I was arrested when I was 13 years old *STORYTIME*


  1. Vitoria Dreamer

    Vitoria Dreamer7 時間 前

    Dont like this comment , I need sleep its 3am.

  2. Popoy

    Popoy10 時間 前

    did she just- did she just changed her eye colour?

  3. elyssia marie

    elyssia marie12 時間 前

    His sarcastic ego is so high and I love it

  4. Jessie Jonsie

    Jessie Jonsie12 時間 前

    you should have pretend to have like a MAJOR panic attack for you could make them feel bad

  5. Adnan Dzonlic

    Adnan Dzonlic日 前

    This is so fucking funny! 😂 How do people edit like thiiiis???? What program do u use? 😂

  6. Kassidy J

    Kassidy J日 前

    Me at 10 years old stealing my moms credit card : I think I’m boutta to steal !!!

  7. Kawaiikitty UwU

    Kawaiikitty UwU日 前

    Why would you take your mom's credit card..

  8. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol日 前

    I’m crying and it’s 3 am

  9. Ashley Xo

    Ashley Xo日 前

    Anyone know what the sound effect name is at 9:53

  10. kaMmy WamMy

    kaMmy WamMy日 前

    Worst vid yet

  11. Flashback Mary

    Flashback Mary日 前

    *i stole shampoo when I was 11 from target*

  12. b thur

    b thur日 前


  13. nathan life

    nathan life日 前

    Ok so like miss Antonio works so hard in her videos and if u actually look closely there are so many zoom ins and zoom outs like so many

  14. B G

    B G日 前

    I tried to sit throug this. Literally could not. Please be more genuine.

  15. B G

    B G日 前

    You are really trying

  16. Nichole Tysoe-Short

    Nichole Tysoe-Short2 日 前

    Antonio: *"I literally pray that none of you guys have ever stolen and that none of you guys ever will"* Me: *...and I oop-*

  17. Brea Russell

    Brea Russell2 日 前

    I once took a like...3 dollar pop socket and I regret it so much..😐

  18. Jasmine Ziegler

    Jasmine Ziegler2 日 前

    this is why i have trust issues

  19. P o t a t o M o o d

    P o t a t o M o o d2 日 前

    She went (👁👄👁( _/

  20. Taylor Behner

    Taylor Behner2 日 前

    nobody:not a single soul:Antonio at 13: I think im bouta steall

  21. Ashley And Julianna

    Ashley And Julianna2 日 前

    14:14 *mood*

  22. Paula Lynn

    Paula Lynn2 日 前

    Antonio and bhad bhabie would make an iconic friendship...

  23. Rachel Freeman

    Rachel Freeman2 日 前

    8:41 CAN relate because I used to steal from Woolworths!!! Eek

  24. Johana Clarissa

    Johana Clarissa2 日 前

    I can't believe it hahaha 🤣🤣

  25. Kaylee Strasser

    Kaylee Strasser3 日 前

    I bought your Yee Yee sweater and I always get compliments and people asking where I got it and I tell them who u are and they have no idea and I love it

  26. Jacob S

    Jacob S3 日 前

    All I want in my life is to smoke weed and get high with Antonio I feel like she’d be a good ass time

  27. zaina

    zaina3 日 前

    10:26 you literally said mix my ass in Arabic 😂😂😂

  28. Tina Yu

    Tina Yu4 日 前

    Antonio puts so many filters that I actually forget what she actually looks like

  29. Sims4deli Lover

    Sims4deli Lover4 日 前

    Oh my Antonio! Your acne 🥴

  30. Dennis Thompson

    Dennis Thompson4 日 前

    9:07 my name is Macey

  31. Aise Koko

    Aise Koko4 日 前

    I once stole a lip balm from my grandma

  32. Norah Bownes

    Norah Bownes4 日 前


  33. Norah Bownes

    Norah Bownes4 日 前

    honestly i could have gotten away with it if that girl didn’t watch u

  34. Alan Díaz

    Alan Díaz4 日 前

    6:09 which songs is that? :0

  35. Alexia Turner

    Alexia Turner5 日 前

    So since you’re good at stealing, can you steal me a alien from area 51?

  36. Leandra Bryant

    Leandra Bryant5 日 前

    Antonio getting handcuffed:"what am I gonna do, hit you?And?"

  37. Eva Dijk

    Eva Dijk5 日 前


  38. Itiya Tripp

    Itiya Tripp5 日 前

    Brooo I remember them lil review videosssss😭

  39. Keke Belle

    Keke Belle5 日 前

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  40. Mary-Eliza Vaino

    Mary-Eliza Vaino5 日 前

    legit same sis

  41. Erick Chavez

    Erick Chavez6 日 前

    Antonio at 12 making lip balm review Me at 12 watching her videos sis your the only lip balm review I trust

  42. Alexandria Griego

    Alexandria Griego6 日 前


  43. Spilling Teaa

    Spilling Teaa6 日 前

    Your friends were using you to steal for them, 😭😭

  44. Lacian McArthur

    Lacian McArthur6 日 前

    when I was 10 I got caught stealing a kitkat bar and the gas station cop had to escort me out It was so embarrassing

  45. Ethan Muirhead

    Ethan Muirhead6 日 前


  46. human trash

    human trash6 日 前

    I didn't ask to be born.. Nomas tuve mala suerte :)

  47. Bibol PB

    Bibol PB6 日 前

    I stole a waffle biscuit in our canteen when I was in 2nd grade and my friend that promised me that she is not gonna tell anyone..... TOLD MY MOM!

  48. Ayla Gatehouse

    Ayla Gatehouse6 日 前

    It’s because your Latina I think

  49. Jana Animations

    Jana Animations7 日 前

    Title: I was arrested at 13 * STORYTIME* Antonio in the thumbnail: 👁👄👁

  50. chimdalu nwude

    chimdalu nwude7 日 前

    Ugh!!! Your face!!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮

  51. わたがし

    わたがし7 日 前

    you always look good no matter what, dont worry