I've been thinking of retiring.


  1. 12 Over 12 Is One

    12 Over 12 Is One分 前

    If you need to take a break or retire. It's your choice. We'll, or I'll at least RESPECT it. You've been an AWESOME person and we've all loved you! Your fanbase is giant and you achieved a LOT. :)

  2. 15 year old black fat boy

    15 year old black fat boy19 分 前

    the memes brought me here

  3. Shdzka

    Shdzka19 分 前

    please dont quit im about to cry please i beg u

  4. GG_Man123

    GG_Man12321 分 前

    Damn, I came here from memes for some laughs, but now I'm crying

  5. Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo23 分 前

    Life if tough on EVERYBORY, doesn't natter how much you feel like you should be thankful.

  6. CMDR Jack Spacecat

    CMDR Jack Spacecat34 分 前

    6.8k of your likes are from australia.

  7. Lo Tion

    Lo Tion36 分 前

    Everyone quick unsubscribe

  8. CMDR Jack Spacecat

    CMDR Jack Spacecat36 分 前

    Why is your room all doors

  9. SnappleCrunch

    SnappleCrunch39 分 前

    You were the chosen one I believe you can out pizza the hut

  10. ibm5155

    ibm515542 分 前

    best meme ever

  11. DWolf

    DWolf44 分 前

    When you're considering quitting letting all your feelings out but ppl just meme it *the thumbnail*

  12. Isaac4thewin

    Isaac4thewin46 分 前

    :/ gonna have to resort to JayzTwoCents, not many good tech channels around anymore :(

  13. Jyeesus

    Jyeesus47 分 前

    I've just watched this and man, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. This is beautiful. You've just become more and more an inspiration to me. Thank you linus.

  14. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover54 分 前

    Dat face doe

  15. Tristan Hyland

    Tristan Hyland58 分 前

    Who else is here for the meme

  16. EndZen MALAYSIA

    EndZen MALAYSIA58 分 前

    A Big Thanks to You bcs i learn many things from You Linus💕💕 You give alot of knowledge sorry for my bad english

  17. Nvy

    Nvy時間 前

    What’s crazy is one of those students that would make fun of him have watched at least one of his videos

  18. vivek p

    vivek p時間 前

    no one cares.

  19. Deneth

    Deneth時間 前

    Take a break and go enjoy something else . It helps Trust me

  20. yawanaht travis

    yawanaht travis時間 前

    I came here because of the memes

  21. Cheese Emperor

    Cheese Emperor時間 前

    You should take a 30 day break like pewdiepie SERIOUSLY

  22. スモークsmoku

    スモークsmoku時間 前

    I always tought the meme was funny because it was a chad with a serious face Turns out it was a cool wholesome guy

  23. Big OOF

    Big OOF時間 前

    You better fucking not retire, where am I going to get my screenshots for memes?

  24. sphagette

    sphagette時間 前

    we love you

  25. declan .c

    declan .c時間 前

    Poor Larry the cucumber

  26. somerandom guy

    somerandom guy時間 前

    Dear Linus Tech tips if you retire i'll ask karen to cool your computer with essential oils

  27. Cheems

    Cheems2 時間 前

    Do that meme face haha

  28. xd itsimoozry

    xd itsimoozry2 時間 前

    this man single handily inspired millions to become computer engineers! he mad me happy when i was sad and helped me get through stupid console issues. linus you will be missed!

  29. Comrade путин

    Comrade путин2 時間 前

    My name is jeff

  30. BossMatu

    BossMatu2 時間 前

    I Don't Even know Who You are but You're a meme!

  31. pravin shitap

    pravin shitap2 時間 前

    Don't go .....# u real work well @ start like Phoenix again

  32. Galaxy Skyzziy

    Galaxy Skyzziy2 時間 前

    The thumbnail face tho lol



    Too bad u became a meme,

  34. Mohamed Osama

    Mohamed Osama2 時間 前

    Stay Linus i have been watching your videos for 5 years since i was 13 years old please don'e stop i really love you. I'm now a junior computer engineer because of you and you are only man in the world that made me love computers. You are a great man linus don't leave us that fast you are like my bigger brother now. Please Stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Please

  35. OFF Snipz

    OFF Snipz2 時間 前

    Linus don’t quit we all love your vids and you should continue we all enjoy ur vids.


    VEGAPUNK2 時間 前

    junbi not ok

  37. foufou81

    foufou812 時間 前

    Come over for holidays to France ;) take a break with your family. Your team can handle for some weeks ! You could be invite all around the world to visit great geek place with your family!

