I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard11 時間 前

    hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf

  2. A Paw

    A Paw48 分 前

    Safiya Nygaard #1 On trending!! Congrats!

  3. Angelica

    Angelica53 分 前

    you and tyler should have a soap competition....also good as a weeding souvenir to your guests? lol

  4. oof

    oof53 分 前

    You should by all the soaps from a store and then melt them all together

  5. Katharina Bellic

    Katharina Bellic時間 前

    Youre ad about „Wix“ is so funny bc wix you say in germany to jerking :D

  6. Monkey Hall

    Monkey Hall46 分 前

    Wooooooo number1 on trending!!!!!!!

  7. Christie Houlihan

    Christie Houlihan46 分 前

    Fully feeling like a primrosekitten video at the beginning , where all my uk gcse takers at 😂

  8. Movies Trailer Official Channel

    Movies Trailer Official Channel46 分 前

    You are so intelligent. You are professional soap maker. Keep it up. I always support you.

  9. Hufflepuff 12

    Hufflepuff 1246 分 前

    Congrats for #1 on trending

  10. Ciara Ryan

    Ciara Ryan46 分 前

    Did I just watch almost half an hour of soap art SOAP ART!! No offence if you like soap art

  11. Hayley.louise

    Hayley.louise46 分 前


  12. Josh Williams

    Josh Williams46 分 前

    Wtf is my recommendations right now 😂😂😂😂

  13. sidney Carter

    sidney Carter46 分 前

    please make this a series 😭😂

  14. Liah

    Liah47 分 前

    *i dont know why your always on my Recommendations but I'm going to subscribe i like your content*

  15. A L E S H chanel

    A L E S H chanel47 分 前

    WAYANG KULIT / The Masterpiece Puppet Shadow Show ,please check & thank you jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-U0lne9KrVXk.html

  16. Anyzek Love

    Anyzek Love47 分 前

    you explained saponification better than my chemistry teacher

  17. garfield’s mom

    garfield’s mom47 分 前

    i really want to see saf try crochet !!! (or knitting, i say crochet bc i personally like to crochet and it would be cool to see one of my favs do something i like)

  18. julia axel

    julia axel47 分 前

    I wanna see you make more soap!

  19. Roxy

    Roxy47 分 前

    Safiya! Do Mukbang! Fs

  20. Anna-Lena

    Anna-Lena47 分 前

    Jonas Brothers : „ I’m a sucker for you...” Sofia :” I’m a sucker for SOAP 🧼 “ 😂😂

  21. Pastel Belle

    Pastel Belle47 分 前

    Now I know I can never do this because my lizard brain is begging me to eat the poison cake batter

  22. luthfiah Tahir

    luthfiah Tahir48 分 前

    In my knowledge you don't need to say "a" and "of" when you use the word myriad

  23. CS

    CS48 分 前

    13:33 Tyler is to blame LOL

  24. Caitlynn Stewart

    Caitlynn Stewart48 分 前

    I will take a soap

  25. Hoonur Kaur

    Hoonur Kaur48 分 前

    Your #1 on TRENDING!!!!

  26. kappanjoe

    kappanjoe48 分 前

    BUT 👏🏻 WHERE 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 LYE 👏🏻

  27. Kaeli's Galaxy

    Kaeli's Galaxy48 分 前

    Yay! Number 1 on trending!

  28. Hugh Miller

    Hugh Miller48 分 前

    We stan a queen who does her research and explains it well!

  29. Angelica

    Angelica49 分 前

    I want a video about the cleaning process

  30. carmel puppy

    carmel puppy49 分 前

    " 1:19 "online for soap art tutorials" Me, the anime weeb bitch that I am, thought this: "sooooo basically..... *soap art online* aye?" My brain: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD every other sword art online fan: wow just wow, that is painfully funny

  31. dila özbugutu

    dila özbugutu49 分 前

    safiya: thats why we have everything from freaking bramble berry wix: am i a joke to you?

  32. Den lol

    Den lol49 分 前

    I love your channel to death, but I wish you would post more :(

  33. Isa Caceres

    Isa Caceres49 分 前


  34. gocanadayayyy

    gocanadayayyy49 分 前

    Tyler is such a good hype man lol i love him

  35. Angelica

    Angelica49 分 前

    you and Cristine should do a "How to cheat at soap marbling"

  36. Kyle Nieves

    Kyle Nieves49 分 前

    #1 on trending!!!🎉🎉

  37. Robyn Wilson

    Robyn Wilson49 分 前

    #1 on trending in the UK! YESSS SAF! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  38. Darian Vigil

    Darian Vigil49 分 前

    "This could potentially kill me" "Let's do this"

  39. The Cass

    The Cass50 分 前

    Dude I got so excited about you doing soap art that I felt like a freak then I saw it as #1 on trending and I was like..... lol......

