1. Deshae Frost

    Deshae Frost27 日 前

    I never wanna be a fake family who is all giggles, my family argue, fight, and tease Each other lol that’s what we do to Each other and laugh in the end love yall❤️

  2. Coco UwU :3

    Coco UwU :32 日 前

    They for being honest and god bless your family

  3. sheila haslem

    sheila haslem9 日 前

    @Taylor Williams lol 🍗🍗😂😂

  4. Shonty Langshiu

    Shonty Langshiu13 日 前

    Deshae Frost when her advice point out the obvious LMFAO 🤔😂🤦 I'm fkn dying on this video lol

  5. Kurtis Adams

    Kurtis Adams14 日 前

    Deshae Frost bro same I need to meet u four my b day

  6. The Great One

    The Great One21 日 前

    You don't realize you're lowkey brain washing Brooklyn....

  7. Jordana Collins

    Jordana Collins46 分 前

    Bro that’s why you never go shopping with your brother

  8. momof3 Kings

    momof3 Kings時間 前

    Deshae can we see a video of you being calm chilled really looking out for them..The insulting belittling hype makes you look mean.. I seriously hope you really look out for them, simple fact you use them for your subs and views...

  9. Eva & Layla tv

    Eva & Layla tv11 時間 前

    Ti: “did you cheat on him back” Brocklynn: *shakes head* Ti: *laughs* “you bout to piss me off”😂😂😭


    OFFSETKILL #23 時間 前

    Deshae acts so poor

  11. Savanna James

    Savanna James日 前

    Brooklyn’s only 13😳👀👀

  12. Savanna James

    Savanna James日 前

    Lmfaoooo she be flinching like they abuse her😭😭

  13. Keh'Lahni TheDoll

    Keh'Lahni TheDoll日 前

    Your cheap 🤣🤣

  14. yulenda lee

    yulenda lee日 前

    She be smelling colone but not smellin no soap. Lmao😂😂

  15. Samir Elmi

    Samir Elmi日 前

    Brooklyn is 12!!!! I thought she was 18

  16. Dynamix Family

    Dynamix Family日 前

    Wait Brooklyn’s actually 13 or 12?

  17. chardai alexander

    chardai alexander2 日 前

    Brooklyn looks exactly like their mom 😫

  18. Ray Louise

    Ray Louise2 日 前

    Have them do a try on haul w the school clothes you bought them!! I wanna see!❤️

  19. maya praises

    maya praises3 日 前

    Deshae acting like my daddy

  20. Amina Embree

    Amina Embree3 日 前

    some of you guys are saying he's embarrassing sometimes but that's just how siblings work😂😂

  21. Sierra squad

    Sierra squad3 日 前

    Brooklyn is 13 Whatttttttttttttttttttttttt are u sure I thought she was 16 What the world

  22. Sierra squad

    Sierra squad3 日 前

    I wish u was my big brother How sweet are you😍😘 I love you deshae♥️

  23. Baby Girl

    Baby Girl4 日 前

    Nobody: Deshae with his million dollar bank account: watch the ads please 😂😂😂🤭

  24. Tanner Weber

    Tanner Weber4 日 前

    Yo why he get Mel Mel a pair of shoes and a sweater but get Brooklyn everything? Maybe he just didn’t post that footage but he looked left out

  25. thai thai

    thai thai2 日 前

    Cus she a girl so she get special treatment

  26. Karma Horton

    Karma Horton4 日 前

    She turned to 13 to 12

  27. Giselle Tikoisuva

    Giselle Tikoisuva4 日 前

    He said the Shirt needs to be to her knees and I was like vsco girl

  28. Richard Tate

    Richard Tate4 日 前

    U getting the holy Jesus sweater

  29. Decreathe

    Decreathe4 日 前

    Little baby clips😂

  30. Abraham Recinos

    Abraham Recinos5 日 前

    I’d watch those ads bruh buh some of those mfs be 5 mins long😭😭☠️

  31. Kvng Trey

    Kvng Trey5 日 前

    “That’s a headband”😭😭😭

  32. Mel Spamz LT

    Mel Spamz LT5 日 前

    12:12 slow mo

  33. Indya Wright

    Indya Wright5 日 前

    Deshae being cheap

  34. tyler martin parker

    tyler martin parker5 日 前

    Your sister rude af

  35. official BLENDS

    official BLENDS6 日 前

    Ur girl ugly got more Bitches that you

  36. Jory sunkiss

    Jory sunkiss6 日 前

    Deshae :plz watch the ads Me :your videos to good to watch ads

  37. Tahiyah Smith

    Tahiyah Smith6 日 前

    I think Mel Mel’s protective of her on the low he said no to the clothes a lil more than Deshae did it usually do

