I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite


  1. Nateplayzgta&more

    Nateplayzgta&more4 分 前

    Who stills plays Fortnite?

  2. R04range_Gaming

    R04range_Gaming4 分 前

    Just play warzone 🤟

  3. Even v

    Even v4 分 前

    You got eveyone

  4. sanad alshmakhy

    sanad alshmakhy4 分 前

    first he tricked thousands of people but now the behind the scenes is 6 million people hehehe jarvis best troller in the internet hahah

  5. andres hernandez

    andres hernandez12 分 前

    Epic probably feels so stupid right now

  6. YouTube owner

    YouTube owner19 分 前


  7. Jaxy

    Jaxy20 分 前

    funny cause everybody knew he was faking it so he made a video claiming he faked it as a prank.

  8. Juanpe 47

    Juanpe 4723 分 前

    No entendí un pingo pero......exacto Jarvis eso es lo q necesitas claro claro exacto xd

  9. NotFaxs

    NotFaxs25 分 前

    no way

  10. Carlito99xd yt

    Carlito99xd yt26 分 前


  11. Lilpump Brick

    Lilpump Brick30 分 前

    “ i really like bad boys “ LOL

  12. Delsen

    Delsen35 分 前

    Apex Legends PLEASE

  13. yes _

    yes _50 分 前

    also why

  14. yes _

    yes _55 分 前

    cant you just make a new account?

  15. mitchell heineman

    mitchell heineman時間 前

    reply back to epic and say that if they can not even follow the app store rules how do you expect you to follow theirs???

  16. XBA Chris

    XBA Chris時間 前


  17. LolLegends101

    LolLegends101時間 前

    Fun Fact: He Got Banned My Birthday

  18. norco !

    norco !時間 前

    stop the cap.

  19. PopShot15 Memes N' Games

    PopShot15 Memes N' Games時間 前

    11:34 wtf was that he forced out that laugh 😂

  20. Moundir Ben

    Moundir Ben時間 前


  21. TTV_ Invaidedx

    TTV_ Invaidedx時間 前

    Jarvis was playing it says he was on Xbox but the other guy had a ps4 controller

  22. Flyth

    Flyth時間 前

    But what if Jarvis actually played? 😏

  23. Strix

    Strix時間 前

    Lol it’s real he just made the video cuz he regretted it

  24. Aidan Row

    Aidan Row時間 前

    Dang ooof

  25. Emad Alqutaini

    Emad Alqutaini時間 前

    Jarvis: so hard Epic: have to banned jarvis

  26. Will Crabtree

    Will Crabtree2 時間 前

    ur banned lol

  27. Boltz

    Boltz2 時間 前

    this is some documentary stuff. “2:47pm tweet was sent”

  28. Brock Hite

    Brock Hite2 時間 前

    Faze is a joke now I haven’t watched in years

  29. TB Void

    TB Void2 時間 前

    Dang we all got played

  30. Mohmad Karim

    Mohmad Karim2 時間 前

    I know

  31. Fabio’s and Italo’s Channel

    Fabio’s and Italo’s Channel2 時間 前


  32. Shellder Cashman

    Shellder Cashman2 時間 前

    Ip got banned? What about all the nord vpn sponsorships you guys have done?!

  33. Tristan Thao

    Tristan Thao2 時間 前

    Now that’s pure evil

  34. Tristan Thao

    Tristan Thao2 時間 前


  35. FaZe Slaya

    FaZe Slaya2 時間 前

    You tricked me sooooo hard


    JB PANTHER3 時間 前

    11:54 he did 36 damage and than he has 36k viewers Like Whaaaa?

  37. Puny

    Puny3 時間 前

    Jarvis:cant play fortnite Still jarvis:play the whole company

  38. Art is a part of a true lover

    Art is a part of a true lover3 時間 前

    Isn't Jarvis kicked from faze?

  39. Alexi Marcotte

    Alexi Marcotte3 時間 前

    lol you tried

  40. Zander Sirias

    Zander Sirias3 時間 前

    But why

  41. Xd oblivion 2

    Xd oblivion 23 時間 前

    Y they need the livestream on 2 TVs and 2 monitors

  42. Dwayne Maxey

    Dwayne Maxey3 時間 前

    i cant believe this

  43. Delayne Mareikura

    Delayne Mareikura3 時間 前


  44. Juan Ramirez-Cordero

    Juan Ramirez-Cordero3 時間 前

    Hat of Jarvis hat of 🧢

  45. Daniel Reeves

    Daniel Reeves3 時間 前

    Well played

  46. ugh bruh

    ugh bruh3 時間 前


  47. Corrupted Playz FN

    Corrupted Playz FN4 時間 前

    To the cap

  48. Overwatch Gamer

    Overwatch Gamer4 時間 前

    Now that your banned still play overwatch

  49. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith4 時間 前

    LMAO you crying for being banned was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Thought you were gonna cry in this video too

  50. TeslaLambo12

    TeslaLambo124 時間 前

    This would be better if he Ricked Roll the stream

  51. ItsRustyGold

    ItsRustyGold4 時間 前


  52. Braydon Wixom

    Braydon Wixom4 時間 前

    Still like your content

  53. GhostSketch

    GhostSketch4 時間 前

    Come on we all know he played

  54. Harry Groves

    Harry Groves4 時間 前

    One of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen

  55. r.i.p jesse

    r.i.p jesse4 時間 前

    reminds me of oceans 13

  56. NFƎ WiFi YT

    NFƎ WiFi YT4 時間 前


  57. NFƎ WiFi YT

    NFƎ WiFi YT4 時間 前

    Wait did he say tiki?