  40. ThatColdpasta

    ThatColdpasta50 分 前

    i demand more soap videos i wanna watch ur progress

  41. Lorna Vàzquez

    Lorna Vàzquez50 分 前

    Your ravenclaw is showing

  42. Dani VanOort

    Dani VanOort50 分 前

    SCIENCE! 👏

  43. Jane Gerow

    Jane Gerow50 分 前

    Oh my gosh! I just started making soap this week. How funny!

  44. Ender Puff

    Ender Puff51 分 前

    Ayyy, congrats on #1 on trending saf

  45. Tammy Kablammy

    Tammy Kablammy51 分 前

    yesssss i've been watching royalty soaps religiously the past month, im so glad you attempted it!

  46. Sad Yeehaw

    Sad Yeehaw51 分 前

    Gimmie 1 sub cuz why not :)

  47. Caitlyn Theresa

    Caitlyn Theresa51 分 前

    Teavana sample cups... lol 😝. I used to work there RIP

  48. Petra Govže

    Petra Govže51 分 前

    That soap life got me😂

  49. Gabrielle H

    Gabrielle H51 分 前

    You’re #1 on trending, Saf! As of 5-23-19. 😁😁😁

  50. Peachy and the Smile

    Peachy and the Smile51 分 前

    So when are you going to melt together a bunch of soaps to find out the common color

  51. Monica Hoswell

    Monica Hoswell51 分 前

    I want “Safiyas new intro song”

  52. Petty Lizzie

    Petty Lizzie51 分 前

    Maybe slime next time 👀

  53. Charlotte Harlow

    Charlotte Harlow51 分 前

    Another great upload and love that you included the duchess's of suds that is royalty soaps

  54. Queen Bizz

    Queen Bizz51 分 前

    Honestly I wanna see more of this

  55. Layla Boyd

    Layla Boyd52 分 前

    Number 1 on trending queen

  56. chole26sm

    chole26sm52 分 前

    Can you please try to do tumblers 😬🙏🏻

  57. Lindsey Sommers

    Lindsey Sommers52 分 前

    You should check out Royalty Soap! Katie makes amazing soaps! She has a JPreporter channel, and IG ♥️

  58. The Crafty Larder

    The Crafty Larder52 分 前

    Saf, you’re being too hard on yourself. As someone who has made soap a lot in the past, I think you’ve done so well! A ton of beautiful soap to use up and give away :)

  59. Judi Farrag

    Judi Farrag52 分 前

    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if u make a 'Combinig Every Wedding Dress From [insert wedding dress store here]'

  60. Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn

    Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn53 分 前

    White women talk so weird. Annoying.

  61. Sparrow 522

    Sparrow 52253 分 前

    #1 trending in the Uk 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  62. Grace Thompson

    Grace Thompson53 分 前

    Only saf would be able to get a SOAP VIDEO to 1 ON TRENDING! LOL 😂

  63. Gloria Munoz

    Gloria Munoz53 分 前

    You should do a part two try again because this is so cool

  64. Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson53 分 前

    Handmade soap wedding favors!

  65. Prachi Pandey

    Prachi Pandey53 分 前

    Now we know what the next video of Buzzfeed would be.

  66. ep brown

    ep brown53 分 前

    Love the support u have for smaller channels xo

  67. Sofie Anderson

    Sofie Anderson54 分 前

    Make more soap!!!!!!

  68. Sara Gilbert

    Sara Gilbert54 分 前

    whoa 1 on trending

  69. The animal Squad

    The animal Squad54 分 前

    That soap be one chunky boi.

  70. DannyTV

    DannyTV54 分 前

    It's so cute how you actet with the lye. I'm 17 and work w/ it nearly every day

  71. tweetthang96

    tweetthang9654 分 前

    I would not say you are soap peasant. Maybe a soap page?

  72. Bath Nutts Farmhouse

    Bath Nutts Farmhouse54 分 前

    As a soap maker, I'm impressed by the amount of research you did before diving in. Many people would not do that. You did a great job!

