I used a HOT KNIFE to Sculpt FOAM! - Really Satisfying!!


  1. TheUnknown Gamer

    TheUnknown Gamer6 ヶ月 前

    Jazza you are very bloody late to this trend

  2. t r a s h

    t r a s h2 日 前

    Longer than 7 years jazz.

  3. Keziah Yates

    Keziah Yates11 日 前

    5 months later its trending

  4. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones16 日 前

    you absolute loser lol

  5. Mike Myers

    Mike Myers23 日 前

    TheUnknown Gamer 7:16 yo I got the same fan as you

  6. Sheep Art

    Sheep Artヶ月 前

    It’s for people like me who don’t follow trends at all

  7. UNSEENreaper

    UNSEENreaper4 時間 前

    We used foam blocks to create sets for a production I was in. One of them was similar to a hobbit hole. It was so fun to make, but really messy because we used expanding foam as I kind of cement. It worked well because you can have detailed price that was super lite. One major downside was it was brittle and delicate. We often had to repair and paint most of the pieces before every side and we had 32 of them.

  8. Daniela Radu

    Daniela Radu15 時間 前

    No cap best video made by jazza loved the music and every thing

  9. Elina

    Elina20 時間 前

    We are still waiting for part 2 🥺

  10. Twila Major

    Twila Major日 前

    Who else came to be satisfied.. And stayed for the cute hot mess of an English guy and his sweet jams? Me too...

  11. ShReK_Playz

    ShReK_Playz日 前

    Roses are red, violets are blue, someone just liked my comment but why is it blue

  12. a p

    a p日 前

    Lol so he says Americans say allooooominum... Then he says prowjects... Accents and pronunciations are so confusing and annoying

  13. C Moore

    C Moore2 日 前

    Aren't most pencils a hexagon shape not an octagon?

  14. Lianne Moller

    Lianne Moller2 日 前

    Bring on part 2 please!

  15. LatitiaD

    LatitiaD2 日 前

    Talks too much. Its exhausting.

  16. TheSplashyBoi99

    TheSplashyBoi992 日 前

    When is he going to continue this projects like come on

  17. Damienos PokeTrener

    Damienos PokeTrener2 日 前

    ZHC is better than u 😛

  18. Mackenzie Zimmerman

    Mackenzie Zimmerman2 日 前

    Jazzzaaaa finish itttt. I need to see the finished video

  19. Teoh Li Ching

    Teoh Li Ching3 日 前

    Jazza we need an update! HAHHA

  20. Miyaka Kizaki Seiro

    Miyaka Kizaki Seiro3 日 前

    part 2

  21. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith3 日 前

    I am australian

  22. Gups

    Gups3 日 前

    Sodapoppin is mad.

  23. Jim Smallwood

    Jim Smallwood3 日 前

    we need sound not music

  24. Juicypepper T

    Juicypepper T3 日 前

    Anyone else gonna tell burning styrofoam is bad for the environment and yourself oh well he's an "Adult"

  25. missing channel 0

    missing channel 03 日 前

    Who else hates the noise when you touch styrafome

  26. Lado & Joel Adventures

    Lado & Joel Adventures3 日 前

    Jazza:I’ll make a part two! A year later and no part two

  27. Team- Pwp

    Team- Pwp3 日 前

    Foam is so easy to break is this sapostst to be cool

  28. Luca KELLY

    Luca KELLY日 前


  29. Larry BobII

    Larry BobII3 日 前

    I always scraped foam as a kid because I liked the balls that looked like snow :D Anybody else?-

  30. Imaginary World

    Imaginary World3 日 前

    Love it, like always :)

  31. TheFrabble

    TheFrabble3 日 前

    do you really think that little facemask is enough to keep out the fumes

  32. Ojt flO

    Ojt flO3 日 前

    When are you going to finish this?