  58. MC Stove

    MC Stove4 時間 前

    Claim your “here before this is in everyone’s recommended 5 years later ticket” right here

  59. Aspect

    Aspect4 時間 前

    epic games banned someone for no reason lmao

  60. XxDarkHallsxX /Josh

    XxDarkHallsxX /Josh4 時間 前

    Wow. Sad to see what faze became. It used to be awesome but now half of the people on faze are immature

  61. KingE_Youtube

    KingE_Youtube4 時間 前

    Anybody Else See the controller jarvis holding

  62. 【FV】こなつ

    【FV】こなつ4 時間 前

    The actual ban looked like it was real. This man literally got us straight XD

  63. Johnny Cummins

    Johnny Cummins4 時間 前

    Lol all the 22k dislikes are from the toxic fortnite kids who got tricked

  64. Matthew Fernandez

    Matthew Fernandez4 時間 前


  65. Anonymous Nova

    Anonymous Nova4 時間 前

    So basically you lied to you whole fan bass and you are proud of it._.Real smooth

  66. Dude Dale

    Dude Dale4 時間 前

    "Bad boys" can be rule-breaking pedos lol

  67. EaZy_Luck

    EaZy_Luck5 時間 前


  68. Slim Dot

    Slim Dot5 時間 前

    Imagine learning that one dude tricked a whole company and 50 thousand people 😂😂😂

  69. Gladys Salinas

    Gladys Salinas5 時間 前

    Cc’d Fed st

  70. Plush Famliy

    Plush Famliy5 時間 前

    Subscribe to plush

  71. Masked

    Masked5 時間 前

    lmao this was hella funny

  72. alien.

    alien.5 時間 前

    welp i was in that stream and i got trolled :/ big F in the comments

  73. Zeus Susmerano

    Zeus Susmerano5 時間 前

    40,000+ people just wasted about 20 minutes of their lives.

  74. Shadow_ Playz

    Shadow_ Playz5 時間 前

    666 oh my god freaking SiXsIxSiX

  75. SwrtyTheGreat -

    SwrtyTheGreat -5 時間 前

    Remember kids: Fortnite has no care for its community and only cares about money so if you are toxic you can’t get banned for it but if you don’t buy a battle pass you will



    The first day of me being 10 was the worst cause Jarvis got banned the day after my birthday

  77. clueless

    clueless6 時間 前

    I play Pokémon go everyday

  78. Nova YeetedYou

    Nova YeetedYou6 時間 前

    Didn't trick me??

  79. Kaiden Dorman

    Kaiden Dorman6 時間 前

    Keep it on the glock glock baby

  80. Crazy Family

    Crazy Family6 時間 前

    Shot on iPhone sees cámara

  81. 200 VIXY

    200 VIXY6 時間 前

    jarvis was playing

  82. Chevy Pursley

    Chevy Pursley6 時間 前

    I love your videos

  83. Mahir Cheema

    Mahir Cheema6 時間 前

    Your lucky

  84. Mr.Deadspacito

    Mr.Deadspacito6 時間 前

    Wait so we just got click baited lmao

  85. Shaylee Williams

    Shaylee Williams6 時間 前

    your not bad at fortnight play fortnight your not trick me

  86. Mr.Deadspacito

    Mr.Deadspacito6 時間 前

    Full 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  87. Edan Russell

    Edan Russell6 時間 前

    dramaalert watching this like 😟😕

  88. TheDerpyTwinz

    TheDerpyTwinz6 時間 前

    Mad respect for making a meme of himself crying as his pfp

  89. The Random YouTuber

    The Random YouTuber6 時間 前

    The person who described step three in the cut scene was Twap

  90. When The

    When The6 時間 前

    Oh no he pranked us oh noooo

  91. nicro _

    nicro _6 時間 前

    That’s INSANE Jarvis

  92. 【LENXY】

    【LENXY】6 時間 前

    I’m here Before he got unbanned

  93. Poxz

    Poxz6 時間 前

    now thats content

  94. Dorikvr

    Dorikvr6 時間 前


  95. FaKe_coop 7

    FaKe_coop 76 時間 前

    Please can epic free Jarvis I want to play with you so bad

  96. Jordy Apolonioa

    Jordy Apolonioa6 時間 前

    Bro this was crazy

  97. Bloxy Hunter

    Bloxy Hunter6 時間 前

    what kay would say: YOUR INSANE JARVIS

  98. Safee Davis

    Safee Davis6 時間 前

    =losses 1 million subscribers

  99. Y-ZooZ-Y

    Y-ZooZ-Y7 時間 前

    Free Jarvis for free ve buecks

  100. don't know don't care

    don't know don't care7 時間 前

    Or epic games saw that he was playing fortnite and Jarvis was scared so he made this video