I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard3 ヶ月 前

    hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf

  2. peachy soda

    peachy soda10 日 前

    The soap turned out unique and actually, pretty!

  3. mmtruooao

    mmtruooao11 日 前

    ... collab with royalty soaps???

  4. ChewieXOX29

    ChewieXOX2919 日 前

    Two seconds th show will go on

  5. Cadence Mercer

    Cadence Mercer23 日 前

    You should try soap cutting

  6. Una McEvoy

    Una McEvoy5 時間 前

    How do you make your Thumbnails?

  7. Pidgezilla

    Pidgezilla12 時間 前

    Bring out the dancing lobsters

  8. Shadow Slayer

    Shadow Slayer14 時間 前

    I feel like you did really well...I mean, you didn't die, and you did an advanced technique at a level where you are a citizen of the soap kingdom

  9. Allie

    Allie15 時間 前

    When smelling a chemical, please, never directly sniff it, waft it toward you with your hand from a distanceu

  10. Brianna Mills

    Brianna Mills16 時間 前

    I wanna see saf make more soap!

  11. MinSugar J

    MinSugar J21 時間 前

    Since when did this video turn into a science lesson?

  12. Divyaa Udaya Sankar

    Divyaa Udaya Sankar日 前

    Anyone misses the new intro soooong..

  13. Lavender Goth

    Lavender Goth日 前

    E watching this again after I got into the soap making community makes me so happy when I saw Royalty Soaps & BrambleBerry

  14. michelle kania

    michelle kania日 前

    Hilarious..I've always wanted to make my own soap but after watching this video I think I'll stick to buying it😉

  15. Green Haired Adventures

    Green Haired Adventures2 日 前

    "It smells nice and light." "it smells like L'Oréal kids on crack"

  16. Galaxy Gacha girl Join the squad

    Galaxy Gacha girl Join the squad2 日 前

    No one: Absolutely nobody: Not a soul: Me: 🤯

  17. Aayrshock

    Aayrshock2 日 前

    I don't know if you have tried this yet, but that lazer thermometer is total cat nip. My cat will chase that light point like a crazy big bat.

  18. Moon light of the year hugg

    Moon light of the year hugg2 日 前

    are you laurenzside

  19. Alice Moreau

    Alice Moreau2 日 前

    You just basically recreated. I could've just watched her video instead of yours.

  20. trista heidema

    trista heidema2 日 前

    Check out my grandma's soap business bodacious Bubbles

  21. De La

    De La2 日 前


  22. Kat Catter

    Kat Catter2 日 前

    I love your videos they are amazing editing humour, ALLL OF IT

  23. Its a Great a day here in existence

    Its a Great a day here in existence2 日 前

    Hi Saf

  24. Jess MacGregor

    Jess MacGregor2 日 前

    Should do this again

  25. Lori Acres

    Lori Acres2 日 前

    I think for a beginner, you did really well. 👍

  26. Sophie Stallcup

    Sophie Stallcup2 日 前

    Please make mire soap vids

  27. Lisa Leone

    Lisa Leone2 日 前

    Soap making is fun! I have been watching the Soap Queen/Brambleberry videos since about the year 2000. You can't go wrong with her instructions, even if you can sometimes find the ingredients cheaper.

  28. Hayley Pratt

    Hayley Pratt3 日 前

    I loved the Markiplier & Jacksepticeye GIF at 4:07

  29. Debbilicious

    Debbilicious3 日 前

    That looks like one of Cristine's many attempts to water marble.

  30. Maisie

    Maisie3 日 前

    For a beginner, Saf, you did so well! You made something I'd buy if I came across it. Don't beat yourself up!

  31. Random ARMY Girl

    Random ARMY Girl3 日 前

    soap sop soapp soaap sope;)

  32. Gymon Starfunkle

    Gymon Starfunkle3 日 前

    What even is soap? What is violence?

  33. NocturnalSyren

    NocturnalSyren4 日 前

    Keep at it! You'll get it!

  34. Shlomit :שלומית Gardi

    Shlomit :שלומית Gardi4 日 前

    4:09 I was born in 2008

  35. The_FORTNITE_Llama 136

    The_FORTNITE_Llama 1363 日 前

    Shlomit :שלומית Gardi so was I

  36. Maylis T

    Maylis T4 日 前

    When you do chemestry everyday and know that NaOH is nothing compared to HCl 😂😂

  37. Everest Snow

    Everest Snow4 日 前

    When she said wix I thought she was gonna say wish lol

  38. NidgeyAnimations

    NidgeyAnimations4 日 前

    Looks good enough to sell

  39. Guyana rocks always & 4ever

    Guyana rocks always & 4ever4 日 前

    Make a Franken soap, it's easier, and for beginners, no offense

  40. ETN Fandom

    ETN Fandom4 日 前

    safiya should make a frankin website

  41. Cheyenne Young

    Cheyenne Young4 日 前

    Lol I think it's funny how careful you were with the lye but like growing up on a ranch anytime we had an animal pass away we would bury them the best we could and then put lye on them to help them to help the body decompose quickly and we literally got lye in big like 50lb bags and just threw it all over the place lol I didn't die, not a recommended method but, I did not die

  42. GamesAlotGirl OG

    GamesAlotGirl OG5 日 前

    Cool fact my name is Annmarie

  43. Anthony Coussa

    Anthony Coussa5 日 前

    Do more soap

  44. Jose Manriquez

    Jose Manriquez5 日 前

    I’m so sad I’m in 4th

  45. BrooklynTheGreat

    BrooklynTheGreat5 日 前

    Boi wasnt brambleberry spottedleafs mentor?

