I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaardヶ月 前

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy our latest foray into the world of soap making!! as a disclaimer, the footage filmed in the soap store at the beginning of the video was pre-quarantine! i hope u all are staying safe

  2. Una Mujcic

    Una Mujcic日 前

    Can you du a home tour??

  3. vald bagina

    vald bagina14 日 前

    you ok? you havent posted in a while.

  4. Chloe Orton

    Chloe Orton18 日 前


  5. SpaceOrc13

    SpaceOrc1320 日 前

    You did an incredible job, Safiya! They look great!

  6. Addison Fagundes

    Addison Fagundes20 日 前

    You should melt and mix all the lush soaps! Just like the bath bombs.

  7. Abby Bernosky

    Abby Bernosky9 分 前

    Why dont u post anymore? Its been forever since youve posted

  8. Avishi Chauhan

    Avishi Chauhan時間 前

    Happy Birthday Safiya Love you lots Ps- am doing a marathon of your videos

  9. Rouaa Arbeed

    Rouaa Arbeed時間 前


  10. Pond Raiders

    Pond Raiders3 時間 前

    I feel like whenever safiya is talking her eyebrows move more than her mouth lol

  11. Bubble Studios

    Bubble Studios3 時間 前

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAFIYAAAA :D 🎉🎉 Have an awesome birthday!!!!

  12. Ava Analysse

    Ava Analysse4 時間 前

    The a a a a a alcohol- I’ve alway considered you a friend. *any other hamilfans

  13. Ugly Cat

    Ugly Cat4 時間 前

    Happy bday safiya 🥳🥳

  14. Eric McHenry

    Eric McHenry5 時間 前

    Happy Birthday Safiya. I hope that this birthday is special for you and that it is your best birthday you can have in these difficult times we live in now.

  15. Y/N

    Y/N6 時間 前

    Plot twist: it’s actually cake

  16. pobhatia77

    pobhatia776 時間 前

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAF❤️🦇!!!!! THE BEST JPreporterR EVER!!!❤️❤️🦇🦇

  17. Emileigh Kinnear

    Emileigh Kinnear6 時間 前

    Lye should be mixed in a well ventilated area, preferably outside or next to a window. Fumes yo!

  18. Celeste Knox

    Celeste Knox7 時間 前

    You could try to mix every different color of eyeliner next

  19. Luke Moran

    Luke Moran8 時間 前

    Happy birthday we share a birthday if u wanna see what I look like @luke_moran.11

  20. Anastascia Pawlish

    Anastascia Pawlish8 時間 前

    Where did she go it's been 2 months. I miss her🥺🥺😭😭

  21. Sonya Varghese

    Sonya Varghese8 時間 前

    But if your to busy I understand..... 😔😞😣😖😨😰😥😓😢😭😪🤧 (those were my emotions right now)

  22. Sonya Varghese

    Sonya Varghese8 時間 前

    No rush or anything but...... WHERE ARE YOU! IT’S BEEN A MONTH! PLZ COME BACK! 😫🥺

  23. Dad

    Dad9 時間 前

    Now give this to your least favorite person as a treat and get them to eat them

  24. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou9 時間 前

    ooohohohoo welcome to booty town! what that means i do not know same lol

  25. Alexaisawesome

    Alexaisawesome9 時間 前

    Hi! So I was just scrolling thru Famous Birthdays and I found out that tomorrow is supposedly your birthday! So, Happy Early Birthday Safiya!!✨👑

  26. Guest G

    Guest G9 時間 前

    Whish you happy birthday safe 🎁🎂🎊

  27. Olivia Vlogs

    Olivia Vlogs11 時間 前

    Happy birthday tomorrow love tou

  28. Lottie Bruzdzinski

    Lottie Bruzdzinski13 時間 前

    I just thought of this, but you should do a Franken Perfume!

  29. stranger things

    stranger things13 時間 前

    Safiya should post more

  30. Rosa Loera

    Rosa Loera13 時間 前

    You should do a tiktok made me buy it video

  31. Jasmin Ramirez

    Jasmin Ramirez13 時間 前

    Sayfia you should do a video of melting every soap in lush so you can make ond big frankin soap

  32. sourkid 35

    sourkid 3513 時間 前

    Simplynailogical: holosexual. Safianygaard: soapsexual

  33. Gabby

    Gabby14 時間 前

    Wait, is that a Murrz drawing on your fridge from the Webtoon Murrz??