  38. cejaye Ikiua

    cejaye Ikiua6 日 前

    Coz white it’s holyy😂

  39. Ha’Briah’s Channel

    Ha’Briah’s Channel6 日 前

    I’ve never heard someone say NO so many times in one video

  40. Shyloe Mitchell

    Shyloe Mitchell6 日 前

    When Deshae was at the register in the sneaker store I about died from laughing so hard ... he was like a black mama with four kids lmao

  41. leelee96ful

    leelee96ful7 日 前

    Bras are definitely needed😂 she’s a girl

  42. Mermaid LiA

    Mermaid LiA7 日 前

    He so funny

  43. Royalty Ip

    Royalty Ip7 日 前

    That not fair u gave Brooklyn two and amare one

  44. janiah

    janiah7 日 前

    Dre shoulda came in for the rescue for brook man

  45. janiah

    janiah7 日 前

    Aww but that ballet was cute ☹️ I’m really over year empathizing with Brooklyn 😂😂

  46. Ramon Fernandez

    Ramon Fernandez7 日 前

    The title of this video should be "Bullying my siblings for 24 hours"

  47. Tony martial

    Tony martial8 日 前

    Luv that dashea saving his wallet

  48. Jamiah Mceachin

    Jamiah Mceachin8 日 前

    how old is his sister

  49. Oh My Cee

    Oh My Cee8 日 前

    Deshae: this is to short u need to get a long sleeve extra large

  50. Fortiolgy

    Fortiolgy8 日 前

    4:24 i can relate momma be trippin

  51. TriplePz Squad

    TriplePz Squad8 日 前

    Guys ik deshae can be a bit much but older brothers are always bullying they little sister lol this just on camera of how it goess🤣💯🤝

  52. Ya._girl._jay

    Ya._girl._jay8 日 前

    Mel Mel gets a pair of shoes and Brooklyn gets everything she want

  53. The Irish Elk

    The Irish Elk8 日 前

    Everyone acting like amaree ain’t good looking, by 12th grade dude is gonna be a 10+ no homo

  54. Katherine Chavez

    Katherine Chavez8 日 前

    Brooklyn sings good

  55. Games, games And even more games

    Games, games And even more games8 日 前

    “You got pajamas, this is when you got no drawls on”😭😭 deshae is too muchhh

  56. Getdoughvlogz

    Getdoughvlogz8 日 前

    Desha you gottta do better bro family comes first than yo girl I’m pretty sure if your girl asked you for more than they did you would have bought it

  57. Keepingupwithlay

    Keepingupwithlay8 日 前

    Got a add every 4 seconds my guy lmaoo

  58. Snicole Mitch

    Snicole Mitch8 日 前

    Lmfao when he said “guys please watch the ads “

  59. RayDaGoat215

    RayDaGoat2158 日 前

    You cheap

  60. Gabriella Andrews

    Gabriella Andrews8 日 前

    Omg Kellie and Londyn

  61. Chris John

    Chris John8 日 前

    This mans wouldn’t put a zip up hoodie on like this @ 10:00

  62. Quantia Thomas

    Quantia Thomas8 日 前

    Like no disrespect bro but you can't take your siblings on a back to school shopping spree and be cheap .. and your a whole JPreporterR

  63. Josiah Ortiz

    Josiah Ortiz9 日 前

    How old is Brooklyn??🤔

  64. L.Neshelle uncut and unedited

    L.Neshelle uncut and unedited9 日 前

    TI had nip slip up the ying yang. If she was my daughter I still would be checkin her outfit lol.

  65. Kez Wayne

    Kez Wayne9 日 前

    Cheap run in the family. "I FORGOT MY WALLET"

  66. Jazley Diaz

    Jazley Diaz9 日 前

    you should of got mel 2 shoes and dont ask or tell them for school if yout goin get them nun