I turn a Rusty Hatchet into a Beautiful little Battle Axe


  1. Alec Steele

    Alec Steeleヶ月 前

    The axe came out beautifully!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 thanks for having me on!

  2. Clifford Cabuyao

    Clifford Cabuyao10 日 前


  3. Random Content

    Random Content14 日 前

    Skinny British Jackie Chan

  4. Ares Test

    Ares Test14 日 前

    Omg yes

  5. Kailey Williams

    Kailey Williams16 日 前

    Hey Bobby duke can you make me miniature things?

  6. Easton Smith

    Easton Smith23 日 前

    Why did some of your music sound sad?

  7. Eren Kıran

    Eren Kıran9 時間 前

    İts a god of war kratos axe

  8. Onyx Eye

    Onyx Eye16 時間 前

    Omg I love kiwi co I actually am subscribed to they’re doodle crates and it’s awesome!

  9. Fernanda Prata

    Fernanda Prata19 時間 前

    5:16 it is the best moment of the entire video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Aidan Evans

    Aidan Evans22 時間 前

    It makes sense that Bobby would be how to basic

  11. Lucille Severson99

    Lucille Severson99日 前

    Karens: What is the point of this!!! Me:Cuz its cute😊 Just like the baby sword

  12. Fandom Weeb

    Fandom Weeb日 前

    The eggs at the start remind me of how to basic XD

  13. Heather Miller

    Heather Miller日 前

    I love watching your videos!! There awesome im a big fan and I just love it when you do that one dance! :3 I watch your videos all the time because it makes my stress go away there's no other youtuber I would watch other then you :3

  14. Muhaimen Ali

    Muhaimen Ali日 前

    He took the axe from my fav game

  15. bonnie still

    bonnie still日 前

    what's up 🙃

  16. bonnie still

    bonnie still日 前

    Sunglasses on sunglasses on glasses :^

  17. Panuwich Srirojanakul

    Panuwich Srirojanakul日 前

    Is that how to basic at the starting of this video

  18. Amaya Gillespie-McKoy

    Amaya Gillespie-McKoy日 前

    How do you still have your fingers?🤨🤔 If I did any of that, I would have lost all my fingers 😅

  19. Theiventhiran Sithra

    Theiventhiran Sithra2 日 前

    Can you made aqua man's TRADET

  20. sillysinz

    sillysinz2 日 前

    Pants. 20% off

  21. Alex Adventure time

    Alex Adventure time2 日 前

    *i realized that I have actually have god of war and god of war 3*

  22. ¿Artist? ¿Art?

    ¿Artist? ¿Art?2 日 前

    0:25 - 0:44 I **DIED**

  23. Jamin Mills

    Jamin Mills2 日 前

    So, you all just seemed to take it as normal that "autovaughan shnitzelpuss krunken gushitemire" doesn't mean anything? At least Google Translate couldn't figure anything.

  24. Maegan Chavez

    Maegan Chavez3 日 前

    Me in the beginning: Minecraft looks different here

  25. Hyper Flopsy

    Hyper Flopsy3 日 前

    Drawing with jazza intro on drugs

  26. Zeyosrival

    Zeyosrival3 日 前

    Ngl he got possessed by howtobasic

  27. danieldb631

    danieldb6313 日 前

    A tiny ax is one thing, but a tiny net is a death sentence. Here's a thoat. What if you were to make an E-racer out of an eraser? Heh? Heh? ... Don't tell me I was the only kid in school to make those.

  28. FPSNerfboy

    FPSNerfboy3 日 前

    Heres a somethinghe hasnt told us yet: Hes also a blacksmith

  29. Max Edinger

    Max Edinger4 日 前

    Oh crud it’s goth bobby

  30. W4ff1e

    W4ff1e4 日 前

    This has to be one of the best most recent youtube channels i have ever seen. Every other video is just people overreacting but Bobby is just funny and isn't always, "HELLO GUYS ITS ***** AND TODAY WE WILL BE SEEING WHO CAN DIE FIRST!" He has a slight dark sense of humor which adds to being funny. He is and should be an inspiration to all curators on this site.

