I Survived 300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.


  1. Not PaulGG

    Not PaulGG17 時間 前

    Also we can definitely ignore the fact that I said 200 days at the end right.... lmao

  2. Why kids mad

    Why kids mad時間 前

    K DADI

  3. Fatiti Ali

    Fatiti Ali時間 前

    @Christian Blanco ni

  4. peacock kids

    peacock kids時間 前

    @James Hedderly bc

  5. Mattie Davis

    Mattie Davis時間 前

    @Christian Blanco aqa

  6. Jolle

    Jolle時間 前

    @James Hedderly No it was fun

  7. rody games

    rody games時間 前

    NAME: BIG 3oo

  8. CosmicShard

    CosmicShard時間 前

    I think it would be cool to call it mt fury peaks

  9. Armin.dd. gus

    Armin.dd. gus時間 前

    Water cano or watcano

  10. Hell Boy

    Hell Boy時間 前

    Name " askatolikoma "

  11. Ghozt Wolfz

    Ghozt Wolfz時間 前

    That valvano should be valerie she a badass!!

  12. Toby Hunneybell

    Toby Hunneybell時間 前

    The volcano should be called mount Paul or mount hardcore

  13. Rylan Borque

    Rylan Borque時間 前

    Number 1 oh trending good job man

  14. kalaranikinnigoli Karkala

    kalaranikinnigoli Karkala時間 前

    Make the10,000 hardcore

  15. Rusell Gonzales

    Rusell Gonzales時間 前

    It's should be called the "PAUL VOLCANO"

  16. Joe Addington

    Joe Addington時間 前

    He could just refill the fender dragon to get 100 levels

  17. gunnar backheden

    gunnar backheden時間 前

    The volcano should be named "Lava drip" bc i think it sounds cool

  18. BusterBackflip

    BusterBackflip時間 前

    Mount Subscribe should be the name of the mountain.

  19. Commandement

    Commandement時間 前

    Call it : 69th volcano

  20. Isaiah Cara

    Isaiah Cara時間 前

    #1 trending POG

  21. lele baba

    lele baba時間 前

    volcano peepeepoopoo

  22. Harvey Paned

    Harvey Paned時間 前

    I like chickpea

  23. MinecraftBoy

    MinecraftBoy時間 前

    Wow bro best odc

  24. Ecrotex

    Ecrotex時間 前

    The volcano should be called mount Patrisha

  25. alcaphon capulong

    alcaphon capulong時間 前

    volcano unga bunga

  26. Nina Christine Oldervik

    Nina Christine Oldervik時間 前

    Mount chickpea

  27. Rly good at naming stuff

    Rly good at naming stuff時間 前

    #1 on Trending poggers

  28. CJdoes Gaming

    CJdoes Gaming時間 前

    Sharkbait mountain!!!

  29. Ciaran Elliotth Sunter

    Ciaran Elliotth Sunter時間 前

    Call it eruptia island or Isle of eruptia

  30. AfterSh0ck

    AfterSh0ck時間 前

    this seems like subnautica with extra steps




  32. SuperRarePlayz

    SuperRarePlayz2 時間 前

    Dont know why but his videos r kinda fun to watch

  33. Dawid Morawski

    Dawid Morawski2 時間 前

    Hi bro you can use fortune on patatos and it dosent cost any durability

  34. Can I get an owa Owa

    Can I get an owa Owa2 時間 前

    Volscian fart

  35. Sandow Sandwich

    Sandow Sandwich2 時間 前

    Not volkano gg

  36. Varad Antarkar

    Varad Antarkar2 時間 前

    endermen have a chance to spawn with grass blocks in the overworld

  37. Alex Terry

    Alex Terry2 時間 前

    Call the volcano Chicken island

  38. pokes Waiper

    pokes Waiper2 時間 前

    More plz

  39. Josh Oliver

    Josh Oliver2 時間 前

    Mount Veseavius would be a great name!

  40. Smile Moon

    Smile Moon2 時間 前

    I swear to God every single JPreporterr makes the exact same tutorial for an Enderman farm

  41. Luke McDonald

    Luke McDonald2 時間 前

    Mount Chickpea for the volcano?

  42. La Dejlamare

    La Dejlamare2 時間 前

    This is not minecraft this is minecraft chicken farming simulator

  43. Lenny Draws

    Lenny Draws2 時間 前

    I got an idea for the volcano, bazinga volcano

  44. Subpar Fungus118

    Subpar Fungus1182 時間 前

    400 days?

  45. Shosho Sheed

    Shosho Sheed2 時間 前

    شض خمد خمد حظ

  46. Ivey

    Ivey2 時間 前

    name it krakatoa after the volcano that had the biggest eruption

  47. hunter

    hunter2 時間 前

    Name the volcano paula

  48. silent hill gaming

    silent hill gaming2 時間 前

    Call the volcano taco bell

  49. Emil Dekker Poulsen

    Emil Dekker Poulsen2 時間 前

    Mark the volkano

  50. Erik Ulfsater

    Erik Ulfsater2 時間 前

    Mount ocean

  51. BoredSathvik

    BoredSathvik2 時間 前

    there is an option to make shift toggleable

  52. Aiden Ee Hiew Thng (Student)

    Aiden Ee Hiew Thng (Student)2 時間 前

    The Paul

  53. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  54. Jaka Rina

    Jaka Rina2 時間 前

    Could you try getting at least one grass block?

  55. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  56. Chanmorokot Lim

    Chanmorokot Lim2 時間 前


  57. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  58. Gravity

    Gravity2 時間 前

    The volcano should be called mount GG!!