  33. The Manipulation

    The Manipulation3 日 前

    *C H I L L S*



    fucing useless fatass

  35. Ericiiic Gu

    Ericiiic Gu3 日 前

    art attack is the best

  36. James MacKenzie

    James MacKenzie4 日 前

    Jazza is just Muselk but artsier and rages less

  37. Theo Richer-Cloutier

    Theo Richer-Cloutier4 日 前

    You know styrofoam powder is very dangerous right ? Like cancerous type of dangerous. Just saying

  38. ScooterShooter 09

    ScooterShooter 095 日 前

    You da man, man. Love your work

  39. Maddie Taylor

    Maddie Taylor5 日 前

    Isn’t in the thumbnail he’s cutting Already cut foam?

  40. Calico Kenzo

    Calico Kenzo5 日 前

    Can I have the bubble rap please jazza! PLEASE!!! 😑😑😃😃

  41. Perkedel Lover

    Perkedel Lover5 日 前

    Lollol loop loo loo loo lolololoo loo lllololoololol COOL

  42. Charles mutte

    Charles mutte5 日 前

    Five minutes after the post

  43. Samantha

    Samantha5 日 前

    10:00 is when he starts

  44. Ethan MADGWICK

    Ethan MADGWICK5 日 前

    Jazza I am from England and we call aluminium the way Aussies say it

  45. ZenTheOriginalDevil

    ZenTheOriginalDevil6 日 前

    I hated the sound of phone it made me so uncontrollable 😂

  46. Spyrox

    Spyrox6 日 前

    if that was 500C you'd be literally melting the foam. It'd be turning black and would let off fumes way worse than this.

  47. Illuminati

    Illuminati7 日 前

    Oh man I LOVED Art Attack. I remember lots of DVDs like Peter Pan had episodes of Art Attack in their special features section.

  48. Cole Outlaw

    Cole Outlaw7 日 前

    By my calculations you killed 400,000,000 turtles

  49. Odette T

    Odette T7 日 前

    I'm doing a styrofoam project soon this helped so much

  50. Average Avery

    Average Avery7 日 前


  51. Mr1989mustang

    Mr1989mustang8 日 前

    @ 10:00 is when he shuts up

  52. S0FL

    S0FL8 日 前

    Video starts at 6:30

  53. Tyler Lewis

    Tyler Lewis8 日 前

    Did he finish them...?

  54. Snowy Teowy

    Snowy Teowy8 日 前

    Everyone: admiaring the foam Me: worrying about C.F.C.

  55. Skya:3

    Skya:39 日 前

    Jazza: *throws instructions away that include all safety precautions* Also jazza: safety first! Also ALSO jazza: *burns himself*

  56. XJenny KunX

    XJenny KunX9 日 前

    Just me who actually loved listening to the foam? 😅

  57. Epic Memes

    Epic Memes9 日 前

    "Im a adult"

  58. Van Duong

    Van Duong9 日 前

    Title “HOT KINFE” knife: uh thank u? Me: oOOoOoOoOoOoo Must dislike this l l l

  59. Chuck Myre

    Chuck Myre9 日 前

    Are you Canadian?

  60. Garfie

    Garfie9 日 前

    What kinda foam is this?

  61. VENOMI _ Cyder

    VENOMI _ Cyder10 日 前

    ZHC here



    Did anyone else hear him say *I cut the L-M-N bars to size O?

  63. Dave Tremblay

    Dave Tremblay10 日 前

    Jazza, I really like your videos but you are promoting the use of styrofoam, wich is killing the oceans. 95% of styrofoam ever made is still in the oceans.

  64. meowmers

    meowmers10 日 前

    What ever happened to these. He made a video about designing his new space, he should have used these

  65. DarkRoe The Nin-Bot

    DarkRoe The Nin-Bot10 日 前

    *hears foam sound* Me: *Internal Screaming*

  66. Unbothered Lil Meow Meow Stan

    Unbothered Lil Meow Meow Stan10 日 前

    3:35 he stabbed it in and my ears screamed oh my god