I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3


  1. Ryan Trahan

    Ryan Trahan9 日 前

    I’m sorry 😭😭😭😭

  2. Jacob Kirkpatrick

    Jacob Kirkpatrick51 分 前

    Do this Challenge again legit pls, like if you agree

  3. Isaiah Memes

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  4. Simranjit Kaur

    Simranjit Kaur4 時間 前

    Citlali Delgado I don’t care if I’m just a ten ur old I’m gonna yell at u he’s not a liar it’s not that big of a deal

  5. Simranjit Kaur

    Simranjit Kaur4 時間 前

    Citlali Delgado shut up 🤐 zip it 🤐

  6. Simranjit Kaur

    Simranjit Kaur4 時間 前

    Ryan Trahan u don’t have to be sorry it’s just u forgot I forgive u and I just subbed to ur channel so u got a new channel

  7. Kailey Williams

    Kailey Williams11 分 前

    Deletebyour youtube channel

  8. LoganOMG 11

    LoganOMG 1119 分 前

    A.B.E always be honest *A.B.H

  9. tor-nate-o08

    tor-nate-o0830 分 前

    Those people are haters the series was good

  10. Noah Gene

    Noah Gene30 分 前

    Guys he isn't lying he is only trying to make money and make content to make money so he can entertain us and make have smiles on our faces and make us happy so who ever called him a lier to sub and like the vid and comment a appropriate apolagie comment to him plz

  11. Mathew Vezena

    Mathew Vezena31 分 前

    god dang have to freaking say hes cheating ruined this whole this ):

  12. Epic red Gaming

    Epic red Gaming42 分 前

    Lol you lied again you called the grandma a guy rule 3 Be Honest

  13. Flame Wolf

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  14. Cole T Gaming

    Cole T Gaming57 分 前

    i like your white chair

  15. Turbo_Turlet

    Turbo_Turlet時間 前

    This whole "series" is literally rigged. The only reason he was able to fund money to create the lemonade stand, was because nice people on episode 1 were willing to donate ten dollars for a freaking mint! I don't want to sound like a jerk, but i kinda only watched this series because i grow up in a family with low income, and i wanna know how to make money. If ryan was not "cute" this whole series would end VERY different. If people never donated unreasonable amounts of money, just because he is "cute", then he will be broke as a bat. Please don't hate on me, this is just my opinion.

  16. Thingsthingyisthat

    Thingsthingyisthat時間 前

    This shows that if your smart a Pennie could cost thousands

  17. Broni Calle

    Broni Calle時間 前

    9:29 it was VERY hot on Monday so people wouldn't go to the park but its not as cold now

  18. Agent 51

    Agent 51時間 前

    Hey buddy pal chum friend buddy pal friend if you start cheating again my amigo friend chum pal ding dong buddy friend pal chum if you cheat one more time I’m going to have to diddly darn snap your neck buddy chum pal friend amigo chum

  19. Walnut Games

    Walnut Games時間 前

    I did this and almost got arrested (not joking)

  20. Tom the almighty german

    Tom the almighty german時間 前

    10/10 acting “Buddy”

  21. Kyl!xee xx MSP

    Kyl!xee xx MSP時間 前

    please part 4??

  22. Cameron Fortnite

    Cameron Fortnite時間 前

    Bruh if I did it I would’ve went down -1 cent

  23. Sonny Beltram

    Sonny Beltram時間 前

    Hey buddy

  24. Deanna

    Deanna2 時間 前

    I hate everyone who commented on him “lying” it’s ok😩

  25. Kyle Pinnock

    Kyle Pinnock2 時間 前


  26. Joel Chummar

    Joel Chummar2 時間 前

    Y’all do know that he was making rules about how to spend the money not what he would say to the people

  27. SceptilePetile

    SceptilePetile2 時間 前

    Ryan: And we’re back here with made us the most money, “lemonade” Gum: Am I a joke to you?

  28. Clothing Reviews With Chrystal

    Clothing Reviews With Chrystal2 時間 前

    I think a lot of people were being to harsh on him. If you think it’s not that embarrassing to tell someone that you’re filming a YT video so can they buy this pen for a dollar then go ahead and do it. Go ahead and spend three days attempting to make $50 from $0.01. Try. Try to do everything he did for the last few days. Do you know how embarrassing that must’ve been? He tried his best. There are so many businesses that had to lie a little to make it to the top. Some of those businesses are the biggest businesses in the world and are helping millions of people daily. Plus, I feel the need to point out that this was supposed to be fun and making all of those ridiculous comments just ruined that whole series. And he said to people that it was an “entrepreneur project”, not a class and it was a project that has to doing with entrepreneurs so he’s not technically lying.

  29. Danka Uiboupin

    Danka Uiboupin2 時間 前

    WOOOOOW.... So many people bullied him for LyInG (Even tho you would say that aswell cause it's AKWARD) And are now hating on people who lied but they actually LiEd. PRO TIP: Change your profile pic if you do this shizzle thing to other people. AND I WANTED TO SEE THE END LIKE SO HE CAN SEE THIS AND THEN DO IT!

  30. Adrian Briseño

    Adrian Briseño3 時間 前

    Sont delete you're channel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 plz

  31. Lisa Vitko

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  32. John Joe

    John Joe3 時間 前

    Its ok you are such a great JPreporter channel

  33. The trampoline Ninja

    The trampoline Ninja3 時間 前

    The last two videos were funny and the haters are just jealous of you. it doesnt matter about the rules at least the videos are funnu

  34. o mpampas sou

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  35. Madeline Malfant

    Madeline Malfant3 時間 前

    ok... you kind of cheated the tiniest bit... but you could get away with it... and why do you hate when people call you buddy? How about pal? :)

  36. dhock75

    dhock753 時間 前

    Yeah buddy kind of annoyed me

  37. hacked roblox

    hacked roblox3 時間 前

    Start with only a pen

  38. Porp Squad

    Porp Squad3 時間 前

    Don’t listen to them

  39. tyler 34

    tyler 344 時間 前

    Giving away candy in black cloths Trustworthy

  40. Fatimah khalaf

    Fatimah khalaf4 時間 前

    well I don't think he lied I actually think he helped make it less awkward

  41. Bonlessnipe _

    Bonlessnipe _4 時間 前

    WaNt SoMe CaNdY 🍬

  42. OMANX • 19Years ago

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  43. Jean-Francois Goulet

    Jean-Francois Goulet4 時間 前

    Love your video dis is great

  44. Jean-Francois Goulet

    Jean-Francois Goulet4 時間 前

    A love dis

  45. The puppet haul

    The puppet haul4 時間 前

    Well you lied 4 times time to delete your channel BUDDY 😊

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    Buddy XD srry

  49. 1k subs without a video

    1k subs without a video5 時間 前

    This is life people lie

  50. Brockolaca_playes07

    Brockolaca_playes075 時間 前

    Every like this comment gets Is the level of disrespect he showed us by lying.

  51. vivian le

    vivian le5 時間 前

    I think it still entertaining and funny u only lied because u needed to make a content and it’s still entertaining....

  52. xXuniverse _ wolfXx

    xXuniverse _ wolfXx5 時間 前

    Rip ur JPreporter channel BIIIII~ buddy

  53. Elin Roberts

    Elin Roberts5 時間 前

    these videos were the first videos I watched from you and I was going to subscribe but now I do not know if I am going to subscribe or like the videos. (I am going to subscribe and like the videos don't worry)

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