I've been thinking of retiring.


  1. Avishek D

    Avishek D時間 前

    So this is where the meme face originated.

  2. Apollo Pierce

    Apollo Pierce時間 前

    Linus im going into IT bc of you foo🤧

  3. Joe Gruawa

    Joe Gruawa2 時間 前

    Me: reads that this video is 7 months old. Also me: having fear because i saw this meme a year ago

  4. Agent Zonely

    Agent Zonely2 時間 前

    Nice, u have become a meme now

  5. amon

    amon3 時間 前

    dame da ne

  6. BetronBoy1278

    BetronBoy12785 時間 前

    please don't retire

  7. YuTi [UTPA]

    YuTi [UTPA]4 時間 前

    you know how old this is right

  8. Rockygaming241

    Rockygaming2417 時間 前

    the meme came from the thumbnail of this video?

  9. Chris Dreier

    Chris Dreier9 時間 前

    I really like you so much more now. You're thinking right. This age is a weird age. I assume you're approaching 40 and it's where everyone starts thinking better.

  10. BLUEZILLA 15

    BLUEZILLA 1511 時間 前


  11. ً

    ً16 時間 前

    This is where its from


    TECH TREE18 時間 前

    Who else got this randomly in there recommended 7 months after it's release

  13. Tamrick

    Tamrick19 時間 前

    Jesus christ.... Never thought I'd come to tech tips to cry.... But damn..... Don't retire... Have your team pick 2/3rds of tech tips and you take on 1/3rd... Take more vacations!!!! No matter what more vacations

  14. GRAYGUN14 Dulyea

    GRAYGUN14 Dulyea20 時間 前

    ur a wussy

  15. edgytrash

    edgytrash5 時間 前

    fuck off

  16. radical konrad

    radical konrad20 時間 前

    I came for the meme, I left with tears

  17. n1rvo vlogz

    n1rvo vlogz21 時間 前

    dame da ne

  18. bruhmoment337

    bruhmoment33721 時間 前

    linus sex tips

  19. edgytrash

    edgytrash5 時間 前

    linus sex tips

  20. Eli Peterson

    Eli Peterson日 前

    When I first saw this I though what a realistic deep fake lol

  21. loki

    loki日 前

    So the meme came from the thumbnail

  22. Daniel T

    Daniel T日 前

    This has become a famous meme lol

  23. Sadık Efe

    Sadık Efe日 前

    You can't retire rn. U have to show me more super duper RTX GTX QUADRO 4000 gpu.

  24. Mangoe.

    Mangoe.日 前

    Being a meme wouldn’t be an insult to Linus, because memes spread positivity which is what he probably wanted

  25. Tanksify

    Tanksify日 前

    Well, the moral of the story is, you always find a source of a meme with the help of.. JPreporter Recommendation!

  26. iUnEarthly

    iUnEarthly日 前


  27. The MaplePanda

    The MaplePanda日 前

    Lol I saw an ad he was I and now I just realized. I just checked his recent videos and he had facial hair. In the ad their was him with facial hair lol coincidence

  28. Athhar Fauzi

    Athhar Fauzi日 前

    so the meme was Linus?

  29. Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar

    Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar日 前

    Came from the meme.... ...Now Im hella sad

  30. FwippyGT

    FwippyGT日 前

    Wow I just cried for 30 minutes straight

  31. Adam Z4life

    Adam Z4life日 前

    U deserve ure fame and my sub😁❤️

  32. Maynor Gonzalez

    Maynor Gonzalez日 前

    linus sex tips

  33. Tea Spilling

    Tea Spilling日 前

    What’s his headset?

  34. Nehemiah Masih

    Nehemiah Masih日 前


  35. Dream Funny Moments

    Dream Funny Moments日 前


  36. Padraig c

    Padraig c日 前


  37. Infarlock 159

    Infarlock 159日 前

    Ohhhh this is where the DAME DA NE linus meme came from

  38. Lauson Mohamed Musthafa

    Lauson Mohamed Musthafa日 前

    I am retiring from retiring

  39. Erdős Krisztián

    Erdős Krisztián2 日 前

    and then the meme become...

  40. DiverseDesert55

    DiverseDesert552 日 前


  41. Hixy

    Hixy2 日 前

    Touching video Linus, brought tears to my eyes in parts. What can i say, you have done so well for yourself be proud and do what is best for you and your family. This is all that matters in life, health and family. You are a good person and i wish you and your family the best.