  73. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson55 分 前

    Buy JCP shld instead cheaper than candy today soap is a tool not to used as art because people are bored 2 dollars target for sears JCP it will be gained today art is a picture or sculpture JCP is out funding amazon and they are over 1500 per share 1 dollar beats 1800 the nation knows the over 100 are too cheap for their age

  74. Philippe Parle Peu

    Philippe Parle Peu55 分 前

    Can't wait to see Saf melt god knows how many kinds of soap together! x)

  75. Neve Robinson

    Neve Robinson55 分 前

    #1 on trending!!! Well done!!!

  76. ᴅᴏᴛɪᴢᴀʜ

    ᴅᴏᴛɪᴢᴀʜ56 分 前


  77. Atomic Reina

    Atomic Reina56 分 前

    Okay but this was awesome!!! I would want to try this!

  78. Ava Lauricella

    Ava Lauricella57 分 前

    So cute!!! I would buy it if you sold it at whole foods :)

  79. LittleprincessEllie

    LittleprincessEllie57 分 前

    *#1 ON TRENDING* for Me

  80. Rachel Davey

    Rachel Davey57 分 前

    And all the soap makers swarm Saf's comment section! I'm curious if she'll do it again. I know it was addicting for me.

  81. Bailey Was here

    Bailey Was here58 分 前

    #1 on trending! Go Saf❤️☺️

  82. Rainbow Devil

    Rainbow Devil58 分 前

    Congrats on #1 on trending

  83. Hannah Shelton

    Hannah Shelton58 分 前

    Ok but why did you just explain saponification better than my biochemistry professor last semester??

  84. Nick Bolitho

    Nick Bolitho58 分 前

    Coming soon FrankenSoap, mixing all my soaps together... 😊

  85. Crafty Lad

    Crafty Lad58 分 前

    Congrats on 1# slot

  86. nisa202

    nisa20258 分 前

    I love that you also show your mistakes.

  87. Sara Dugger

    Sara Dugger58 分 前

    This was intense. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  88. Tegari Kurosaki

    Tegari Kurosaki58 分 前

    I think they look pretty decent for you first tries.

  89. Alysse Sarah

    Alysse Sarah58 分 前

    I actually am taking My final exam in chemistry next week and this topic is included and it was the only one I was struggling with!! Thanks Safiya you explained it great!!!

  90. Stephen Barefield

    Stephen Barefield58 分 前

    Pro-tip, harping on the dangers of lye: as lye is a strong base with a pH of 13 it can literally decompose proteins. Just something to think about

  91. Lyndell Tanner

    Lyndell Tanner58 分 前

    Okay, is it just me or did anyone else find themselves holding their breath when Saf started pouring the lye?

  92. Irlanda Lopez Almodovar

    Irlanda Lopez Almodovar58 分 前

    Good job on trending

  93. mara mara

    mara mara59 分 前

    Omg!!!!! #1 on trending!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Safiya!!!!!! 🤠

  94. Melissa Ann

    Melissa Ann59 分 前

    So I’m thinking you should send your soap out to your subscribers because let’s be honest probably 73.9% of them could use a bath… Or hell sell it on your website I’m sure you’d make a lot of money doing it ...

  95. Khryzel

    Khryzel59 分 前

    OH MY GOD She”s number 1 on trending here in Dubai!!!!!

  96. Sand

    Sand59 分 前


  97. OrionElHunter

    OrionElHunter59 分 前

    *Ugh look at our queen and mother at #1 trending. Relevance at it's finest.*

  98. Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn

    Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn47 分 前

    OrionElHunter Faggoty white boy

  99. Oddone castillo

    Oddone castillo59 分 前

    Oooh #1 on trending?!! Get it girl!!!

  100. Addiomgcheer 000

    Addiomgcheer 00059 分 前

    You need to do another episode of this

  101. Katherine F

    Katherine F59 分 前

    I never thought I needed this but now I want more soap tutorials

  102. Nails Are Life

    Nails Are Life59 分 前

    #1 ON TRENDING??!!! YAY!!!!!

  103. Bonnie Ross

    Bonnie Ross時間 前

    3:54 na na na (na na na na na na na na na) My chemical romance anyone?😂😂

  104. Paws, claws And whiskers

    Paws, claws And whiskers時間 前

    The captions were killing me spelling kris Jenner as cris Jenner 😑

  105. Jacy _1419

    Jacy _1419時間 前

    safiyas soap is better than any daily soap on the TV