I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World


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    South Africa, Cape Town I subscribed today and I also only discovered your channel today. You guys are dope and amazing. 👌

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    Yes Theory you blew it

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    Done, hi from ES Central América

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    I am pretty sure I know the guy you gave the pizza to! He was super nice, he cruises around our neighborhood and is usually in a friendly good mood and he helped my niece find her way when she was lost while visiting. I only subscribed cause ya'll did that, keep up the awesomeness.

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    Thomas: there’s a joke there somewhere Matt: what is it? Thomas: *looks lost*

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    Just imagine a white guy asking for your passport. LOL That's funny.

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    I have a passport, but needs a visa to almost everywhere. 😂🤦‍♀️🇵🇭

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    One of the coolest video ever

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    Actually day drinking in Italy is normal AF, Italians love their wines and prossecco’s they drink it all day long

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    The burestta giveing them cocktails be looking like charli dimelo



    y'all really should've came to alberta

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    2:00 *dude just randomly asking for the pizza*

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    You should hire him

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    Alberta kinda sucks though

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    "T-Boogie is KO'd right now"😂

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    Hire him as your photographer

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    Travel to Rwanda! I'm a 19 year old who's had the opportunity to live in several counties so far in my life, but Rwanda was something else. I hope to be able to go back someday and reconnect with the things that made my time there some of the best years of my life ❤️

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    I just wanna know what kind of camera that guy was using????????!!!!!!

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    Reasons why you need a passport Facts

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    CSGO 7:03

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    My dream is to have a huge cacti garden for commercial purposes and also cause it is just so damn beautiful. Planted 6000 seeds 4 months ago. In 2 years they will be too big for our house so forcing me to buy ground and a greenhouse etc. Once the seed of your manifestation is planted there is no way back, atleast if you take a big enough step. Dream big boys.

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    Non subscribed viewers is a sign that it are mostly new people. It's a sign you guys are growing and it is obviously good to get new people on board.

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    When will you take me (a subscriber) around the world 😋


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    I live in Alberta and I have no clue why he would really want to come here.

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    This idea was so crazy its AMAZING!

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    as someone from alberta, dont come here

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    i was shocked to hear that you were taking water boat :D

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    Venice is extremely charming and extremely frustrating. After a few days, the frustration starts to overwhelm the charm.

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    Hello, I have passport and place where I would like to go ;))

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    hey guys just fyi i have a valid passport

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    His smile gets just bigger when he arrived at venice . Glad u did it guys

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    I subscribed after watching two of your videos. I'm about to binge the rest, but also, I appreciate you guys showing the photos he was taking. It shows how much you care about the success of others.

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    Find an academy and go running

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    JP is so cute that he should be part of your gang

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    Soo.. i'm glad i'm in the 46% part then


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    Thomas said hell in a church " oh stinky" xD