I Want A New Face


  1. FCN_ Art

    FCN_ Art3 時間 前

    -“Oh what’s that’s smell?!” -“Bullshit” 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  2. Ethan Cox

    Ethan Cox9 時間 前

    No thank you

  3. qkata

    qkata15 時間 前

    Okay but why does she reminds me of jeffree star like that

  4. Hunter Harnett

    Hunter Harnett18 時間 前

    Cat in the hat is quaking.

  5. Fallen SSO

    Fallen SSO21 時間 前

    👁 👄 👁 *intense breathing* “i fight crime.”

  6. Samantha Haggstrom

    Samantha Haggstrom22 時間 前

    She looks like a who

  7. Sally Wu

    Sally Wu日 前

    make a video where you wear this in public while running errands

  8. billies_teardrops

    billies_teardrops日 前

    i love the classic glam and gore music as the back-round

  9. Roger Taylor's Alfa Romeo

    Roger Taylor's Alfa Romeo日 前

    Is this Meryl Streep?

  10. Adam Whelan

    Adam Whelan日 前

    Omg this is so hilarious 😂😂

  11. Anne L.

    Anne L.2 日 前

    Oh how i lost it when you came out with the wig sndhlp

  12. Kristian B S

    Kristian B S2 日 前

    Alexa play New Face by Psy

  13. Lsse Rain

    Lsse Rain2 日 前

    This is where Thanos came from-

  14. Mickey Morals

    Mickey Morals2 日 前

    She kinda looks like prince nuada from hellboy 2 😂😂

  15. flyktus

    flyktus2 日 前

    I see another horror video edit coming my way :D

  16. Tilly Wood

    Tilly Wood2 日 前

    Please collab with Glam and Gore and get her to remake this

  17. Anthony Becker

    Anthony Becker2 日 前

    This is the best thing iv seen in a while XDD i fuckin cant

  18. Kyler Martin

    Kyler Martin2 日 前


  19. Baking in a nutshell

    Baking in a nutshell2 日 前

    She looks like the female grinch

  20. Mollie Mccluskey

    Mollie Mccluskey2 日 前

    The nightmare of the Energizer bunny

  21. Fic

    Fic2 日 前

    8:43 is it concerning that she remind me of my grandma?

  22. Evelyn P.

    Evelyn P.2 日 前

    It's like me, only I don't get to take the mask off afterwards

  23. Rebecca best

    Rebecca best3 日 前

    I'm so high rn watching this and I looked away and I turned back and all of a sudden there is a terrifying pink creature here on my screen and I genuinely threw my phone 😂

  24. brilyn

    brilyn3 日 前

    this is the best fuckin video on the internet, i am sure of it. we need a part 2

  25. taniesha jones

    taniesha jones3 日 前

    Omg I got it she looks like the little boy in jamanjii 😭😂

  26. Natalie Stewart

    Natalie Stewart3 日 前


  27. Emily

    Emily3 日 前

    I got this video suggested to me after I watched a video of the Cuban Pete scene from the Mask

  28. Sarah

    Sarah3 日 前

    A collaboration with Mykie from Glam and Gore 😱😱🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  29. Ana Cocanower

    Ana Cocanower3 日 前

    I'm rewatching this and I realized that I have never seen Jenna this active before 😂😂😂 the running though broooo 💀

  30. Olivia Gordon

    Olivia Gordon3 日 前

    jeffree star has left the chat

  31. purpleskys 619

    purpleskys 6194 日 前

    Why does she look like a pink who

  32. madame mauve

    madame mauve4 日 前

    why does she look like my cousin

  33. Jamie Jam

    Jamie Jam4 日 前

    petitions for Jenna to give Julien a new face ?

  34. LARAM

    LARAM4 日 前

    dump it

  35. Jodi Manetti

    Jodi Manetti4 日 前

    Thanks for recommending this to me JPreporter. I’m literally crying from laughing so hard I can’t. This is our queen with a MASTERS DEGREE.

  36. Sirius Black

    Sirius Black4 日 前

    Couldn’t tell if it was just in my head, but does the background music remind anyone else of model citizen?

  37. Chance Eutin

    Chance Eutin4 日 前

    The look she makes when she puts those eyebrows on. Reminded me of Jeffree’s ex Nate

  38. robynn hall

    robynn hall5 日 前

    I need mykie to do this to Jenna. Or the other way around works too.

  39. johndogwater

    johndogwater5 日 前

    Yeah. The microphone is what's frightening.

  40. Cara Pritchard

    Cara Pritchard5 日 前

    You look like if the cat in the hat were gay and it wasn't a kids movie in the prosthetics

  41. Hannah Jaclyn

    Hannah Jaclyn5 日 前

    Can we please get a jenna and mykie (glam & gore) collab

  42. Becca Medina

    Becca Medina5 日 前

    How did I miss this the first time around? 😂 I read the title to the theme of “ 🎶I wanna be tall 🎶 “

  43. LoneWolf96

    LoneWolf965 日 前

    Please collab with @glamandgore

  44. Salty beetle

    Salty beetle5 日 前


  45. jacobo romano

    jacobo romano5 日 前

    is that tana mongeau?

  46. Kristian Harris

    Kristian Harris5 日 前

    Watching this for the 20th time.

  47. Elizabeth May

    Elizabeth May5 日 前

    Why does she look like the live action version of the cat and the hat though

  48. la luna

    la luna5 日 前

    why does she look like cat in the hat (no offense) LMAO

  49. Stinky ASMR

    Stinky ASMR6 日 前

    Thanos Witch

  50. Twizzler Swizzler

    Twizzler Swizzler6 日 前

    I didn't know Tana mongeau was in a Jenna marbles video

  51. sally.

    sally.6 日 前

    it looks vaguely like the cat in the hat and i don’t fucking know why

  52. The True Kitti

    The True Kitti6 日 前

    I feel like she's loosing her mind

  53. Victoria Pomo

    Victoria Pomo6 日 前

    Mykie (Glam and Gore) would scream watching this lol

  54. Julia Sanchez

    Julia Sanchez6 日 前

    Why do I get serious grinch girlfriend vibes

  55. XxImStillAPeiceOfGarbagexX

    XxImStillAPeiceOfGarbagexX6 日 前

    What if one of the dogs bit off her chin?-

  56. Katrina Rose

    Katrina Rose6 日 前

    She looks like 2019 Kesha

  57. Vielka Escudero

    Vielka Escudero6 日 前

    5:13 Priceless

  58. Ashkiss

    Ashkiss6 日 前

    Giving me Whoville vibes

  59. Char Citrus

    Char Citrus7 日 前

    Nobody: My sleep paralysis demon at 3am: 9:38

  60. Kirby Harrison

    Kirby Harrison7 日 前

    peel porn........ I fight crime