I used a HOT KNIFE to Sculpt FOAM! - Really Satisfying!!


  1. TheUnknown Gamer

    TheUnknown Gamer28 日 前

    Jazza you are very bloody late to this trend

  2. Do you know The way, My bruddah

    Do you know The way, My bruddah2 日 前

    wait is does bucky have grammar?

  3. Grand Is mah pa

    Grand Is mah pa2 日 前

    NinjX 呵呵

  4. RhinoBarbarian

    RhinoBarbarian3 日 前

    Early bird gets the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese.

  5. Out and About

    Out and About10 日 前

    TheUnknown Gamer are you trying to be Australian?

  6. Lightning 11S

    Lightning 11S12 日 前


  7. PotatoSalt 19

    PotatoSalt 196 時間 前

    This is how many people watched this a million times cause it’s so satisfying 👇🏼

  8. Just_A_Lonely_Friend

    Just_A_Lonely_Friend10 時間 前

    Cutty pokey burny ouchy foamy A S C E N S I O N

  9. Lucas Sacdalan

    Lucas Sacdalan11 時間 前

    Shouldn't you be wearing a mask to protect you from breathing in all of those toxic chemicals in the smoke?

  10. janine grace

    janine grace13 時間 前

    jazza: *moving the foam around and it squeaks* people who get annoyed by that: AAAAAAGGHHH

  11. teh

    teh14 時間 前

    Ah yes I use the the foam tools to make a foam holder for tools

  12. Ray Singh

    Ray Singh19 時間 前

    Jazza Before: Art Hacks! Jazza Now: Satifying Art! Jazza In Two Weeks: 3 Am ArT cHaLlEnGe!!!

  13. Icey Pies

    Icey Pies20 時間 前

    Wow! They came out so cool! I know this is a slightly older video but I cant wait to see you finish them!! Also I wanna know what the song is called when you're doing the time lapse!

  14. Nikolas Mitrovic

    Nikolas Mitrovic20 時間 前

    When you can be like ZHC with ice so you get foam

  15. SealingTurnip 30

    SealingTurnip 30日 前

    I love this video probably one of the best funniest videos Jazza made because it’s funny

  16. SealingTurnip 30

    SealingTurnip 30日 前

    1:42 I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

  17. DeMike

    DeMike日 前

    ahh yes, the surgical procedure of ~ slicing and dicing ~

  18. Jarrah Harro

    Jarrah Harro日 前

    This is the exact definition of climate change

  19. hejjsan1234

    hejjsan1234日 前

    Turned out real good so far!

  20. Conceded war

    Conceded war日 前

    Alf would be happy

  21. Makiya Moyer

    Makiya Moyer日 前

    That montage music I was like a headbanger for two minutes then got a headache

  22. Petr Kupka

    Petr Kupka日 前


  23. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray2 日 前

    One other handy tool is a propane blowtorch. There are a couple of nozzles, like a broad fan thing and a pencil point.

  24. izzul islam

    izzul islam2 日 前

    why is nobody talking about he using the manual

  25. Ryan Landini

    Ryan Landini2 日 前

    Where’s part two, I’m desperate for satisfaction😭😭😭😭

  26. Jason Moyle

    Jason Moyle2 日 前

    Dangerous hot knifey catty things

  27. му иαмє is JEFF

    му иαмє is JEFF2 日 前

    ∂αми єρι¢ тιмє ℓαρѕ 👏

  28. Dawn Boulding

    Dawn Boulding2 日 前

    Aluminum I Love It

  29. Aandrews

    Aandrews2 日 前

    ASMR with Jazza

  30. Parys McGregor Gibson

    Parys McGregor Gibson2 日 前

    I love the music he used for this video i wanna know what it is

  31. Parys McGregor Gibson

    Parys McGregor Gibson17 時間 前

    @Gojirobe thanks

  32. Gojirobe

    Gojirobe17 時間 前

    Swif7 - Your Gain

  33. Riley Arnold

    Riley Arnold2 日 前

    This the first time I seen Jazza work so hard and one of his videos


    MR EPIC GAMER2 日 前

    0:03 hay want some candy

  35. James MacLeod

    James MacLeod2 日 前

    what Alf team

  36. Adam Stenger

    Adam Stenger2 日 前

    the sound of the Styrofoam tho i hate it

  37. MrEggs4u

    MrEggs4u2 日 前

    Remember when jazza made fun of hot knife to a fidget spinner...? No..? Just me...?

