I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World


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    You actuall' fly with swiss lol

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    You guys really inspire me to do more with my life and say yes often :) thank you!

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    Go google sumba-indonesia

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    Nothing gives more positive vibes than this video

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    I love it when Thomas pulls up in the car and says "Are you ready to go to Italy?!" like a troll 😂made me laugh!!

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    Love Italy !!!!

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    They should have offered the trip to that homeless man who asked for the pizza

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    The best things happen when having no clue what'll happen. Just trusting to what is and following voice inside. Awesome video! 🦌⚡😸

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    Anyone gonna talk about how that guy just walked by and took their pizza. Like wth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    I live in Alberta...

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    i was there in assassins creed

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    Guys you are awesome phylantrop. Thanks to you, for I am learning the necessary skills in life ever.

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    I'm working towards studying the harpsichord at conservatory and becoming a fulltime harpsichordist. I'm in my last year of academy working towards getting into the conservatory.

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    Lands in Zurich, Switzerland. Talks about being in Italy now. Mhhhhh yes, actually no sir.

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    no phone , no map - the map in venice is actualy layed out on the streets floor hehehehe

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    You were so close to Malta ! I’m actually sad... But what are the odds I’m Italian (lol) have a wonderful day ❤️

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    Can you guys just like, show up on my door step some time?

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    spider-man far from home 6:23

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    Spider-man far from home 6:04

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    A lot of Americans do not have passports that's a pity I have a passport that's not as strong

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    Oh, you flew with SWISS :D nice! (Me = Swiss)

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    What if Yes Theory runs a massive human trafficking network where they use their power as influencers to lure people in :()

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    this is literally the best channel, ever

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    I also need a trip.

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    Anyone else think the girl who said, “Of course!” To their cocktail question absolutely and stunningly beautiful?? Just me? *cough cough* oookaaay.

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    far from home😐

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    Right now im waiting for my chance with you guys. I've done it before one time to turkey for a hole month but now in broke.

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    So you travelled with Paulo Dybala right?

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    When u cancelled your plans to Venice and you see this 😭😭😭

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    Boys, y'all are goals 🙂💚🇮🇩

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    I live half an hour away from alberta

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    “Alease don’t forget to subscribe” at the end had me dead 😂😂💀

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    Verily i say to you all... "Preparedness is the prerequisite of success"!

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    I have a tip if you want to go to Venice dont go in august it was super crowded when i went than

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    If course they picked that guy. He's probably a friend of a friend and not even really a pizza guy. I cannot remember them ever doing this for someone that isn't extremely good looking or older than like 25. The person always has a personality like the guys on the show. It's kinda weird like that. Go to Walmart or a rural town and find a homeless person or a middle aged trucker and make *their* dream come true. Find someone that isn't that prototypical camera perfect person.

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    Allowing myself to look forward to life instead of living solely in the moment would get me one step closer to finally being happy.

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    He looks like Italian Zac Efron

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    Wtf he looks like peter parker (tobey marguire ver.)

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    They think taking a pizza to Italy is crazy, me getting actual sleep is really crazy It’s 1 am and I can5 stop watching JPreporter

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    Get a passport

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    best vid ever

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    He is fucking Spiderman 😂😂 photographer,pizza guy right??

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    5:39 we are taking a water boat

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    My first step is to stop watching JPreporter and study for my math test tomorrow. With high enough results this year I can go to university to study social work next year so that I can help refugees adjust to life in Australia

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    You guys are absolutely amazing. You’re humble, adventurous, and always willing to learn new things. What I especially love is how giving you all are. I truly hope I meet you guys one day and actually get to know you guys 😊

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    I like the ending message.

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    How I wish I'm the pizza guy

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    Always dream big and embrace it when the opportunity happens. This is an awesome adventure. Love Venice, Italy when I had an exciting adventure there in September 2006. Venice is such a magical place. ♡♡♡