1. Carmen and Corey

    Carmen and Coreyヶ月 前

    Her reaction was Cute🧡 don’t forget to subscribe

  2. Sebrina Lewin

    Sebrina Lewin5 日 前

    It's cute and lit



    Carmen and Corey I lost y’all but I found y’all new phone but I’m back here

  4. Averyanna Martin

    Averyanna Martinヶ月 前

    Awwwww it so cute of him

  5. Beautiful Butterfly

    Beautiful Butterflyヶ月 前

    I love your car Carmen

  6. Caprice Jones

    Caprice Jonesヶ月 前


  7. Tramaine Anderson

    Tramaine Anderson3 日 前

    Power Couple

  8. Aliya Lomax

    Aliya Lomax4 日 前

    You did good

  9. Shannon Haywood

    Shannon Haywood4 日 前

    Love ita d it does fit you

  10. Sebrina Lewin

    Sebrina Lewin5 日 前

    It's firry

  11. Alexis Francisco

    Alexis Francisco6 日 前

    i love your car and i like the color

  12. Pretty Sekiti

    Pretty Sekiti6 日 前

    Oh wow this is lit

  13. alldaydrae

    alldaydrae7 日 前


  14. HisReapaHarley

    HisReapaHarley10 日 前

    That color ♥

  15. Kadyn Branch

    Kadyn Branch12 日 前

    All she need is the Mercedes sign under the review mirror

  16. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown18 日 前

    Bangin ass car u guys earned it all

  17. Sulayman Badjie

    Sulayman Badjie18 日 前

    Happy lovers always smiling.

  18. jonathan alexander

    jonathan alexander21 日 前

    Sexy woman sexy car 💜🔥

  19. Anthony Lee

    Anthony Lee23 日 前

    Hell yeah I love that car Come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and show how you country boys put a car together great job on the car Corey

  20. Fefe TeVe

    Fefe TeVe23 日 前

    Me being from Alabama knowing that people from here don’t get to make it to this point in life especially at a young age gives me so much motivation by seeing y’all do it!! Y’all really living and I support it🤘🏾💯

  21. only 1 sleepy in Detroit

    only 1 sleepy in Detroit23 日 前

    Different type of Bag keep going hard my guy 🎯💯

  22. Heaven Townley

    Heaven Townley23 日 前

    Croey and Carmen nice car from heaven Townley 😋 😘🤑 🤯🤭 🤓 I love you for ever xoxo

  23. Kahmyrah Greene

    Kahmyrah Greene24 日 前

    That nice Carmen deserve everything

  24. Shariah For Life

    Shariah For Life25 日 前


  25. Shariah For Life

    Shariah For Life25 日 前

    So now everybody know they tag

  26. Sean Madison

    Sean Madison25 日 前

    That’s right shower her with gifts

  27. Tierra Clark

    Tierra Clark26 日 前

    So cute ...love your wife 😍😘😍

  28. Deanna McFarland

    Deanna McFarland26 日 前

    So good

  29. damari Perry smith

    damari Perry smith26 日 前

    I like they intro

  30. Tashaika Thompson

    Tashaika Thompson26 日 前

    ,her reaction was so cuite omg ♥️🤞

  31. Jasmine Stewart

    Jasmine Stewart26 日 前

    Car fire 🔥 including Corey car collection 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love that truck

  32. NKC TheGamer

    NKC TheGamer27 日 前

    It was a good gift cool 😎 videos I been subscribe and turned on post notification

  33. Shanie Henry

    Shanie Henry27 日 前

    Kno he got some ass that night


    NI ES HA FR AZI ER27 日 前

    When Carmen said " I gotta hit some corners" I FELTTTT THATTT

  35. Bossladycoco Media

    Bossladycoco Media27 日 前

    It be the way you love her that make them Mad keep doing your thing y’all ❣️❣️

  36. Juicy FireYT

    Juicy FireYT27 日 前

    I was expecting a better reaction but it’s cool doe I will like still xd

  37. Vontrece Copeland

    Vontrece Copeland28 日 前

    Okayyyy 😂😂😂😂 Amp her up then

  38. Ross

    Ross28 日 前

    I can tell she likes the flowers more than that ugly ass car.

  39. Jocelyn Pitts

    Jocelyn Pitts28 日 前

    💯💯how sweet

  40. Jocelyn Pitts

    Jocelyn Pitts28 日 前

    Such a sweet young couple

  41. Jocelyn Pitts

    Jocelyn Pitts28 日 前

    She said I gotta go to Walmart

  42. Jayla Helms

    Jayla Helms28 日 前

    Loveee the color 😻😻😻

  43. Phillip Armstead

    Phillip Armstead28 日 前

    Love the wrap on the Benz look different and unique.

  44. Kim Maiden

    Kim Maiden28 日 前

    Luv ur car CCGANG

  45. Tamara Gaston

    Tamara Gaston29 日 前

    Awweeeee yesssss😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  46. deidra spry

    deidra spry29 日 前

    carmen derserve better yall look at her eye she very light day and she happy

  47. rena potts

    rena potts29 日 前

    give me a giveaway

  48. Demetrius Smith

    Demetrius Smithヶ月 前

    nice whip

  49. Ron Tha Don

    Ron Tha Donヶ月 前

    Y'all just have to hate on their videos

  50. Kendarius Lane

    Kendarius Laneヶ月 前

    I 👍 it that's a 👨

  51. Àrlanda Willis

    Àrlanda Willisヶ月 前

    You did good Corey

  52. Àrlanda Willis

    Àrlanda Willisヶ月 前

    The car look nice

  53. Walter Johnson

    Walter Johnsonヶ月 前

    Why didn’t you show her the inside.

  54. johnny bladetv

    johnny bladetvヶ月 前

    Carmen is perfect ❤️❤️❤️

  55. ansumana namaiye camara

    ansumana namaiye camaraヶ月 前

    Nice G

  56. Shelby Scott

    Shelby Scottヶ月 前

    Are you’s pregnant

  57. Airforce One

    Airforce Oneヶ月 前

    It’s great to see the both of you just enjoying each other’s company! Nice car blessings !

  58. Christina Saali

    Christina Saaliヶ月 前

    Bro I would cry idk how she can even talk

  59. Christina Saali

    Christina Saaliヶ月 前

    Lucky ass

  60. Liyah Taylor

    Liyah Taylorヶ月 前

    That's a cute color frfr 😍

  61. L.C

    L.Cヶ月 前

    God, we really know how to waste money..smdh..

  62. itsNisaJanae

    itsNisaJanaeヶ月 前

    That Color Fye !!! 😍

  63. lil bbyboy P

    lil bbyboy Pヶ月 前

    Shii I would love to get my girl one of them but in a different way

  64. RT J

    RT Jヶ月 前

    Why they put the license plat on there



    Any small JPreporterr want to grow each