i told my crush i like him... gone interesting | ysa garcia :)


  1. Ysa Garcia

    Ysa Garcia年 前

    Hey everyone! If you see this please comment down below what kind of videos you’d like to watch! I’m planning on filming a skin routine for sunday but i want to know what you guys would like to see? Thanks later bros ✌🏼

  2. Thejaxman 171

    Thejaxman 171ヶ月 前

    Ysa Garcia wow.

  3. VioletSkye15 Akery

    VioletSkye15 Akery2 ヶ月 前

    This is what I need right now this is the advice I need I'm doing the same thing except I'm talking to him in person at his party

  4. Ashley

    Ashley2 ヶ月 前

    Ysa Garcia you are literally me when i asked my crush out😂

  5. TKH-N

    TKH-N3 ヶ月 前

    it’s been one year!! I’m so happy for u that was cool I mean I would’ve gotten straight to the point xD

  6. Isabella Dervishaj

    Isabella Dervishaj3 ヶ月 前

    Makeup 💄 routine xx💗

  7. Jimena Katzer

    Jimena Katzer5 時間 前


  8. Gacha Apple

    Gacha Apple21 時間 前

    1k likes & I’ll tell my crush I like him

  9. savia ashby

    savia ashby21 時間 前

    what we are all thinking... when we text our crush

  10. Zexity lel

    Zexity lel22 時間 前

    If i told my crush i liked them then my anxiety would go through the roof

  11. jaklyn martin

    jaklyn martin日 前

    50 likes and I will tell my crush I like him and I will probably get rejected

  12. Talia McBride

    Talia McBride日 前

    i get nervous saying “hey” to my crush

  13. Amy Johnson

    Amy Johnson日 前

    Omg I love this girl!😂

  14. UwU Stealer

    UwU Stealer2 日 前

    Omg you know when your texting someone and you say something risky and then as soon as you send it you literally throw your phone cause you’re scared of what they’re going to say

  15. AboLike

    AboLike7 時間 前

    UwU Stealer yeeah

  16. I am a tiny person It,s true

    I am a tiny person It,s true2 日 前

    200 likes and I ask my ex out again

  17. Sarah's channel

    Sarah's channel3 日 前

    She is sooo red😂

  18. Samantha Phelps

    Samantha Phelps4 日 前

    lit me when i have a convo with my crush i don't know what to say.!

  19. Cafiifo Jimcaale

    Cafiifo Jimcaale4 日 前

    Her:am going to tell him it's a prank Me:what she does not want to get ashamed

  20. The Zahra Jam

    The Zahra Jam4 日 前

    I can't tell if my crush likes me because he's crowned as Mr VERY nice guy...

  21. Adaira Donnelly

    Adaira Donnelly4 日 前

    If this gets 2000 likes I will tell my crush I like him

  22. Callie Regan Walker

    Callie Regan Walker5 日 前


  23. Moshe More

    Moshe More5 日 前

    I have a song for you jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ZIEZh-Gyko0.html its tallk about this

  24. Zuca Zuca

    Zuca Zuca5 日 前

    If i get 10 likes i will tell my crush i like him :)

  25. Starツ

    Starツ5 日 前

    U kinda look like Camren Bicondova

  26. madison melrath

    madison melrath6 日 前

    Today mine asked me out

  27. Pavle YT

    Pavle YT6 日 前

    *Don’t do that* *Don’t give me hope*

  28. Amina Bhatti

    Amina Bhatti6 日 前


  29. Amina Bhatti

    Amina Bhatti6 日 前

    stop saying omg or doing ur hand as a fan and wafting ur hair ITS ONLY UR CRUSH SO CHILL OUT

  30. Kayley Nkoyoyo

    Kayley Nkoyoyo6 日 前

    My crush told me he liked me today .. IM FREAKING OIT I STARTED CRYING 😂😂

  31. interior crocodile

    interior crocodile6 日 前

    Hey! Dont worry I have a crush on my friend who I talk to a lot too. I told him and he didnt seem to care, he friendzoned me lmao...

  32. Saina Commar

    Saina Commar6 日 前

    lucky.....my crush doesn't even know i exist!!!

  33. pat jef

    pat jef6 日 前

    I wanted to tell my crush that i like her... She ignored me... 30 mins ago a friend of me told me that she has a crush on someone other... (Sry for Bad english I'm from Europe)..

