I tried a cursed troll but it backfired... (Ft. Technoblade)


  1. Technoblade

    Technoblade29 日 前

    parkour: exists i'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  2. Yitocuk Kilic

    Yitocuk Kilic21 時間 前

    Hey, vsauce techno here.

  3. ツNitro

    ツNitro日 前

    techno is a legend

  4. Chase Roland

    Chase Roland3 日 前

    The only person who can beat command blocks.

  5. soft marshmello

    soft marshmello6 日 前

    @Competitively god*

  6. The Internet

    The Internet時間 前

    this is hard to watch there are so much jump cuts

  7. joshua chamberlain

    joshua chamberlain7 時間 前

    skeppy: i am going to troll technoblade technoblade:im about to end this whole mans career

  8. Heenal

    Heenal7 時間 前

    Skeppy stop I’m at my grandmas house

  9. Bling Boi

    Bling Boi7 時間 前

    I don't have a grandma

  10. A A A A r c Q

    A A A A r c Q13 時間 前

    1:36 aww he's so used to bbh that he almost typed badboyhalo instead of technoblade

  11. ItsDawid

    ItsDawid15 時間 前

    My grandma is dead

  12. Courtney

    Courtney23 時間 前

    1:38 Skeppy’s automatic response was to type /tp badboyhalo ✌🏻😔

  13. The Inferno Phoenix

    The Inferno Phoenix日 前


  14. Adi Zlateanu

    Adi Zlateanu日 前

    The little old lady who ate an... Skeppy: CONTENT

  15. Dylan Eichen

    Dylan Eichen日 前

    technoblade never dies

  16. Arth Czar Rolei Taniegra

    Arth Czar Rolei Taniegra日 前

    Pigs doesn't take knockback... You do

  17. Sravan

    Sravan日 前

    techno = god

  18. ツNitro

    ツNitro日 前

    8:51 techno trolled skeppy

  19. Ryks

    Ryks2 日 前

    My grandma died ;'(

  20. Ryks

    Ryks2 日 前

    But she's insane so I'm good :)

  21. Jeff Jefferson

    Jeff Jefferson2 日 前

    My grandma won't eat me if she's not alive Based on a true story

  22. Fred Grindal

    Fred Grindal2 日 前

    what will grandma do if I am subscribed

  23. Muffin._.Editss

    Muffin._.Editss2 日 前

    Parkour: I’m gonna end this mans whole career Techno: *uno reverse card*

  24. Anju Deo

    Anju Deo2 日 前

    1:20 is great

  25. Muffin._.Editss

    Muffin._.Editss2 日 前

    Techno voice is so calm 🤣🤣

  26. sunset cloudd

    sunset cloudd2 日 前

    Please Minecraft Monday together Idk what kind of energy you guys give off *but it’s amazing*

  27. Frédérick Sorel

    Frédérick Sorel3 日 前

    Techno have big brain!

  28. Kynance Joe

    Kynance Joe3 日 前

    matee my grandma tried to eat me a few weeks ago because of you!!

  29. Syarif Zidan

    Syarif Zidan3 日 前

    Skeppy L

  30. Muplark 24

    Muplark 243 日 前


  31. Uglee_ Dumpling

    Uglee_ Dumpling4 日 前

    I am honestly scared for life when I watch skeppys intro.

  32. Just1SmolGamer !

    Just1SmolGamer !4 日 前

    I cant get over the fact that he makes pig/villager noises every time he dies i just die internally

  33. Just1SmolGamer !

    Just1SmolGamer !4 日 前

    Ok i litterally burst out laughing when he was teleported and screamed, and i woke up my kitten who was just... There... He wouldn't care for the world but i woke him up bc of yall

  34. Cross Raider

    Cross Raider5 日 前

    Smarter than bald

  35. swifty _swiftLP

    swifty _swiftLP5 日 前

    technoblades IQ > skeppys trolls

  36. PikaTGK

    PikaTGK6 日 前

    1:20 I got triggered

  37. 珍奶

    珍奶7 日 前

    Technoblade never get troll

  38. Hottest Of Potatoes

    Hottest Of Potatoes7 日 前

    I've literally watched this at least 10 times no joke I love this. this is my favorite video on the entire internet

  39. Snowy Phoenix

    Snowy Phoenix7 日 前

    Builders: *secretly are helping techno* Techno: Me-Me Big brain. Skeppy: *rages* MY BRAIN!!!!

  40. logan balladares

    logan balladares8 日 前

    *Technoblade* : *Slighty mad* -Badboyhalo- *Madboyhalo* : *Starts making ragging chicken noises*

  41. Sign in

    Sign in8 日 前

    Skeppy u success

  42. Sign in

    Sign in8 日 前

    Skeppy u success

  43. Wuss Poppin Jimbo

    Wuss Poppin Jimbo9 日 前

    Subscribe to technoblade

  44. rugzz

    rugzz9 日 前

    Thats not funny my grandma ate me last year 😢

  45. kobe Anderson

    kobe Anderson10 日 前


  46. HDrom EST

    HDrom EST10 日 前

    Wait wtf in this video he is there when he says he is getting his obs open but in technos video he is somewhere else when he says that

  47. Crystal Moose

    Crystal Moose11 日 前

    HA MY GRANDMA CANT EAT ME..... Because i can never see her again.