  59. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  60. 10 2nd Tom

    10 2nd Tom2 時間 前

    Should be named mount chickpea and cickpea island and move chickpea to there if possible

  61. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  62. Lucas Leonor

    Lucas Leonor2 時間 前

    I think we should call the volcano “KANO” bc it sounds pretty cool

  63. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  64. Star Light

    Star Light2 時間 前

    the volcano name could be ' THE HOT SAUCE POT'

  65. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  66. Sunita Singh

    Sunita Singh2 時間 前

    Paul's dome name for that volcano

  67. Normal dot

    Normal dot2 時間 前


  68. Ghassan Hamadeh

    Ghassan Hamadeh2 時間 前

    Chickpea volcano

  69. Macaronz

    Macaronz2 時間 前

    You need to make a full powered conduit

  70. T time

    T time2 時間 前

    #1 on trending!!! GG

  71. Scroller Bouller Gaming

    Scroller Bouller Gaming2 時間 前


  72. BigManProf

    BigManProf2 時間 前

    Volcano name= taco Bell moment

  73. Epicers

    Epicers2 時間 前

    I have a final exam tommorow But I will still watch...

  74. tieme games

    tieme games2 時間 前

    How do you make an ocean only world

  75. Mårten Hyltner

    Mårten Hyltner2 時間 前

    My man makes enderman spawn on the island as well

  76. Garrett Allegretto

    Garrett Allegretto2 時間 前

    I would love to see the volcano be called Mount Wannahockaloogie as that's the name of the volcano from Finding Nemo in the fish tank and sense you are only using the ocean biome.. I thought it would be cool to have it be named after that movie's

  77. Nova boy Crafter

    Nova boy Crafter2 時間 前

    and the volcano name can be fire boy

  78. Kishor Agrawal

    Kishor Agrawal2 時間 前

    Please name it paulfuji

  79. 04_Nguyễn Đức Duy Anh

    04_Nguyễn Đức Duy Anh2 時間 前

    400 days plss

  80. NikolaGamingMKD

    NikolaGamingMKD2 時間 前

    Joe the valcano

  81. Maisie Liu

    Maisie Liu2 時間 前

    Not PaulGG Hardcore Volcano aka best one

  82. Ak on Tube

    Ak on Tube2 時間 前

    Paul a quick question did yoh built your pc or did you buy a pre built pc

  83. Jdjd Dhdh

    Jdjd Dhdh2 時間 前

    Yes sir this man is NUMBER 1 TRENDING congrats 👏 🎉

  84. Jadon Hester

    Jadon Hester2 時間 前

    Give us another 100 days!!!!!

  85. Golden Knight

    Golden Knight2 時間 前

    Can we call the vulcano gamer rage

  86. Shahwaiz Ahmed

    Shahwaiz Ahmed2 時間 前

    You should build a sand or gravel dublecator and you can dublecate the dragon egg by dropping the non gravity block into the end portal and it will drop as a solid block and a item (it might take a few moments to find the item😁👍

  87. Can I get an owa Owa

    Can I get an owa Owa2 時間 前

    Paul: and cobble stone in the mine Also Paul: minding andisite

  88. GamerKat99

    GamerKat992 時間 前

    Me want 400 days :D

  89. Jake Mitchell

    Jake Mitchell2 時間 前

    400 day's pls

  90. Mr troops

    Mr troops2 時間 前


  91. Nicolas Jinich

    Nicolas Jinich2 時間 前

    1# on trending. Nice job

  92. Max

    Max2 時間 前

    Damn #1 on trending let’s go!

  93. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The Skeleton2 時間 前

    Why do you watch this guy? His name even is *NOT* PaulGG Geez idiots.

  94. Mårten Hyltner

    Mårten Hyltner2 時間 前

    Your enderman farm is so baaaad

  95. Salchi Momin

    Salchi Momin2 時間 前


  96. Hachi Alpacino Laurenz Rivera

    Hachi Alpacino Laurenz Rivera2 時間 前

    You should call it volcano god

  97. Pruthvirajsinh Chauhan

    Pruthvirajsinh Chauhan2 時間 前

    Please make 300 to 400 day video

  98. Eileen Howard

    Eileen Howard2 時間 前

    Chicken volcano

  99. RTH Channel

    RTH Channel2 時間 前

    Hello paul :)

  100. Yazid Hany Ramadan

    Yazid Hany Ramadan2 時間 前


  101. Tup Hart

    Tup Hart2 時間 前

    It should be named joe

  102. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Kytteh Wytchwood2 時間 前

    Found you through trending as top result. you're funny. ^^ Subbed!

  103. Rohan Vishwam

    Rohan Vishwam2 時間 前

    The volcano of success


    CIVE THE WING2 時間 前


  105. Meherun Shaon

    Meherun Shaon2 時間 前

    tulcaino for the turtle

  106. Wolfii

    Wolfii2 時間 前

    Name the volcano VolWater

  107. Mustafa Derviş

    Mustafa Derviş2 時間 前

    why this serie is just fuckin' insane somebody explain pls.

  108. Flamed Flamingo

    Flamed Flamingo2 時間 前

    the island of uncanny


    KONGVINJA B.2 時間 前

    Call the volcano Rick astley

  110. Burnt Spagetti

    Burnt Spagetti2 時間 前


  111. Himikoswand

    Himikoswand2 時間 前

    volcano name should be ,,Chicken Lord's Volcano"

  112. Anyassassin 6

    Anyassassin 62 時間 前

    Volcano name: Bob the Bubbly Boi

  113. ur random vid a day

    ur random vid a day2 時間 前

    volcano rita