  34. Emma Driscoll

    Emma Driscoll7 日 前

    How many times she said why 👇

  35. Stranger things Tea

    Stranger things Tea7 日 前

    Me through the whole video: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈

  36. Taze Decmc10

    Taze Decmc107 日 前

    If I done this to my crush 100% not like ne

  37. nyeem phillips

    nyeem phillips7 日 前

    Wut is this??????

  38. Robbie Cipollone

    Robbie Cipollone7 日 前

    She was majorly overthinking tho

  39. Maddie 11110000

    Maddie 111100008 日 前

    i just did this so i’m freaking out i’m scared what he will say 😅😅 HE ANSWERED HE SAID IM CUTE BUT HE LIKES MY BEST FRIEND 😔😭

  40. SellySauce

    SellySauce8 日 前

    This could never be me

  41. kawaiifluff

    kawaiifluff8 日 前

    Maybe you should of just told him in person !

  42. Abigail Roberts

    Abigail Roberts8 日 前

    I’m a nervous wreck after watching this😳. But I’m happy for you😂♥️

  43. Gabriela Vazquez

    Gabriela Vazquez8 日 前

    Omg omg SO CUTE

  44. Amber Taylor

    Amber Taylor9 日 前

    She’s just like me when I’m talking to my crush 😂😀

  45. Cristine Formoso

    Cristine Formoso9 日 前

    2019 anyone

  46. Street Edits Curtis

    Street Edits Curtis9 日 前

    You are a shellfish little brat

  47. Arielle Aitken-Guignard

    Arielle Aitken-Guignard9 日 前

    Felt everything u went thru😂

  48. Shadow LGC

    Shadow LGC10 日 前

    Wow she be so nervous

  49. Amelia Gatewood

    Amelia Gatewood10 日 前

    So ... I am telling my crush Monday rn its Saturday and 4 pm and I am telling my crush I like him I am beginning to become friends with him and I am telling him because I don't want it to be to late. And yeah I am telling him in person because I feel more comfortable doing it in person so I'll update e yall

  50. Da_REALSpiderman

    Da_REALSpiderman10 日 前

    o_o she freaked out so many times it freaked me out >:) >:) >:) Edit: 3:34 I didnt even know there was one like that :O

  51. Sc0pEZz

    Sc0pEZz10 日 前

    She was like "I can't do it I can't do it" then she was like "I'm already doing it" that had me dead

  52. Witty Kenzie

    Witty Kenzie11 日 前

    So I have a crush on one of my guy friends and he’s really sweet to me and everyone told me he likes me and that they can tell and they said that I should tell him and so I did and he said he just likes me as a friend so I said “AHHH ITS A PRANKKKKK” yeah....I got friend zoned

  53. Karla. xyz

    Karla. xyz11 日 前

    So I told my crush I liked him and it went horribly wrong

  54. Nynke van beusekom

    Nynke van beusekom11 日 前

    I want my crushlife to be like that....

  55. Kelli Slivinski

    Kelli Slivinski11 日 前

    20 likes and I’ll tell my crush I like him or at least talk

  56. Emma knoesen

    Emma knoesen11 日 前

    the worst thing about texting a boy is when u say a wierd nervous thing and then their is like the three text bubbles for like 10 mintuessssss

  57. Sienna Carroll

    Sienna Carroll12 日 前

    1k likes and I’ll tell my crush I like him. He told me he liked me a year ago and I said no, biggest regret ever.

  58. Annabelle Anthousis

    Annabelle Anthousis13 日 前

    We need to know what happens next 😂xx

  59. Violetlove 29

    Violetlove 2913 日 前

    I told my crush i liked him and he said he wants to hold me

  60. c s i l l a b o z o k i

    c s i l l a b o z o k i13 日 前

    Tbh- to be honest

  61. Tess Obrien

    Tess Obrien14 日 前

    Can you plz react to Billie Eillish

  62. Jah-Raye Brady

    Jah-Raye Brady14 日 前

    That one way you can tell your crush you like them 😝

  63. Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee14 日 前

    OMG congrats

  64. sarah katharina

    sarah katharina14 日 前

    Props an die deutschen die hier sind 😏🇩🇪

  65. Mariah Alo

    Mariah Alo15 日 前

    Me: *checks to see if she has a boyfriend after this video* Also me: doesn’t even have a crush but still watches these videos 😂

  66. alice

    alice16 日 前

    10 likes and i’ll tell my crush i like him