  48. Kirito X Sao

    Kirito X Sao11 日 前

    What texture pack is skeppy using in this vid??

  49. Supa Poopa Troopa

    Supa Poopa Troopa11 日 前

    Technoblade never dies. When his body expires his consciousness is transported to another one kept in his clone warehouse and gets battle bus dropped back in

  50. Lucius Carroll

    Lucius Carroll11 日 前

    Technoblade =1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000p0000000000000000000000900000000000000 iq

  51. Rachetandme123

    Rachetandme12311 日 前

    Technoblade is way to open XD

  52. BIRD Dinner

    BIRD Dinner11 日 前

    I subbed i dont want my grandma to eat me

  53. EnforcedBoss

    EnforcedBoss12 日 前

    Nice video Skeppy!

  54. Ggacha Life

    Ggacha Life12 日 前

    I licked my screen for this-

  55. A Person

    A Person12 日 前

    You've been overbrained

  56. George Nasir

    George Nasir12 日 前

    Skeppy L

  57. Grant Lippenholz

    Grant Lippenholz12 日 前

    I want someone to make a techno scream compilation

  58. Jeff Goldman

    Jeff Goldman12 日 前

    12:04 found some *BREAD* !!!

  59. HadOOFken

    HadOOFken12 日 前

    Technoblade doesn't normally get trolled But when he does He deflects it

  60. Jamminhead

    Jamminhead12 日 前


  61. Snowball gaming & more

    Snowball gaming & more12 日 前

    I don’t have a grandma she passed away 😢

  62. Vexic

    Vexic8 日 前


  63. The Ugly Duckling

    The Ugly Duckling13 日 前

    11:10 just noticed the arrow followed techno and was the opposite direction of the bow

  64. Darkswordsman9 Gaming

    Darkswordsman9 Gaming13 日 前

    skepnoblade for minecraft monday

  65. millie de music gal

    millie de music gal13 日 前

    I licked my laptop and I can't sub because I am now in hospital, dying from being blown up-

  66. ColdSilentIce

    ColdSilentIce13 日 前

    Lul skeppy gets trolled so hard

  67. Supergalaxy Gamergirl

    Supergalaxy Gamergirl13 日 前

    Pigs blow up expect for technoblade

  68. Mystic Wolf

    Mystic Wolf14 日 前

    Srry my grandma died so ya so she cant eat me

  69. Mo Mane

    Mo Mane14 日 前

    I literally live above my grandma im spookum'd

  70. CasualSanta

    CasualSanta14 日 前

    well well well how the turntables

  71. Puma Gaming X

    Puma Gaming X14 日 前

    Tecnoblade is minecraft pro

  72. MrVirtualian

    MrVirtualian14 日 前

    Alternate title: I try to troll technoblade but he trolls me

  73. ooi you M8

    ooi you M814 日 前

    My grandma will eat me No that's impossible the meme page grandmas buthole was deleted

  74. Valentin Constantinescu

    Valentin Constantinescu14 日 前

    Lik and subscribe or skeppy will stop making videos.

  75. Keiree Skits

    Keiree Skits14 日 前

    But both my grandmas are dead

  76. Just A KID

    Just A KID15 日 前


  77. Mine NerdZ

    Mine NerdZ15 日 前

    0:3 my grandma is dead😞

  78. Michelle Hay

    Michelle Hay15 日 前

    Guess what I don't have a grandma

  79. Kerbin

    Kerbin15 日 前

    Skeppy: I fear no MAN. Skeppy: But that PIG'S iq... Skeppy: It scares me.

  80. LeLevi

    LeLevi15 日 前

    Nobody is gonna note that Techno singed Frame of Mind, a song that he has a comment on from 2 years ago and still listens to it because its an awesome song?

  81. MarcAFK

    MarcAFK15 日 前

    Funny how I saw this video recommended many times for 2 weeks, but instead watched Techno's perspective the first time it was recommended....

  82. Doggo Boi Hour

    Doggo Boi Hour15 日 前

    To be honest, Techno would be the type of person who could be able to troll the troll.

  83. A Duck Player

    A Duck Player15 日 前

    Please don't jumpcut every time there's silence. It's really disorientating.

  84. alex on osu

    alex on osu16 日 前


  85. Foxy 47

    Foxy 4716 日 前


  86. salt

    salt16 日 前

    This whole video is a summarization of portal 1 and 2

  87. Nyerguds

    Nyerguds14 日 前

    GLaDOS Skeppy. Okay.