yuen3 日 前

    Cynthia Chan omg yass

  72. Cynthia Chan

    Cynthia Chan3 日 前


  73. Marc Ebreo

    Marc Ebreo7 日 前

    i was like watching cooking anime genre but with netflix adaptation

  74. Tommy Nguyen

    Tommy Nguyen7 日 前


  75. karna pratap singh

    karna pratap singh7 日 前

    How is this supposed to be difficult when a amateur chef learnt to make a decent enough dish in a day

  76. Julia L

    Julia L7 日 前

    I wish i knew about him when I was in Kyoto OMG.. looks amazing

  77. Mukashfi Mohammed

    Mukashfi Mohammed7 日 前

    I love when he says yea yea it makes me laugh

  78. Nilojit Nongthombam

    Nilojit Nongthombam7 日 前

    Thats Yukihira Soma right there with his signature omurice 🤤🤤.Itadakimasu..

  79. DubleThr33

    DubleThr337 日 前

    We were 1 step away from greatness...

  80. LocalAsian

    LocalAsian8 日 前

    Images if he teaches Gordon Ramsey this he will get pissed

  81. Joe Scheller

    Joe Scheller8 日 前

    i was in japan back in the late 60s had a rice omlete that was awsome but dont remember omlet beibg pour over the tub of rice. is there another type where the egg is poued over the rice and then baked

  82. Cath HL

    Cath HL8 日 前

    So tensed!!!