i tried making minecraft lava cake


  1. Karolina o

    Karolina o17 時間 前

    I like the 6:04 oven transition

  2. Beth Morse

    Beth Morse日 前

    this video made me laugh so hard. also i feel your pain of now having to clean up a mess for what seems not worth it hahaha

  3. Shazik

    Shazik2 日 前

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. THANK YOU!

  4. Eva

    Eva2 日 前

    Wait I'm actually wondering which part of the cake was so crunchy??

  5. ItsMe Eleasha

    ItsMe Eleasha2 日 前

    Child julien-mum look wat I made u Jenna-wow it looks good Jennas 🧠-wtf is it?????????????????

  6. Linus❤︎

    Linus❤︎2 日 前

    I want to try the concept of making a lava cake, but actually try to make it right😂

  7. Banana in Pajamas

    Banana in Pajamas3 日 前

    julien, your breath is SO FREAKING loud

  8. Giovanni Atencio

    Giovanni Atencio3 日 前

    how popular minecraft is getting "recently" bruh.

  9. Kelly Dempsey

    Kelly Dempsey3 日 前

    When you said tiny whisk my mind went yaaa tiny rick

  10. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez4 日 前

    Potaito potato 🥔 🤣

  11. lillie450

    lillie4504 日 前

    As a baker who has done vegan, gulten free cakes before I was crying laughing during this video. So much fun! Please, please keep baking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Jöergen

    Jöergen4 日 前

    julien can you make a box jump tutorials

  13. Alexandra Geiger

    Alexandra Geiger4 日 前

    Oh god please stop overbeating the cake!

  14. Animor Romina

    Animor Romina5 日 前

    I really enjoyed this episode. It spoke to me on a personal level unlike anything since my grandma forgot how to get cobblestone in minecraft. Thank you kind sir for giving me this immense joy and overwhelming amount of nostalgia. *wink* ;)

  15. Lauren Wilson

    Lauren Wilson5 日 前

    Can someone who is a professional baker now try to make the minecraft lava cake now 😂

  16. Hannah Muncie

    Hannah Muncie5 日 前

    Make a gaming Chanel

  17. Bani Roka

    Bani Roka5 日 前

    This made my day

  18. Annabel Louise

    Annabel Louise5 日 前

    This made me laugh so much

  19. Gaga4 Makeup

    Gaga4 Makeup6 日 前

    Every baker ever is cringing! You tried and that’s the important thing lol but how do you not know what fondant is? 🤔

  20. Brittany 2H

    Brittany 2H6 日 前

    3 minutes into the video and Julian, who measures spices in Spazzy handfuls, is going to bake! Oh, this is going to be a disaster! I'm here for it

  21. Michelle Blank

    Michelle Blank6 日 前

    When he zoomed in on the cake and it was still wet I did a Jenna thing and said julienuhna! And Kermit is even crying at this abomination lol

  22. Caiti Rose

    Caiti Rose6 日 前

    Anybody else’s hey google respond when he said “hey google?” Lol

  23. tara bubb

    tara bubb6 日 前

    Every time you go 'bep bep bop bep' I just keep thinking of the animated Julian on the memes 2 video lol Aries spirit !! Lol




  25. Jacqueline Half

    Jacqueline Half7 日 前

    i watch this video all the time cause its funny and my cake i baked turned out just like that cause im gluten free and sucks

  26. Uriah Panganiban

    Uriah Panganiban8 日 前

    holy shit is this entire channel just cooking videos full of chaotic energy and stress? if so im so in

  27. What is life

    What is life8 日 前

    "Why are you serving cake with ice-cubes" 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. LikkleLaura

    LikkleLaura8 日 前

    That orange fondant looks like the same consistency as Starburst. Like WHAT

  29. Atlistic 262

    Atlistic 2629 日 前

    Low key, I can hear the spirit of Jenna in the background yelling “JULIEN” as he was contemplating the box jump

  30. baby prospect

    baby prospect5 日 前


  31. 13catherinem

    13catherinem9 日 前

    i'm fucking crying!! this is so bad

  32. K.S J16

    K.S J169 日 前

    The funny thing is I think he set out in making this serious but when it was raw he thought you know WHAT 😂

  33. Auditing Chicago

    Auditing Chicago10 日 前

    Hey could u help me with my channel to boost it?

  34. Candice Cooper

    Candice Cooper11 日 前

    I have never laughed this hard. My favorite part of this series so far.

  35. Bitchy Pig

    Bitchy Pig11 日 前

    Pleaseeeee bread gloves with Jenna

  36. AzraelDarkblade

    AzraelDarkblade12 日 前

    everybody loves a good dumpster fire :D

  37. Katameez

    Katameez12 日 前

    Julien literally supports whatever crazy stuff Jenna does in her videos. Why can’t she do the same for him?

  38. Casualkoi

    Casualkoi12 日 前

    It looks like a shit with corn in it...

  39. Ashley Nicole

    Ashley Nicole12 日 前

    My google assistant reacted when he said how much time left 😂😂😂😂

  40. lmaotom wow

    lmaotom wow13 日 前

    I don’t recommend using fondant on any cake it always tastes bad

  41. Angela Chaney

    Angela Chaney11 日 前

    Ikr, it's the worst

  42. lmaotom wow

    lmaotom wow13 日 前

    Julian I bake all the time and if you’re new to baking I really don’t recommend fondant it’s super hard to work with even if it’s not vegan or marshmallow

  43. Crystal Younker

    Crystal Younker14 日 前

    U tried. I applaud u for that. So funny

  44. KiKi

    KiKi14 日 前

    Fricken hilarious. My fav video of yours lol

  45. GOD OF OWL

    GOD OF OWL14 日 前

    julien STOP jumping on the counter. food are being made on it. IM TELLING MOM!!.

  46. Youssef Radwan

    Youssef Radwan15 日 前

    If it wasn't for pewdiepie and memes this video wouldn't exist. Bless this community

  47. Robalina29

    Robalina2915 日 前

    This made me really sad.

  48. Michelle

    Michelle16 日 前

    As a professional baker & cake decorator, every single thing you did made me cringe and scream at my screen 🙈

  49. Alysha Hill

    Alysha Hill16 日 前

    Hey Jenna and Julien! Where do you guys buy your egg replacer from?

  50. jos

    jos16 日 前

    i just watched julien make ice cream for jenna for her birthday and he mentioned that he box jumped the counter. here i am

  51. Andrew M.

    Andrew M.16 日 前

    This is so much chaos for a cooking vid. 😬

  52. Raevanon

    Raevanon16 日 前

    What part of that cake is hard enough to sound like you be chewin on gravel, i don’t understand.

  53. C. Wade

    C. Wade17 日 前

    That is true love that she tried that cake lmao

  54. lexi styles7

    lexi styles717 日 前

    The fondant was definitely way too loose 😭

  55. Evelyn D.

    Evelyn D.17 日 前

    I can hear Jenna screaming at her screen when she watches this video

  56. Lali

    Lali17 日 前


  57. TW15TYs

    TW15TYs17 日 前


  58. throneofglasstrash

    throneofglasstrash18 日 前

    “BaBe ThiS iS LaVa FrOm MiNeCrAfT”

  59. throneofglasstrash

    throneofglasstrash18 日 前

    Why is it c r u n c h i n g

  60. Christina Estrada

    Christina Estrada18 日 前

    Always put cake if the freezer, makes it easier to ice

  61. catrina soldevila

    catrina soldevila18 日 前

    Lmfao I almost died from laughing watching this.

  62. The Silenced

    The Silenced18 日 前

    “At least someone approves of my recipe...”