  42. Náčelník Sedící Býk

    Náčelník Sedící Býk2 日 前

    How come that he became a fricking meme when he wanted to go retire. I know why, because he is awesome

  43. BakedBanana

    BakedBanana2 日 前


  44. The Manager

    The Manager2 日 前

    The thumbnail says it all

  45. armia salama

    armia salama2 日 前

    I've been following and watching you From Egypt for few years now .... love your energy, your sarcasm , your team . You are really inspiring. You made me wish I followed a career in computer science instead of medicine 😅😅 I know you didn't retire but I just watched the video now so please don't 😃😃 You are my favorite JPreporterr , keep on

  46. Pius Lee

    Pius Lee2 日 前

    It all started out so innocently...

  47. Jonas Gaming

    Jonas Gaming2 日 前

    hey look that guy from that meme

  48. Chirag Rawat

    Chirag Rawat2 日 前

    I legit searched 'sad cat meme original' and this came up.

  49. Aakash Baid

    Aakash Baid2 日 前

    Never thought a guy like Linus would have depression

  50. Scrub Washer

    Scrub Washer2 日 前

    Dame da ne

  51. Archie Shepherd

    Archie Shepherd2 日 前

    So u wouldn’t trade ur life with Dan Bilzerian? Damn son

  52. Connor Dickson

    Connor Dickson2 日 前

    Oh you’re that meme?

  53. Bip

    Bip2 日 前

    can you give me a new pc

  54. DXRLNG

    DXRLNG2 日 前

    Family first, Linus.. this was so nice to hear

  55. Lorenzo Carelli apd

    Lorenzo Carelli apd2 日 前

    I currently don't think that I know Linus much to comment on this video.

  56. Trax

    Trax2 日 前

    so this is where the memes come from

  57. O Snake puto

    O Snake puto2 日 前

    Yes, and now im sad

  58. WhatUpGMane

    WhatUpGMane2 日 前

    the video...

  59. UrXpeace

    UrXpeace2 日 前

    ...what mic you using

  60. Santiago Garcia Maffeo

    Santiago Garcia Maffeo2 日 前

    Here's a tech tip. Shut the fuck up.

  61. Raghav Kankane

    Raghav Kankane2 日 前


  62. Eat your cereal

    Eat your cereal3 日 前

    Wait a minute hold up? His a meme!!

  63. pickle pickle

    pickle pickle3 日 前

    Did you eat pickle flavoured Pringles *Because i didnt*

  64. JackYT

    JackYT3 日 前

    Little did he know he was going to become a meme we all loved

  65. hns

    hns3 日 前

    "I wouldn't trade my sandals for anybody elses" :')

  66. Mazvydas Seskauskas

    Mazvydas Seskauskas3 日 前

    go for it what you waiting for compassion ??? fans saying omg dont do it... well ill be a Rob Shneider and im saying YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! just fking do it dont talk about it dont be garbage like the rest...

  67. Matt Reaver

    Matt Reaver3 日 前

    Linus, I know you won't read this bud, but you help so many people make informed decisions on their PC upgrades, help people getting into PCs and explaining technical things in laymans terms so everyone can understand how it works together. You created an informed PC community. You've done so much good in the community, whether people love or hate you. When I'm looking at something new, I look for a video that YOU have made reviewing it and giving me the information I need to make an informed decision as to whether X or Y purchase is right for me. do what YOU want to do. but Thank you for what you've done. Your knowledge and insight is second to none.

  68. VenomPlaysRB

    VenomPlaysRB3 日 前

    Dame Da Ne anybody

  69. RantingsOfAMadman

    RantingsOfAMadman3 日 前

    Bro you're the meme? Now I feel bad

  70. Kale Kitchen

    Kale Kitchen3 日 前

    *Linus Tech Tips:* I've been thinking of retiring... *Everyone else at the internet:* OMG MUAHAHAHAHAHA WOW WHAT A HILARIOUS MEME!!! WOHOHOHOHO!!!!!

  71. Kale Kitchen

    Kale Kitchen3 日 前

    I still can't believe I wrote this comment as a meme...