  34. Tiffanie Verhine

    Tiffanie Verhine14 時間 前

    I wish she would post more than once every two months... I need mor Saf!

  35. Sanjana Balla

    Sanjana Balla14 時間 前

    Happy on day early b-day

  36. Sofie Storli Olsen

    Sofie Storli Olsen14 時間 前

    Why havent you posted?

  37. Weird Person

    Weird Person15 時間 前

    Why has she not uploaded in a while

  38. Kelsey

    Kelsey15 時間 前

    She said on her Twitter that she is having a hard time right now and making videos is difficult for her at the moment. Be patient.

  39. Mia Chavira

    Mia Chavira16 時間 前

    Happy early birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Kaitlyn Letts

    Kaitlyn Letts17 時間 前

    Why is her fridge so clean

  41. lola munchkin

    lola munchkin17 時間 前

    Do a house tour saf

  42. Patti Locke

    Patti Locke18 時間 前


  43. Sandra Ou

    Sandra Ou18 時間 前

    ummmmm...... anne marie made a new version of her soap cupcakes based on safiya's design........... HOW IS SHE NOT SPONSORED

  44. Jessica Kelly

    Jessica Kelly19 時間 前

    You really need to overlap your videos so you can post more than once in 2 months like film two at the same time so you post more often like so she can see!

  45. Fiesta Potato

    Fiesta Potato19 時間 前

    Why do they both have such pretty voices

  46. Chill_Girl

    Chill_Girl19 時間 前

    That kitchen is beautiful! Wow!!

  47. Olivia Maher

    Olivia Maher19 時間 前

    Frankensoap? FRANKENSOAP!

  48. Hannah Wilk

    Hannah Wilk20 時間 前

    Out of all the JPreporterrs I watch, your videos are the best quality. I cannot imagine how much time it must take to make 1 video. Every video is fantastic! Wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow :D

  49. maor segal

    maor segal20 時間 前

    Safiya where are you????????🥺🥺🥺🥺

  50. Kelsey

    Kelsey16 時間 前

    She said on Twitter that lately it has been hard to film and she is trying to pull herself together. A lot of people are mentally having a hard time.

  51. Devil Cosplay

    Devil Cosplay20 時間 前


  52. i love 2 bake

    i love 2 bake20 時間 前

    wait todays her birthday??

  53. Khryzhy Russell Pacris

    Khryzhy Russell Pacris21 時間 前

    where are youuuu?

  54. Kelsey

    Kelsey16 時間 前

    She said on Twitter that lately it has been hard to film and she is trying to pull herself together. A lot of people are mentally having a hard time.

  55. Sanna Fasdal

    Sanna Fasdal22 時間 前

    Did she quit?❤️❤️❤️

  56. Kelsey

    Kelsey16 時間 前

    She said on Twitter that lately it has been hard to film and she is trying to pull herself together. A lot of people are mentally having a hard time.

  57. Blue Sheo

    Blue Sheo22 時間 前

    Why do your videos never ever show in my subscription feed?!?!

  58. Nataly Wang

    Nataly Wang23 時間 前

    I just found out Saf was a Muslim. I still respect all religion😍🥰

  59. adrianna lopez

    adrianna lopez23 時間 前

    Leaving Buzzfeed is the best thing safiya's ever done.

  60. Simple Melon Slice

    Simple Melon Slice22 時間 前

    copied comment

  61. alice-elizabeth anne

    alice-elizabeth anne23 時間 前

    i can’t believe about her and tyler :(

  62. Judy Sahakian

    Judy Sahakian20 時間 前

    Don’t spread any false information about the both of them, even if it’s a rumor.

  63. Simple Melon Slice

    Simple Melon Slice23 時間 前

    wut? ?? ????? ;w;

  64. Lara Kutin Funda

    Lara Kutin Funda23 時間 前

    What about them ?