  38. asa sercho

    asa sercho2 時間 前

    Ставь лайк если нухкя не понял)

  39. Seraphim Chan

    Seraphim Chan2 時間 前

    Stay strong! You should take a break!

  40. Ryan R

    Ryan R3 時間 前

    If you retire I won’t have a favorite youtuber

  41. Amir Shah Hassan Abdullah

    Amir Shah Hassan Abdullah3 時間 前

    hey keep up the good job.

  42. Keys Tin

    Keys Tin11 時間 前


  43. Mathew Durrett

    Mathew Durrett12 時間 前

    And also I have respect for someone who admits they fucked up; and I'm sure they can release and update for the card.

  44. spacegameing_YT!

    spacegameing_YT!12 時間 前

    If u retire just saying don't leave this whole yt? Channel come back at least every Friday and I'm a tech geek to I'm building my first pc and half the info on building a pc came from u don't leave ;( take a break to on a vacation my dude

  45. Mathew Durrett

    Mathew Durrett12 時間 前

    And if you retire for your family no hard feelings. Not a bad choice, can't complain.

  46. Mathew Durrett

    Mathew Durrett12 時間 前

    Honestly man I'll be real; IDC if you have an intro and all that crazy shit; and I can most likely speak for allot of us; I watch your videos for knowledge, as long as you just bring that one simple thing to the table then I'm happy. If you retire then do you, but in terms of pressure just relax I just wanna learn.

  47. Xulder The Turtle

    Xulder The Turtle12 時間 前

    For years now, I've watched Linus on and off. Every video got a laugh out of me, or had me looking through specs on the newest and coolest tech. I've been self-teaching programming for years now, I'm even on my way to get my A+ certification, for better or worse. Oh man how often I've thought of giving up, or actually given up for a period of time. Seeing all of the abundant energy in Linus and his crew has always given me that little bit of motivation. It's been a while, but if Linus reads this, I hope he knows how many people have been inspired by him. No matter the choice he makes, no matter what his involvement in LTT, no matter what he does or how he chooses to live his life, I'll be happy for him if he's happy.

  48. spacegameing_YT!

    spacegameing_YT!13 時間 前

    Don't retire;(

  49. Eric Howes

    Eric Howes13 時間 前

    Yer good bro, one in ten. Cheers

  50. McDonalds On Fire

    McDonalds On Fire14 時間 前

    Please don't

  51. jorge penate

    jorge penate14 時間 前

    o bro you scared me i thought u were leaving us lol im glad your happy bro your show is awesome its so funny and iv learned so much please dont go there is no other show like yours, its fun to watch and you learn that just very rare. thanks for all that you have done.

  52. PureCS

    PureCS15 時間 前

    "All legends seem to die out" juice world

  53. Zadorchai

    Zadorchai16 時間 前

    Sounds like your first existential crisis, it's ok. IT IS OK. Way to handle it. :D

  54. kefka3

    kefka317 時間 前

    imagine retiring and being completely financially independent at 33 years old, being able to support a wife and three kids for a life time. The fuck man? XD Dude you went balls deep on life and pushed hard for more than a decade. You deserve a looooong, happy, healthy family life.

  55. Alexander Ivaylov

    Alexander Ivaylov17 時間 前

    yeah that is not happening

  56. Florentino Maisuarez

    Florentino Maisuarez18 時間 前

    Do whatever makes you happy brother always gonna support you linus.


    PAUL MORRIS19 時間 前

    It’s been 1 year since Linus ran it off teach tips...... the Dawn of machines has been an unexpected one.

  58. weeben i guess

    weeben i guess22 時間 前

    Linus don't you quit Your face created a meme format

  59. BitCoin Brandon

    BitCoin Brandon22 時間 前

    When a door closes, open it back up. Or go find another one.

  60. Token Hastengaard

    Token Hastengaard22 時間 前

    1.) Linus - you are first and foremost a FATHER and a Husbond! 2.) AWSOME SPEACH! The World needs more People with a Heart Like yours! 3.) STOP at Linus Tech Tips for the sake of your FAMILY! PLOT a NEW Tech course on making the EARTH Greener and Cleaner! 4.) THANKS for all of your AWSOME VIDS! I NEVER Subscribed - I'm not that kind of a Person! 5.) I look forward to see you doing MORE for the SICK and Dying, or Planet Earth! 6.) Gods Spee - stay SAFE! The BEST to you and all of Your FAMILY and Team members. :-D PS - LIFE is for the LIVING!