  72. Chris Schmidt

    Chris Schmidt3 日 前

    check out artur rehi on www.youtube.com

  73. Johnny Castro

    Johnny Castro3 日 前

    Who asked

  74. Nik

    Nik3 日 前

    Just appreciating this side of you, Linus. When you're living in a society that is perpetually invalidating who you are and what your experiences are, it's no wonder most of us lose our internal compass, we get separated from who we really are, and we forget simple virtues such as compassion for others, yourself, and this planet. Grief, sadness, depression... all these things are signals that's telling you that shit needs to change and you aren't aligned with your truth. Mad respect for laying it down and sharing with us. Keep it up, homie.

  75. TheQuietKid

    TheQuietKid3 日 前

    oh this is where the meme is from!

  76. luke999police

    luke999police3 日 前

    Why is this the 4th search result in Linus Sex Tips?

  77. Rayyan Khan

    Rayyan Khan3 日 前

    finally found the meme lol yt recommendations lol

  78. Tech & Chill

    Tech & Chill3 日 前

    you thing of retiring now u are a meme

  79. Dan.H9

    Dan.H93 日 前

    Your awesome linus.

  80. Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan

    Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan3 日 前

    Build a system so that you can step away whenever you feel like it. That's truly financial freedom. That's fulfilment. Maybe go to Tibet or something. I've seen more from your videos than from all the big name websites that do reviews.

  81. Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan

    Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan3 日 前

    Friends and confidants are overrated. You have your family. You have yourself. Don't go looking for people that you can rely on. People aren't reliable indefinitely. At some point, it'd go awry. Real life isn't fiction like some Charles Dickens novels where there's lifelong friendship. Real life sucks basically. No, not really. Just mostly. The trick is to find completeness in yourself. You must be enough. And, you actually are. You have to connect with that. Everything matters. Everything. And, I'm a downright grounded African man. And, I like your videos. Don't underestimate what you've done and achieved. I'm 47 and, I'm impressed by what you've achieved. You were able to craft this niche for yourself. Your videos are so fun. Perfect balance of technical jargon and just the use of the items. Meditate. You'd find meaning.

  82. Radiant swift

    Radiant swift3 日 前

    The thumb nail is the best meme

  83. Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan

    Oluwaseyi Ademola Akinruntan3 日 前


  84. OHzdes -

    OHzdes -3 日 前

    I didn’t even know this existed to seen the meme

  85. Deepsix2

    Deepsix23 日 前

    *and that son, is how the meme was born*

  86. Sault

    Sault3 日 前

    why is this in my recommendations

  87. Kakashi

    Kakashi4 日 前

    Bruh moment

  88. DerpyPerson

    DerpyPerson4 日 前

    How did this become the quiet kid meme

  89. Krysin

    Krysin4 日 前

    You could always partially retire, best of both worlds for now

  90. Skepp 2740

    Skepp 27404 日 前

    just dont retire plz...i would cry...no more memes will be produced ever again.... :(((

  91. Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar

    Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar日 前

    If you actually saw the video you would cry even more :(

  92. SethPlays Badly

    SethPlays Badly4 日 前


  93. Ilya BSD

    Ilya BSD4 日 前

    walter like monstor truck and fire truck

  94. Steven Parchment

    Steven Parchment4 日 前

    I think linus had a drink before he did this video

  95. lucas andrews

    lucas andrews4 日 前

    yo this is the video from the meme

  96. GDX Gaming 404

    GDX Gaming 4044 日 前

    0:08 is the meme

  97. James Imperio

    James Imperio4 日 前

    0:06 thup guyth

  98. nedvia

    nedvia4 日 前

    may we have years and years to come of. sadness

  99. RedFoxRedacted

    RedFoxRedacted4 日 前

    Bald linus

  100. Vasto

    Vasto4 日 前

    Is this Guy Who won Inno RTX 3090? GPU

  101. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi4 日 前

    i got this recommended what the heck youtube

  102. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The Skeleton4 日 前

    So this meme came from this emotional video? Sad.

  103. Wyatt Wilson

    Wyatt Wilson4 日 前

    I understood why this became a meme, until after finding the context behind it.

  104. Alfarouk

    Alfarouk4 日 前


  105. 10k subs without any video

    10k subs without any video5 日 前

    Guys ! who is reading my comment your parents luve more than 100years 😌 and help me to achieve my goal guys

  106. t0b3 ZERO

    t0b3 ZERO5 日 前

    Yes please retire, we don't need your garbage, over-sponsored channel

  107. Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar

    Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar日 前


  108. 神Sapphire

    神Sapphire4 日 前


  109. Bratisla BOI

    Bratisla BOI5 日 前

    Hello sad linus