  31. Canadian Gaming

    Canadian Gaming5 日 前

    using a god of war frost axe for the new axe NICE

  32. Marlet Meyer

    Marlet Meyer6 日 前

    Its the same axe out of god of war

  33. Miss Okami

    Miss Okami6 日 前


  34. Abiyyu _xyz

    Abiyyu _xyz6 日 前

    new thor....12:08

  35. Jiji

    Jiji6 日 前


  36. Ruth Richardson

    Ruth Richardson6 日 前

    That's *MISS* Autovaughan Shnitzelpuss Krunken Gushitmire xD Hope you and yours are continuing to do well in these trying times, and thank you for all you do for us online! Stay safe!

  37. Captain Slav1

    Captain Slav16 日 前

    First thing is we need to take the head from the handle Handle more like shaft hehe dick jokes hehe preggers

  38. Captain Slav1

    Captain Slav16 日 前

    Walmart HowToBasic

  39. Phillip Magnera

    Phillip Magnera6 日 前

    0:37 the True identity of how to basic is bobby Duke

  40. Jordan Spence

    Jordan Spence7 日 前

    imagine bobby duke is how to basic

  41. Cristina Dayego

    Cristina Dayego7 日 前

    how to basic

  42. Kim Kaufman

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  43. UndeadLegend696

    UndeadLegend6967 日 前

    HowToBasic Intensifies.

  44. Brandon T.

    Brandon T.7 日 前

    You're so dangerous

  45. Dan

    Dan8 日 前


  46. Dániel Vető

    Dániel Vető8 日 前

    God of war axe

  47. ashen two

    ashen two8 日 前

    He's roasting his comically small marshmallow

  48. Hadassah Persaud

    Hadassah Persaud9 日 前

    Does Bobby watch Daniel thrasher

  49. The Mad Tatter

    The Mad Tatter9 日 前

    Next video, Bobby turns a tiny axe into an enormous War Axe. I feel like if anyone could break the fabric of reality and boundaries of physics it would be Dr Dukenheimer.

  50. Devan Stover

    Devan Stover9 日 前

    Whoever is reading this have a nice day......... Why are you still here....GO HAVE A NICE DAY NOW!

  51. Devan Stover

    Devan Stover7 日 前

    @Sin Lockheart hope it gets better☺️

  52. Sin Lockheart

    Sin Lockheart7 日 前

    @Devan Stover ha...ha..hah.... I need a hug...

  53. Devan Stover

    Devan Stover7 日 前

    @Sin Lockheart need someone to talk to

  54. Sin Lockheart

    Sin Lockheart7 日 前

    I don't have a nice day.....

  55. D e v i ʌ n t .

    D e v i ʌ n t .9 日 前

    OOOHHhh.. So thats how howtobasic looks like..

  56. MoonAngler 01

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  57. Slinky The Animal

    Slinky The Animal9 日 前

    The first part of this video reminded me of how to basic x3 How about you?

  58. its_ Carla

    its_ Carla9 日 前

    Can you make sokkas meteorite sword

  59. Karen Cunanan

    Karen Cunanan10 日 前

    *Smashed egg* how to basic ptsd

  60. LeagueOfGaming

    LeagueOfGaming10 日 前

    Bobby is HowToBasic 😱😱😂

  61. Vikas Kurhe

    Vikas Kurhe10 日 前

    Hii bro i am indian good job

  62. AdventureKitty101

    AdventureKitty10110 日 前

    I am disappointed in myself for missing this video until now.

  63. Marvin "Syn | Marvin" Van Loon

    Marvin "Syn | Marvin" Van Loon10 日 前

    Just fantastic as always, you've inspired me to get so many tools and get crafting stuff. Now I got a use for that old hatchet, and a Poseidon trident!!

  64. Ezekiel Thomas

    Ezekiel Thomas10 日 前

    That’s the god of war ax???

  65. wolfie gangster

    wolfie gangster11 日 前


  66. Amanda Bretherton

    Amanda Bretherton11 日 前

    * I was scared his hair was going to get burnt

  67. Amanda Bretherton

    Amanda Bretherton11 日 前

    Ich hatte angst dass deine haare verbrannt werden Würden

  68. Elijah Pizarro

    Elijah Pizarro11 日 前

    0:30 this turned from Bobby dukes to how to basics real quick

  69. Chey Lynn

    Chey Lynn11 日 前

    HE SAID IT!! Daniel Thrasher should be so proud of you-

  70. Madelene Hu

    Madelene Hu11 日 前

    Bobby: "the first thing we need to do to get this starty parted" me: whaaaaaa...?