  65. Judy Sahakian

    Judy Sahakian23 時間 前


  66. Shirley Dayne Vincoy

    Shirley Dayne Vincoy日 前

    Hi safiya. Please upload more videos

  67. Kelsey

    Kelsey16 時間 前

    She said on Twitter that lately it has been hard to film and she is trying to pull herself together. A lot of people are mentally having a hard time.

  68. Vishal Morrar

    Vishal Morrar日 前

    Did no one notice the nutcracker playing in the background

  69. Plebs Gaming

    Plebs Gaming日 前

    IT IS SAFIYA'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Samantha Cook

    Samantha Cook日 前

    I can give you another shout maker to watch try watching royalty soap but she’s got some really good first time soap makers instructions and she’s got preblended oils and live water so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or not fully incorporating all the live water properly

  71. Pavithra Ravindran

    Pavithra Ravindran日 前

    I love you safiya and yeah i am a big fan of fancy soap too and i saw etn season 3 like a hundred times and i got over all the deaths except yours and colleen 😭😭😢but i still say that you are the best

  72. Aleysha Kluver

    Aleysha Kluver日 前

    Mini cupcakes....

  73. Kylie Zufall

    Kylie Zufall日 前

    Is it just me or do they need to collab... Safiya v. Anne-Marie, also melt every soap from somewhere into a Franken~Soap

  74. Gigi

    Gigi日 前

    I like how after Safiya explained the lye the tone of her voice just 360s

  75. sage Sings

    sage Sings日 前

    21:58 just think about it...no video, just hearing her say that

  76. YeetBread467

    YeetBread467日 前

    I meant youtubers! Not JPreporter Mr.s!!

  77. YeetBread467

    YeetBread467日 前

    @NileRed- didn’t expect to see you featured on here but awesome ! Well , two of my fav JPreporter mr’s in one spot! 3:42-3:45

  78. Jesse Streeter

    Jesse Streeter日 前

    Question why do they make them look like real food because when your use it it's going to look like crap

  79. G L

    G L日 前

    Guys, she puts quality over quantity first....and that's why I love her :)))

  80. Chaz Reyman

    Chaz Reyman日 前

    That’s a $900 microwave

  81. Bailey Lampke

    Bailey Lampke日 前

    You should make a Franken soap 🧼

  82. Shaun Franklin

    Shaun Franklin日 前

    When I was watching this my mom wondered if I wanted couscous

  83. Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward Tentacles日 前

    I am patiently waiting for a franken perfume. Just me?

  84. Simple Melon Slice

    Simple Melon Slice22 時間 前

    Ooh like that

  85. Nora Ducky

    Nora Ducky日 前

    Plz post content!😭😭😭

  86. VarietyPax

    VarietyPax日 前

    Does it usually take this long to get videos from Saf? I was looking at her post history and there are month and two months gaps between uploads, but I don't remember the gaps being that long.. did I just not notice before or is this gap much longer?

  87. Alids_the Cat

    Alids_the Cat日 前

    I forgot the cupcakes are soaps

  88. juuliaar

    juuliaar日 前

    shE didnt wash her hands i was waitingggg

  89. i like dogs

    i like dogs日 前

    i miss you......

  90. Lauren Mitchell

    Lauren Mitchell日 前

    Akon never said that and never will again😢😢😢 Ps akon is my granny and grandad s dog who dided last year

  91. Galaxy Chan

    Galaxy Chan日 前


  92. Elyanley

    Elyanley日 前

    I think a moment was missed than she didn't say: Smack my fat cupcake!

  93. Hobi Bts

    Hobi Bts日 前

    You should shop at www.dollskill.com good luck saf

  94. Elijah Wong

    Elijah Wong日 前

    come for the weird and stay for the pop culture references, welcome to Safiya Nygaard.

  95. yaara zuta

    yaara zuta日 前

    Normally in order to used soap cupcakes you Cut them in half so you have one flat side to use

  96. S A

    S A日 前

    @brambleberry needs to see this

  97. Kelsey

    Kelsey日 前

    They've already seen it! AnneMarie has done a recreation of Safiya's design on the Bramble Berry channel.

  98. Beyza

    Beyza日 前

    mmmhm why she makes a new video every 2 months? If anyone knows can you let me know pls?