I tried a cursed troll but it backfired... (Ft. Technoblade)


  1. Technoblade

    Technoblade4 ヶ月 前

    parkour: exists i'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  2. J. Beaber

    J. Beaber9 日 前

    You may be wondering why I'm commenting on a 4 month old video

  3. Dan S

    Dan S16 日 前

    Pig +++++++++++

  4. Slushymelon

    Slushymelon17 日 前

    Competitively noob

  5. Jack Demon

    Jack Demon18 日 前

    big brain guy :))))))

  6. AsterLight

    AsterLight17 分 前

    I like how I watched Technoblade's version too.

  7. WepDieEip

    WepDieEip日 前

    When i saw the intro i ran away from my grandma's room

  8. N3x

    N3x日 前

    I tried a cursed troll but it backfired...... it backfired? (ft technoblade) oh ok

  9. KingOfNothing

    KingOfNothing2 日 前

    Mi grandma is ded...

  10. That guy named Jeric

    That guy named Jeric2 日 前

    Skeepy my grandma's dead

  11. Caleb Starace

    Caleb Starace3 日 前

    I'm gonna hire new builders lol

  12. bill dragon

    bill dragon3 日 前

    it says lick and subscribe

  13. duckler

    duckler5 日 前

    I just finished playing halo reach campaign in one go and this is my reward I am happy

  14. CrippledMan

    CrippledMan7 日 前

    You recognize Skeppy when you hear his, *smack*, hear his AngRy VoiCE

  15. Emori & ClaysPlays cross channel

    Emori & ClaysPlays cross channel8 日 前

    Technoblade: destroys everyone in Minecraft Monday Actual Technoblade: beating Minecraft hardcore mode with a steering wheel

  16. jasi 7851

    jasi 78519 日 前

    Skeppy:do this parkour Technoblade:*jumps on the edge and beats it Skeppy:HOW

  17. Jonah Bodnovits

    Jonah Bodnovits9 日 前

    I love the Marv from home alone scream that techno does

  18. Xylius 7

    Xylius 79 日 前


  19. Carlson Productions

    Carlson Productions9 日 前

    12:37 "Sex no blade has escaped"

  20. Rekesh Yang

    Rekesh Yang9 日 前

    Skeppy do you even know ur potions?

  21. Lord Pumpkinhead

    Lord Pumpkinhead9 日 前

    90% of the video is Technoblade just going HRNNN.

  22. TNTecnic

    TNTecnic11 日 前

    whats the texture pack your using

  23. Dash Stormage

    Dash Stormage11 日 前

    Nobody: Technoblade: *HEEEEHH*

  24. Mimi TBC

    Mimi TBC11 日 前

    Technoblade has better clickbate

  25. Just a guy

    Just a guy13 日 前

    Lapis (exists) Angry skeppy noises

  26. Ender Boy

    Ender Boy14 日 前

    o know optifine zoom in ahahhahaahha 14:15

  27. Dresha802

    Dresha80214 日 前

    Techno trolled the Master Troller😂😂

  28. Nick Lee

    Nick Lee15 日 前

    Technoblade literally damaged skeppy's iq

  29. capitalist hedgehog 8573

    capitalist hedgehog 857315 日 前

    Rare footage of Jewish man escaping a concentration camp in Germany circa 1944.

  30. Charles Bauman

    Charles Bauman16 日 前

    Techno blade rules!

  31. Fireofthetiger

    Fireofthetiger16 日 前

    1:55 in this video, he says it in the dungeon. In Techno's video, he says it in the lobby. hmmmmmmmm

  32. Gr_ xristos

    Gr_ xristos16 日 前

    Watching this 14 months after 😂

  33. Lucky The Fox

    Lucky The Fox17 日 前


  34. Lucky The Fox

    Lucky The Fox17 日 前

    It took me .0009 seconds to realize it was techno

  35. Neamt Andrei Icespirit101

    Neamt Andrei Icespirit10117 日 前

    17:40 i died

  36. Horatio yen

    Horatio yen17 日 前

    techno didn't cheat he innovated

  37. Hate is my City

    Hate is my City18 日 前

    First i thought it was badboyhalo singing

  38. Jeanne San

    Jeanne San22 日 前

    We need more skeppy and technoblade :((((

  39. Grant Sibley

    Grant Sibley23 日 前

    Gg no re

  40. Grant Sibley

    Grant Sibley23 日 前


  41. The trash Panda

    The trash Panda24 日 前

    Nothing made me laugh more

  42. Ian Gamation

    Ian Gamation24 日 前

    The Best Thing Ever Skeppy Raging

  43. i hate my life

    i hate my life25 日 前

    0:03 jokes on him I my grandma died

  44. The god quan

    The god quan25 日 前

    @i hate my life :0 :(

  45. i hate my life

    i hate my life25 日 前

    @The god quan the oof indeed :(

  46. The god quan

    The god quan25 日 前

    OOF :(

  47. Themustache

    Themustache25 日 前

    My grandma is dead