  46. Pastelgirlusa

    Pastelgirlusa6 日 前

    Love the soap you made🙂Why don’t you try making soap figurines of different cartoon characters👾😋

  47. M Weaver

    M Weaver6 日 前

    “Well buckle up!” **Bijuu mike flashbacks** “LEtS bUCkLe INtO iT!

  48. Bella Upton

    Bella Upton6 日 前

    Pause at 0:29 and look at saf’s face

  49. insanIty

    insanIty6 日 前

    only saf can keep me interested for 26 minutes

  50. jhass151

    jhass1516 日 前

    do this again

  51. Natalie Blakey

    Natalie Blakey7 日 前

    Best explanation of saponification ever.

  52. amber

    amber7 日 前

    take a shot every time she says soap

  53. abvhrulz

    abvhrulz7 日 前

    I really love the science and care put into all of these videos!

  54. S.Y. 00

    S.Y. 007 日 前

    it looks like the beachhh

  55. -S- Henderson-

    -S- Henderson-7 日 前

    Beauty community: in chaos Safiya: it this a thin trace?!

  56. Roland Stillings

    Roland Stillings7 日 前

    Someones parents wachtes this video after putting soap in kids mouth

  57. PastelPolar Panda10

    PastelPolar Panda107 日 前

    The only reason they ain’t cutting their finger in those asmr because they are using the other side f the knife that’s not the side you cut with. That one doesn’t cute you. The other pointy side does hurt you.

  58. Wolfie Griffin

    Wolfie Griffin7 日 前

    Brambleberry!?!? (For those who are Warrior cats fans)

  59. Salsabila Rooseldy

    Salsabila Rooseldy8 日 前

    i need a supportive boyfriend like Tyler in this entire video

  60. Green Suburban

    Green Suburban8 日 前

    Thanks for the Saf - Sap ... "Saponification" thing. Now I know what I'm allergic to in soap. The Lye, if you wanted to know. Also nice Jack and Mark "meme"

  61. alyssa uttley

    alyssa uttley8 日 前

    Mixing all the hand sanitisers in bath and body works!!!!

  62. Hidden Master Al

    Hidden Master Al8 日 前

    You explained soap better than my freshman biology teacher.

  63. Zachary Smith

    Zachary Smith8 日 前


  64. lilslock -_o

    lilslock -_o8 日 前

    Laureal kids on crack i DIED lol

  65. Olivia Tapia-Gomez

    Olivia Tapia-Gomez8 日 前

    Is this just me or this is like a diy soap version of braking bad. I mean well the process

  66. Uni-kitty 123

    Uni-kitty 1239 日 前

    Are u related to Mr.bean because in 23:53 u looked like him

  67. Chelsey Long

    Chelsey Long9 日 前

    I think that you should actually make a frankinsoap by melting many popular soap brands together to find the main smell and how it leaves your hands

  68. Aastha Agni

    Aastha Agni9 日 前

    Anybody knows what she did with so many soap bars? She sold them? Or did some give away kind of thing?? It's too late, but I want one!

  69. Mia learning to draw

    Mia learning to draw9 日 前

    You should do a francinsoup

  70. Anonymous Girl

    Anonymous Girl9 日 前

    2:43 killed me 😂😂

  71. Just a Person

    Just a Person9 日 前

    The yellow reminds me of cheese

  72. Ashlena Persaud

    Ashlena Persaud9 日 前

    It's almost 2AM and I'm still up watching her make soap

  73. Nique C

    Nique C9 日 前

    I'm not sure why but this is the video I keep coming back to when I cant sleep at night from my anxiety. Thanks for making weird and entertaining videos Safiya! 💙

  74. Day Wells

    Day Wells9 日 前


  75. So Wht

    So Wht9 日 前

    You can give a bar of soap at ur wedding

  76. Liza Acosta

    Liza Acosta9 日 前


  77. Pmaster07

    Pmaster079 日 前

    ”She’s the soap queen, and I'm the soap... PEASANT.” 🤣

  78. Matthew Jesse

    Matthew Jesse9 日 前

    1st video I watched and I subscribed and clicked the ball I love you safiya!!

  79. Heidi Feilder

    Heidi Feilder9 日 前

    When it stuffed up the first time I was laughing so hard. You guys run a great channel and this video made my day. Thanks Saf, it looked really good at the end and go on you for trying.

  80. Tina Lute

    Tina Lute9 日 前

    Love this video!

  81. -FriesChip-

    -FriesChip-10 日 前

    I Would be already dead if I would try doing soup xD

  82. Tabby Khan Tabby Khan

    Tabby Khan Tabby Khan10 日 前

    U r so kewl!

  83. universe93

    universe9310 日 前

    From the look of the loaf before it set I think she still overmixed it lol. Ann Marie’s did not look like custard!

  84. Jaimee Platt

    Jaimee Platt10 日 前

    Sponser wik

  85. Bree Monteclaro

    Bree Monteclaro10 日 前

    Lye is dangerous it can burn your skin! *mAkInG sOaP bY uSiNg It AnD tHeN pUtInG tHe LyE sOaP oN yOuR sKiN* Best safety ever thanks Bramble Berry

  86. Athena Huster

    Athena Huster10 日 前

    All soap is lye based thought. So if you want to be clean you put some made with lye on your skin 🤷