  38. LuXX_XuL

    LuXX_XuL2 日 前


  39. Park Park

    Park Park2 日 前

    Kinda bugs me that the marker one doesn't have a cap

  40. swan_ striker47

    swan_ striker472 日 前

    Fricjen al'u'minum it's aluminium

  41. Arctic_Fox

    Arctic_Fox3 日 前

    before: "hmm.. the very satisfying must be clickbait." after: "OH MY GOD IS THIS REAL LIFE!?"

  42. RisingHero_Gaza

    RisingHero_Gaza3 日 前

    Jazza: well ventilated room Fan: *Turned off*

  43. bigman ting

    bigman ting3 日 前

    10:25 thank me later

  44. Aki

    Aki3 日 前

    Next challenge : making giant art with my props.

  45. Najmah Chant

    Najmah Chant3 日 前

    Aren’t you supposed to do this in a well-ventilated area.....?

  46. WolfieJoeyGirl

    WolfieJoeyGirl3 日 前

    I had never thought about you being the spiritual successor to art attack until you said it AND OH BOI YES, YES YOU ARE ALL HAIL ART ATTACK JAZZA

  47. Andy thePizzaBagel

    Andy thePizzaBagel3 日 前

    Jazza: this is a top coat so you can paint on top Me and cristine: a nice layer of glossy taco

  48. Aspen Babnick

    Aspen Babnick3 日 前

    Where’s the second one

  49. Erin Connelly

    Erin Connelly4 日 前

    “Fortunately, I am an adult.” 2 seconds earlier: Burning things

  50. Dr Pepper God

    Dr Pepper God4 日 前

    Don't dab say yeet

  51. The Story Teller 221

    The Story Teller 2214 日 前

    Jazza: im an adult *10 seconds later* drunk goggles on

  52. TeamNoobies #1

    TeamNoobies #14 日 前

    Why is there roblox pet sim music in the backround

  53. Pyro Millie

    Pyro Millie4 日 前

    Playing with cutty burny things is just fine with proper shop etiquitte! Which you clearly have!! Nice work, looks like you had a great time lol

  54. 7thSnowflake

    7thSnowflake5 日 前

    RIP to those of us who hate the sound of styrofoam....and I was wearing headphones too.....

  55. Yee

    Yee5 日 前

    10:04 song is "Your Gain" by Swif7

  56. MrMurmandramas

    MrMurmandramas5 日 前

    If not for this horrific sound of foam, I would have enjoyed this video in full.

  57. rosie oreilly

    rosie oreilly6 日 前

    10:30 the music sounds like it's saying "Jung Hoseok"

  58. JMAC

    JMAC6 日 前

    3:36 my ears just died

  59. Random Bubble

    Random Bubble6 日 前


  60. TheWeirdSide

    TheWeirdSide7 日 前

    The Title: How Jazza Causes Global Warming

  61. sketchy mash

    sketchy mash7 日 前

    It is riely cool

  62. MT Motors

    MT Motors7 日 前

    Whats the song called?

  63. David Benjamin

    David Benjamin7 日 前

    This video gave my ears ligma

  64. Thikk Shake

    Thikk Shake8 日 前

    this video is 10% talking 10% art and 80% annoying squeaky sounds

  65. Suha Ffuy

    Suha Ffuy8 日 前

    Come on. Aren't you going to post the rest of it? *I'M DYING HERE* . I want to see how it looks.... you're killing me JAZZA

  66. Nicole Long

    Nicole Long8 日 前

    My wonder does camera man have gear

  67. Momo

    Momo8 日 前

    Deliver it to my house and put it on my cock my cock my cock my cock my cock my coooock cheesy on my peenie and some source up on my balls.